Visions of
Carnarvon Gorge
Western Queensland
Welcome to the complimentary screensaver download, available to owners of the souvenir book "Visions of Carnarvon Gorge and Western Queensland", by EcoPix photographer and former Carnarvon Gorge wilderness guide Wayne Lawler. The screensaver is a visually rich journey through this inspiring region, which you can make every time you use your computer. It features over seventy selected images from the book, of landscape, wildlife and rock art.

You will need a user name and password to access the screensaver file. The user name consists of the first letter from each of the first eight words of the book's subtitle (upper case). The password is the name of the frog on page 16, in lower case.

This is a screensaver of lavish proportions so when installed in the Windows interface you may receive an error message. Ignore this. The screensaver has been tested on Windows98, NT, 2000 and XP. If you have problems email: ecopix at auzy dot net dot au.

Please remember that the images are copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. All images are available for stock use via EcoPix.

To download the screensaver click on the EcoPix owl:

Happy screen saving. Hopefully your computer will be more inspiring for it!


You can order any of these pictures from the EcoPix photo library.
Email: ecopix at castleimages dot com dot au; phone/fax 61 (0)2 9626 7667.

You can order the book from EcoPix accounts. Email: ecopixaccounts at auzy dot net dot au; or phone (07) 3203 6592.

ECOPIX Ecological Pictures, PO Box 67, Scarborough, Queensland, Australia, 4020.

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