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Caterpillar with spikes to ward off predators deals with an oil-rich, poplar-like leaf of the Bimble or Poplar Box Eucalyptus populnea the oil glands of which in turn ward off predators, in bimble box woodland, Central Queensland, Australia. CQ24.13s
Crab spider with butterfly 
Master of camouflage, a yellow Crab or Flower Spider Thomisus spectabilis waits under a Verbesina flower, which matches its colour, for a visiting Caper White butterfly Anaphaeis java teutonia a in Bimble Box woodland, Brigalow Belt, Central Qld Australia. CQ26.15s
Swarm of feral honey bees 
Swarm of feral honey bees cluster around a branch for the night, being between hives, central Queensland woodland, Australia. Feral bees occupy tree hollows but, as here in a burned forest, if they become displaced they swarm to a new location, roosting by clustering around the queen until they can adopt a new permanent hive.6x6cm CQ16.6e
Grasshopper devouring naturalised weed 
Long-horned Grasshopper Tettigoniidae devouring naturalised weed Crownbeard Verbesina encelioides, Goonderoo Bush Heritage Reserve, Central Queensland, Australia, example of biological control, value of insects. CQ27.3s
Dragonfly in Boggomoss wetland Dragonfly in a boggomoss, Dawson Valley, central Queensland, Australia. Boggomoss are a unique artesian spring wetland type which provides habitat for plants and animals hundreds of kilometres inland of their normal ranges in moisture coastal habitats. CQ60.7s  drought 
Overgrazed rangeland in drought creates ecological stress as stock destroy growing bases of surviving plants, compromising ability to recover when rains come. C92.15s
dust storm 
Dust storm enveloping an inland wetland, Lake Bindagolly National Park, outback southwest Queensland, Australia. High winds generated by summer storms, but without rain, propel across the inland plains thick choking clouds of dust whipped up from the arid lands to the west.6x9cm SW23.8e
Ants feeding on lerp on a eucalypt leaf 
Ants feeding on sugary lerp on the leaf of a Silver-leafed Ironbark Eucalyptus melanophloia in woodland, Goonderoo Bush Heritage Reserve, Central Queensland, Australia. CQ30.16s
camourflaged grasshopper 
Long-horned Grasshopper Tettigoniidae with striking yet effective camouflage colouration and patterning, in the understorey of Bimble Box/Ironbark woodland, Goonderoo Bush Heritage Reserve, Central Queensland, Australia. CQ26.24s
fish stranded at high tide Dead beachwashed Red Bullseye Perch Priacanthus macracanthus left at high tide line on ocean beach near Littabella Creek, central Queensland, Australia, reflects rich life below the waves, and the relatively depauperate ecology of the beach, realm of scavengers. CQ35.14s Giant earthworm 
Giant earthworm (Haplotaxida) burrows back into the moist leaf litter on the subtropical rainforest floor, Springbrook N.P., Spiringbrook Plateau, SE Qld, Australia. C95.9s
Clustering sawfly lavae on tree trunk Sawfly larvae Perga: Symphyta aggregate on Brush Box tree trunk in subtropical rainforest, Springbrook NP, Border Ranges World Heritage area, Australia. Larvae cluster against predators, present offensive liquid squirted from mouths, giving them the name "spitfires". C95.19s lightning 
Violent summer thunderstorm approaching. Base of nimbus cloud is close to ground level, loaded with rain. Cloud above may tower to thousands of feet, with strong updrafts, downdrafts, causing condensation, and creating static electricity (lightning). Cs
Cloudburst approaching an ephemeral lignum wetland 
Cloudburst approaching an ephemeral lignum Muehlenbeckia cunninghamii wetland, Narran Lake Nature Reserve, far inland New South Wales, Australia, nesting habitat of ibis, ducks and other waterbirds, which floods from rare local rains, or monsoon rains hundreds of kilometres upstream on Narran River. S64.12s
Cathedral termitariums, Kakadu National Park Large termitariums of Cathedral termite Nasutitermes triodiae open forested lowlands of Kakadu NP,Top End, NT. Large complex structures, built by over a million individuals with common purpose in strict social structure, shows a different intelligence. N90.7s spider eating beetle 
Huntsman spider devours a beetle caught at night in eucalypt woodland, Australia. In turn the spider may fall prey to a Frogmouth or other predator as part of the complex food web in natural ecosystems. CQ24.12s
Nardoo drying on ephemeral inland wetland after flood 
Nardoo Marsilea drummondii stranded on a drying ephemeral wetland in the far inland, Australia. Nardoo is an unusual fern which survives long droughts by rhizomes and hard fruit-like sporocarps, but grows rapidly once flooded. S39-5s
Crocadile loafing on sand bank, Arnhem Land 
Saltwater or Estuarine Crocodile Crocodylus porosus sunbaking beside Trepang Creek, part of the tidal wetland wilderness in Gurig National Park, Arnhem Land, Australia. Ectotherms like crocs need to thermoregulate body temperature. N49.4s
Wet season flood on Sumatran river 
Village houses beside the flooding Hari River near Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. Flood frequency and height has increased in many developing tropical areas due to deforestation of catchments. I68.19s
Fungi decomposing a fallen forest log 
Fungi fruiting body on fallen log, wet schlerophyll forest, upon which fungus is feeding. Visible is reproductive spore-bearing part. Fungi are important decomposers of forest litter. Eucalypt forest, Southern Highlands, Australia. L5.22s
Spider mimicking green tree ants to catch one 
Mimicry of its prey, green tree ants Oecophylla smaragdina, by this specialised spider of the family Thomisidae in Gurig National Park, Arnhem Land, Australia, tricks the ants into allowing a close approach, so the spider can seize its prey. N88.6s
Fire in monsoon tropical forest in firing season, Arnhem Land 
Early Dry season fire consumes monsoon woodland in the "firing season" (April), Gurig N.P. Cobourg Peninsula, Arnhem Land, Top End. NT. Fire tolerant vegetation quickly sprouts new growth from roots or trunks in annual cycle. N7.17s
Regrowth of Livistona palm after seasonal fire, Arnhem Land 
Regrowth of Fan Palm Livistona humilis after dry season fires, Gurig NP, Arnhem Land, N.T. Seasonal fires favour growth of fire tolerant plants at expense of fire sensitive spp. N7.6s
Notostrachan or shield shrimp from ephemeral desert wetland after rain 
Notostrachan or shield shrimp from an ephemeral desert wetland after rain. One of several aquatic species which survive years of drought by resistant eggs or spores, to reproduce rapidly when the rains do come to desert wetlands. S24.1s

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