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Abattoir, horse S22e

Abbot Pt aerial q21e

Aberlady Bay, birdwatchers e54s

aboriginal art, and ecotourist, Kakadu DUPE nt4e, modern, on side of building S23e

aboriginal art, rock, Carnarvon NP CQ2e, (mimi figures) S3e, (Wattagoona) S3e, x-ray, mimi; and with ecotourist, Kakadu n89s

aboriginal axe scars in bunya pine C1e

aboriginal chipped stones beside wetland S17e

aboriginal community art on side of building, Boggabilla s103s

aboriginal culture, modern S23e

aboriginal flint stones DUPE s24e, s2,4s, (on scald) s32.15s, stones s78s, chipped s80s, (person looking at) s80s

aboriginal food s39.11s

aboriginal girls and modern art S23e

aboriginal hand stencil cq19,23s

aboriginal housing Q8e, Q11e

aboriginal land (Bloomfield & boaters) Q2e, (ecotourism) N4e

aboriginal material (bark) s4.12s, (flint) s24.2s, (flint source) s62s

aboriginal midden flints, L.Peri s2,4s

aboriginal portrait engraved in sandstone C1e

aboriginal reconciliation rally, Frank Brennan speaking at rally, audience and banner s98s

aboriginal rock art, see art, rock

aboriginal, social issues Q8e, spirit figure n89s, stockmen S4e

abseiling C35e

Acacia (sandplain, Kinkuna) CQ11e

Acacia ammophyla (rare wattle) sw11,13e

Acacia aneura s4.1s, shrubland s66s

acacia bloom SW7e

Acacia cambagei (gidgee) and wildflowers sw10e

Acacia dallachiana L12s

Acacia harpophylla cq23,25s, s18,19.16s, s22s, SW3e, remnant & cleared s19s, s49s, s23s, mature isolated tree s102s, remnant S11e

Acacia leiocalyx sw13e

acacia mistletoe s24.6s

Acacia pendula (myall, boree) s11s

Acacia shirleyi cq24s

Acacia shrubland, mulga flowering s96,100s

Acacia sp. (River Cooba) s60s

Acacia sp. tree in flower s90s, blossom s71s, s72s

acacia, Blackdown CQ10e

Acacia, snow on blossom c78s, spittle bug foam on c80s

Acacia/cypress woodland sw10e

acidic coastal lowland swamp water with floating leaves n88s, wetland F5e

acids, organic inhibiting leaf litter breakdown n88s

Acridoidea q1s

adaptation (drought - plant) SW2e

adaptation (elephant's trunk) i69s, eye size of night heron compared with egret i65s, (mudskipper) q30s, (plover with spur visible in flight) c77s

adaptation - colour (black rock skink) Q13e, colouration (eggs) s34.1s

adaptation - dry country kingfisher S2e

adaptation, behavioural (kangaroo with licked arms) Q12e, behavioural s9.3s, s11.21s, s39s, (gecko) s12.16s (frogmouth) s17s, s53s, s55s

adaptation, bill of gannet e57s

adaptation, brilliant male splendid wren plumage s96, 109s, robin s109s, song (male wren, robin singing) s109s, (feet of gecko) s29.7s, (hawk moth's proboscis) s95s, sand goanna trying to climb tree unsuccessfully s95,103s, (teal duck's bill shape & comb for dabbling) s92s, (wood duck bill for grazing) s44s

adaptation, leafless desert vine saving transpiration s100s, spines on plant leaves s101s, sticky mistletoe seed s101s

adaptation, mimicry of tree ant by spider n88s

adaptation, morphological s11.21s, s13.14s, s3.21s, s13.7s, s27.7s, s29.6s, s39s, (stilt) s28.12s, (thorny devil) CA7e

adaptation, plant defence against grazing s72s, plant growth s4.1s, thick-tailed gecko's tail s103s

adaptation, prehensile tail of possum cq25s

adaptation, salt tolerance in plants S15e, S21e

adaptation, to desert s39s

Adelaide River floodplain n90s

adiabatic air movement S9e

aeolian landform (mobile dune) f16s

aerial insectivore (rufous fantail) C11e

aerial roots, mangrove radiating from tree q28s

aeroplane, inter-island, Indonesia i76s

aestivation (burrowing frog) s25.20s, s41.2s, (crucifix toad) s20.6s, s48s, s63s, (shield shrimp) s9.8s

agamid lizard - dragon, water C29e, agamid juvenile Q21e

Agave sp. S5e

ageing (red kangaroo with huge forearms) s106s

ageing ducks by eye colour s87s

aggregation, hypsotactic (Soldier beetles) ST12e

aggression (terns squabbling at roost) w18s, by two young jousting bulls s101s

aggression, intraspecific (avocets) s64s, s83s, (seagull) C41e

agricultural bird pest (magpie geese on sugar cane) Q15e

agricultural land management (degraded cropland) (aerial) s61s, see also landcare

agricultural landscape, intensive SW3,5e, (aerial) S7e, S5e, sugar cane (aerial) C27e

agricultural techniques (strip aerial) S5e

agriculture, marginal s22.2s, marginal (wheat in mallee) aerial s109s

agrochemicals (tractor spraying) s98s

air movement, atmospheric, differing with altitude s103s

air pollution (burning garbage) s104s, (Mt. Isa stack) q31s

aircraft, landing on beach CQ2e, outback transport s10s, ultralight S22e, inter-island i76s

airport buffer (Townsville Common) Q10e

airstrip, outback (Tibooburra) s62s

alates, termite (winged) Q9e

albino crow C40e

Alcyonaria n91s

alert (hare) C6e

Aleuria aurantia L10s

algae bloom on flooding inland lake (Tongo) s78s

algae marine green on shore c26s

algae, calcareous (Chara) s74s, post flood s36.16s

algae, filamentous green DUPE c45e

algae, green bloom on beach from runoff c42e

algae, marine green on rocks below bauxite cliff n93s

algal bloom on shore near outfall c84s

algal mat (Chara) on floor of lignum swamp s51s

Alice Springs, historic pioneer cabin at telegraph station CA2e

Alligator River, South (Yellow Waters billabong, Kakadu) N1e

Allocasuarina decaisneana CA3e

alluvial flats, Fitzroy delta aerial c7s (see also nqXe), tidal in delta aerial q2s

alluvial gold mining, Kalimantan i72s

alluvial soils on floodplain (distribution)(aerial) s41s

aloe, American S5e

alpine bog (moss & flower) ST2e, (sphagnum) ST6e, (close) ST7e

alpine buildings ST1e

alpine flower ST2e, ST12e

alpine herbfield c11s, c21,78s, covered in snow aerial c22s, spring melt aerial c78s, grassland hayed off c78s, rice flower, Ewartia c78s, herbfield ST1e, ST2e, ST6e

alpine meadow (everlastings) DUPE st18e, (Kosciusko) ST1e, ST2e, ST6e, with everlastings c37s, billy buttons c78s, sphagnum bog c13,20,78s

alpine scenes, trees (Brindabella Ra.) ST5e

alpine stream ST1e, Cairngorm Mts e55s, French Alps e56s

alpine summer (Summit area) ST1e, ST2e, ST6e

alpine summer/winter compo ST13e

alpine thaw ST2e

alpine woodland aerial c14,78s, ski-tourer pointing to dead trees c30s

Alps, Australian aerial c14,22,78s, DUPE st18e

Alps, Australian ST1e

Alps, French e56,58s

alternative crops (date palms) s99,103s

alternative energy (micro-hydro-electric plant at ecofair) DUPE ST18e, (sailing ship and boats) c30s, (wind-powered pump, Java) i66s

Altiboulka, Lake S21e, sunset S22e

altitude, vegetation distribution with s68s, s72s

Alton N.P. SW7e

altricial nestlings (silver-eye) c82s

amber (cypress sap) SW6e

Amitermes meridionalis n87s

Amphibolurus barbatus s12.1s, s30.7s

Amphibolurus nobbi s102s

Amphibolurus nuchalis s11.2s, s12.1s, s30.9s

Amphibolurus pictus CA7e, S8e

Amphibolurus vitticeps CA7e, S8e

Amphitheatre, Finke River Gorge NP CA1e

amplitude, large tidal (sand flats low tide, Broad Sound) q7s

Anabranch, Darling lakes (Popilta) s6.6s

anabranching, river CQ9e, S7e

anchorage, natural boat (aerial) Q21e

Angophora costata SW13e, SW2e

Angophora floribunda sw10e

Angophora flowers, full, going to seed DUPE c46e

anhinga chicks in nest s109s, female s28.19s, preening, drying feathers s103s, drying wings on harbour rocks c90s, nests C24e, wing drying SW8e

Anisoptera c80s

Anoplognathus beetle L14s

ant attacking bee s46s

ant, green tree being eaten by mimicking spider n88s

antechinus, yellow footed in hollow s94s, (day) C38e

antennae, insect SW1e, very long insect's, freshly moulted cricket s103s

anther, grass s24.17s

anticline folded strata in sea cliffs e56s

antifouling boat hull CQ1e

ants, building nest (Nocoleche NR) s8.15s, excavating s8s, caught in flood s16s, milking aphids SW9e, flying Q9e

ants, green tree Q9e, nest Q12e

ants, meat scavenging beetle s95s, cricket s101s, winged fertile meat ants emerging from nest s103s

aolian landscape (lunette around inland lake (aerial) s72s

aphids, milked by ants SW9e

Aphyllo phorales fungi s18.10s

apiarist C2e

apostle birds (various) s97s

apple, emu (Owenia) tree s100s

apple, rough barked sw10e

apple, smooth barked sw2e, SW2,13e

Apsley Gorge ST9e, tourists viewing st13e

aquatic invertebrates, ecology s22.1s

aquatic plant (duckweed) Q10e, (polygonum) s17.15s, (starfruit) s72s, aquatic plant stranded on drying mud s83s, floating (including Azolla) s35.23s

aquatic plants C14e, in billabong s83s, Lowbidgee red gum wetland s36s, floating (Potamogeton) s46s, Lowbidgee red gum wetland s36s, submerged (Myriophyllum bed, Lake Cowal) s67s

aquatic vegetation SW1e, (rooted & floating) s52s, (rooted ) nardoo & Eleocharis s46s

aquatic weed infestation (Salvinia) C39e

arachnid (mite) s8.18s

Arafura Sea, coast N1e, N2e

arboreal mammal (possum in red gum) S6e, (possum) s3.22s

arboreal mammal habitat, old growth (5x4) L8e, L9e

Arcadia Valley (vista) CQ3e, CQ7e

architects, natural (wasp cacoons) ST11e

architecture, appropriate (climate) s21.22s, outback galvo (Willandra shearing shed) s57s

architecture, low environmental impact n86s

architecture, pioneer/outback Q7e

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana f5,16s, F7e

Arctotheca calendula s40.1s

Arfak Mountains, birdwing butterflies poached from i75s, viewed from coastal town (Manokwari) i77s

arid, creek (dry) CA1e, hills Mt Isa Q11e, landscape, Nocoleche s2.6s, mountains, rangelands CA1e, sandstone landscape CA1e

arid shrubland (Wanaaring) s2.14s, & burr daisies s91s

arid vista CA1e

arid woodland & flat top hills (aerial) s81s, of gidgee, Mt Felix s100s

Aristida contorta (mulga grass) tussock s66s, close s65s

Aristida grass s106s

Arnhem Land history (Victoria Settlement), ecotourism, n86s, landform/geology n92,93s

arsenic mine (abandoned) ST14e

art, aboriginal rock Kakadu n89s,(Wattagoona) S3e, with ecotourist, Kakadu n89s

artesian bore (corella drinking from pipe) s105s

artesian mound spring and canegrass swamp s99s, (Lake Peri) s53s

artesian spring (natural boggomoss) cq26s

artesian spring CA4e, S12e, S15e, S21e, natural mound sw11e

artesian water (mound spring) s36.20s

artesian water storage, saline, dam in desert (aerial) s109s

Arthur's Bluff, Blackdown Tableland cq15s

artificial "wetland"/swimming hole (First Settlement lagoon) c36e

artificial foreshore (tattlers on pipe) W2e, (rocks) C38e

artificial habitat - tree ducks on bore tank q29s

artificial reef of ship hulks, Moreton Is/Bay aerial c38s, DUPE c41e

artificial roost, wader, Chikiba w13s, Kooragang bund wall, Stockton pre works w14s

artificial water (feral goats drinking) S6e

artificial water/wetland (bore and ducks) Q15e

artificial wetland (dam) s21.6s, (dam, tank) (aerial) s23s, (dead tree & sunset) s37.1s, (ibis & willow trees), (ibis & dead trees Willbriggie) s64s, (Barrenbox & ibis) s35.3s, (kangaroo drinking) s29.18s, (tank) & drinking kangaroo s59s, (Tidbinbilla NR) s27.9s, (Willow Dam) s37.6s, Barrenbox Swamp (scenic) s32.2s, waterbirds & willows s10.12s

artificial wetland (Humpibong Creek) C38e

artistry, Japanese temple guilding e56s

ash, silvertop (tree) L3e, L9e, L11e, forest canopy L12e

assessors inspecting intertidal flat W2e

association, tree (satinay/brush box) F5e

Atherton Tableland rainforest Q20e, cleared landscape Q7e, volcanic lake Q4e

atmosphere, soaring flock of ibis s45s, s60s, upper (vapour trail) s21.18s

Atoni village, Timor highlands, Atoni families, traditional dress t8s

Atriplex saltbush low shrubland s100s, A. sp. s17.2

Auricaria pine forest (Cape Cleveland) Q21e

autotomy, s29s, thick-tailed gecko's original tail, which looks like a 2nd s103s

aviation, (hazards) - ultralight and flock of ducks s46s, (inside small plane) s62s, (low-level survey) s63s, flight planning s47s

aviation, outback s3.2s, s4s, s21.3s, (landing) s3.3s, (geographic co-ords on woolshed) s57s

Avicennia aerial roots q28s

Avicennia marina (old growth, Hayes Inlet) c73s, tall forest c18s

Avicennia marina C18e, Q4e, n91s, seeds C38e, silhouetted c44e, (grey) mature c43e

avocet DUPE s24e

avocet, in flight (sunset) s77s, in mist s52s, flight (aerial) s35.1s, plunging bill into water s77s, sweeping for food s64s, red necked s13.7s, s28.9s, s91s, (display) s13.22s, roosting, feeding C23e, (6x4.5 dupe) W4m

avocets, red necked fighting s64s, s83s, s84s, s83s, s84s, s87s

awn, grass s24.17s

Ayer's Rock - tourists climbing CA2e, former camp ground at (pre-redevelopment) CA2e, Rock face & tourist plane s22.23s

Azolla & Eleocharis wetland s46s, Azolla, Typha & Eleocharis s52s

Azolla & water primrose s35.22s, (Willandra Billabong) s37.2s, carpet of s35.23s, stranded by falling floodwater level s79s

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Babbler, grey-crowned SW2e

babbler, Hall's in lancewood woodland s97s

Babinda rocks in creek Q6e

backburning s98,104s

Bacopa flowers C8e, C14e

Baffle Ck, dead mangrove q28s

Baffle Creek (aerial) CQ9e, mangroves cq22s

bait collecting (cast netting) Q14e, worm digging C36e, Redcliffe C39e, (silhouette) C38e, (yabby pump, Botany Bay) w11s

bait collecting/harvesting c86,90,91s, W1e

bait digging on tidal reef w13s

bait harvesting, commercial c42e

bait weed c26s

bait-worm harvesting, commercial C41e

baiting, dog/dingo s32.19s

baitweed (green marine algae) n93s

Ballyrogan, Lake (swans) s63s, (pelicans) s67s

Balonne R (Jack Taylor Weir) sw11e

bandicoot scavenging in campers pot Q12e

bandicoot, long-nosed with lesions C6e

bandicoot, northern brown Q12e

bangalow palm grove f5,16s

Banjarmasin, Kalimantan (river community) I10e

Banksia ericifolia (Heath B) DUPE c41e

Banksia integrifolia, glider on flower (darkish) c91s

Banksia men c34s

banksia seed pods opened after fire C32e

Banksia spinulosa c26s

banksia, glider feeding on DUPE c46e

banteng cattle DUPE nt4e

banteng in Timor forest t7s

banteng, feral, Cobourg Peninsula NT n93s, impact of on coastal sandplain n91s

banyan tree n90s

bar tender, Lion's Den q20e

Barcoo River riparian trees s100s

bardi-grub adult s25.24s

Barito/Negara River floodplain aerial i70s

bark hut, pioneer's ST14e

bark, fire resistance C1e

bark, gum tree SW1e

bark, half (persistent/deciduous) S14e, S17e

bark, paper (Melaleuca) peeling C14e

bark, peeling (eucalypt) C33e, freshly peeled (orange) SW1e, ribbon (ribbon gum) L3e

bark, scribbly DUPE c46e

bark, yapunyah tree S14e, S17e

Barkly Highway at Mt Isa Q7e, on Tableland n90s

Barkly Tableland rangeland in drought q31s, n82,90s, highway n90s, savannah grassland with ghost gum and termite mounds n80s

Barmah-Millewa forest wetland S12e

barnacle, goose on driftwood Q5e, close Q9e

barrage, Condamine R SW8e, Darling River (Bourke) S5e

Barramundi Creek waterhole, Kakadu N3e

Barramundi Gorge, Kakadu, (escarpment outlier) N1e, with ecotourist n89s

barrel, brown stand, L5e, (5x4) L8e, (top view) L9e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e

barrel, brown/manna gum association (5x4) L8e, L10e

barren landscape (salt) CA4e

Barrenbox Swamp (dead tree) s37.1s, (tree) s32.2s, (ibis) s35.3s, scenic s9.10s, s10.9s, teal flock s10.8s, (ibis colony in willows) s64s

Barrier Range, W. NSW (aerial) s5.2s

barrier to wildlife (emus & fence) CA5e

bartender, Lion's Den Pub Q20e

Basidiomycotina fungi (tiny, in desert after rain) s106s

Bass Rock, Scotland (gannet rookery) e57s

Bass Strait and surf beach, Phillip Is aerial c84s

bat (microchiroptera) flight against cave roof CQ6e, roost CQ6e

bat habitat (tunnel) CQ6e

baths, saltwater c36,37e

bat, fruit C5e

bat, insectivorous in mist net C6e

bat, little brown (& poking out tongue) DUPES sw13e, perched, portrait s101,104s, eating moth s104s

Bateman's Bay backlit scene (vertical) c44s

bats clustering in old tunnel CQ6e

battery, old mining Q1e

Battleship Spur, Carnarvon NP CQ3e

Baumia reed bed f8s

bauxite (coastal cliff) DUPE nt4e, (lateritic sea cliffs, Arnhem Land) n92,93s, with green algae n93s

Bay, Cleveland (aerial) Q21e

bay, coastal C41e

bazza, pacific, being cared for C2e

beach degradation, algae from runoff c42e

beach flotsam, natural shells, leaves etc n91s

beach form (plane on beach) CQ2e

beach protection (revegetation) C2e, mobile sand C15e

beach protection techniques - works and plantings DUPE c45e

beach recreation (kids silhouetted) DUPE c45e

beach scene, dawn C4e, Manokwari, Irian Jaya I10e, tropical wilderness (Irian) I13e

beach, fisherman, commercial fishing w11s

beach, girl walking on cq4e,s,10s

beach, inland lake s51s, (Mullawoolka Basin) s53s

beach, Kinkuna NP DUPE cq12e

beach, litter on f12s, human impact (camping, litter) f12s

beach, ocean surf with oystercatchers f16s

beach, pebble (Mediterranean) sunrise, Firth of Forth e58s

beach, popular (Bondi) c28,29,86s,

beach, popular (Bondi) C2e, DUPE c45e, (Gold Coast) c92s

beach, pristine (Kinkuna NP) cq10s, view from headland, strand veg distribution cq23s, pristine wilderness sunset n92,93s, pristine with kids swimming i77s

beach, river (Murrumbidgee) S23e

beach, surf (Cooloola) C4e, (empty at sunrise) f14s, with rainbow f16s

beach, surf and coastal lagoon aerial c83,91s, showing barrier dune and rocky headlands also c87s, surf and farmland, Phillip Is, Bass Strait, Vic aerial c84s

beach, tropical, and rainforest, Irian i75s, at dusk i77s, kids swimming i77s, wild tropical, Irian i75s, at dusk i77s

beach, tyre tracks on w11s

beach, wilderness (Deepwater NP) CQ11e

beachcombing (glass float) c29s

bead bush berries s96s

Beardmore Dam s93s

Beardy Waters ST9e

beche-de-mer n91s, (beachcomber holding) CQ1e

bedding and folding in sea cliffs e54,56s, sedimentary in cliffs e58s

bedding, inclined resistant strata aerial s107, 108s

bedding, sandstone N1e, (stack) C4e, in arid landscape CA1e

bee-eater, rainbow Q16e, with bee C10e

bee-keeping C2e

beef cattle grazing s103s

beefwood tree S10e, silhouetted sunset s103s, portrait in mulga/box woodland s104s

beehive huts, traditional, (Atoni village, Timor) t8s

bees swarming on branch without hive cq24s

bees, feral s58s, swarm s90s, swarming in tree hollow s95s

beetle, carab (predatory ground) s95s

beetle, cockchafer, king L14s

beetle, longicorn with fan- or antler-like antennae s77s

beetle, tiger, bug-eyed, equatorial rainforest i74s

beetle, water, breathing at surface c44s

beetle, Zygogramma biocontrol for Parthenium cq24s

beetles in hypsotactic aggregation ST12e

beetles, soldier ST12e, cockchafer C7e

Bega River silted up c10s

behaviour (corellas playing on ground), (silver-eye chicks begging in nest) c82s, (finches cuddling up to roost in security of thorny bush), (magpies using garden sprinkler) c82s, (goat on table) C6e

behaviour (gannet rookery) e57s

behaviour (hermit crab in whelk shell on seagrass) c10s, (spittle bugs protective foam cover) c80s, (torpid possum) c12,24s, (vigilant wood duck male with laying female) c78s, dingo using cover (sedge) c90s, koala asleep by day C6e

behaviour (monkey inspecting another's rear end for parasites) i71s, head i72s, (orang manipulating tripod) i72s, fish queuing at tidal inlet into farming pond i66s

behaviour (stilts' distraction display) w3s, (terns squabbling at roost) w18s, swamphen on lookout on stook C19e

behaviour (wood moth's wings expanding) c25s, insect (evening brown butterflies mating) c23s

behaviour - abnormal, sand goanna trying to climb tree s95,103s, investigating termite mound s95s

behaviour - adaptive (corella drinking from bore pipe) s105s

behaviour - aerial feeders (woodswallows at vantage point) s54s, aestivation s25.20s, (frog) s39s, (crucifix toad) s48s, s63s, alarm (night heron) s13.12s, alert kangaroos, red (blue) (in savannah grassland) s57s, s59s

behaviour - aggression (seagull) C41e

behaviour - anhinga drying feathers s103s, little pied cormorant, same s28s,

behaviour - antechinus abroad during day C38e

behaviour - breeding (frog) s25.17s, brolga dance s27.2s, (pelicans) s36.3s

behaviour - calling wood duck s55s, concealment s4.8s, (swan neck) s34.12s, ( lizard peering out of stump) s46s, cryptic (frogmouths) s17s, s53s, s55s, courtship (avocet) s13.22s, display (blue-bills) s34.8s, crest erection (corella) s33.14s, cryptic (wood duck adult & brood) s80s, (woodswallow chick) s54s

behaviour - communication (dingoes sniffing noses) Q12e

behaviour - corella game C36e

behaviour - cryptic posture s38.12s, s39.9s, (heron) s34.19s, (juvenile night heron) s56s, (woodswallow nesting) s33.19s, plover chick s55s, (heron nestling) s105s, cuckoo shrike and chicks panting in heat s97s, cryptic posture by flycatcher nestlings) s102s, (hawk moth on lily) s95s

behaviour - cryptic posture of stone curlew Q3e, Q18e

behaviour - dabbling s27.13s, (hardhead) s34.21s, spoonbill wading s34s, defence s11.21s, dispersal (magpie goose) s1.18s, display (avocet) s13.22s, distraction (tail shedding) s29.6s, drinking (budgies) s26.24s, (galahs) s33.12s, defensive (echidna closed up) s109s

behaviour - decoy display (plover) CQ6e

behaviour - drinking at bird bath (birds) SW3e

behaviour - duck during moult (shot by hunter) s48s, s61s, duck ready to lay (wood/maned) s85s, duck shaking water off s79s

behaviour - dwarf tree goannas mating s81s

behaviour - eagles nesting on poles CA5e

behaviour - egg concealment (grebe) s35.10s, egret nuptial flight s73s, escape (young ibis) s33.4s, euro seeking shade under rock s94s, funnel web spider s95s, gecko hunting at night s95s, lookout posture (earless dragon) s104s, mistletoe seed deposited on branch by bird s101s, mock battle by young bulls s101s, panting by hot friarbird s102s

behaviour - emu panting, doves roosting together Q18e

behaviour - feeding (bowerbird) s16.4s, (echidna) s3.21s, (ibis) s29.22s, s29.24s, (spoonbill) s27.5s, (swamphen) s26.18s, (teal) s13.5s, fighting avocets s64s, s83s, filter-feeding (avocet) s13.7s, flight (egret) s38s, (spoonbill) s27.4,34s, flight/soaring of eagle s70s, flocking s1.17s, s25.2s, (grebe) s4.14s, (ibis soaring) s45s, s60s

behaviour - filter feeding at night (pink-eared ducks) s64s,-mud nest building s25.10s, soaring pelicans s59s, territory marking with faeces by fox (bottle) s79s, water rat swimming at surface s59s

behaviour - frugivory (figbird with fig) C34e

behaviour - gecko licking eye S8e, gecko standing tall on desert sand S23e

behaviour - geese mating C21e

behaviour - goanna with tongue out C29e

behaviour - heron plunging head into water s58s, hollow nesting s25.4s, (woodswallow chick) s54s, duck s86s, hunting (pelican group) s18s, s34s, (hawk in trap) s8.21s, (heron) s3.14s

behaviour - insect (green tree ants) Q12e

behaviour - jacana comb Q16e

behaviour - joey feeding from pouch s71s, jumping s3.18s

behaviour - joint hunting flock pelicans & cormorants C24e, C36e

behaviour - kangaroo with wet arms Q12e

behaviour - lorikeets hanging, feeding at bird feeder Q3e, Q16e

behaviour - mobility (kangaroo) s18.5s, motion (snake) s40.2s

behaviour - mound building scrub turkey Q17e

behaviour - nectivory (woodswallow) s54s, s52s, nesting s13.18s, s7.19s,s25.15s, s28.4s, s35.2s, s28.15s, (cormorant) s34.14s, (teal) s27.16s, (dotterel) s40.21s, (magpie goose) s1.18s, (frogmouths) s17s, s53s, s55s, (plover chick) s38.12s, (woodswallow) s33.19s, (nest) s30.1s, nesting material gathering by grebe s92s, nocturnal foraging by waterbirds s78s, s64s

behaviour - opportunism/learning (corellas at bore) CA5e

behaviour - opportunistic nesting on pole in treeless plain s89s

behaviour - pairing s26.6s, (nesting chats) s16.2s, predation s2.24s, s14.18s, (fox chasing waterbird) s54s, predator/prey (hawk/duck in trap) s84s, preening (cormorant) s19.8s, preening/scratching s33.6s, (emu) s54s, (heron) s79s, precocial ducklings swimming, s51s

behaviour - panting darter C40e

behaviour - parenting (male wood duck protecting family with threat display) c7s, singing male red-capped robin, singing male splendid wren - territorial/ courtship s109s, tight group of apostle birds s97s

behaviour - perching ducks Q15e

behaviour - pigeon mating with dead C37e

behaviour - possum young on back CQ8e

behaviour - posture of hairy caterpillars C41e

behaviour - predator avoidance (honeyeaters on end of twig) DUPE q24e

behaviour - reproduction (chicks) s3.16s, (crucifix toad) s20.6s, (feral goats mating) s52s, reproduction (frogmouth family) s17s, s53s, s55s, (kangaroo family) s52s, roosting together (pigeon) s33.22s, running (sand goanna) s30.20s, (wild boar, through deep mud, fox among ducks) s59s

behaviour - roosting together (finches) C41e

behaviour - scavenging s26.21s, (raven) s25.11s, s25.12s, shading (hunting heron) s13.13s, skittering (coot) s26.11s, sleep ( bearded dragon) s30.7s, social (kangaroo family) s52s, (pelicans) s18s, s34s, social/play s25.2s, sweeping action of avocet foraging s64s, swimming (night heron chick) s77s,

behaviour - sleeping kangaroo Q3e

behaviour - tactile feeding (spoonbill) s42s, tail regeneration (gecko) s29.6s, take-off (swan) s13.11s, thermoregulation s40.1s, threat display (frog) s39s, (shingle-back lizard) s12.10s, s30s, threat posture (goanna) s58s, tiny burrowing frog calling 3 hours after desert rain s95s

behaviour - termite dispersal Q9e

behaviour - tortoise retreating into shell C29e

behaviour - waders feeding on incoming tide C39e

behaviour - washing (gull in freshwater) s67s, washing/preening ducks 27.15s, willy wagtail feeding young on ladder s75s, wing drying (cormorant) s28.17s, wing flapping by duck s42s

behaviour - yawning (darter chick) s82s, young ibis gathering on one nest s56s, s64s, yawning pelican C40e

behaviour -python with eye glazed (moulting) C29e

behaviour, bird, (adaptability -swallow on car tyre) C10e, bird (bowerbird's blue objects) ST16e, faecal sac removal C12e

behaviour, crepuscular (red 'roo dozing) q3e

behaviour, insect (beetle aggregation) ST12e, (wasp cacoons) ST11e, (water bug & eggs) C7e

behaviour, invertebrate (slugs) ST12e

behaviour, lizard staying put CA2e

behaviour, lyrebird display C9e, ST15e

behaviour, perching ducks in trees q5,6s, young curlew squatting in shade q26s

behaviour, pigeon courtship display CA5e

behaviour, termitaria n87s

behaviour, yawning wimbrel c19s

behaviour-opportunism (magpie/sprinkler) C34e

belah closed woodland S11e

belah forest sw10e

belah tree s109s

belah, inland swamp & nesting waterbirds s64s

belah/ironbark association s102s

Bellenden Ker NP (skink & ants) Q20e

Bellinger R estuary (tuckeroo & osprey) c58s

Bellinger River (stabilised bank with tyres) w11s

Belougery Spire, (Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s69s, s70s, and Split Rock (plugs) S9e

Benjarmasin, floating markets i71s

Berangerine Swamp s45s, s46s

berries, bead bush s96s, sw10e

berries, Breynia cq25s

berries, nightshade c39e

bettong, rufous cq26s

bicycle - loaded with salt i24s, pineapples i69s

Big Jack Mountain L1e

bill, maned duck/goose s44s

billabong & agriculture, Murray R. (aerial) s44s

billabong (aerial) s39.17s, Boggy Ck (misty scene & ducks)s1.14s, Cuba Lagoon s1.15s, b. with red gum in sunset s109s, Murrumbidgee, low water s105s, inland (Murrumbidgee R.) (scenic, with pelicans) s83s, with waterbirds s65s, Lachlan River floodplain (aerial) s44s, billabong aerial cq22s

billabong, floodplain wetland, (dry) S14e, flooded with river red gum, S12e, S14e, Weir River SW6e

Billabong, Willandra s17.16s, s37.2s

billabongs (prior streams) (aerial) s56s

billy buttons SW5e, alpine herbfield c78s, field of s14.5s, in woodland s3.7s, in lignum swamp s10.11s

bimble box tree s44s, s60s, leaf s19,22s, woodland s3.7s

bimble box/mulga woodland sw10e

biocontrol cq24s

biodiversity - flora refuge in roadside verge sw13e, multi-stemmed tree s24e

biodiversity loss, (Bega River silted, willow trees) c10s, (pine and clearfelling) aerial c63s, (rock wall on foreshore) c28,90s, salt-intruded, pulled wetland c90s, c44e, degraded foreshore c91s, salt intruded L. Innes c13e, coastal forest being cleared c26e, cleared pasture and exotic trees aerial DUPE c46e, (bulldozer pushing), cleared landscape with cattle, Darling Downs sw12e

biodiversity loss (news cameraman in cleared brigalow) cq25s

biodiversity loss on sheep pasture, central west slopes, NSW s108s, overgrazed lowlands below mountain national park s109s, reduced b. on sheep pasture aerial s107s, dead trees and erosion c42e, dead trees and grazing cattle on pasture c44e, grass bald replacing tropical rainforest after clearing i70s

biodiversity, adding (artificial reef, Tangalooma aerial) c38s

biodiversity, loss (pine plantation aerial) DUPE c46e, (rock wall replacing shore w13s, on rural land c35e, dead trees in dam c39e, (clearfelling, Moonie) SW2e

biodiversity, risk to from burning off in mountain rangelands c84s

biogeographic island (Gunung Palung, Kalimantan) i70s

biogeographic region - mitchell grass downs s93,99s, (field of lilies) s100s, Mulga Lands s96,100s, mitchell grass downs (earless dragon on grass) s104s

biogeographic region, Wallacea (eucalypt forest in Timor, transition zone) t7s

biogeography (Eupholus weevil, example of life form studied by Wallace) i74,78s, Manokwari town, Vogelkop P. i77s, (Warrumbungle Range) s69s

biological control (hyacinth) I12e

biological pest control, prickly pair and caterpillar cq24s

biosphere reserve, Kerinci-Sablat, Sumatra i69s, 6x9 (dark) I9e

bird band on black duck s42s, wood s47s

bird banding (coloured leg bands) s50s, (duckling) s51s, s61s, adult wood s47s, (liberating colour-banded duck) s78s

bird banding causing infection on duck's leg c38s

bird bath SW3e, double-barred finches, yellow robin, yellow-faced honeyeater at s103s

bird development (young kookaburra, magpie) C10e, jabiru practising fight C21e

bird feeder with lorikeets Q3e, Q16e

bird markets (Java) i48s, Bogor (caged parrot) i66s

bird netter i13s

bird netting (waterbirds, pratincole and hunter, being plucked by villager)

bird, endangered, white winged wood duck i12s, grass owl c92s

birds, woodland (singing male red-capped robin, splendid wren) s109s

birdsong, grey butcherbird singing (throat expanded) c25s, robin, wren s109s

Birdsville environs (aerial) s81s

Birdsville Hotel s21.22s

birdwatcher in palm rainforest c83s, on interpretive boardwalk c90s, silhouette s88s, Botany Bay, Moreton Bay w13s

birdwatchers i66s, i67s, ecotourist facility Aberlady Bay, Scotland e54s

birdwatching s76s, at camp s53s, (Lake Cowal) s19,76s, (raptor identification (buzzard)) s26.20s, at wetland s20.3s, s76s, bird research survey DUPE s24e

birdwatching, forest ST13e, wetland (sunset silhouette) S23e, Yellow waters, Kakadu n84,90s

birdwatching/study (telescope on mudflat) q31s

Bismark Sea, coast at Wewak aerial i76s

black box depression s7.16s, & nardoo (filled) s32.5s, (Aerial Swamp) s8.17s, (woodswallow nest) s30.1s, sunset s8.5s

black box tree (Narran Lake) s23.1s, dead s6.7s

Black River (aerial) Q21e

Black Rock Mountains Q6e, Q14e, skink q24e

black soil track, raincloud over CQ7e

black water (Fraser Is) F5e

black water lagoon (NSW with lilies) C14e

black water wetland (Kalimantan) I1e

black water, organically stained with floating leaves n88s

Blackall, main street, pub cq4s

Blackdown Tableland NP CQ10e, (views, cliffs) cq12, 15,23s, rainbow over cq23s, Stony Creek Gorge CQ4e, CQ10e

Blandfordia and bracken c61s

Blandfordia C8e

Blechnum cartilagineum c83s

Blechnum fern C14e, C39e, L10s,e

bloodwood tree (inland) s60,96s

bloodwood, gum-topped cq25s

bloodwood, Melville Is, cockatoo eating seeds n88s, varied lorikeet on flowers n82s

bloom, algae in summer on sea coast n93s

Bloomfield Mission Q8e, Q11e

Bloomfield River Q2e, Q6e, valley Q11e

blue haze in eucalypt forest L1e, L12e

Blue Mountains (aerial) s91s, (6x7 small only) C27e

Blue Mountains blue haze aerial c91s, DUPE c46e

blue-tongue lizard, blotched ST11e

bluebush plain s18.3s

bluegrass tussock cq24s

Bluff Mountain, Warrumbungle NP s69s, s70s

boar, wild (see feral pig)

boardwalk C2e, with birdwatcher, palm rainforest c83,90s, mangrove (Boondall Wetlands reserve) c86,90s

boat boy poling boat in harbour (Timor) t6s

boat fouling by birds C36e

boat harbour and industry c18s

boat, lighthouse viewed from c30s

boating - maintenance CQ1e

boating - rubber raft s46s

boatman loading produce from tropical beach Timor t6s

boats, traditional (Irian) I13e

bobuck L2s

Boemingen, Lake (Fraser Is.) F3e, F4e

bog, alpine sphagnum c13,20,78s, aerial c78s

bog-eye dragon/lizard s12.1s, s30.9s

bogged 4wd on beach C1e

bogged scrub bull CQ2e, CQ7e

boggomoss cq26s

Bold Granite Range (5x4) L7e

Bondi Beach C2e

Bondi State Forest (SE Forests) L9s, (Sheep Station Ck) view L11e

bones, bleached in chenopod shrub steppe (Hay Plain) s63s, s73s

Boolboonda Tunnel CQ6e

Booligal homesteads s21.20s, Lachlan River s37.7s, Mirrool Creek s19.4s

Booloumba Falls, Conondale Range C35e

Booloumba Gorge C35e

Boondall Wetlands Reserve C37e, (Hibbertia blossom) c43e, (kingfisher in forest) c77s, (Ramsar interpretive sign, mangrove boardwalk) c86,90s, Nundah Ck w1s, wader roost w7s

border fence, Qld/NSW S13e

Border Ranges NP C3e, C9e

bore tank with grass whistling ducks Q15e

bore tank, coastal q20e

bore water storage (aerial) s109s, artesian (corella drinking from pipe) s105s, isolated desert with sheep (aerial) s107s, bore, sub-artesian s73s

bore, artesian S15e, S21e, (corellas drinking) CA5e

bore, tank with tree ducks q29s

boree, see myall (Acacia pendula) s11s

Borneo I1e, I6e, I7e, i70-73s

Boronia falcifolia (wallum) c83s

Boronia flowers C8e

botanical relic, Flindersia, Owenia in arid woodland s100s

Bothriochloa/Dicanthium grassland cq24s

bottle recycling c42e

bottle tree, broad leaved, narrow-leaved cq25s

bottle tree, emergent, and left after clearing for cattle grazing cq11,23s

boulder, sea shore with algae c26s

boulders, granite (Magnetic Is. shore) q28s

boulders, volcanic Q6e, Q14e

Boulia/Winton area aerial s108s

Bourke (cattle droving, river) S4e, (north) aerial s3.13s

Bowen foreshore Q19e

Bowen, Mount on Hinchinbrook Island Q7e

bower and shells, Northern Bower-Bird DUPE nt5e

bower, satin bowerbird's SW2e, ST16e

bowerbird, satin (female) C10e

bowerbird, western s16.4s, & inkweed s46s

Bowling Green Bay intertidal flat W4m, waders feeding W2e

box tree SW1e

box, bimble/poplar in woodland (Nocoleche) S10e, S19e

box, bimble/poplar s42s, fringe s35.18s, fringing inland ephemeral wetland s42s, woodland s3.7s, s59s, (portrait) s44s, s60s

box, black (tree) S19e, S23e, tumble down habit S15e

box, black depression before and after water, tumble-down tree, depression flooded, daisies beside s106s

box, black fringe s35.18s, fringing depression with daisies under s84s, tree (tumble-down habit) s57s, s8s, woodswallow nest in s30.1s, with frogmouth nest s17s, s53s, s55s

box, black woodland (Nearie Lake) s64s

box, brush/satinay association F5e

box, flooded black, near Redbank Weir, Lowbidgee s59s

box, poplar (see bimble/poplar)

box, poplar/bimble in woodland (Nocoleche) S10e, S19e

Boyne River CQ7e

Brachychiton australis cq25s

Brachychiton paradoxum n87s

Brachychiton rupestre cq23s

Brachycome & Helipterum daisies (desert flowers, close) s66s

Brachycome daisies in semi-arid woodland S10e, floodout after flood S14e

Brachycome daisies SW7,8e, S14e, s14.4s, s7.12s, (flooded) s7.10s, carpet s15.15s, s24.11s, and mulga tree s23s

Brachyscome, see Brachycome

Braemer State Forest SW3e, SW4e

braided river (Hamilton) (aerial) s81s

braiding (river) CQ9e, S7e, stream (aerial) s5.11s, Paroo River channel s40.17s

branches, gnarled SW8e

Brasenia C14e

Breadknife, The (Warrumbungle NP) sw10e, S9e, (volcanic dyke ) s68s, s69s, s72s

breakaway, desert s62s

breakwater sheltering harbour (aerial) c87s

breathing spiracles - caterpillar. Q30s

Brewster, Lake (swans) s63s, (pelicans) s67s

Breynia oblongifolia cq25s

Bribie Island, Melaleuca wetland, girl on beach c44e, wallum C36e

bridge, freeway (Syd-Newcastle) C3e, old wooden SW6e, stock over Paroo River s35s, wire foot, Glen Nevis e55s

brigalow (silhouette) SW4e

Brigalow Belt cq23s, B. town road sign and roadside trees s102s, (news cameraman filming cleared landscape) cq25s

brigalow remnant SW5e, S11e, & cleared s19s, s49s, s23s

brigalow SW3e, S11e

brigalow tree, mature, isolated s102s

brigalow woodland cq23,25s

brigalow, cleared (roadside remnant) s18s, s19.16s, s22s

Brighton (Moreton Bay) tidal flats w10s, with feeding waders (dusk) W3e

Brighton roost (godwits) W2e, W3e

Brindabella Range (forest) ST3e, ST5e, (kangaroo tracks in snow c24s, black rock skink c1s, snow gum woodland c78s

Brindabella Range (vista) ST3e, ST4e, ST5e, view of Canberra from ST4e, ST5e

Brisbane River upstream C3e

Brisbane valley scene C35e

Brisbane, dense suburban housing in c90s

British Soldiers (lichen) L3s

Broad Sound, exposed sand flats on low tide q7s

broadacre clearing SW2e

broadacre mallee clearing, (aerial) s83s, lignum (aerial) s15s

Broadwater N.P. C4e

Broadwater State Forest (wilderness, tropical) Q19e

Broken Hill (main street and slag pile) S10e, aerial s6.20s

Broken River (Eungella NP) Q6e

brolga s67s, pair s87s, on claypan s55s, nest & eggs s57s, s88s, eggs (close) s89s,

brolga dance (pair dancing, North Queensland) s27.2s, pair in Nathan Rd wetlands (distant)C19e

brolgas Q16e

brood, wood duck & adult (lying cryptically) s80s (see also duck & behaviour), great crested grebe s3s

Brooklyn, Hawkesbury River C16e

Broom, Square-stemmed (Bead Bush) sw10e, square-stemmed, berries s96s

Brown Barrel L10s,e

brown snake Pseudonaja sp s10.14s

browse line, myall trees s11s

browsing (swamp wallaby on cypress) s94s, Asian elephant i69s

Bruguiera gymnorrhiza n91s

brumbies (Nocoleche N.R.) s16.12s, s62s, Finke River s21.14s, CA1e, CA7e

Buchanania obovata new sprout n87s

budawang (burrawang Macrozamia "palm"), fruits (red) c69s

budgerigar at nesting hole CA5e, flock at waterhole s26.24s, (three) s33.13s, (with woodswallows) SW8e

buds, eucalypt flower c91s

buds, flower in lowland equatorial rainforest, Kalimantan i70s

buffalo, feral DUPE nt5e

buffalo, feral in forest, Gurig NP. n93s, DUPE nt5e

buffalo, water, on tidal mudflat t6s, in water i56,66s, pugging wetland i56s

buffer, airport (Townsville Common) Q10e

buffers, national park see also national park management i75s

buffers, national park, clearing and burning in s108s, management problems in i75s

Bufo q24e

bug, spittle foam c80s

Bugis schooners t6s

bugs, mealy (bird of paradise) i68s

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve I1e, sea eagles viewing, fungi on floor i65s

bullfinches cuddling up to roost c82s

bull, banteng n93s

bulldozer clearing coastal forest C26e

bulldozer clearing equatorial rainforest, Kalimantan i73s, closeup of driver i73s

bulldozer clearing floodplain coolibah woodland, MacIntyre R s98s, clearing red gum forest s79s, native woodland s21s, inland woodland sw12e

bulldozer filling wetland, coastal w2e, c77,85s, dozed wetland c90s

bulldozer pushing inland woodland SW12e

bulloak/cypress/eucalypt open forest s103s

Bullogal, Lake (flooded) s45s, (wet/dry compo) s59s, (cormorants) s37.15s, s89s

Bulloo Overflow flooded (aerial) s56s, (flooded lignum aerial) s23s, dry (aerial) s84s, dry lignum (aerial with emus) s44s, lignum s14.2s, flooded lignum aerial s107s, dry aerial s108s, (aerial) S7e

Bulloo Overflow, terminal playa S21e, sunset S22e

Bulloo River SW11e, with river red gum sw13e,

Bulloo River sw11e

bulls, young fighting s101s

Bundjalung NP C1e, C2e, emu C12e, heath flowers C8e, kids on rocks silhouetted c29s, DUPE c45e, wetland sunset C17e

Bunya Mountains (view from) SW2e, sunset over ridges s102s

bunya pine, axe scars C1e

Burdekin delta (aerial) q27s, Fitzroy (aerial) q2s, agriculture aerial q21e, delta shore (sunrise) q23e, mangroves in delta aerial q21e,q24e

Burdekin River mouth wetland Q23e

burl (outgrowth) on tree n88s

burl, insect on mature river red gum tree s44s

Burley Griffin, Lake ST4e

burn, slow/controlled in Casuarina woodland sw13e

Burnett Downs aerial showing contour ploughing s107s, wetland (aerial) s81s

burning garbage at landfill s104s

burning off C1e

burning off sugar cane Q23e

burning off, forested mountains, Clarence R valley c84s, lighting burn s104s

burnt wildlife crossing sign C32e

burrawang Macrozamia fruits c69s

burr daisy flower s16.6s, on desert sand s58s

Burrendong Dam (aerial), S5e

burrow, penguin at entrance c4s

burrow, wombat's L14s, C6e

burrowing frog s8.10s, SW2e, S22e

Bush Heritage Reserve, Goonderoo cq24s

bushbird (weebill) SW1e, robin, wren s109s, see also flycatcher, robin, thornbill etc

bushwalker at cave entrance cq16s

bushwalking C2e, ST10e, ST13e, N4e

bushwalking, Kakadu N4e, n84,89s

bustard, Australian CQ8e, s76s

butcherbird, grey c25,46s, singing (throat expanded) c25s

butter bush s90s

butterflies drinking cq24s

butterflies poached from tropical rainforest, Irian i75s

butterflies, caper white feeding on native tree s95s

butterfly, birdwing, poached, with poacher, wing detail i75s

butterfly, blue tiger CQ11e

butterfly, evening brown mating pair c23s

butterfly, lemon migrant C7e

butterfly, lesser wanderer Q30s

butterfly, orchard (female) c3s

butterfly, Ulyses on lantana Q12e

butterfly, union jack C7e

buttress tree trunk I1e, I6e, C39e

buzzard, black-breasted (immature) s26.20s

by-catch, fishing (cormorant caught in net) s82s

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Caboolture River, mouth flats W3e, (egret & boats) C21e, (egret on branch) C21e, wader roost w7s

Caboolture River wetland C30e

cactus flower and Arcadia Valley CQ3e

cairn, Central Mount Stuart CA2e

Cairngorm Mts, hillwalker in e54,55s, U-shaped valley e55s

Cairns Foreshore q2,28s, & waterbirds Q4e, & development Q23e

Caiwarra Waterhole, Currawinya NP s93s

calcareous algae (Chara) s74s

Caledonian forest remnant, Scotland e54,55s

Callistemon, creekside C35e, flowering beside waterfall c83s

Callitris glaucophylla woodland (Weranga), forest with lichen (Warrumbungle NP) sw10e, colourful male cones s96s

Calostemma purpureum/luteum s9.11s

Caloundra wader roost W2e

Calytrix exstipulata n86s

Calytrix tetragona SW5e

camel (child on at fair) s98s

camouflage (ducklings hiding in nardoo) c78s, (evening brown butterflies mating) c23s, (geometrid moth on lichen) c80s DUPE c45e, caterpillar Q30s

camouflage pattern s3.16s

camouflage posture (heron on nest) s105s

camouflage s4.8s, sand goanna s6.17s, teal chicks s39.9s, (plover's eggs) s36.10s, s43s, (plover/dotterel eggs/ kangaroo droppings) s34.1s, s45s, (dotterel nest) s28.4s, flycatcher fledglings in nest s102s, woodswallow nestling s33.19s, gecko against desert sand s45s, plover chick s38.12s, lizard peering out of stump s46s, frogmouth s17s, s53s, s55s

camouflage, caterpillar in rainforest i70s, flower spider cq25s, nightjar chick cq24s, (eggs of banded plover) cq23s, grassbird C12e, gecko on granite ST11e, (female triller) C10e, (green cicada, beetle) C7e, (wolf spider) C7e, bearded dragon on banksia C29e, knob-tailed gecko CA7e, moth on lichen covered bark C41e, spinifex pigeon CA5e, stone curlew Q3e, Q18e

Camp Is coral rubble shore q27s

Camp Leakey, Kalimantan i70s

campdraft C2e

campfire (close)s21.9s, glow on rocks, Stony Creek cq23s

camping ground F7e

camping, national park ST10e, ST13e

camping, tree limb fallen on tent c74s

canal development, early stages c38e

canal development, environmental destruction from c85,90s, Tallebudgera Ck, Gold Coast aerial c3s, ditto DUPE c46e

canal estate (Newport) C35e

Canberra (aerial) ST4e, nature strip S11e, Parliament House (aerial) ST4e, suburban expansion aerial c10s, view of from Brindabella Ra. ST4e, ST5e

canegrass, & cracking mud skin (drying claypan) s54s, s55s, & grebe nest s35s, claypan s50s, wetland s60s

canegrass depression with feeding glossy ibis s64s

canegrass swamp (dry and full, scenic ) S15e, flooded (sunset) S21e, and artesian mound spring s99s, dry with emu tracks s106s, with hoary-headed grebe and nest c35s, sunset s8.5s, dry s4.7s, filled s7.17s, with sandpipers s55s, s60s, fringe vegetation s7.12s, full (& frog) s32.16s, burrowing frog in flooded S15e, S22e

canegrass wetland & brolga nest s57s, (& rainbow) s42s, (wet/dry compo) s51s, dry after flooding s74s, green growth after flood s42s

canegrass, flooded (close, green) s44s

Cania Gorge NP cliff cq23s

canoe beside wetland s50s

canopy, forest (Coolangubra) L9e, L12e

Canthium tree (sweet suzie), butterflies on flowers s95s

Cape Bedford (Cooktown) Q11e

Cape Cleveland NP Q21e, Q23e, (Rat Island) q28s, rocky shore q23e, rocky shore, floodplain grassland q27s

Cape Palmerston NP (driftwood & barnacles) Q5e

Cape Upstart NP q23e, (saltflat, tidal) Q19e, (cape) Q21e

Cape Upstart q21e

Cape York Peninsula (Lake Emma) Q10e, roads Q2e, Q11e, coast Q11e

capeweed & snake s40.1s

Capital Hill, Canberra (aerial) ST4e

capping, resistant rock CA1e

Capricorn coast beach cq10,23s DUPE cq12e, and headland cq9s

car, crashed on sandy track (need for 4WD) Q2e

Cargeligo, Lake aerial s22.11s, s15s

Carmargue, flamingoes in sunset e58s

Carmila - high/low tide in estuary Q10e

Carmila Ck sandflats q27s, estuary, shore Q4e, low tide Q11e

Carnarvon NP sandstone cliff CQ3e, rock art CQ2e

carnivorous beetles ST12e

carnivorous plant s24.16s, (sundew) SW8e, C8e, C14e

carotenes colouring leaves n91s

carp, European s1.20s, s2s, close (check) s50s

Carpobrotus glaucescens c77s

carrion (carcase outback) s73s

cascade (Nightcap Ra) C3e

Cassia shrubland s96s

Cassia sp. s15.18s, (punty bush) S10e

cassowary, facial wattles c92s

Castle Hill q22e, & flying magpie-geese Q18e, & Townsville Q22e

Castlereagh River S23e

Casuarina cristata (belah) woodland S11e, forest sw10e

Casuarina cristata s109s, inland swamp & nesting waterbirds s64s

Casuarina cunninghami and stream ST10e

Casuarina desert oak CA1e, S10e

casuarina dieback with seawater intrusion C41e

casuarina flower (female) SW8e, (male) SW6e, SW7e

casuarina forest, coastal C14e

Casuarina glauca C14e, C40e, mature specimens c79s, killed by tidal intrusion c13e, c44e, and pushing c90s, killed by salt intrusion c44e

Casuarina luehmannii s103s

Casuarina obesa s1.7s, in salt intruded wetland s21.2s, (killed by salt) s47s

casuarina wetland, Nathan Road C19e

casuarina, death by salt intrusion C13e

Casuarina, see also Allocasuarina

Casuarina, stunted on rocky peak L12s

cat, feral s4.8s

catchment management (4wd in muddy snow melt) c28s, (burning off in Clarence catchment mountains) c84s, (Coochin Ck, Moreton Bay MP) c79s, (silted up river) c10s, high density housing development. c90s, leachate at dump c84,91s

catchment management (overburden from mine) (landslide, deforestation) i77,78s, mountain stream in rainforest subject to logging, Irian i74s, waterfall in same i78s, clear stream from Cyclops Mts, Taman Negara i78s, (milfoil in Coolangubra stream) L1s, waterfall L13s

catchment protection, wetland (Narrabeen and waterbirds) c46s

catchment, clear stream from undisturbed tropical rainforest i1e, Snowy River ST6e, undisturbed forest L3e, L4e, L11e, water (natural alpine bog) ST6e, (close) ST7e

catchments, wetland (salina's internal with Paroo R. overflow lake behind) aerial s20s

caterpillar in lowland tropical rainforest i70s

caterpillar, banded Q23e

caterpillar, hairy C41e, hairy Q30s

caterpillar, ornate on eucalypt leaf cq24s

caterpillars, processionary C2e, on twig c80s

Cathie, Lake (pronounced cat-eye) C13e

cattle SW1e, being driven, watered S4e

cattle dip C3e

cattle, going to farm dam (aerial) S23e,

cattle grazing SW5e, stockman s103s

cattle, tropical Q2e

cattlebush (rosewood) s2.14s, shrubland S10e

caustic vine s100s

cave, entrance and rainforest, limestone, Irian i75s, ice (glacier) e58s, sandstone cq16s, sandstone, Barramundi Gorge n90s

cay, coral CQ3e, (sailing towards) CQ1e

Celmisia c3,11,12,20,21s

centipede with young L3e

centipede, house SW8e

Central Australia (brown falcon) s26.19s, (budgies/ waterholes) 26.24s, (grey-headed honeyeater) s25.13s, (spiny-cheeked honeyeater) s33.24s, (Uluru) s22.23s, (Olgas) s23.8s, waterhole s28.5s, waterhole & heron s13.24s

Central Mount Stuart CA1e, CA2e

Central Station, Fraser Is F7e

central-western slopes NSW, sheep pasture and snowcapped Mts s93s

century plant S5e

Cercopoidea c80s

chain, scrub pulling (land clearing) lying disused cq11s

Champ de Mars, Eiffel Tower e56s

Channel Country (aerial) CQ9e, (hawk moth on lily) s95s, (Thomson R) s93s, Cooper Creek sw13e

channel, boating through tidal flats (Newport) w12s

channelisation c84s, see also river mouth training walls

channels and mangrove islands, Sth Moreton Bay aerial c83s

Chara algae on floor of lignum swamp s51s

Charleville area rangeland (aerial) s83s

Charlevue Lookout cq15,23s

chat, crimson (pair) s16.2s, (nest)s10.15s, nesting habitat s59s

chat, white-fronted (distant) CA6e

Chauliognathus pulchellus, ST12e

chemical buffering, example of lack of (black water) n88s

chemical drum dump sw12,13e

chemical farming (tractor spraying ploughed ground) s98s, dieback of red gums (agrochemicals suspected) s104s

chenopod bush s17.2, shrubland s18.3s, s24.4s

chenopod fringe s36.15s, shrubs fringing inland salina s46s

chenopod shrub steppe, bleached bones in (Hay Plain) s63s, s73s, shrubland, pigface flowers in, Hay Plain s53s

chenopods, Lake Salisbury (Altiboulka) s36.19s

chewing (bat in mist net) C6e

chick, noisy miner DUPE s24e

chick, plover's s38.12s

Chikiba Lagoon, Richmond R, artificial wader roost w13s, mangroves traded for road w11s

child enjoying camel ride s98s

children, at beach silhouetted DUPE c45e, on stormwater outfall (sunset) c84s, playing on coastal rocks (silhouetted) c29s, swimming at tropical beach i77s, excited Java i66s

Chinese New Year, statue i65s

chipped flint, aboriginal s80s

chironomid swarm over inland river s8.6s, s49s, s64s, chironomids in black box depression s20.14s

chlorophyll fading in deciduous leaves n91s, lack of in pink young leafs c44e

Chlorophyta (Enteromorpha) n93s

Chlorophyta green algae DUPE c45e

chocolate bush (flax lily) s11.12s

chowchilla, southern ST16e

Christmas beetle C7e

Christmas bell and bracken fern c61s

Christmas bells C8e

church, country, & little version beside (humorous) CQ7e, (Uralla) st14e

church, historic (White Cliffs) S10e, old country ST13e, ST14e

cicada (large green) C7e, freshly emerged, showing compound eyes and simple eyes Q30s

Cicadidae Q30s

Ciconiiforme (spoonbill wading) s34s

Cicindelinae i74s

cirque, Lost Valley, Grampians e55s

cirrus cloud SW6e

cisticola, golden-headed with grasshopper C12e

city, Indonesian (Jambi, Sumatra) i69s

civet, palm, closeup of face i72s

Cladonia lichen L3s

clam shells, empty after being harvested, Timor t6s

Clarence River, mangrove forest (interior) C15e, valley, headwaters, mountain catchment c84s, Woloweyah Estuary (aerial) C27e

clay, cracking as it dries s18s, cracking s39.5s, s47s

clay, kaolin patterns in rock n92s, mottled SW4e

claypan dry/flooded compo s78s, (galahs drinking) s33.12s, edge (close) s17.21s, filled s2.2s, with feeding straw-necked ibis s77s, desert (filled, aerial) s3.10s, drying (canegrass & cracking skin) s54s, s55s, (mud patterns) s45s, flooded, with flowers s79s, flooded by thunderstorm, Currawinya NP s93s

claypan, dry, flooded S15e, S19e, S21e

clear cutting/felling aerial c63s

Clear Lake, Great Cumbung (Lowbidgee) s35.22s, s63s, s73s

cleared floodplain, coastal (aerial) q27s

cleared grazing land with bottle tree cq23s

cleared land, dieback and erosion c42e

cleared landscape (aerial) S7e, S5e, Gippsland (aerial) c83s

cleared lowland rainforest, North Qld (aerial) Q19e

cleared mangrove (Irian) I13e

cleared pastoral landscape, Cowra, Darling Downs s93s

cleared rainforest, (mining) I12e, Atherton Tableland Q7e, Daintree Q14e, The Head (Border Ranges) C26e

cleared sheep pasture, western slopes S5e, tree loss on cleared land and weeds S10e

cleared valley floors, aerial s107s

cleared, eroded cropland with dead trees and silted creek (aerial) s61s

clearfelled forest (Coolangubra) L1e, edge of L9,13,15s

clearfelling, (Moonie) SW2e, native forest for pine (aerial) L12e

clearing & erosion s19.18s, s22s (aerial) s5.1s

clearing (aerial) s22.2s, s22.8s, s23.17s, s84s, & gully erosion (aerial) s5s, s85s

clearing (bulldozer pushing inland woodland) sw12e

clearing brigalow (scrub pulling chain) cq11s

clearing coastal forest C26e, North Qld (aerial) Q19e

clearing floodplain coolibah woodland (dozer pushing) s98s, inland woodland SW12e, gidgee woodland sw12e

clearing lignum for floodplain cotton aerial (low contrast) s108s, mallee, broadacre (aerial) s83s, red gum forest s79s, lignum (aerial) s15s, native woodland s21s

clearing native vegetation, central west NSW (fire & calf dozer) s108s, bulldozer (Warrumbungles)s15.2s, s21s

clearing rainforest by hand (Irian) I13e, for rice, Borneo I7e

clearing scrub, Warrumbungle S5e

clearing tropical rainforest (dozer pushing), Kalimantan i73s, transmigration settler's hut, Sumatra i21s, i69s, with axe i75s

clearing, former (Caledonian forest remnant) e54,55s

clearing, impact of s15.5s (aerial) s21.5s, lignum (aerial) s15s, unwise, with rehab. works s109s

Cleveland Bay (aerial) Q21e, (aerial) q27s

Cleveland Bay, Alligator and other creeks, Cape Cleveland aerial q21e

Cleveland, Cape NP Q21e, Q23e

cliff, coastal with development above aerial DUPE c45e

cliff, sandstone cq12,23s, (Blackdown Tableland) CQ10e, (Kakadu) N1e, Salvator Rosa NP CQ3e, Carnarvon NP CQ3e

cliff, sea C4e, (Laterite) c61,79s, with ecotourist (Montagu Is) c29s

cliffs, coastal sand C41e

cliffs, river (Murray) s44s

cliffs, sea, Scotland e54,56s

Clifton Bore S15e

climate (lack of rust in old truck in desert) s88s

climate change (palms in Finke River, grass trees) CA1e, CA4e

climate change over geological time (Flindersia, Owenia in arid woodland) s100s, inland lakes (aboriginal artefacts) s2.8s

climate, desert (waterholding frog) s39s

climate/architecture s21.22s

climbers (rainforest) C3e

climbing, tree snake q30s

closed woodland (belah) S11e

cloud SW1e, above hill (Cape Bedford) Q11e

cloud line, Mt Coree c78s

cloud over island Q21e, over mountain, S9e

cloud, cirrus & cumulus s53s, cirrus & stratus (sunset) s59s, cumulo-nimbus (Willbriggie) s64s, orange (aerial)(for background) s48s, cirrus SW6e, cumulo-nimbus storm CQ11e, mountain top S9e,

cloud, nimbus SW1e

cloud, stratus SW1e

clouds (aerial) C27e

clouds over farmland (aerial) s65s, cumuliform, stratiform together s103s, sunset & flying birds s74s, s88s

clouds, cumuliform and stratiform (sunset over estuary) c18s, cumulus and lifting condensation level c79s

clouds, rain (forest vista) L9e, (Salvator Rosa NP access) CQ7e

cloudscape SW1e

cluster fig fruits Q5e, on trunk Q23e

clustering fruits on tree trunk q23e

coachwood, pure stand (Washpool NP) ST16,17e

coal loading port, Abbot Pt aerial q24e

coal mine & power station (Muswellbrook area) s56s

coal train wagons, cq14s

coast landform, low energy (Darwin) aerial DUPE nt5e

coast landforms, low energy (Haughton R) aerial q24e

coast, low energy (aerial) q27s

coast, rocky C4e, C16e, rocky with wave breaking C40e

coast, stormy (C. Upstart) q23e

coast, tropical, PNG aerial i76s

coast, wilderness (Cape Bedford) Q11e, wilderness (Gurig NP, NT), in moonrise n91s, laterite cliffs on n92s, silhouetted mangrove on beach n94s, (Gurig) N1e, N2e

coastal development (canal estate) C35e, (land clearing) C26e, (real estate sales) C26e, (vegetation clear for golf) C13e, rockwalls C38e, saltwater baths C36e, C37e

coastal development - wetland destruction for canal development. C38e

coastal development pressure (aerial) C27e

coastal development, Tweed estuary aerial c84s

coastal development/wader habitat Q23e

coastal erosion C36e, & dead mangrove q28s

coastal floodplain, (Macleay R) C13e

coastal floodplain wetland (Hunter R) C16e

coastal headland C39e, headlands C4e, C16e

coastal lagoon (Woloweyah) (aerial) C27e, Yuragir NP C13e

coastal lagoon and sand dune blocking entrance aerial c83,87,91s, artificially opened (impact on veg., L. Innes) c13e

coastal landform process (wave on rocky headland with beach) cq9s

coastal landform, high energy aerial DUPE c41e, DUPE c45e

coastal landform, inlet, zeta-form beach, wetlands & mountains behind c44 c44e

coastal landforms, aerial C41e

coastal landscape/vegetation, semi-arid Cape Cleveland Q21e, Q23e

coastal management (kids on outfall in sunset) C41e, see also coastal zone management

coastal plain flowers C8e

coastal resort (SW Rocks) C27e

coastal river (Mary) C33e

coastal sandplain wallum, Limeburners Ck NR C13e

coastal scrub on sand F6e

coastal shipping, Irian i76s, craft at anchor, Manokwari i77s

coastal stream (Coochin Creek) C37e

coastal vegetation - tuckeroo & Casuarina C40e

coastal vegetation, encroachment by sand C15e, C17e

coastal wetland, (Crescent Head) C13e, C14e, (dry) C17e, (Hat Head) C15e, (sunset) C17e, aerial (Red Rock Ck) C27e

coastal wetland for sale c85,90s, destroyed c90s

coastal wetland, Nathan Rd C19e

coastal wilderness sunrise, beach sunset n93s

coastal wildflower wetlands C36e

coastal zone management (fisherman on beach at dawn) c77s, wetland threats c84,85,90s, kids on rocks silhouetted c29s, commercial beach fishermen and lighthouse c18s, seine netting c86s, kids on stormwater outfall (sunset), algae near outfall, leachate from landfill dump c84,91s, sediment smothering seagrass c85s, commercial bait harvesting c91s, mangroves stabilising shore c77,91s

coastal zone management, popular beach, water quality warning sign, walking dog on beach c92s

coastal zone management, see also wetland management, national park management

coastline, cliff C4e

Cobar historic ruins S1e

Cobham Lake (inland playa/salina) S22e

Cobourg Peninsula (Arnhem Land) n86s, coast N1e, N2e, mangrove wetlands, and aerial, moonrise n91s

Cocoparra N.P. (close-up of flowers) s24s, s18s

Coccoidea i68s

Cochlospermum q28s

cockatiel at hollow s25.4s

cockatoo, Major Mitchell CA6e, s97s (see also pink)

cockatoo, pink s8.24s, in flight s17s, (flock perched & in flight) s54s, in flight s89s

cockatoo, red-tailed black (flock in flight) s25.5s, eating gumnuts, showing erect crest n88s

cockchafer beetle C7e

cockroach, bush CQ11e, (with egg case) SW5e

cocky apple flower Q22e, deciduous leaves n86s

coffee bush (native Breynia) berries cq25s

coffee rock C4e, F5e

coffee rock, see also lake, perched

colloidal particles colouring inland floodwaters s93s

colonial nesting ibis s35.3s

colonisation, northern Australia (Vic Settlement) n86s

colony, ibis and duckhunters DUPE s24e

colony, white ibis in willows s64s, see also rookery

colour variation (red possum) Q12e

colouration, male red-capped robin singing, male splendid wren singing s109s, frog armpit s40.12s, s41s, distinctive red thigh in toadlet s45s, bill (duck) s26.3s, cryptic egg s43s, juvenile (bog-eye lizard) s12.1s, (green tree frog with spots) s41s, warning (crucifix toads) s63s, DUPE s24e, breeding season c. in northern water dragon n88s

colourful red berries of rainforest fruit (Cordyline) i74s

colourful temple, Japan e56s

colouring, camouflage, see camouflage

comet-grass spikelet s8.13s

commerce, island I13e

Commissioners Range and mitchell grass downs s93s

communal roosting (pigeon) s33.22s

communication, bird (wood duck calling chicks) s55s

community art (aboriginal x-ray art painted on building) s103s

competition for water - kangaroo/feral goat S6e

composting toilet c52s, DUPE st18e

concrete recycling/crushing c42e

Condamine River, dieback of riparian red gum s104s

Condamine River SW2e, (barrage) SW8e

condensation (mist in alpine valley) ST2e, (vapour trail) s21.18s, valley mist ST10e, mountain top cloud S9e

cone sticks (Petrofile) C8e

confluence, river s37.9s, (Great Cumbung Swamp) s32.13s

conglomerate rock S10e

Conondale NP (bottlebrush beside waterfall, gristle fern detail) c83s

Conondale Range C35e

conservation biology, Java i66s, i67s

construction site, sediment from foreshore c. site smothering seagrass c85s

container cranes in sunset, and roosting oystercatchers c85s

contamination, environmental (roadspill) s6.1s

contour ploughing (aerial) s76s

contouring, need for (topsoil loss from ag. land) s98s

controlled burn - backburning s98,104s

Conway NP, (red brush-tailed possum) Q12e

cooba, river s36.7s, in flower s90s, flooded s48s, portrait in lignum swamp s60s

Coochin Creek, Pumicestone Passage c79s, C37e

Cook Island N R from Fingal Head C4e

Cook's landing monument (Endeavour River) Q1e, Q14e

Cooktown Q7e, Q11e

coolamon scar on tree trunk s4s

Coolangubra (waterfall) L13s, (milfoil in creek) L1s, forest scenes L1,10s, clearfelling L9,13,15s, fungi L10s, vista L4,11s

Coolangubra State Forest (SE Forests) L1-12e

Coolangubra, see also South East Forests

coolibah fringe (Nearie) s4.23s

coolibah tree, eroded roots s100s, Barcoo R. s100s

coolibah woodland (dawn) s93,105s, woodland s2.9s, sunrise s93s, black box s86s, on MacIntyre floodplain S11e, on Paroo flooded S14e

coolibah woodland, floodplain (dry) S14e

coolibah, mountain (ridgy) cq24s

Cooloola NP (beach scene) C4e

Cooloola sandplain (aerial) C27e

Coonancoocabil Lagoon, Murrumbidgee River s41s, flooded S14e

Cooper Ck, fishermen silhouetted, lignum and teatrees, flood on sw11e

Cooper Creek and River Red Gums sw13e

Cooper Creek flooded wetland s93s

coot, Eurasian s26.11s, s86s, (flock on Moogerah dam) C17e

coot, with dusky moorhen c43s

Cooyar SW1e

Copperlode Dam Q4e

Coral Bay moonrise n91s, coast sunset n92s, sailboat in n86s, mangrove silhouette n94s

coral fungi L10s

coral limestone rock showing structure i74s

coral rock CQ3e

coral rubble & mangrove, Camp Is q27s

coral sand CQ3e

coral, honeycomb DUPE nt4e

coral, soft, at low tide n91s

Cordyline berries i74s

Coree, Mount (Brindabella Range) ST3e, ST4e

corella, little s25.1s, s25.2s, in habitat s2.13s, (group) s33.8s, (head & shoulders) s33.14s, flock flying s49s, flock & trees s92s, drinking from bore pipe CA5e, s105s

corella, little - 3-up game C36e

corellas & galahs in dead tree S2e

corellas, little on outback roof DUPE s24e, & dead mulga s36s, (3 perched) s62s, (flock in flight) S2e, playing game on ground c82s

cormorant caught in fishing net s82s, little blacks in dead tree s19s, drying wings s28s, nest/eggs s58s,nestlings s73s, s92s

cormorant rookery, Lake Bullogal s37.15s

cormorant, great (nesting, breeding plumage) s105s, great black s28.15s, s28.16s, (nest) s34.14s, nestlings s34.16s, adult, nest & nestling s87s, fledgling on nest s67s, young off nest s82s

cormorant, little black (flock on tree) s19.5s

cormorant, little pied s19.8s, s28.17s

cormorant, pied - flock in flight C15e

cormorants SW1e, little pied, little black on dam C24e, and sunlit water C24e, at Somerset Dam c44e

cormorants, black, in flying flock, with pelicans on dam c81s

cormorants, flock hunting on flooded ephemeral wetland s57s, flight of black s45s, Lake Bullogal s89s

cormorants, little black, & pelicans, joint flock C24e, C36e, winter flock at Scarborough (old) C20e, in flight C24e

cormorants, pied roosting on Melaleuca foliage c2s

corner country Tibooburra s1.5s

coronation, re-enactment, Edinburgh e54s

corridor (roadside remnant of brigalow) s18s, s19.16s, s22s, s49s, mallee aerial s49s

corridor, riparian (desert creek aerial) s108s, dieback of s104s

corridor, roadside with native vegetation (Liverpool Plains) S10e

corridor, vegetation s22.7s, s49s, wildlife s22.7s, vegetation/wildlife aerial s107s

Cossidae moth on lily s9s

Cotswald cottage ruins, Boonah area C3e

cotton crop SW6e

cotton harvesting SW6e, (bit dark) s93s

cotton industry SW8e

cotton, clearing floodplain lignum for (low contrast aerial) s108s

counting waders by telescope W4m

country scene (farmhouse, road, mtn) C35e

courtship, colourful male woodland birds singing s109s

cove, coastal C41e, aerial c91s

Cowal, Lake (view from above) s73s, scenic s79s, margin with red gum & Myriophyllum s67s, scenic & pelicans s39s, & storm cloud s46s, flying ducks s63s, (rain) s73s

Cowra area (rural scene) s93s

crab, ghost (predator of turtle hatchlings) CQ4e, Q20e

crab, male fiddler c80s

Crackenback River (Kosciusko NP) ST8e

cracking clays, ephemeral wetland s22.1s, flood filling cracks in earth s9s, s36.18s

cracking salt/clay, salina bed s109s

crake, Baillon's/marsh S2e

crake, spotted S2e, s58s, s78s

crane, sarus i62s

crash site (Bundjalung) C2e

Craspedia c11,78s, s3.7s, s14.5s

Crater Bluff, Warrumbungle NP S9e, s68s, s70s, s72s

crayfish, freshwater (handheld) s32.23, dried on floodplain s74s

CREB track Q2e, Q11e

creche, pelican aerial s108s

creek and horseman, Cape York Peninsula Q7e

creek desert (dry) s8.11s, dry with river red gum in desert (aerial) s108s

creek gully, dry CQ7e

creek, dry arid CA1e, semi-arid sandy S11e

creek, dry bed, inland (red gum lined) S11e, with water S12e, Nth Qld (Melaleuca lined) Q11e, with red gum CQ6e, S11e

creek, ephemeral SW1e, S11e

creek, intermittent CQ6e, S11e

creek, mangrove C41e

creek, mountain in equatorial rainforest, Yapen island, Irian i74s, Cyclops Mts, Irian, Taman Nagara NP, Malaysia i78s

creek, rainforest, Washpool NP st16e

creek, seasonal flowing out of paperbark swamp n87s

creek, semi-arid flowing S10e

Creek, Stony (sandstone) CQ10e

creek, tidal (Coochin Ck) c79s

creek, wallum sandplain F3e

creek, young coastal mountain c39e

crest, night heron's s13.12s, spinifex pigeon's close-up s97s

crest, nuchal (Boyd's rainforest dragon) Q13e

cricket match, Sunday country s101s

cricket, carnivorous wingless eating beetle sw13e

cricket, cave sw13e

cricket, giant rainforest c92s

Crinum flaccidum s2.11s, s3.5s, s9.4s, (whole plant) s9.7s, with hawk moth s9s, dried seed pods s18e

Crinum flower in floodwater s57s, lily blossom s96s, field of lilies, Lochern NP s100s

crocodile, estuarine head DUPE q23e

crocodile farming (PNG) I12e

crocodile-shaped rock Q23e

crocodile, estuarine (saltwater) wild on sandbank n88s, on slide in mangroves n91s

crocodile, saltwater/estuarine (head at surface) Q13e, (young) q30s, beside lagoon q30s, close-up of head q30s

crocodile, young, head (mouth open) DUPE i1e, young in farm, PNG i76s

Crocodylus porosus n88,91s, Q13e

crop, date palm irrigated from Paroo R s99s

cropland, degradation (cleared, eroded with dead trees and silted creek)(aerial) s61s

croplands (aerial) S7e

cropping (aerial) s15.6s, marginal s22.2s, (aerial) s15.7s

cropping (sorghum) SW6e

crops growing to edge on lake (Cowal) s46s

crowd, Chinese New Year i19s, passengers on harbour dock, Irian i76s

crowded estuary W1e

crownbeard cq6,23s

crows, Torresian on beach C21e

crusher dust S4e

cryptic behaviour (frogmouths) s17s, s53s, s55s, (plover chick in grass) s55s, wood duck adult & brood s80s

cryptic colour/behaviour (woodswallow chick) s54s

cryptic posture, (juvenile night heron) s56s, of bush stone curlew Q3e, Q18e

Cryptoblepharus burtonii S8e

Crystal Creek bridge Q6e

crystal formation (frost) ST9e

crystals, salt encrusting driftwood, Lake Eyre CA4e

Ctenotus regius s40.11s

Ctenotus schomburgkii s19.15s,s30.3s, S8e

Ctenotus skink cq24s

Cuba Lagoon s1.15s, s48s

Cuba State Forest, Murrumbidgee R S12e

cuckoo-shrike, black faced C37e, on nest with nestlings s97s, showing downy rump characteristic of the family c82s

culmen, measuring duck's (also sternum & tarsus) s47s

culture - European in Aust. Q8e

culture, Aussie beer s43s

culture, modern aboriginal S23e

culture, outback - bush picnic race meeting (Snake Gully) Q8e

cumbungi & swamphen s26.13s

cumbungi beds, Lake Ballyrogan/Brewster s63s, s77s, Great Cumbung Swamp s37.9s

cumuliform and stratiform clouds together s103s

cumulus cloud SW1e

cunjevoi (rainforest) I6e, Q6e

cup fungi i71s

Cupaniopsis anacardioides, c79s, wind trained with osprey c58s

curlew feeding (Numenius, evening light) w2s

curlew, bush stone DUPE q21e, Q3e, Q18e, with young Q21e, q29s, young squatting q26s

curlew, eastern, and other waders feeding W2e, on tidal flat, Timor t6s, roosting W1e, Scarborough W2e

Currawinya (Hungerford) Lakes sw11e, s99s

Currawinya NP S15e, (Hall's Babbler) s97s, (leopardwood trees in woodland, stonefield with acacia shrubland) s100s, (silhouetted beefwood) s103s, historic steam engine s98s, The Granites, Paroo R, claypan s93s, (lakes) sw11e, (old traction engine) sw12e

currawong at camera CQ2e

currawong, pied s68s, s71s, ST17e, CQ8e

currents, ocean (driftwood & barnacles) Q5e

Curtis Island (plane on beach) CQ2e, coast (beach, headlands) CQ3e, lighthouse CQ3e

Cuttaburra Creek SW11e, floodplain wetland s44s

Cyathea tree ferns L1e, L1s

cycad growing tip after seasonal fire N4e, new growth early Wet n87s

cycad, Pile Valley f16s

Cycas armstrongii n87s

cyclone (storm) damage to native woodland s99s

cyclone damage (house) DUPE nt4e

cyclone, clearing fallen trees after n86s, coastal erosion caused by n93s

Cyclops Mountains (Irian) I6e, I13e, i75s, clear stream flowing through rainforest from i78s

Cyclorana alboguttatus s25.20s

Cyclorana australis SW2e

Cyclorana novaehollandiae s101s

Cyclorana platycephalus s39s

Cycus N4e

Cymbidium orchid s96s

Cyperaceae c18s

cypress Callitris glaucophylla, lichen encrusted trunk sw13e

cypress pine SW6e, SW7e, white (colourful male cones) s96s

cypress savannah woodland (Round Hill/Yathong) s91s

cypress trees on cliff face cq12,23s

cypress trunk, lichen encrusted s103s

cypress woodland SW1e, with everlastings s87s, mature sw10e

cypress/Acacia woodland sw10e

cypress/box association SW1e

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D'Aguilar Range & Somerset Dam C3e

dabbling ducks SW1e

dabbling teal s77s

Daintree River Q7e, area Q2e, Q14e & rainforest Q6e

daisies, brachycome SW7e, poached egg S10e

daisies, silver (alpine) ST2e, ST12e

daisy, flooded s7.10s

dam - recreation & water storage (Tinaroo) Q7e

dam for stock, saline desert (aerial) s109s

dam site, habitat threatened by cq26s

dam SW1e

dam, Beardmore (Balonne R) s93s

Dam, Copperlode Q4e

Dam, Dartmouth s21.6s, impact of dams, aerial s107s

dam, dead trees in c17,39e, see also tree loss

dam, fish eating birds on (flock of pelicans, cormorants) c81s, teal on (sunset) c83s

dam, inland river s5.6s, & Blue Mountains s91s, large (aerial) s23s, Lake Cargeligo aerial s22.11s, s15s

dam, recreation on C2e, Q8e

Dam, Tinaroo Q7e, Q8e

damage, environmental (mine in river catchment, land slide) i77,78s

Damasonum (starfruit) s72s

dams, farm & gully erosion (aerial) s92s, farm wildlife habitat (ducks on bank) c40s

damselfly SW1e

Danau Tujuh crater lake, Kerinci-Sablat, Sumatra i69s

Darling Anabranch lake bed cropping s4.19s, s23s, lakes, grebe concentration on s4s

Darling Downs SW1e, (panorama) SW2e, cleared landscape with cattle sw12e, intensive land use s93s

Darling Harbour and tall ships (6x9 - small enlargement only) c26e

Darling lilies, field of s74s, group s2.11s, s3.5s, (whole plant) s9.7s, s10s, flower s9.4s , s10s, stand s65s, flower in floodwater s57s, s7s

Darling lily S3e, S18e

Darling River (wetland and ibis) S2e, banks S5e, aerial s5.3s, floodout dry s8.23s, wet s14.1s (matched pair), floodplain (flooded/dry compo) s39s, cattle being watered, barrage S4e

darter (anhinga) female s28.19s, nest/eggs s58s, nest & nestlings s50s, fledglings out of nest s82s, s86s, chicks in nest s109s, nest & chicks (yawning) s82s, preening, drying feathers s103s, drying wings on harbour rocks c90s, nests & young C24e, panting C40e, drying wings, coastal C37e, wing drying SW8e

date palms with fruit, plantation s99,103s

Dawson gum cq24s

Dawson Range, from Horseshoe Lookout cq23s

Dawson River cq26s

Dayboro rodeo C2e

dead tree & moon s8.8s, water storage s92s

dead trees & corellas s92s,

dead trees in wetland (Macquarie Marshes) S14e

Decaisnina britteni n94s

decay (kangaroo bones in shrub steppe) s73s

Deception Bay (sunset) W1e, foreshore (mangrove trees) 6x6 C18e, 35mm C40e, foreshore scene C1e, W3e, mangroves on foreshore c43e, shore (quiet sunset) C35e

Deception Bay lagoon - wader roost C38e

deciduous bark SW1e, (Angophora) SW13e

deciduous leaves, tropical (cocky apple) n86s

decomposer (coral fungi on forest floor) L10s

decomposition (forest litter by fungi) SW6e, Q5e, (hollow log) C8e, lack of in acid wetland F5e, old jinker C3e, of forest litter (fungi), L5e, Q14e, of rainforest leaf leaving skeleton i74s, lack of in acidic stained water n88s

Deepwater NP CQ11e, cq9,23s

defence, (hairy caterpillar) C41e, insect (sawfly larvae) ST11e

defence, plant (stinging tree) Q5e

deflation basin & lunette (aerial) s72s, lunette of s17s

deflation basin - see also Paroo Overflow, anabranch lakes, playa, ephemeral wetlands

deforestation (silted up Bega River) c10s

deforestation - transmigration settlers hut, Sumatra i21s, i69s, from mining (alluvial gold, Kalimantan) i72s, dozer pushing tropical rainforest, ranger standing on dozer in cleared rainforest, Kalimantan i73s

deforestation, excessively cleared land with rehabilitation works s109s, foothills of Great Divide ST17e, from mining, in river catchment (PNG) i77,78s, grass bald of alang grass, swamp forest cleared for rice i70s, rainforest i21,28,50s, Scottish highlands, remnant Caledonian forest e54,55s

degradation, cleared land - gully erosion s5s, & cropping (aerial) s61s, stump s15s, Kurrajong cut for fodder, dead tree in cleared field (grainy) s71s

degradation, pasture (weeds, tree loss) S10e

dehydration, frog sheltering from ST11e

delta floodplain agric aerial (Burdekin) q21e

delta mangroves, Burdekin aerial q21e,q24e

delta wetland shore (Burdekin) q23e

delta wetlands (mangrove islands, Sth Moreton Bay) c43e

delta wetlands CQ9e, Q5e, tidal (Fitzroy) q2s

deltaic estuarine wetlands (aerial) C27e, (Burdekin) aerial q24e, Q23e

demography, humans 21.20s, demography, human S1e, (water shortage) S4e

Dendrelaphis tree snake q30s

dendritic drainage pattern, (runners in tidal flat) CQ9e, Q5e, near Birdsville (desert) aerial s108s, of deltaic tide runners (Fitzroy R. mouth) aerial q2s, in river delta wetlands aerial c7s (see also NQ9e, NQ24e)

deposition/erosion, fluvial (desert) s72s

depression, black box & pink-eared ducks s46s, & rainbow s42s, (group of pelicans on) s44s, s58s, s67s, (plover's nest beside) s47s, (wood-swallow nest) s30.1s, black box aerial s107s, before and after water, flooded, daisies beside s106s, flooded with nardoo s41s, full (aerial) s51s, sunset s52s, misty scene s57s, dry s64s, (aerial) s64s, flooded (aerial) s44s, s56s, s63s

depression, black box converted to irrigation sink S11e

depression, black box/yapunyah floodplain S14e, S16e, S17e, S20e, canegrass/box scenic S15e

depression, flooded black box (nardoo in) S15e, S20e

deranged drainage basin, desert aerial s108s

desalination, wetland management s1.7s

Descolea recedens gregarious fungi L10s

desert claypan, puddle drying s55s

desert dew (on tussock) s66s, close s65s

desert drainage (aerial) s5.11s, patterns (aerial) CQ9e, S7e

desert dune country and kangaroos s65s, dune with teatree indicating moisture s99s

desert dunefields (aerial) CQ9e, S7e

desert ecology (frog) s41.2s, see also ephemeral wetland

desert flood s7.10s, s15.15s, (aquatic fauna) s9.8s, see also ephemeral wetland

desert flower s11.9s, flowers s14.5s, (burr daisy) s58s, close s59s, in arid shrubland s60s, (Helipterum & Brachycome daisies, close) s66s

desert flowers S3e, poached egg daisies S10e

desert herbfield s72s

desert in drought s7.1s

desert lake s50s

desert land (gibber plain) s40s

desert landforms (aerial) s5.2,8s, s2.16s, s2.17s, (deflation basin & lunette) (aerial) s72s

desert landscape (road aerial) s5.12s, aerial (Wanaaring) s3.4s

desert mountains (aerial) CQ9e, S7e, (Yancannia Range) (aerial) s85s

desert oak in sandhill country CA1e, S10e

desert plain, & edge of s84s, s85s, landscape with mesa S21e

desert pools after rain s52s

desert rain s7.8,17s, (aerial) s5.7s, (runoff) s32.6s, (drying) s36.24s, s39.5s, (canegrass & frog) s32.16s, (pigeon) s4.2s, (grass growth) s8.13s, (green pick) s2.7s, (potholes, aerial) s40.19s, (tadpoles) s36.11s, (fungi) s2.19s, filled claypans S15,21e

desert rain/flood (crucifix toad) s20.6s, DUPE s24e, (lilies) s3.5s, s2.11s, s7s, (scenic) s9.16s, drying s18.1s, (wood duck & green pick) s13.21s, rainstorm s39.7s, (& rainbow) s8.19s, s10s, post flood (daisies) s7.12s

desert reptiles S8e

desert riverbed with fringing trees (aerial) s65s, watercourses (aerial) s84s, waterhole (aerial) s86s, waterhole (aerial) s5.8s, s74s, s75s, (budgies) s26.24s, waterholes/wetlands (aerial) s86s

desert sandhill and spinifex, same with goanna, wildflowers and gidgee, with ghost gums sw10e, mobile (ground view) S10e

desert spring S3e, S15e

desert steppe (aerial) S7e

desert water (mound spring) CA4e, S15e, (bore water dam) aerial s109s

desert waterhole with heron CA4e, in creek S12e

desert wildflower s8.4s

desert wildlife (crucifix toads) s48s, s63s, DUPE s24e, adaptation to (frog) s39s

desert, biological (cleared, eroded cropland with dead trees and silted creek)(aerial) s61s

desert, gibber/stony s49s, s62s

desert, salt CA4e

desert, stony/gibber S21e

Desert, Strzelecki (aerial) s37.20s, salinas s38s

detritus (floating leaf) q28s

developed economies (water skiers) C2e

development, bird (gannet chick and adult) e57s, (grey teal eye colour) s87s, (young ibis with short bills) s56s, s64s, bird's wing (young ibis) s33s, (young curlew with long legs) Q21e

development, mammal (joey feeding from pouch) s71s

development, resource (power station & dam) C27e

development, rural s1.6s, s3.11s, s15.2s, (aerial) s15.1,6s, (clearing) s23.15s, s21s, (power pole) s2.15s

devil's needle (plant) s101s

Devil's Marbles CA1e

devil, thorny (mountain) portrait CA7e, being photographed CA2e

dew on grass s65s, s76s, on spider's web s36.23s, s54s

dew, desert (on grass) s8.13s, tussock s66s, close s65s

Diamantina River S15e

Dianella sp. s11.12s

Dicanthium/Bothriochloa grassland cq24s

dieback, casuarina with seawater intrusion C41e

dieback, mangrove with tide regime C41e

dieback, of riparian red gums, s104s, tree loss caused by, on cropland s71s

dieback, snow gums, Perisher V DUPE st18e

dieback, tree loss on cleared land and weeds S10e

differential weathering (whole in coastal ironstone) n93s

diffraction (sunlight on spider web) C7e

digging, turtle for nesting CQ4e

dimorphism, sexual (plumage) s16.2s, male and female triller C10e, (mountain duck) s27.22s, (white-eyed duck) s34.9s, (female wood duck head) s44s, size (red kangaroo) s29.17s, (Mandarin Ducks) i65s

Dinah Is roost (Moreton Bay) w7s

dingo fence S13e

dingo in arid steppe CA7e, beside tropical lagoon Q12e, in coastal sedge, using cover c90s, standing, Myall Lakes (soft) c14s, head portrait c10s

Dingo railway station cq14s

dingo, portrait DUPE c46e

dingo/wild dog control (1080 baits) s77s

dingoes sniffing noses Q12e

dip, stock C3e

Diplodactylus gecko s95s

Diplodactylus stiendachneri gecko s29.5s, s81s

Diplodactylus taenicauda (head portrait) s104s

Diporiphora bilineata n88s

Diptera (native) c80s

Dipterocarp forest I1e

Discomycetes (related to bread yeast) i71s

discovery (British of Australian E. coast) C36e, C37e, see also Endeavour, Heritage, First Settlement

disease (hospital ruins, Victoria Settlement) n82,86s

dispersal (of roadside weeds) s76s, of mangrove seeds C38e, animal (driftwood & barnacles) Q5e, Q9e, mangrove hypocotyls Q12e, termite alates Q9e

Disphyma blackii s53s

displacement, ship's Q22e

display - jacana comb pale while incubating Q16e

display, Albert's lyrebird male C9e, ST15e, azure kingfisher C11e, blue-billed duck S23e, decoy of nightjar cq24s, oystercatchers w17s, plover's decoy CQ6e, spinifex pigeon courtship CA5e

display, threat (male wood duck protecting family) c7s, (shingle-back lizard) s30s

distraction display, stilts' w3s

distribution, Murray turtle s29.9s, ibis s29.24s, magpie goose s1.18s

distribution, cosmopolitan (eg. fence skink) S8e

distribution, plant (Warrumbungle Range) s69s, vegetation with altitude s68s, s72s, vegetation with soil type (desert scarp) s84s

distribution, restricted (Satinay trees) F5e

distribution, wildlife (effect of fencing) s76s

distrophic, see dystrophic

disturbance of beach, vehicle tracks C1e

disturbance to roosting waders by dogs, people c86,90s

disturbance, bird roost (Scarborough Spit) C38e

disturbance, foreshore/waders (dog, walkers) w12s, dog chasing waders silhouetted, jetty and waders (sunset) w13s, Kooragang bund wall, industry w14s, terns roosting on rocky reef w17s

disturbance, plant response to (rainforest) I12e

disturbance, roosting waders (dogs) W3e

disturbance, terns roosting on rocky reef c65,87,90s

Dixon's Dam s1.16s

Doberai Peninsula (town of Manokwari) i76,77s

dock, ruby/bladder s14.11s, s23s

Dodonaea SW5e, bush in fruit/seed s90s

dog cemetery, Edinburgh Castle e54s

dog, on popular surf beach c92s

Dogger Banks aerial q21e

dogs disturbing roosting waders W3e, foreshore c86s, with people on tidal flats c90s

dogs racing (picnic race meet) Q8e

dogs, duck-hunting (retrievers & hunters) 43s

Dohles Rocks wader roost W3e

dole queue c14,91s

Donnybrook jetty, C16e

dotterel, black fronted (plover) s28.4,5s, s40.21s, s58s (close) s13.18s, nest s34.1s, nest & eggs s60s, with camouflaged eggs s40s

dotterel, red-kneed s6.14s, s28.2,3s, (silhouette) s28.1s, (single) s80s, beside inland wetland s105s, in flock s79s, s83s, flock (Kipparing) C23e

Double Island Point C4e

double-barred finch SW1e

dove, bar-shouldered s109s, group feeding f1,7s

dove, diamond CA5e

dove, peaceful (roosting in bunch) Q18e, & drinking s49s

dove, spotted turtle introduced, at bird bath c73s, and young C34e

down, duck's in nest c37s, duck nest s27.16s

dragon, bearded s12.1s, at excavation for eggs c23s, on banksia C29e, on log S8e, juvenile S23e, sleeping s30.7s, with black throat C29e

dragon, bog-eye s30.9s, s77s, (vitticeps) CA7e, S8e

dragon, Boyd's rainforest Q13e

dragon, central netted s11.2s, on desert sand s55s

dragon, earless on Mitchell Grass Downs s95,104s

dragon, green forest i74s

dragon, juvenile Q21e

dragon, nobbi s102s

dragon, northern water n88s

dragon, painted CA7e, S8e

dragon, two-lined CQ10e, n88s

dragon, eastern water C29e, ST11e, group sheltering in rock CQ9e

dragonfly c80s, on stick, ephemeral wetland s41s

drain, wetland cleared c15s

drainage patterns, dendritic (runners in tidal flat) CQ9e, Q5e, (aerial) s21.5s, aerial (desert) s5.11s, CQ9e, S7e

draining wetland (digging drains) C38e

driftwood and granite boulders, Montagu Is c79s

driftwood, with goose barnacles Q5e, Q9e, on beach CQ2e, CQ3e, CQ4e

drinking (budgies) s26.24s, (chestnut teal on log s34s, (corella at bore pipe) s105s, (red kangaroos at sunset) s94,104s, (butterflies) C7e, (feral goats) S6e, (friarbird at birdbath) friarbird, noisy (birdbath) SW3e, butterflies cq24s, birds at waterhole CA5e

Drosera (sundew) C8e, C14e

Drosera indica s24.16s

drought ('roo bones in shrub steppe) s73s, (dead pelican beside drying wetland) s57s, (dry lake bed) s3.8s, (kangaroo) s7.1s, (dry tank) s88s, (Kurrajong cut for fodder) s71s, at Windorah (bare aerial) s85s, in woodland (aerial) s48s, dry grassland with rain approaching s99s, dieback of riverside trees s104s, cut kurrajong foliage s109s

drought adaptation (mulga fern) SW2e

drought, Barkly Tableland n82,85,90s, & cattle q31s

droving cattle S4e

dry coastal landscape/vegetation, Cape Cleveland Q21e, Q23e

dry gulch s99s

dry season, tropical melaleuca wetland N2e

Dry Tropics (Townsville area (aerial) q27s

drying feathers, anhinga s103s

dryland farming, marginal mallee aerial s109s

Drynaria quercifolia n90s

dtella, tree (Gehyra) S8e, s29.6,7,8s

duck's bill, teal s108s, (grey teal) s92s

duck's nest in hollow, wood duck c37s, DUPE st18e

duck brood & adult (wood) lying cryptically s80s, brood (wood), in bucket s80s

duck dabbling s27.13s

duck food (chironomids) s8.6s, s20.14s, (chironomid swarm) s49s, s64s

duck footprints (wood) s17.21s, s20s

duck forage (green pick in canegrass swamp) s42s

duck hunters in boat, plucking, hiding at sunrise DUPE s24e

duck nest & eggs post hatching s80s

duck predation (kite) s26.21s

duck washing/preening s27.15s

duck's genital organ s42s

duck, Australasian shoveler s13s, (aerial) s2.3s, (three swimming) s67s, pair (distant) s43s

duck, blue-billed c31s, s26.3s display S23e, s34.8s, female s45s

duck, breeding habitat (Kooba) S12e, (scenic Kooba Lagoon) s48s

duck, Burdekin (Radjah Sheld.) q29s

duck, colour banded wood s47s, lying on back after release (conditioning) s88s

duck, dead with egg beside s73s

duck, domestic (white muscovey) c42e

duck, Freckled & swans on Lake Wyara (aerial) s31s, in mixed flock s97s, portrait s105s, s20.2s, (aerial) s2.3s, (flock flying) (aerial) s49s

duck, game (hardhead & shoveler) s13.16s

duck, grey teal & brood s77s

duck, hardhead s20.12s, (washing) s27.15s, hardhead in flight s52s, & brood s86s, hardhead's eye (male) s55s

duck, mandarin pair (zoo) i65s

duck, membranaceous s26.2s see also pink-eared

duck, mountain s18.16s, s26.1s, s27.22s

duck, musk (stifftail) s27.20s, (young) s27.17s, s34s, flapping wings s87s, (young) DUPE st18e, flapping DUPE st18e

duck, Pacific black (& chestnut teal) s27.9s, (& teal) s34s, Pacific black (head portrait) s42s, & brood s64s, shaking water off s79s

duck, pink-eared s2.5s, s43s, (solo) s26.2s, (aerial) s2.3s, filter feeding at night s64s, & black box depression s46s

duck, see also ducks, below

duck, stiff-tailed s26.3s, (musk) s27.20s

duck, wandering tree/water whistle s79s

duck, whistling tree (perching, on tank) Q15e, swimming Q18e

duck, white-eye s20.12s, s27.14s, (close) s34.9s, close-up of eye s55s (see also hardhead)

duck, white-winged wood (Sumatra) (6x9 dupe) I1e, wild in Way Kambas i12,64s, in cage i65s, habitat with rangers building hide i68s

duck, wood (maned) brood & adult cryptic s80s, pair & brood s86s, male threatening to protect family c7s, male showing mane c39s, pair vigilant c78s

duck, wood caught in fence DUPE st18e

duck, wood duckling portrait DUPE s24e

duck, wood/maned s13.21s, (& fox) s14.18s, (flock) s1.17s, (male flapping wings) s42s, calling s55s, ducklings swimming s51s, family s86s, head (close) s44s, near nest hollow s86s, ready to lay s85s, camped on farm dam c40s

duck-hunter's bag (ducks on fence) s74s

duck-hunter at dawn s43s

duck-hunters s61s, in punts, with dogs s43s, s92s

duck-hunters' camp, Lake Cowal s65s, s82s, s92s

duck-hunting (decoys & hides) s39.6s, s92s, (guns against tree) s50s, (hunter plucking duck) s43s, feathers s10.7s, (teal nest) s27.16s, (vandalism) s21.12s, hunters & ibis colony s61s, identification (hardheads in flight) s52s, (dawn) s43s, regulation (duck in moult) s48s, s61s, sign (no shooting) in wetland s50s, (dawn) s43s

duck-hunting bags (shot ducks) s43s, s61s

duck-hunting game species s27.9,13s, (pink-eared duck) s26.2s, (shelduck) s26.1s, (hardhead) s20.12s

duck-hunting management (breeding ibis) s35.3s

duck-hunting research s17.20s, s20.13s, s32.22s, s36.4s, s61s, (duck measurement) s47s, s50s, (trapping/ banding) s47s, s50s, s61s, (air survey approaching wetland) s86s, (liberating colour-banded duck) s78s, (teal head/hessian bag) s42s, s61s

duck-hunting, Barren Box Swamp s10.9s, Lake Cowal (sunset) s18.18s, teal flock in flight s10.8s, Toopuntal s37.4s

duckling, portrait DUPE s24e, black s11.7s, swimming s11.7s, wood/maned (handheld & in grass) s41.8s, ducklings (grey teal) s39.9s, camouflaged s83s, hardhead s13.20s, (grey teal) hiding in nardoo c78s

ducks dabbling SW1e

ducks on dam (silhouetted sunset) c83s

ducks silhouetted s86s, flock flying s40s, flock in flight against orange sky s64s, flock taking off L. Bindagolly s97s

ducks, Freckled, large flock over L. Wyara (aerial, indistinct) s10s

ducks, grass/plumed whistle (perching) Q15e

ducks, pink-eared & spoonbills beside inland river s58s, pink-eared in black box depression s36s

ducks, plumed whistle (tree), on tropical lagoon, bore tank q29s, perched in trees q5,6s, Q15e

duckweed (close) Q10e, under paperbark forest Q4e, Melaleuca wetland q28s

dugout canoe I12e

dugout (residence), White Cliffs S10e

dump, chemical drum sw12e

dump, leachate from landfilled rubbish c84,91s

dune vegetation (paperbark) f16s, Carmargue e58s, pioneer (Ipomoea pes-caprae) Q22e

dune wetland, temporary C17e

dune, aeolian (desert) s2.16s, s2.17s, dunes (desert aerial) s37.20s

dune, lunette beside inland lake S22e

dune, mobile coastal (Hat Head NP) c16s, Fraser Is. f16s

dune, sand (mobile coastal) F6e, Banksia overcome by C15e

dune, sand lunette s4.13s, ( inland lake) (aerial) s72s

dunecare sign, Tuross L. w11s

dunes, longitudinal, with drainage to wetland, Strzelecki Desert, aerial s108s

Dunk Is (from coast) q27s

dusk, Stony Creek cq23s,

dust S4e, (hazy brown aerial) s74s

dust storm over inland lake (35mm DUPE) s104s (also medium format)

Dux Creek reclamations W2e

dwarf tree frog, northern q30s

dyke, volcanic (Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP) S9e, SW10e, s68s, s69s, s72s

dystrophic organically stained acidic water, (waterfall) e55s, with floating leaves n88s

dystrophic wetland C14e, soil with sundew C14e

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