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Eagle, sea, pair roosting, viewing territory i65s

eagle, wedge-tailed flight CA5e, nesting on poles in treeless plain CA5e, pair in tree s50s, soaring s70s, nest in savannah S17e

eagle, white-bellied sea Q3e, Q16e, & trainer N4e

Earth's rotation (Greenwich meridian) e56s

earth star (fungi) SW6e

earthworm, giant c92s

East Asian Flyway, biologists tracking birds i66s

eating (young orang with mango) i72s

ecdysis SW1e, (cicada) Q22e, (grasshopper) SW5e, SW9e

echidna s7s, s29s, feeding s3.21s, contracted s11.21s, and person s11.19s, closed up s109s, on road C6e, nesting burrow S6e

Echium sp. s16.14s

eco-festival c52,53s

ecological balance, feral cat s4.8s, balanced example - Eryngium herb on floodplain wetland s96s

economic development, local (fish farms, salt ponds) i24,66s, (crocodile farm) i76s, (imported housing, mining, workers, local villagers and machinery) i77,78s

economies, developed (water skiers) C2e

economies, undeveloped (Ok Tedi PNG) i12e, Sumatra i56s

ecotour boat and swampforest, Camp Leakey, Kalimantan i70s

ecotourism (birdwatching at Aberlady Bay) e54s, (boats - orang hutan centre) I7e, (Harry Butler & guests) N4e, crowds climbing Ayer's Rock CA2e, cultural engagement Q8e, guest house Lake Barrine Q7e, viewing nesting pelicans at Singapore Zoo i65s

ecotourism - wildlife park (sea-eagle & trainer) N4e

ecotourism, Arnhem Land (photographer, wetland), Harry Butler and punters, wilderness resort hidden in trees, barra fishing, sailing, 4wd-ing, n86s

ecotourism, birdwatching s9.1s, joy flight (Ayers Rock) s22.23s, national park office Tibooburras17.19s, bushwalking (Kakadu) N4e, N.P. visiting (Amphitheatre) CA1e, day walkers, French Alps e56s, gannet rookery and ecotourists e57s, heritage (Vic Settlement) n86s

ecotourism, outback s23.8s, camping s53s, touring/photography s62s, photography s30.18s, (Lake Cowal) s20.17s

ecotourism, wetland (boating) s20.3s, wildlife photography (group) c22s, ski-touring c30s, birdwatching c90s

ecotourism, Yellow Waters, Gurig (Harry Butler) DUPE nt4e, & ab art, Kakadu, termite mound DUPE nt4e,

ecotourist among cathedral termitaria, Kakadu, photographing waterbirds from tour boat, tour boat and waterbirds, e. birdwatching n84,90s, at aboriginal art, Kakadu, swimming in waterhole, waterfall n89s, bushwalking n84,89s

ecotourist beachcombing (with glass float) c29s, on boardwalk in palm rainforest c83,90s, on sea cliff, Montagu Is c29s, bushwalker at cave entrance cq16s, climbing rainforest trail t6s

ecotourist feeding parrots, Bunya Mts c92s

ecotourist on Dipterocarp forest buttress, Taman Negara i65s, hillwalking in Scotland e54,55s, Semau Island, Timor, at bus, in developing country t6s, hiking with porters t7s, World Heritage rainforest (Springbrook) c92s

ecotourists at crater lake, Kerinci-Sablat, Sumatra i69s, Tanjung Puting i71s, photographing wildlife, Tidbinbilla sanctuary DUPE ST18e, viewing Apsley Gorge st13e

ectothermic (black rock skink sunning) c1s

Edinburgh, & tourist e54s, tattoo e54s, stormy vista from Pentland Hills e56s

Edmund Kennedy NP, estuary q28s

effort, human (tug of war) Q8e

Egernia major c69,81s, spotted young c81s, family C35e

Egernia rugosa s102s

Egernia saxatilis intermedia c1s

egg case, cockroach SW5e

eggs, banded plover CQ6e, on ground cq23s

eggs, bird's cryptically coloured s43s, duck/teal/domestic hen size compo s55s, s79s, hatching (plover, first chips) s73s, masked lapwing s36.10s, plover/dotterel imitating kangaroo droppings s45s, wood duck, hatched s80s, little tern's n88s, stilt's c35s

egret on mangrove branch C21e, rookery (grainy) C21e

egret, cattle, rookery C21e, with stock C21e

egret, great, silhouetted on perch c42s, great/white s56s, (flight) s38s

egret, little with night heron i65s

egret, nest and nestlings C22e

egret, plumed/intermediate, feeding with spoonbills in mangrove c89s, s56s, nuptial flight s73s, (Willbriggie) s19.7s

egrets (flight) s73s, at fish kill, drying inland wetland s2s, Great hunting s97s, in flight s105s

Eiffel Tower e56s

electronic news gathering cq25s

Eleocharis & dead tree, near-shore bed of ephemeral inland lake s50s, s51s s53s, & spider web s36.23s, with dew s54s, dwarf (with teal chicks) s39.9s

Eleocharis wetland s43s, s60s, s78s (Bulloo Overflow), flooded (aerial) s56s, (Long Meadow) s46s, inland floodplain (Paroo River) S14e, depression S15e

Eleocharis, Azolla & Typha s52s

Eleocharis, dwarf s39.9s

elephant ride, Way Kambas i17s

elephant, Asian i69s

emergency hut, Kosciusko ST2e

emergent bottle tree cq23s

emergent hoop pine in rainforest C39e

emergent ironbark in belah low forest s102s

emergent tree SW1e

Emma, Lake (Cape York Peninsula) Q10e

Empire Point roost site W2e

Emu Creek (Blackbutt) C39e, young coastal mountain stream c39e

emu s36s, on road s106s, tracks across dry canegrass swamp s106s, portrait (panting) Q18e, in savannah woodland s33s, on road s25.9s, on road s52s, head & neck s57s, Nocoleche NR s3.14s, in arid woodland, & portrait s33.16s, in coastal wallum C12e

emus in semi-arid woodland s54s, & lignum s79s, with sheep S23e

Emydura macquarii s29.9s

Enchylaena sp.s17.2

encroachment by sand dune C15e, C17e

encrustation, salt (Lake Eyre) CA4e

endangered bird (Cape Barren goose, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Freckled Duck) s97,105s,

endangered plant (red stringybark) c83s, (swamp stringybark) c91s, Acacia ammophyla sw11,13e

endangered species (white winged wood duck) I1e

endangered/rare freckled duck s20.2s, s49s

Endeavour replica and First Settlement Cove c87s

Endeavour River monument (Cook's landing) Q1e, Q14e

Endeavour River NP Q7e, Q11e, scene Q4e, Q7e, Q11e, Q14e

Endeavour, New c37e

endemic species (Satinay trees) F5e

endotherm (magpie in snow) ST2e

energy - oil well s6.19s

energy conversion (coal mine & power station) s56s

energy use, old steam engine ST14e

energy, human (tug of war) Q8e

energy, inertia Q2e

engine, steam st13e, relic (Currawinya NP) s98s

engine, traction (abandoned) sw12e

engraving, rock, Mootwingee S3e

Enteromorpha marine algae c26s, on bauxite boulders, Cobourg Pen. n93s

environmental degradation (mining - Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

environmental flow to wetland (Narran) s64s, see also Macquarie Marshes

environmental flows (damming inland flood flows) S7e

environmental management (lack of at mine) i77,78s

environmental management - landscaping beside wetland c42e

environmental protection (lack of) I8e, I12e

Epacridaceae SW5e

ephemeral creek SW1e

ephemeral flowers S3e, S18e, floodout S14e

ephemeral inland lake s51s, near-shore bed with Eleocharis & dead tree s50s, s51s s53s

ephemeral inland playa lake S21e, sunset S22e

ephemeral salt lake, inland (aerial) S12e, S15e

ephemeral wetland & nardoo leaves s39.11s, (depression & rainbow) s42s, (Drosera) s24.16s, (aerial) s37.18s, (dry lignum)(aerial with emus) s44s, (claypan, Currawinya NP) s93s, before and after water, dry with emu tracks, flooded, daisies beside s106s, Currawinya NP - frog calling after rain s95s, wildflowers after flooding s108s, between desert dunes (dry) aerial s107s

ephemeral wetland (invertebrates) s24.1s, (shield shrimp) s9.8s

ephemeral wetland (Lake Bullogal) wet/dry s59s, (Moomba Swamp) s7.16s, Lake Wyara s2.3s, (aerial) s35.1s

ephemeral wetland - canegrass (dry) s4.7s, canegrass (filled) s7.17s, canegrass (wet/dry compo) s51s

ephemeral wetland - chenopods beside s36.19s

ephemeral wetland - cycle (drying) (dry herbfield & figure) s43s, (drying claypan) s54s, s55s, (frogs) s36.11s, (algae) s36.16s, (frogs & nardoo) s25.20s, (crucifix toad) s20.6s, DUPE s24e, (heron) s3.14s, (kangaroo) s15.16s

ephemeral wetland - Darling River Anabranch s6.6

ephemeral wetland - drying (nardoo) s39.5s, drying back (Lake Cowal) s35.24s, cycle (drying) s18.1s

ephemeral wetland - filled s32.5s, full (lignum) s24.14s, (flooded windmill) s82s, (claypan) s2.2s, filled (aerial) s3.10s, (ducks) s13.16s

ephemeral wetland - fish kill s1.20s, s2s, s50s, pest fish (carp close) (check) s50s

ephemeral wetland - fringe vegetation s7.12s, fringing bimble/poplar box s42s

ephemeral wetland - lake bed cropping s4.19s, s23s, (soil cracks)s22.1s, flood filling cracks s9s, s36.18s

ephemeral wetland - lignum s1.19s, lignum swamp (aerial dry) s8.9s, (lignum flooding/ flowering) s36.13s

ephemeral wetland - Nearie Lake (grebes) s4.14s, (scenic) s4.23s, Paroo R. floodout s8.17s, Nocoleche s35.18s, overflow lake s1.17s, Paroo Overflow (dotterel) s28.4ss

ephemeral wetland - rain s7.8s, rain, local (billy buttons) s10.11s, (rainstorm) s39.7s

ephemeral wetland - salina s20.4s, salina (dry) s3.8s, salination of s36.15s, Salisbury Lake (kite scavenging) s26.21s, (stilts) s28.8s, s65s, ducks s40s, scenic s2.5s, s9.16s, (stilt in silhouette) s20.5s, sunset s5.19s, s8.5s, s18.20s, s32.14s

ephemeral wetland - water storage s6.7s

ephemeral wetland - waterbirds s64s, s35.4s, (avocet) s13.7s, (pelicans) s2.23s, s34s, (dotterel nest) s40.21s, ducks s40s

ephemeral wetland -waterhole (aerial) s5.8s, (desert potholes) (aerial) s40.19s, wet/dry contrast (Darling R) s14.1s

ephemeral wetland ecology (chironomids) s8.6s, s20.14s, (frog) s32.16s, (frog pool) s36.24s, (teal chicks) s39.9s, ants caught in flood s16s

ephemeral wetland S14e, S15e, S20e, S21e, sunset S22e, daisies on floodout S14e

ephemeral wetland, post flood (drying) s32.10s, (green pick) s28.24s

Epiblema strenuana gall and larvae cq24s

epicormic growth n86s, (lily pily) DUPE nt5e, after fire C32e, on tree after fire C1e, eucalypt c44e

epiphyte (large) C8e, (orchid) SW3e, fern I13e, black orchid s96s

epiphytes (orchids, mosses, lichens, ferns) in cloud forest, Timor t7s

epiphytic fishbone fern, equatorial rainforest i74s

epiphytic lichen SW9e

epiphytic moss, lichen, fungi together on log f16s

epiphytic staghorn fern c92s

Eptesicus pumilus s101,104s

equatorial rainforest i1e

Eregrostis australasica s4.7s, s42s, (green) s44s

Eremophila (woody weeds) S19e, (flowering) S20e

Eremophila sturtii s15.18s

Erica (heather) e54,55s

eroded stump s81s, s82s

erosion & siltation of cleared & cropped land (aerial) s61s

erosion (geological, Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s69s, s72s, (exposing fossil bones) s90s

erosion (mining - Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

erosion - beach protection techniques DUPE c45e

erosion and tree loss (Cecil Plains) s102s, from tree loss, with soil conservation works s108s, roadside s15s, s81s

erosion coastal (L.Tuross sand blow & sign), river bank stabilised with tyres (Bellinger) w11s

erosion control (spray grass) c57s

erosion due to tree loss c42e

erosion gully s19.18s, s22s, (aerial) s1.10s, s5.1s, s72s, scald (flint) s32.15s, gully & farm dams s92s

erosion, 4WD stuck in washed out road CQ7e

erosion, beach (dead mangrove roots) f15s

erosion, beachward n93s, coastal natural caused by cyclone n93s

erosion, coastal, C36e, (aerial) C41e, process on wilderness coast n92,93s, with dead mangrove q28s

erosion, example of over geological time (Warrumbungle NP) sw10e

erosion, example of use (tin mining) Q8e

erosion, gully (Cecil Plains) SW2e, headward (sandstone gorge) CQ10e

erosion, natural river cutting ST9e

erosion, natural sandstone s93s

erosion, river bank stabilising with old tyres c58s, old mangrove roosts c77,91s

erosion, sand (wind blown, & old wood) F4e

erosion, sandstone cq12,15,23s, cave cq16s, odd shaped tor cq23s

erosion, sheet S21e, (roots beside Balonne R), gully (mulga) s100s, 35mm DUPE s104s (see also med. format, topsoil lost from agricultural land s98s, sheet s2.7s, s78s, (gibber plain) s49s, tree roots over rocks Q19e, wind (gibber desert) S21e, scald sw13e

erosion, water (exposed roots of creekside gum) s59s, wind/water (scald) s32.15s

erosion/deposition, fluvial (desert) s72s

erosion/weathering, frost shattered rock, Alps e56s

Eryngium herb s96s

escarpment, Blackdown Tableland CQ10e, Kakadu, view from n89s

estuaries, NSW scenes w8s, in sunset w1s

estuarine broadwater (Woloweyah) (aerial) C27e

estuarine conservation C41e

estuarine crocodile (head at surface) Q13e

estuarine deltaic wetlands (aerial) C27e

estuarine mudflat with ibis C18e, C39e

estuarine scene (Pine R) C39e, (sunset) C39e, with fisherman (sunset) C39e

estuarine wetland (feeding pelicans) C36e, (SW Rocks aerial) C27e, scene (boat) C4e, scenes C38e, Burdekin River mouth Q23e, Macleay R C39e, mangrove, fisherman at sunset, seagrass at low tide c43e, with ducks, spoonbills C23e

estuary & tidal wetland, tropical (aerial) Q21e

estuary (Baffle Creek) aerial CQ9e, (wind-trained tuckeroo with osprey c58s, sunset c18s, jabiru in c24s, scenic (Old Bar, Manning R) c17,88s, Tuross, rainbow c88s, mature mangroves on shore c77,91s

estuary and fishermen at dusk c43e

estuary degradation c42e

estuary eutrophication from sewage C38e

estuary management w11s, see also wetland management, coastal zone management

estuary production (fish fry) i69s

estuary saltflats (aerial) CQ9e, Q5e

estuary scene, (Hawkesbury) C16e, (sunset, boats, upstream) Q4e, Q11e, Q14e, waders and fishermen C18e, with roosting pelicans W1e, Moonee Beach C4e, sunset and silhouetted gulls DUPE c45e, mangrove silhouette n94s

estuary tidal flat (stints on) w18s

estuary tide - high/low in (Carmila) Q10e

estuary vegetation - seagrass & mangrove C18e

estuary wetland scene (Wooli) DUPE c45e, Macleay R c39e, plovers at sunset Pine R c39e

estuary, tropical & mountains (Edmund Kennedy NP) q28s, flats and tide runners, aerial q2s, wilderness (Carmila) Q4e, Q11e

eucalypt forest (messmate) NE NSW (washpool area) st17e, see also forest, sclerophyll

eucalypt tree, insect attack (sawfly) ST11e

eucalypt, box SW1e

eucalypt, mature SW1e

Eucalyptus alba n86s

Eucalyptus camaldulensis s1.1s, s24.10s, CQ6e, S14e, sw10e, sw11e

Eucalyptus cambageana cq24s

Eucalyptus clavigera n86s

Eucalyptus conglomerata (buds, foliage, bark) c91s

Eucalyptus crebra s102s, SW1,4e

Eucalyptus cypellocarpa (stunted high-altitude habit) L10s

Eucalyptus dalrympleana L10s

Eucalyptus erythrophloia cq25s

Eucalyptus exserta sw13e

Eucalyptus fastigata L10s,e,14s, L5e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e

Eucalyptus largiflorens s23.1s, s57s, (flooded) s35.21s, (fringing) s7.16s, tumble down habit s106s, S19e, S23e

Eucalyptus melanophloia cq25s

Eucalyptus microtheca s2.9s, s4.23s, s32.12s, s93s

Eucalyptus microtheca woodland S11e, flooded S14e

Eucalyptus miniata n86s

Eucalyptus nesophila n82,88s

Eucalyptus ochrofloia s2.11s, s17.12s, (flooded) s7.7s, (flower) s5.20s, (weeping) s32.20s

Eucalyptus ochrophloia flowers S3e, wetland S14e, S16e

Eucalyptus orgadophila cq24s

Eucalyptus papuana CA1e

Eucalyptus papuana savannah woodland n93s

Eucalyptus pauciflora c78s

Eucalyptus planchoniana c83s

Eucalyptus populnea s3.7s, (leaf) s19.20s, s35.19s, portrait s44s, s60s

Eucalyptus resinifera (rare red stringybark) c83s

Eucalyptus robusta foliage c78,91s

Eucalyptus rossii s24e

Eucalyptus sieberi L3e, L11e

Eucalyptus signata C35e

Eucalyptus signata c35e, bark detail DUPE c46e

Eucalyptus terminalis s96s

Eucalyptus tetrodonta n86s

Eucalyptus viminalis L10s,e,14s, L1e, L8e, L10e

Eungella N.P. Q6e

Eupholus weevil i74,78s

euro S6e, seeking shade under rock s94s

eutrophication of estuary (Hayes Inlet) C38e

eutrophied estuary beach c42e

eutrophied mangroves, Nudgee (6x4.5 dupe) W4m

Evans River, north coast NSW C16e, pelicans C21e

evaporation ponds, tidal (salt production) i66s

evaporation, (dry salt crust on Lake Eyre) CA4e, (salt line) C8e

even-aged forest C35e

everlasting DUPE st18e

everlastings, alpine field of c37s

everlastings, golden s24s, s18s

evolution (cormorant nestlings) s34.16s, convergent (musk duck) s27.17s, duck (freckled) s20.2s

Ewartia nubigena (silver) c78s, DUPE st18e

exclosure, kangaroo (experimental) S6e

exfoliation weathering (tors) CA1e

exhaust, engine soot on marina water q22,31s

Exmouth, Mount ( Warrumbungle NP) s69s

exotic trees and cleared pasture, biodiversity loss aerial DUPE c46e

extraction, river sand ST17e

extraction, timber ST17e

eye colour (grey teal) s87s, white-eyed duck s55s, (satin bowerbird) C10e

eye-shine (koala) C6e, (logrunner) ST16e, mammal (possum) L14s

eyes, night adapted (frogmouth) s66s

Eyre, Lake surface CA4e

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Face, mammal (possum) ST8e

faecal sac, tailor-bird, grassbird removing C12e

Falco kestrel, young on cliff ledge s96s

falcon, brown s26.19s, CA5e, silhouette at dusk q2s

falcon, peregrine nest & chicks (distant) s92s

falconry (sea-eagle and trainer) N4e

families, Atoni, indigenous Timorese t8s

family, kangaroo s52s, frogmouth s55s

family, Timorese in boat t6s

fan palm (Licuala ramsayi) forest Q23e

fantail, rufous C11e

farm dams & gully erosion s92s

farm dams as wildlife habitat (ducks on bank) c40s

farming, chemical (tractor spraying) s98s

farming, conservation s76s

farming, wildlife (crocodiles, PNG) i76s

farmland SW1e, & woodland (aerial) s91s, Atherton Tableland Q7e

fat storage, gannet chick bigger than parent e57s

father and child at camel ride s98s

fault line, Scottish (Loch Linnhe, in fault line) e55s

feather in sand, lake shore s59s

feathers, specialised (lyrebird) C9e, ST15e

feeding, godwit (bar-tailed) w4,18s, pelicans c86s, plum headed finches on grass seeds s103s, stilts (silhouetted) W1e, waders on Toorbul foreshore W2e

feeding young (friarbird) SW4e

fence, as wildlife barrier (emus) CA5e, state border (vermin proof) S13e, entangled wallaroo's foot s98s, vermin-proof boundary (Qld/NSW) s49s, impact on wildlife DUPE st18e, and bustard (effect on wildlife movement) s76s, & frogmouth s33s

fencing, stock s60s, s88s

feral animals (hare) C6e, (goats) C6e, banteng, NT n93s, bees s58s, s95s, bird (turtle-dove) C34e, cat s4.8s, fox s14.18s, goats (Nocoleche NR) s29.11s, mating s52s, drinking S6e

feral goats, pigs s94s

feral horse CA1e, s16.12s, horses (Finke River) s21.14s, (Nocoleche N.R.) s62s, (Finke R) CA7e

feral pest control (pig trapping) s88s

feral pig (boar running through deep mud) s59s, pigs & lignum s76s

feral pig control s14.13s, s88s

feral predator (fox) s2.24s, s14.18s

Ferguson, Cape Q21e, Q23e

fern, bracken frost covered ST9e, understorey L12e

fern, epiphytic i13e, fishbone, equatorial rainforest i74s

fern, gristle, showing venation structure c83s

fern, rock on sandstone strata n90s

fern, tree, understorey L10e

fern, water fishbone C14e, C39e, in forest understorey L10s,e., understorey in Melaleuca forest c39e

fern, water- & tree- understorey L10e, L12e

ferns, epiphytic with lichens, mosses in cloud forest t7s

ferns, tree L1s

ferry (Combie Trader, Moreton Is.) sunset c28s, Sydney (Mossman) c86s, inter-island, Nth Qld. q31s

fertiliser spraying by tractor s98s

festival, eco (endangered wildlife) DUPE st18e

Ficus fruits, lowland rainforest i74s

Ficus virens n90s

fig fruits on trunk Q23e

fig, cluster fruits Q5e

fig, strangling at early stage Q12e

figbird, and palm fruits Q17e, scratching Q20e, female with native fig C34e

figbirds, northern in persimmon tree (pink fruits), Q6e, Q17e

filament, grass s24.17s

film crew (news gathering) cq25s

film flatness (lack of) good example of fault q20e, SW7e

filter-feeding (avocet) s13.7s

finch, bull- C41e

finch, chestnut-breasted manikin C41e

finch, double-barred SW1e

finch, plum headed feeding on grass seeds s103s, SW8e

finch, red-browed washing C11e

finch, zebra CA6e, zebra s55s

finches, bull- cuddling up to roost c82s

finches, double-barred at artificial bird bath s103s

finches, zebra on fence in pastoral country s97s

Fingal, NSW C4e

Finke River CA1e, CA4e

Finke River Gorge N.P. CA1e

Finucane Range, Boulia/Winton area W Qld aerial s108s

fire (smokey sunset in Arnhem Land) n91s, cool/hot burn comparison (Kuringai) C32e, early regrowth of grasstrees C32e

fire damage-multi-stemmed gum tree s24e

fire dynamic forest c35e, fan palm on fire N4e

fire history, wattle growth in bloom sw13e

fire resistant bark C1e, bark of Melaleuca forest c44e

fire tolerance (cycad growing after fire) N4e

fire, burning off C39e, grazing land C39e

fire, burnt wildlife crossing sign C32e

fire, camp S4e

fire, controlled burns in forested mountain rangeland c84s, lighting burn s104s, paperbark swampforest smouldering after fire c62,80s

fire, cool C1e, under scribbly gum on rock C35e

fire, cycad growing tip after seasonal N4e, early Dry (palm fronds aflame), open forest understorey fire n87s, fan palm DUPE N4e, (grass) n94s

fire, effect on forest biodiversity c35e

fire, effect on tropical rainforest (aerial of grass balds PNG) i75s

fire, epicormic growth after C1e, C32e

fire, forest after hot burn (Royal NP) C32e, (Royal NP) c23e, grass fire in hills (Kilcoy area) C39e

fire, grass sprouting from ashes n88s, wet season following burn n86s,

fire in paperbark wetland C1e, leaf litter/grass DUPE nt4e

fire, opened banksia seeds after C32e, opening of hakea seed pods C1e, plantation pine killed by c44e

fire, regeneration after (Royal NP) c60,61s

fire, seasonal (closeup of ironwood foliage burning, NT) s96s

fire-tolerant vegetation (regrowth of palm frond) n87s, burning fronds DUPE N4e

firefighter, rural sw13e

firefighters, rural in truck, pumping water s98s, rural volunteer on old truck s101s, lighting burn s104s

firefighting - backburning s98,104s

firefighting, aftermath of destructive techniques sw13e

firestick management n87s, s104s, DUPE N4e

fireweed infestation of paddock C40e

firewood sign in national park s98s

First Settlement Cove with Endeavour replica C36,37e, c87s, monument c37,44e

First Settlement lagoon c36e

fish catch, in canoe with local boy i76s, small fry i69s

fish eating birds (pelicans and cormorants in large flock on dam, flying) c81s

fish farm with windmill pump, Java, fish at tidal inflow i66s,

fish farms (Irian) I13e

fish habitat (snags in inland river) s74s

fish habitat loss (silted Bega R) c10s, foreshore fill c28,90s

fish kill and egrets, drying inland wetland s2s, drying wetland s1.20s, s2s, s50s, dead fish littering wetland shore DUPE s24e

fish migration, obstacle S5e, (weir on river) cq26s

fish pest s1.20s, s2s, close (check) s50s

fish, freshwater (catch) I12e

fish, gold i65s, small fry (catch) i69s

fish, introduced s1.20s, s2s

fish, preyed on by kookaburra s101s, stranded in drying wetland s50s, (close) s36s, s63s

fisheries, unloading seafood from trawler c42e

fisherman, & dinghy silhouetted c45s, on surf beach at dawn c77s, commercial beach c18s, seine netting c86s, with casting net on river, Kalimantan i71s, Sepik boy with catch in canoe i76s, estuarine scene with (sunset) C39e

fishermen (seine netters) C36e, Newcastle C41e, (netters) and waders C18e, beach, commercial w11s

fishermen, freshwater silhouetted, Cooper Creek sw11e

fishery (boat harbour and industry) c18s

fishery management (mangrove clearing, Port Hinchinbrook) q26s, (seals loafing on shore, Montagu Is) c5s, commercial bait harvesting c91s

fishery, artificial reef (ship hulks, Tangalooma) aerial c38s, clam shells after harvesting t6s, small fry in Indonesian netter's catch i16s, closeup i69s

fishing (cast netting) Q14e, chartering, Great Barrier Reef CQ1e

fishing bait (bardi grub adult) s25.24s

fishing boat, Scottish coast e54s

fishing by-catch (cormorant caught in net) s82s

fishing industry (close up of bech-de-mer) n91s

fishing platforms i75s

fishing vessels, commercial, Wewak harbour aerial i76s

fishing, barramundi n86s, DUPE nt4e, estuary at dusk c43e, impact (cormorant caught in net) s82s, inshore netting c61,86s

Fitzroy River delta aerial q2s, c7s (see also nqXe), saltflats at mouth of (aerial) CQ9e, Q5e

five-fingered skink s19.15s

fjeldmark c21s, see also herbfield, alpine

fjeldmark flowers ST12e

flagstone ford, historic Q1e

flamingoes, Carmargue (sunset) e58s

flat irons (tilted strata) in desert mountains aerial s108s, landform s5.10s

flats, coastal sand & mangrove tree, Carmila Q4e, Q11e, tidal (aerial) Cape Cleveland NP Q21e

fledgling, ibis at rookery s56s, s64s, flycatchers in nest s102s, (yellow robin) SW2e, honeyeaters (brown-backed) q31s, speckled warbler SW8e

flies attracted to fungi s23s

flight - pelicans s45s, s67s, soaring flock of ibis s45s, s60s, eagle's s70s, (egret) s38s

flight practice - jabiru C21e

flight, insect C7e

flight, lewin honeyeater C11e

Flinders River (dry bed) (aerial) s64s

Flinders Ranges NP S10e

Flindersia in semi-arid woodland s100s

Flindersia maculosa s78s

flint stones, Lake Peri DUPE s24e

flint, chipped aboriginal s80s, Peri Lake s24.2s, natural source s62s

flints from aboriginal tool making, L. Peri s2,24s

floating aquatic vegetation (duckweed) Q10e

flock of martins in trees s101s

flock, tight feeding, (bar-shouldered doves) f1s, (stints on tidal flat) w18s, in flight (godwits and knots) w18s

flocking SW1e, (tree martins) SW8e

flood cycle (algae) s36.16s, (lignum flowering) s36.13s, stranded fish s50s, s36s, s63s

flood debris on bridge stanchion s46s

flood filling cracks in earth s9s, s36.18s

flood flows, damming inland S7e

flood on floodplain, Murray (aerial) s17.9s, s83s, Darling floodplain (sunset)(paired) s44s, inland river (red gum/vehicle) s51s, floodplain s19.4s, (aerial) s44s, Paroo River s7.5s, s36.7s, (scenic) s35.20s, winter on Murrumbidgee floodplain (gums) s48s

flood on river, Jambi, Sumatra i68,69s

flood regime (dead trees, Macquarie Marshes) S14e

flood, Condamine R SW2e

flood, wild river ST10e

flood, winter on Murrumbidgee R S12e, S14e

flooded black box depression, nardoo in S15e, S20e, canegrass & box 6x9 S15e, daisies s87s, forest, tropical I1e, inland river (misty morning) s23s, s48s, (Paroo River) S14e, peat swamp forest, Kalimantan i70s, trees (dead) Q5e, rainforest I1e, wetland SW1e

floodout, inland river, flooded s50s, lignum (dry) S20e

floodplain (aerial) s5.3s, flooded aerial s83s

floodplain billabong & river meander (aerial) s44s, coolibah woodland (sunset) s2.9s, sunrise s93s, (ibis) S2e, Yellow Waters N1e

floodplain billabong wetland, (dry) S14e

floodplain coolibah woodland (dry) S14e

floodplain cropping s15.8s

floodplain cycle (drying back) s1.20s, s2s, s18.1s,s32.10s,s36.24s, s39.5s, (flooding) s2.1s, (spring flood) s37s, (drying) stranded fish s50s, s36s, s63s, (lilies) s3.5s, s2.11s, s7s

floodplain ecology (frogs) s25.20s, see also floodplain cycle, ephemeral wetland

floodplain flora, field of lilies s100s, flower carpet s15.15s, (Wilcannia lily) s9.11s, (lily flower) s9.4s, Darling lily flower in flood s7s, Darling lilies after flood s65s

floodplain flowers (Darling Lily) S18e

floodplain forest, clearing (dozer) s79s, logging, woodchipping s66s,, river red gum sidelit s73s, (Millewa) s92s, Lowbidgee s36s, & possum in s105s

floodplain grassland q27s

floodplain grazing, MacIntyre R s103s

floodplain habitat loss s15.8s

floodplain plant growth (Nearie Lake) s17.2, nardoo leaves on s39.11s

floodplain swamp, Booligal s37.12s, see also wetland, floodplain

floodplain wetland scenic s109s, coastal (Hunter R) C16e, tropical, Townsville (ibis & ducks) Q18e, Yellow Waters billabong N1e

floodplain wildlife (crucifix toad) s20.6s, DUPE s24e, possum s105s (see also waterbirds)

floodplain woodland, clearing (MacIntyre, dozer) s98s, coolibah s93,105s, black box (Nearie Lake) s64s, coolibah (MacIntyre R) S11e, flooded S14e

floodplain, clearing lignum for cotton aerial s108s

floodplain, coastal (aerial) q27s, (Macleay R.) (aerial) C27e

floodplain, cracking mud on s18.1s, dry scenes s87s

floodplain, flooded inland river, with meanders, floodouts, prior streams, levees (aerial) s83s, flooded s7.7,10s, (picnic table) s17.18s, ants caught in flood s16s, flooded woodland s35.21s, (coolibah) s32.12s, flooded/dry compo (Darling River ) s39s

floodplain, Lowbidgee s37s, Macintyre River s1.13s, Paroo R. (scenic) s8.2s

floodplain, past flood s8.17s, receding waters on (red gum) s37.16s, Lowbidgee s36s, post flood s28.24s, (flowers) s24.11s, waterbirds s64s

floodplain, tropical (Adelaide R), dawn n90s, vast coastal river, Kalimantan aerial, flood irrigation of rice in wet season i70s

floodrunner, Paroo River s40.17s

floodwaters & houseboat, Murray River S23e

floodwaters, on inland river & overhanging fringing tree s48s, filling cracks in earth s9s, s36.18s, inland river (Paroo R.) S16e, S17e, inland river S11e, muddy S20e

floor, forest (old growth) (5x4) L7e

flotsam (beachcomber with glass float) c29s, (crab shell) on surf beach f7s, (driftwood & barnacles) Q5e, leaves against sand Q12e, natural on beach n91s

flower buds SW8e

flower, Acacia s71s, s72s, burr daisies s16.6s, close, in arid shrubland s59s, s60s, on desert sand s58s, Darling lily s9.4s, in floodwater s57s, s7s, after flood s65s, cocky apple Q22e, Darling lily S3e, S18e, Eremophila bush S20e, flowering lignum s11.10s, grass (structure) s24.17s, lignum s36.13s, s55s, s65s, grevillea Q17e, hakea SW6e

flower, mistletoe s24.6s, pigface s53s, potato bush s8.4s, sunray s11.9s, yapunyah s5.20s, yellow head (close) s91s, in lignum floodout s44s

flower, wild SW2e, (heath) SW5e

flowers on flooded claypan s79s, daisy under black box s84s

flowers, alpine ST2e, ST6e, ST12e

flowers, arid (Sturt's Desert Pea) CA2e, CA3e, (foxtails) Ptilotus CA3e, S3s

flowers, billy buttons s14.5s, in inland woodland s53s, Brachycome s14.4s, and mulga tree s23s, desert (Helipterum & Brachycome daisies, close) s66s, everlastings & red gum wetland s82s s83s

flowers, Brachycome/ Brachyscome daisies S14e, in semi-arid woodland S10e, close S23e, ephemeral S3e, S10e, S18e, flannel ST12e, floodplain (Darling Lily) S18e, daisies S14e

flowers, full, going to seed, Angophora DUPE c46e, granite belt C8e, ST12e, matchheads ST12e, heath C8e, SW6e, SW9e, native pea in wallum C36e, Christmas bells C8e, poached egg daisies in semi-arid woodland S10e

flowers, tree (silky oak) ST16e, yapunyah tree S3e

flowers, weeds (roadside) s76s

flowers, wetland (Bacopa) C8e, C14e

flowers, white sunrays S3e, S10e, sunrays and yellow heads in semi-arid woodland S19e

flowers, yellow heads in inland woodland S10e, S19e

flowers, yellow SW8e

fluvial erosion/deposition, (desert) s72s, landforms (flooded) with meanders, floodouts, prior streams, levees (aerial) s83s, (meander, billabongs, beaches) (aerial) s44s, (meanders, oxbows) (high altitude aerial) s107s

fluvial processes (pudding stone) S10e

Fly River PNG i12e, i75s, mining in catchment of (Ok Tedi) i77,78s

fly, hover C7e

fly, native c80s

flycatcher (carnivorous plant) s24.16s

flycatcher, black-faced monarch C38e, c82s

flycatcher, leaden SW3e

flycatchers, brown, fledglings in nest s102s

flying fox C5e

flying fox, black at camp C36e

flying fox, in breeding condition n90s

flying fox, little red, roosting; black, pair roosting in mangroves c82s

flying fox, spectacled Q12e

flying waders/shorebirds w16,18s

flyway (leg-flagged godwit w3,17s, distant flight at sunset w17s

flyway, East Asian-Australasian (biologists tracking birds) i66,67s, banding wader i67s

foam, organic whipped up by waves on lake shore f16s

fog over inland wetland s32.18s

fog, inversion/ground, in alpine valley ST2e, in valley ST10e

fog, outback/semi-arid s62s

fog, precipitation from (droplets on web) s54s

folding strata, anticline in sea cliffs e56s, sedimentary e58s

food web (wedge-tailed eagle soaring) s70s

food, bush (crayfish) s32.23s

footprint (human) C8e

footprints, wader's on sand q28s

forage, stock s8.13s

forb - ground hugging headland vegetation C39e

ford, vehicle cq10s

foredune revegetation C2e

foreign investment (Ok Tedi PNG) I12e

foreshore degradation/pollution c91s

foreshore development, port works, Townsville (aerial) q21e, (rock wall, Raby Bay), waders roosting near jetty (Woody Point) w13s, Port of Brisbane (oystercatchers) w18s, waders near jetty c64s, rock wall and land fill (Scarborough) c28s, (Clontarf) c90s, reclamation works (Moreton Bay) c84,85s, sediment from f.d. smothering seagrass c85s, waders being displaced by DUPE c46e

foreshore development - excavation of fish farm ponds from mangrove wetland, Java i66s

foreshore development, Port of Brisbane and landscaping works c42e, above coastal cliff DUPE c45e, Cairns (mudflat, bird & dev.) q2,28s, industrialisation, Japan aerial e56s, Port Hinchinbrook q26,31s, Raby Bay w12s, rocks displacing wader habitat w2e, Tweed (NSW) estuary, aerial c84s

foreshore management 1970's C18e

foreshore recreation (beachcombing/bait collecting) c86,90s

foreshore, built-up/popular (Bondi) C2e

foreshore, degradation, pollution and mismanagement c42e

foreshore, developed (Bondi) c10,29, 86s

foreshore, mangroves silhouetted 6x9 c44e, natural with mature mangrove c43e, rocky (Magnetic Is.) q28s

forest canopy (eucalypt) L9e

forest clearing (Moonie) SW2e

forest floor (moss, fungi, leaf litter) L1e, litter, fungi, L5e, L6e, Q14e

forest fragmentation s22.8s

forest gully L1e, L12e

forest litter C33e

forest management (ringbarking on Fraser Is) F7e

forest mangrove wetland (Hayes Inlet) C41e

forest multiple use (camping ground) F7e, bees C2e

forest protection (Pile Valley) F5e

forest stream L1e, L2e

forest understorey, coastal (Christmas bell and bracken) c61s

forest wilderness (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L12e, vista L9e, L11e, L12e

forest, blue haze L1e

forest, closed canopy of sclerophyll, rainforest, palm grove f5,14,16s

forest, cloud (Kerinci-Sablat) i16,69s

forest, dead remains (natural shifting sand) F4e

forest, Dipterocarp (fungi on floor), huge buttress and human i65s

forest, dry sclerophyll L15s, (eucalypt) C37e, white gum s24e

forest, equatorial swamp, Way Kambas i64s

forest, eucalypt on sandplain F4e, F5e

forest, even aged c35e

forest, flooded red gum (Cooba Lagoon) S12e, Coonancoocabil S14e

forest, hardwood (Washpool area) ST17e, (Coolangubra) L10e, L12e

forest, hardwood see also sclerophyll, eucalypt

forest, high altitude (Rhododendron flowers) i69s, cloud t7s

forest, inland sunlit s103s, ironbark/angophora/blood-wood/cypress association s103s, open eucalypt/cypress/ bulloak association s103s

forest, littoral and riparian (Way Kambas) i68s

forest, lowland eucalypt & riparian (Coochin Ck), littoral casuarina/tuckeroo (Macleay Arm), littoral casuarina killed by tidal intrusion, pushing c90s, mangrove (Hayes Inlet) c79,90s,

forest, lowland tropical (Licuala fan palm) Q23e

forest, mangrove (Hayes Inlet) c73,90s, tall mangrove c18s, Hinchinbrook Channel Q22e

forest, misty (high altitude) L6e

forest, monsoon vine around limestone cave t6s

forest, northern, eroded above sea cliff n92s, northern swamp (Melaleuca) n86,87,94s, monsoon open (woollybutt/stringybark) n86s, misty n80s, tropical monsoon with burning undergrowth n87s

forest, old growth, (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, brown barrel, L5e, (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e, old growth hardwood F5e

forest, primary (hardwood) (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, hardwood brown barrel, L5e, (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e, primary hardwood F5e

forest, primary lowland equatorial peat swampforest, Kalimantan i70s

forest, remnant Caledonian, softwood e54,55s

forest, river red gum sidelit s73s, flooded s65,105s, Lowbidgee s36s, with wetland & waterbirds S2e

forest, sclerophyll wet (eucalypt) ST3e, ST5e, L12e

forest, stunted (high altitude) L6e

forest, swamp, see swamp forest

forest, tall mature F5e, L10e, tall wet sclerophyll (5x4) L8e, L10e, L11e, L12e

forest, threatened L4s

forest, tidal mangrove (grey) c43e

forest, wet sclerophyll (Myanba Ck), L5e, (Waratah Ck) L12e, F6e, F7e

forest, wet sclerophyll L10s,e,14s, misty L2,4,10s, vista L4s, satinay/brush box association f14s, f6,7e, Timor transition zone t7s

forest, wetland river red gum s41s, Lowbidgee s36s

forestry (red gum log being milled) s39s, (river red gum sawmill) s105s, old growth red gum logs at mill, stack of logs s109s, (timber harvest) ST17e

forestry - managed scribbly gum forest c35e, multi-stemmed tree s24e

forestry management, billabong fringe s2.22s, river red gum s2.22s

forestry, silviculture of pine trees (distorted tree in straight stand) c79s, interpretation sign and boardwalk c90s

forests, multiple use C36e

Fort Bourke, monument S1e

Fort Grey Basin aerial s108s

fossicking for rubies st13e, opal S4e, sapphire ST13e

fossil bones s90s

fossil fuel (coal mine & power station) s56s, (refuelling from roadside stall, Java) i56,67s

fossilisation process (kangaroo track in mud s72s, (dead fish) s92s, s50s

four wheel drive, crossing river st14e, stuck in washout CQ7e, impact on nature reserve c28s, touring, recreation ST10e, ST14e, Q2e, Arnhem Land n86s, bogged on beach C1e, (Toyota and dead Landrover) s89s, s90s

fox & waterbirds s29s, chasing waterbird s54s, running s59s, hunting ducks s2.24s, among waterbirds s14.18s

fox control (1080 baits) s77s

foxtail flowers Ptilotus CA3e, S3s

fractured (ice) rock, Perisher Vly. DUPE st18e

fragmentation of tropical rainforest by clearing, Kalimantan aerial i70s, PNG aerial i75s

fragmented habitat (island of forest) s22.8s, (mallee) s22.7s, s49s, aerial (Weddin Mts) s19s

Fraser Island (dunes, lakes, veg.) F3-7e, dingo head portrait c10s, bracket fungi s18.10s

freeway (aerial) C27e, (bridge) Moonie Moonie Creek C3e, construction/impact C27e, junction, Sydney aerial c84s, traffic on and smog c90s, through countryside (aerial) s45s, "freeway to nowhere", Sydney (aerial) s88s, traffic flow on c42,44e

freshwater fish (catch) I12e

freshwater lagoon, tropical q28s

friarbird, little C10e

friarbird, noisy (feeding young) SW4e, showing grotesque head s102s

fringe lily SW2e, SW3e

fringe myrtle Calytrix sw13e

fringe, Melaleuca in tropical lagoon (dry) N2e, red gum SW1e

frog distribution (green tree) s9.3s

frog dwarf tree q30s

frog identification (armpit colour) s40.12s, s41s

frog life cycle (desert) s36.11s

frog pool (drying) s36.24s

frog, banjo S13e

frog, brown striped C28e

frog, burrowing (Neobatrachus) S22e, metatarsal tubercle S23e, flooded canegrass swamp, S15e, S22e

frog, burrowing s8.10s, s41.2s (crucifix toad) s20.6s, DUPE s24e, burrowing/spade-foot s65s, in flooded wetland s45s, showing metatarsal tubercle S23e

frog, crucifix toad s25.18s, DUPE s24e

frog, dwarf tree DUPE c46e, mating C28e, with stump of tadpole tail c81s

frog, Fletcher's C28e

frog, giant banjo s57s

frog, giant burrowing s101s

frog, great barred c92s

frog, green & gold bell C28e

frog, green striped burrowing, tiny burrowing calling 3 hours after rain s95s

frog, green tree s9.3s, s25.16s, s25.17s, with spots s41s

frog, Lesueur's ST11e

frog, northern banjo C28e, head on portrait s95s

frog, ornate burrowing among mulga fern s95s

frog, Peron's tree C28e, s40.12s, s41s, DUPE s24e, showing yellow under arm s40s, s41s

frog, rainforest Q9e

frog, red-eyed tree & mating C28e

frog, rocket C28e

frog, spade-footed burrowing (Neobatrachus) s8s, showing spade s23e

frog, striped burrowing s25.20s

frog, water-holding s39s

frogmouth flower C8e

frogmouth, Papuan Q16e

frogmouth, tawny C10e, Q16e, S2e, q31s, s26.22s, pair roosting together ST17e, convalescing (closeup) c10,49,82s, camouflaged on branch s90s, (& nest, young) s17s, s53s, s55s, on fence s33s, s55s, s62s, s66s

frost (frozen socks) ST17e, covering fern frond ST9e, on grass ST9e, hollow (vegetation distribution) ST2e

frugivory (bowerbird) s16.4s, (figbird with fig) C34e, (figbirds in persimmon tree) Q6e, Q17e

fruit eating figbirds Q6e, Q17e

fruit picker's shanty, Murrumbidgee River s86s

fruit, date palm's s99,103s

fruit, tropical (young orang eating mango) i72s rambutan at floating markets, pineapples i71s

fruiting vine (& flowering) C39e

fruits, Bead Bush sw10e, berries in equatorial lowland rainforest i70s, rainforest (Cordyline berries, cluster figs) i74s, fig on trunk

fruits, rainforest, (cluster fig) Q5e, on forest floor Q12e

fruticose lichen L3s

Fullerton Cove foreshore (wader roost site) w8,9,14s

fulmar, antarctic (beach washed specimen) C21e

fungi C8e

fungi, earth star SW6e

fungi, slime mould s85s

fungi - strength of growth C8e, S14e

fungi and moss (forest) L3e, Q14e

fungi emerged from desert floodplain after rain, tiny fungi on desert dryland after rain s106s, pushing up through soil s74s, arid s2.19s, bracket s18.10s, puffball s2.19s, emerging s14s, attractive to flies s23s, puffball (mature) being tapped s85s

fungi on floor of Dipterocarp rainforest i65s

fungi, bracket Q14e, "bread" L10s, attacking large living eucalypt L10s

fungi, coral (Ramaria), gregarious Hypholoma, Descolea, ear Aleuria (Peziza) L10s

fungi, cup i71s

fungi, desert/arid S14e, SW8e

fungi, rainforest ST12e, Q5e, Q14e

fused limbs of river red gum tree s106s

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Galah flock on telecommunications tower s98s, single galah s106s, flock in flight s102s, flock perched s25.8s, group in tree s57s, s62s, flock on powerlines s80s, at water s79s, (pair) s33.9s, galahs at waterhole s33.12s

Galilee, Lake CQ6e

gall, insect infesting leaf L3e, stem gall (biocontrol of Parthenium) cq24s

gallery rainforest (Barramundi Gorge) N1e

galvanised iron architecture Q7e

game management (duck-hunting) s61s, non-target species (hunters & ibis colony) s61s

game species (grey teal) s3.19s, (mountain duck) s18.16s, ducks flying s40s, hardhead & shoveler s13s

gannet adult, in flight, nestling, rookery (Sula bassana) e57s

gantry, mine-head (historic) Q1e

garbage and leachate at dump c91s

garbage disposal C26e, (burning at landfill) s104s

garden mulch and egret c77s, and machine c90s

gate, rural/outback s42s

gear cogs, historic mine battery S1e

gecko - knob tailed standing tall S23e

gecko eye reticulation s29.8s, blending with desert sand s45s, (Nocoleche) s29.5s

gecko licking eye S8e

gecko, Bynoe's s104s

gecko, Diplodactylus s81s, on Paroo floodplain hunting at night s95s

gecko, golden tailed eating spider (head shot) s104s

gecko, knob-tailed s12.16s, s29.1s, s40s

gecko, Nephrurus DUPE s23e

gecko, thick-tailed SW5e, tail and hind legs only s103s, on granite ST11e

gecko, tree dtella (Gehyra) S8e, s29.6,7,8s

gecko. knob-tailed CA7e, S8e

geese, cape barren s97s (see also goose)

geese, green pygmy pair n90s

geese, magpie, concentration n90s, on lagoon q18e, on sugar cane crop Q15e, swimming Q18e, on tropical lagoon Q15e, silhouetted against evening sky Q2e, flying - Castle Hill & Q18e

Gehyra variegata s29.6,8s, S8e

gem fossickers st13e

genital organ, duck's s42s

geographic centre of Australia CA1e, CA2e

geographic variation (lace monitor, inland form) S8e

geomorphology, "young" (glacial, French Alps) e56s, folding sedimentary strata e58s

Georges River, Sydney aerial w11s, DUPE c45e

German wagon C3e

germination of river red gum seedlings at two flood heights s60s, river red gum after flood s46s, s63s

ghost towns - Kingsborough/Thornborough Q1e

gibber plain (desert)s40s, s49s, & car s78s , Willandra s2.7s

gibber plain/desert (Clifton Bore) S21e

gibbon, white handed i65s

Gibraltar Range, NE NSW st16e

gidgee (very open, arid, Mt Felix, field of lilies on floodplain in) s100s

gidgee shrubland and wildflowers sw10e

gidgee, clearing sw12e

gidgee/gidyea woodland S10e, & daisies s24s

Giles, Mount CA1e

gin, cotton SW8e

Gippsland cleared landscape (aerial) c83s, aerial of green valley s107s

Girraween N.P. ST9e, (flowers) C8e

glacial landscape with chisel peak, Scotland e54s, cirque, U-shaped valley, moraine rocks e55s, landscape, French Alps e56,58s

glacial tarn (Kosciusko) c3,12,20,21s

glacial valley, U-shaped, Cairngorm Mts e55s

glacier (Blanc, de l'homme, French Alps) e56,58s

Glasshouse Mts. & Deception Bay C39e

glasswort, salt tolerant beside salt lake S15e, S21e

glaucous leaves of planchon stringybark c83s

Glebe Weir cq26s

Glen Coe e55s

Glen Tilt, e55s, hillwalker beside e54s

glider, sugar C6e

glider, sugar feeding on banksia DUPE c46e, on Banksia flower (darkish) c91s

glider, yellow-bellied in bag (research) ST8e

goanna, portrayed in modern aboriginal art S23e

goanna, pygmy mulga (stumpy tail) CA7e

goanna, sand CQ9e, CA7e, large specimen c23s

goanna, sand s6.17s, s12.12s, s40s, (running) s30.20s, climbing tree s95,103s, investigating termite mound s95s, peering through grass s102s, on desert sandhill, checking out termite mound sw10e

goanna, spotted tree n88s, (head in can) s3.6s

goanna, tree (banded) s30.23s

goanna, tree CQ9e, C29e, f1,16s, close on trunk c23s, mating c81s, (inland form) S8e, mating DUPE c46e

goannas, dwarf tree mating s81s

goat, feral s29.11s, s57s, at water s77s, (mating) s52s, goats, feral s94s

goats (on table) C6e

goats, feral S6e

godwit feeding w4,18s, roosting (bar-tailed) w16s, roosting, Scarborough Spit W3e, scratching W3e

godwit, bar & black-tailed in flight W3e, (breeding plumage) 6x4.5 dupe W4m, & Cairns foreshore development Q23e, in breeding plumage W3e,w3,16s

godwit, black-tailed with bar-tailed w17s, W3e

godwits, bar-tailed feeding W2e, roosting (Brighton) W2e

godwits, w3e, roosting w2s, flying to roost DUPE, roosting, breeding plumage DUPE w4e

Gogeldrie Weir s41s

gold fish i65s

Gonocephalus (green dragon) i74s

Gonystylus macrophyllum i70s

Goodradigbee River (Brindabella Range) ST3e

Goold Island (Dunk/Hinchinbrook) & sparkling sea q24e

Goonderoo Bush Heritage Reserve cq24s

goose (maned duck) bill s44s (see also geese)

goose, Cape Barren & mating C21e

goose/geese, magpie Q18e, on tropical lagoon q30s, head & shoulders q29s

gorge, New England Tableland ST9e

goshawk, brown (young on meat) C11e

gouging, opal S4e

Goyders Lagoon area (dry) aerial s107s

grader DUPE cq12e, forming track, rig, driver s62s, & landcruiser (Nocoleche) s88s, on outback road cq13s

graffiti, land rights s103s

Grampian Mts e55s

Grand High Tops (Warrumbungle NP) sw10e, s68s, s69s, s70s, s72s

granite belt (flowers) C8e

granite country, fauna (skinks) ST11e

granite landscape (Devil's Marbles) CA1e, (Girraween NP) ST9e

granite rocky shore q27s

granite tor, Currawinya NP s93s

granite tors (Rat Is.) q28s, Murray R. (Nth Qld) q28s

granivore (finch) SW1e, (finch, plum-headed) SW8e, northern rosella on grass seeds n88s

granivory (plum headed finch on native grass heads) s103s

grass & raindrops (abstract) SW8e

grass bald of Imperata (alang, bladey gr) in rainforest, Kalimantan i70s

grass flower s24.17s

grass head s8.13s, heads in sunset (Boggy Ck) s14.7s, panicle s74s, sunlit (mitchell grass plains) s99s

grass seeds C8e, finch feeding on s103s

grass SW1e

grass tree (dried empty seed head) c55s, flower spike, convoluted growth c77s, flower spikes C8e,

grass trees in desert CA1e, Redcliffe N.P. C18e, regrowth after fire C32e

grass trees/spotted gum/belah SW7e

grass tussock SW8e

grass, bladey pioneering on mobile dune f16s

grass, bluegrass tussock cq24s, Flinders cq25s, water couch cq1s

grass, kerosene tussock s66s, close s65s

grass, molasses (weed) Q3e

grass, mulga, native (dew covered tussock) s66s, close s65s

grass, northern rosella eating seeds n88s

grass, poking through snow, ST4e

grass, seeding SW8e

grass, spear, new sprout after fire n88s

grassbird, tawny with nest & nestlings C12e

grasshopper, long-horned SW1e, SW5e, SW9e

grasshopper, nymph q4s

grasshopper, wingless q1s

grassland savannah, hummock semi-arid (Selwyn Ra.) n93s, tropical savannah with monsoon cloud n87s, at dawn n90s, semi-arid tussock and ghost gum, Barkly Tableland n80s, Richmond Qld area, aerial s107s

grassland SW1e,with desert oak S10e, arid s2.10s, tussock s2.10s, dry with rain approaching, sunlit seed heads s99s, flowers of mallow s96s, mitchell (galah flock in flight) s102s, earless dragon s104s,

grassland, hummock CA1e

grassland, native, savannah cq24s, with pothole wetlands, Monaro Plain aerial c78s, mountain (Nursery Swamp Brindabella Range) c78s

grassland, tropical floodplain q27s

grassland, tussock s100s, (mitchell) sw10e

grassland/shrubland, semi-arid s4s

grasswren, striated CA5e

grassy balds in rainforest (aerial) i75s

grave, pioneer s98s

gravestone, pioneer miner's, policeman's Q1e

Gravillea robusta ST16e

Gravillea SW1e

Grawin (opal mining town) s11.16s, s11.17s

grayling habitat, Yowaka River pool L3e

grazing (cleared scrub with bottle tree left) cq23s

grazing (kangaroos) C6e

grazing (pademelon on camping ground) ST16e

grazing (stockman & cattle) s21.7s, beef cattle and stockman s103s

grazing duck's bill s44s

grazing, effect (woody weeds) S19e, effect on rare wattle sw11,13e, estuarine foreshore and degradation c42e, impact of kangaroos S6e

grazing land degradation - weed infestation C40e

grazing land SW5e, land use (aerial) C27e, western slopes (Kodachrome) s90s

grazing practice SW8e

grazing pressure (Kurrajong cut for fodder) s71s

grazing SW1e, kangaroo S6e, cattle in cleared landscape, Darling Downs sw12e, coexistence of sheep & emus S23e, degradation of pasture c42e, tree loss c44e, effect DUPE s23e, effect on floodplain woodland (bare ground) S14e, river banks S5e, effect on pasture at reserve fence s60s, s88s, Hay Plain/Booligal s21.20s, plant defence against s72s, effect on vegetation (kangaroos) S6e, marginal rangeland in drought n82,85s

grazing/fire (woody weeds) s15.18s

Great Artesian Basin, natural mound spring sw11e

Great Barrier Reef M.P. (Masthead Island) CQ3e

Great Barrier Reef, fishing - chartering CQ1e

Great Cumbung Swamp, Lachlan R. s37s, (Clear Lake & Toopuntal) s35.22s, & boaters s44s, s50s, (cumbungi stand & dinghy) s43s, (sunset) s52s, sunset s32.13s

Great Dividing Range (Snowy Mts) ST1e

Great Ocean Road C4e

Great Sandy Region F3-7e, coastal wetlands (aerial) c83s,

Great Sandy Strait mangrove f1,15s, yacht at anchor f16s

Great Sandy Strait/Harvey Bay aerials c47s

grebe, great crested, adult & brood, chicks close s3s, s65s, adult s67s

grebe, hoary headed collecting nesting material s92s, (flock) s4.14s, on nest in canegrass wetland s35s

grebe, little (swimming in reflections) f16s

grebes, Australian Little mating on nest cq24s

grebes, concentration of on inland lake s4s, winter flock s75s

green space (airport buffer) Q10e, (lopping trees) c86,90s

greenhouse effect (burning garbage) s104s

greenhouse gases, Mt Isa q31s

greenshank, common feeding w10,18s, W2e

Greenwich meridian (0o) e56s

gregarious fungi L10s

Grevillea flower Q17e

Grevillea robusta (in bloom) ST16e

Grevillea striata (beefwood tree) S10e, silhouette s103s, portrait s104s

Grevillea victorea, (royal) L12s

grey mangrove, aerial roots q28s

grooming/inspecting for ectoparasites (macaques) i72s

ground cover (ground-hugging herb) s46s, coastal (Hibbertia) c43e

ground fog, in alpine valley ST2e, valley ST10e

ground nester (dotterel) s40.21s

ground tank in arid land (aerial) s83s, (dry) s88s

groundsel C8e

groundwater (bore) S21e, (sub-artesian bore) s73s

groundwater pollution - chemical drum dump sw12,13e

groundwater, Woongoolbver Ck, Fraser Is f5,16s

growing tip of cycad after seasonal fire N4e

growth (convoluted grass tree flower spike normally straight) c77s, (naked newly hatched silver-eye chicks in nest) c82s, (old heavily built sand goanna) c23s, (wood moth's wings expanding) c25s, (young frog with stump of tadpole tail) c81s, vine around battery terminals c10s, ground-hugging (alpine flowers) c78s

growth (gannet chick bigger than adult), (chick's dark plumage) e57s, cormorants s34.16s

growth (wet season sprout, fan palm frond after burn), lily pily epicormic, strychnine bush sprouting n87s, burl from termite attack on tree n88s

growth, tree, (branches fused) Q5e, tumble down habit (black box) S15e, (tumble-down habit) s57s, s8s, weeping myall s11s, see also yapunyah

groyne and beach, Nth Qld Q23e

gruie tree (Owenia) s100s

Gryllacridoidea sw13e

guano covered rock Q22e

guinea flower, ground hugging c39e

Gulf Country Snake Gully race meet Q8e

Gulf Country river (aerial) s81s, (Flinders) (aerial) s64s

Gulflander train Q7e

gull rookery C4e

gull, silver C36e, s83s, (aggression) C41e, on inland desert lake S22e, on inland pool after rain s52s, and group c82s

gulls & terns in flight, Scarborough Spit C36e

gulls, silver on boat C36e

gully erosion & clearing (aerial) s5s, s85s

gum, cabbage cq24s

gum, Dawson cq24s

gum, ghost CA1e, and spinifex, sandhill sw10e, savannah n80s, n93s

gum, grey flowering C8e

gum, half-bark (E. miniata, clavigera) n86s

gum, manna L14s, L1e

gum, manna/brown barrel association (5x4) L8e L10e, 6x7 L12e

gum, Monkey, see Eucalyptus cypellocarpa

gum, mountain ST3e, ST5e

gum, ribbon ST3e, ST5e

gum, river red sw10e, s1.1s, being bulldozed s79s, cut at mill s39s, old growth logs at mill, stack of logs s109s, logging, woodchipping (Murrumbidgee R.) s66s

gum, river red beside dry desert creek CA1e, flooded S12e, S14e, forest with wetland & waterbirds S2e

gum, river red forest, interior (Paroo R) s44s, (sidelit) s73s, in flooded billabong (scenic) s48s, & possum in, sawmill s105s, old growth, Paroo R s93s, tree beside Barcoo R s100s, dieback of beside Condamine R. s104s, fringing dry creek CQ6e, (mature, flooded) s24s, wetland s76s, beside Coonancoocabil Lagoon s41s, mature (falcon's nest) s92s, seedlings after flood s46s, s63s, cormorant/darter nests & eggs in s58s

gum, river red, Cooper Ck, Bulloo R sw13e

gum, rusty (Angophora costata) sw2e, trunks, woodland SW1e, with fused branches Q5e

gum, scribbly C35e, bark detail DUPE c46e

gum, snow c78s, ST1e, ST2e, ST4e, S9e

gum, spotted NOTE sw2e shots are Angophora costata (Rusty Gum or Smooth Barked Apple)

gum, white (E. rossii) s24e

Gunner's Quoin bauxite headland, NT n93s

Gunung Kerinci i20,22,69s

Gunung Meja (Irian) NR I6e, (close-ups of forest details) i74s

Gunung Mutis high altitude forest, hiker t7s

Gunung Palung N.P., Kalimantan i1e, peak, rainforest fruits, river i70,71s

Gunung Waktu Dama (and logging camp) i72s

Gurig N.P. coast N1e, N2e, aerial DUPE nt5e, ecotourism in n86s, Melaleuca forest n86,87s, mangrove wetlands, and aerial, moonrise n91s, palms on fire n87s, DUPE N4e, rare nypa palm n80s, sign n80s, mangrove silhouette n94s

Guy Fawkes River NP ST10e

Gwydir River SW2e, ST16e

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Habit, plant (ground hugging creeper) s48s, tree (tumble-down habit) s57s, s8s, weeping myall s11s, mallee growth s17s, see also yapunyah

habit, tree growth - tumbledown S15e, S23e

habitat degradation (Kurrajong cut for fodder, dead tree in cleared field (grainy)) s71s

habitat loss (bulldozer pushing woodland) sw12e, (canal development) aerial c3s, Raby Bay c90s, salt-intruded, pulled coastal wetland c90s, c13e, coastal forest being pushed c26e, (cleared mangrove, Port Hinchinbrook) q26s, (possum in nest box) c12,24s, (rock wall at former wader roost, Raby Bay), dead wetland Kooragang Is w13s, wetland filling, Port of Brisbane (oystercatchers) w18s

habitat loss from clearing s15.2s, (brigalow) s18s, s19.16s, s22s, native woodland s21s, lignum (aerial) s15s,

habitat loss, foreshore (rock wall and land fill) c28,90s, mangrove (conversion to fish farms, Java) i66s

habitat loss, pine plantation and clearfelling in hardwood forest aerial c63s

habitat loss, riparian, fish (Bega R) c10s

habitat loss, waders (foreshore reclamation) c84,85,90s, canal development c85,90s, waders displaced by foreshore development DUPE c46e

Haddon Corner desert aerial s108s

hail on ground c50s

Hakea, blossom SW6e, fire on seed pods C1e

Halophyla seagrass smothered by sediment W2e

halophyte, colonising dead Casuarina after salt intrusion in coastal wetland c44e, halophyte growing among dead fresh veg. in wetland c44e, herbs on bed of Lake Galilee CQ6e

halophyte shrubland, pigface in s53s

halophyte take-over with seawater intrusion C41e

halophytes (L. Wyara) sw11e, and salt encrustation, margin of inland salt lake s65s, fringing salina (inland salt lake) s46s, on margin of inland lake s52s, Lake Salisbury (Altiboulka) s36.19s, on edge of salt lake S15e, S21e

halophytic vegetation, edge of saline L. Wyara s99s

Hamilton River (braided)(aerial) s81s

hand, aboriginal stencil cq19,23s

harbour scene, Jayapura I13e

harbour wall breaking sea (aerial) c87s, busy (Sydney H.) c30s

harbour, busy Jayapura, dock, cargo boats, longboats i76s, traditional craft at anchor, Manokwari i77s, Hunter DUPE c45e, natural (Yarrabah) Q21e, Wewak with commercial fishing vessels aerial i76s

hardhead (male) s27.14s, dabbling s34.21s, family s13.20s, in flight s52s, SW1e, aerial s2.3s, male eye of (close) s34.9s

hardwood forest, old growth F5e

hardwood primary forest, brown barrel, L5e, (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e

hare standing C6e

Harry Butler & guests (ecotourism) N4e

harvesting, cotton SW6e

Hat Head N.P. C15e, C44e, (beachwalkers) C40e, (mobile coastal dunes) c16s, beach and landform c83s, headland C37e, C39e

Haughton River aerial q24e

hawk, brown s26.19s

hawk, crested being cared for C2e

Hawkesbury estuary (aerial) W1e

Hawkesbury River C16e

Hay Plain s18.3s, scene s24.4s, (bleached bones in chenopod shrub steppe) s63s, s73s, pigface flowers in chenopod shrubland s53s, old house s91s

Haye's Inlet, waders and waterbirds feeding W3e, intertidal flat W3e, sewage outfall & waders W3e, sewage outfall C38e, c73s, tidal flats and waders feeding w3e, w7,18s, mangrove forest wetland C41e

haze, blue from eucalypt oil, Blue Mountains aerial c91s

Head, The (Border Ranges, h. of Condamine River ) C26e, C3e, C9e

headland, vegetation, view of beach, Deepwater NP cq23s, waves on rocks (Deepwater NP) cq9s, lighthouse c83s

headland, ocean C37e, C39e

Headley Tarn c20s

hearing (possum) S6e, wallaby with ears pricked CQ8e

heat haze (windmill, road) s87s, on road S1e

heath flowers (white) SW8e, pink (35mm) SW9e, 6x6 C8e

heath, alpine ST3e

heath, candle (Richea),c20s, alpine bog ST6e

heath, coastal (Limeburners Ck) C8e, coastal wet f9s

heath, flowering (5x4) SW7e

heath, montane, Warrumbungle NP s68s, s72s

heath, native SW5e, wet C13e

heather, Scottish highlands e54,55s

Helichrysum c37s, flowers and dried grass s24s, s18s

Helipterum & Brachycome daisies (desert flowers, close) s66s

Helipterum floribundum s2.14s, s11.9s, s3.7s, H. flowers s106s

Hemiaspa signata C29e

hen, black-tailed native, group in lignum wetland s67s, chased by fox s54s

herb, alpine Ewartia DUPE st18e

herb, arid ground (Solanum) CA3e

herb, ground hugging (alpine silver Ewartia) c78s, s48s, (inland wetland) s46s

herbfield, alpine ST1e, ST6e, c3,11,12,20,21,78s, aerial c78s

herbfield, desert s72s, wetland (dry), with figure s43s

herbivores (kangaroos grazing) C6e

herbivory (Cape Barren Goose) s97s, plant defence against (spines) s72s, wallaby s71s, s93s, spines on plant leaves to protect from s101s

heritage site/ship (First Settlement Cove and Endeavour replica) c87s, monument c44e

heritage tourism (Victoria Settlement) n86s

heritage, outback (abandoned woolshed, Nocoleche N.R.) s62s

hermit crab in mud whelk on seagrass c10s

heron, black-crowned night with little egret i65s

heron, Javan Pond i67s

heron, nankeen (rufous) night s13.12s, s40.15s, group s40s, (adult, juvenile plumage) s56s, nestling swimming s77s, (group) s19.6s, (young) s28.22s, juvenile (cryptic) s92s

heron, Pacific (White-necked) s57s, s58s, s67s, in flight (wing patches) s50s, (plunging head into water) s58s, s3.14s, (hunting), s13.13,24s, (nestling) s34.19s, fledgling on nest s105s, adult at nest s106s, at waterhole CA5e, flood S2e

heron, pied on nest n90s

heron, reef (dark phase) q29s

heron, white-faced s27.1s, s34.18s, (close) s13.14s, s80s, preening under wing s79s, Pilliga s27s, L. Cowal s80s

heron, white-necked CA5e, S2e, see Pacific

Heterodendrum oleifolium s2.14s, shrubland s106s

Heteronotia binoei s104s

Hibbertia scandens c39e, flower c43e

Hibiscus sturtii (native herb) s93s

hibiscus, native C8e

high country grassland plain ST1e

High Country, Mt Coree c9s, see also Kosciusko

high density, housing - high rise residential, Singapore i19s, urban settlement c90s, aerial c78s

highland rainforest (Kerinci) I9e

hiker with porters in Timor t7s

hiking C2e, (beach) C40e

hillwalking ecotourist, Scotland e54,55s

Hinchinbrook Channel (aerial, ground) Q21e, wader survey W4m

Hinchinbrook Island and channel Q7e, q27s, mangrove clearing q26s, shore, mountains Q22e

historic Burns Philp, Normanton Q7e

historic cattle drive s21.7s, hotel (One Tree) s21.20s, steam engine, Paroo R s98s, stock bridge, Paroo River s16.7s, s35s, cartwheel s18.12s

historic, Cook's landing monument (Endeavour River) Q1e, Q14e, cottage C3e, German wagon C3e, hut, stove ST14e, mining relics Q1e, mining towns Q1e, pioneer cabin, telegraph station, Alice Springs CA2e, plaque - Central Mount Stuart CA2e, policeman's gravestone Q1e, rail bridge C3e, railway tunnel CQ6e, ruins, Milparinka S1e

historic scene of Cooktown & Mt Cook as sketched by Parkinson Q7e

historic steam engine ST14e, timber getters board notches in tree trunk C3e, timber jinker C3e, train (Gulflander) Q7e

history, pastoral s32.21s

hollow dwelling mammal S6e

hollow nest (duck's) DUPE st18e

hollow nesting (wood/maned duck near hollow) s86s, (woodswallow chick, see woodswallow), cockatiel s25.4s

hollow, antechinus taking refuge in s94s, possum peering from s105s, yakka skink at entrance s95,102s,

hollow, artificial (nest box), possum in c12,24s

hollow, duck's nest in c37s, land mullet at entrance (old sawn log) c69,81s

hollow-nesting survey s32.22s

hollows, competition for (feral bees) s58s

Holothuria leucospilota n91s

homestead beside desert wetland aerial s107s, abandoned s87s, outback s7.4s

honey source (yapunyah) s5.20s

honeyeater, dusky Q17e

honeyeater, grey-headed s25.13s, CA5e, CA6e

honeyeater, lewin (wing up) C11e

honeyeater, painted SW8e

honeyeater, spiny-cheeked s33.24s

honeyeater, white-plumed s25.14s

honeyeater, yellow-faced (birdbath) SW3e, at artificial bird bath s103s

honeyeaters, brown-backed fledglings q31s, young roosting DUPE q24e

honeysuckle vine SW6e, C39e

hoop pine, emergent in rainforest C39e

hop bush in fruit s90s, fruiting SW5e

hops, native s14.11s, wild s23s

Hornibrook Highway C36e, lights & reflection (night) C39e

Hornsby creek C16e

horse, feral (Finke River) CA7e

horses at abattoir S22e

horses, feral (Nocoleche N.R.) s62s

Horseshoe Lookout, Blackdown Tableland cq23s

Hospital Point, Gurig NP n92,93s

houseboat & floodwaters, Murray River S23e

housing development aerial, western Sydney c84s, with green space aerial c89s, tightly packed houses c90s

housing, indigenous (Sepik) I12e, Yapen I13e

housing, prefabricated i12e, imported at mine, PNG i77,78s

hovercraft, English Channel e56s

hulks, ship forming artificial reef aerial c38s

Humboldt Bay, Irian i75s, with outrigger canoes i76s, at dusk i77s

hummock grassland (Triodia) CA1e, (Triodia) sw10e

hummock savannah grassland with ghost gums, Selwyn Ra., n93s, Triodia grass, Kakadu escarpment n89s

humorous sign (gravestone) Q1e

Hungerford lakes S15e

Hunter estuary (boat harbour and industry) c18s, DUPE c45e, tall mangrove forest c18s,

Hunter River, mouth, beach fishermen and lighthouse c18s, mudflats w8s, estuary w11s, floodplain wetland C16e

hunter-gatherer, Atoni (Timor), in rainforest, traditional dress t8s

hunting (bunch of captive pratincole tied together, Java), rails, moorhen, plover with hunter, villager plucking native bird i66,67s, (snipe in mist net) w13s

hunting rats, Java i24s

hunting, duck hunters in boat, plucking, hiding at sunrise DUPE s24e

hunting, protected species (Freckled Duck) s105s

hunting, see also duckhunting

hunting, Toopuntal s7.21s

hunting, waterbirds plucked, Javan village i18,48s, netters i49s, cooking i17s

hut, emergency Kosciusko ST2e

hyacinth infestation (Sepik R) I12e,

hyacinth, water on Sepik River i76s

hydraulic pressure (tin mining) Q8e

hydro-electric plant, micro c53s, DUPE ST18e

hydro-electric scheme (Thredbo River) ST8e

hydro-power (micro) c53s

hydrology regime altered, wetland (dead mangroves) c85,91s, dead she-oak c90s, c44e, sandbar blocking coastal lagoon, see lagoon

hydroponic, natural (creek, rainforest on sand, Fraser Is) f16s

hypabyssal acidic intrusion c44e

hypersaline lake CA4e, S15e

hypersaline landscape CA4e, S15e, wetland S15e

Hypholoma fungi (gregarious) L10s

hypocotyl, mangrove accumulated on beach Q12e, grey mangrove c90s

hypsotactic aggregation (Soldier beetles) ST12e

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Ibis & ducks on wetland, tropical floodplain, (Townsville) Q18e

ibis & mangrove C18e

ibis nest & fledglings s73s, young s29.22s, fledglings s74s, flying, s86s, nocturnal foraging s78s

ibis, glossy (flock feeding) s51s, s64s, juvenile (close) s83s, glossy (yearling) s29.24s, Nathan Rd C19e

ibis, sacred/white fledglings at rookery s56s, s64s, flock in tree at rookery s67s, nesting colony in willows s64s, showing red underwing patch s76s, (nest) s35.2s, (young) s7.19s, s33.4s, nesting s93s

ibis, straw-necked s13.1s, s29.22s, (breeding plumage) s29.23s, flock (Narran Lake) s42s, soaring s45s, s60s, on claypan s77s, juvenile feeding s67s, yearling s67s, nest eggs & chicks C25e, rookery C25e

ibis, white (sacred) S2e, C18e, C39e, see sacred/white

igneous rock Q6e, Q14e, Warrumbungle NP s68s, s69s, s70s

Iluka N.R. C13e

imitation (dotterel/plover eggs imitating kangaroo faeces) s34s, s45s

impact, environmental (mine in river catchment) i77,78s

impact, tourist (Uluru) CA2e

Imperata cylindrica grass balds in rainforest (aerial) i75s, bald in rainforest i70s, pioneering on mobile dune f16s

improved pasture, contrast with natural (aerial) s85s, southern tablelands c4s

incision, river gorge ST9e

incubating (triller on eggs) C10e

incubating jacana Q16e

incubation - by mound builder Q17e

indigenous culture (PNG fishing) I12e

indigenous land management (ecotourism) N4e

indigenous rights (Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

indigenous Timorese families, traditional dress t8s

Indramayu bird netters, tambak i66,67s

industrial effluent outfall w11s, heavy and waders (Hunter R) w11s, impact on wetlands (Kooragang) w13s, waders on bundwall roost w14s

industrialisation, Japan, aerial, monument to (Eiffel tower) e56s

industry (aerial) s76s, (container cranes in sunset) c85s, in Hunter estuary (sunset) c17s, impact on wetlands (Kooragang Is) c18,84,91s, boat harbour with i. behind c18s, heavy and boat harbour, Hunter DUPE c45e, Mt Isa q31s

infestation (weeds) SW6e

inflatable boat (tender) Q21e

Ingham (aerial) Q20e

inkweed & bowerbird, western s46s

inland open forest SW3e

inland rivers (Paroo, Balonne, Thomson, Cooper Ck) s93s

inland sea, remnant of (L. Eyre salt crust) CA4e, (Lake Bindagolly & pelicans) s104s

inlet, coastal c44e

insect (pictorial) SW1e, SW5e

insect attack of rainforest leaf i74s, eucalypt tree (sawfly) ST11e

insect defence (sawfly larvae) ST11e

insect larvae (sawfly) ST11e

insect movement (springtails) SW8e

insect shedding skin SW1e, SW5e

insect, aquatic C7e

insect, stick C7e

insect/plant interaction (gall insect) L3e

insectivores, aerial (woodswallow group perched) s54s

insectivory (speckled warbler) SW8e

insects, midges in air, Paroo R DUPE s24e

inselberg (Ayers Rock) s22.23s, (Olgas) s23.8s, granite ST9e

inspecting intertidal flat W2e

instinct (goat climbing up) C6e

intensive land use (sugar, Richmond R.) Cs7e, Darling Downs s93s, SW3e

interaction, plant/insect (gall insect) L3e

interpretive sign, Ramsar site (Moreton Bay), waders (Toorbul) c86s, Boondall Wetlands Reserve c86,90s, rainforest, state forest c90s

intertidal flat C30e, (Cairns) q2,28s, Carmila Q4,11e, q7s, and feeding waders W2e, with shells C18e, Deception Bay foreshore C38e, C39e, see also tidal flat

intertidal flats, Pumicestone Passage C36e

intertidal, see tidal

intraspecific aggression (avocets) s64s, s83s

introduced mammal (hare) C6e, see also feral

introduced bird (turtle-dove) C34e

introduced trees (willows & ibis colony) s64s

intrusion, hypabyssal acidic lava (Macleay R), saltwater into wetland c44e

Inverell pioneer museum (cottage) C3e

inversion fog, in alpine valley ST2e, valley ST10e

invertebrate habitat (cracks in drying wetland soil) s47s, flood filling cracks s9s, s36.18s, ants caught in flood s16s

invertebrates, mating slugs ST12e

Ipomoea pes-caprae Q22e, vine on dune q22e

Irian Jaya I6e, i74-77s

Iridomyrmex purpureus meat ants s95s, winged fertile emerging s103s

iris, native (Patersonia) s93s

ironbark association SW1e ironbark SW1e

ironbark, narrow-leaved SW1,4e, s102s, forest association with cypress/bloodwood s103s

ironbark, silver-leaved cq25s

ironstone (coast) N1e, N2e

ironstone building n86s, cliffs n92,93s

ironstone, weathered below laterite sea cliff (Redcliffe) c79s, weathered C30e

ironwood foliage burning s96s

irrigated crops (date palms, Cunnamulla (Paroo R)) s99s

irrigation (L Jindabyne aerial) c9s, historic old steam engine pump, Paroo R. s98s, impact on river (dieback of red gums) s104s, canal (Darling R) s5.3s, landscape (aerial) s3.11s, storage/runoff s1.16s, (ibis) s35.2s

irrigation runoff S11e

irrigation runoff wetland (Long Meadow, Bourke) s46s, (Willbriggie Swamp) s56s, (Typha and dead trees) s105s

irrigation salination s1.7s, saline disposal ponds s16.17s

irrigation structure (barrage at entrance, Barrenbox) s49s, boards in red gum wetland s44s, Maude Weir s46s, weir, Darling R. s5.3s

irrigation water storage s5.6s, (ibis breeding) s7.19s, (aerial) s15.9s, (dead tree) s20.11s, effect on wetlands s81s

irrigation, arid region s3.13s, Darling River (aerial) s3.13s, flood, on rice paddy s79s, rice aerial s22.11s

irrigation, flood, of floodplain rice in wet season, Kalimantan aerial i70s

irrigation, impact on water table s21.2s, effect on wetland water table s47s, environmental flows (Narran) s64s

irrigation, inland floodplain orchard (aerial) s75s, orchard (Bourke) s5.3s, s15s, Mildura (Murray) s15s

Irvinebank centenary celebrations Q8e, old miner's cottage Q1e

Isa, Mt Q7e, Q11e

Island Head Creek (Shoalwater Bay area) CQ1e

island, habitat in cleared land (Weddin Mts) s19s, (Warrumbungle Range) s69s, s71s

island, Montagu landscape and lighthouse c6s

islands, in lake (Sentani) i75s

isolate subspecies (rock wallaby) q31s

itinerant fruit picker's shanty, Murrumbidgee River s86s

Jabiru fledgling practising flight C21e, head c24s, in estuarine wetland c24s, pair in field C21e, nestling on nest C21e

jacana among lilies q7,29s, and lilies Q15e, nest & eggs Q16e

jacky winter fledglings s102s

Jambi, riverside dwellings, city centre i68,69s

Java i66,67s

Jayapura harbour I6e, aerial I12e, wharf I13e

Jayapura, capital of Irian Jaya, busy harbour i76s, dusk i77s

jetty, and roosting waders W1e, Donnybrook C16e

joey, wallaby & mother C6e

jonsons (outrigger canoes), Irian i76s

Jumpinpin (aerial) C27e

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Ka Ka Mundi Wilderness Area, section, Carnarvon N.P. cq16s, CQ9e

Kakadu N.P. (bushwalking) N4e, cliff (outlier) N1e, (cathedral termitarium) n87s, aboriginal art and ecotourist, e. swimming in waterhole, waterfall, rock scrambling/bushwalking, view from escarpment n89s

Kakadu, Barramundi Creek waterhole N3e,Yellow Waters billabong N1e

Kalimantan I1e, i70-73s

Kalua River, NSW C16e

kangaroo drinking at tank s29.18s, leaping s18.5s, jumping s59s, family s52s, size differences s57s, tracks across desert salina, red roo hopping across green fodder (200ASA) s108s

kangaroo harvesting - price list in window Q3e

kangaroo looking (bending back) CQ9e

kangaroo, eastern grey s18.5s, S6e, C6e, (flash) CQ8e, nursing large joey s59s, joey feeding from pouch s71s, portrait, in cypress woodland at sunset, in bimble box woodland s94s, young in grassy open forest s104s, feeding large young Q12e, with wet arms Q12e, with young S6e

kangaroo, red s29.13s, close, dozing q3e, (old) s7.1s, old male s57s, (blue flyer) s11.4s, (big male) s29.17s, & wildflowers s33s, in desert sand dune country s65s, drinking at tank s59s, (male & female at waterhole, sunset), in arid landscape at sunset s94,104s, at Nocoleche NR s106s, mature/old, heavily built male (huge forearms) s106s,

kangaroo, red, group (blue, alert in savannah grassland) s57s, s59s

kangaroo, western grey C6e, s3.18s s15.16s

kangaroo/feral goat competition for water S6e

kangaroos, impact on vegetation S6e, red jumping along, in wheat field S6e

kaolin clay patterns in rock n92s

kapok blooms in monsoon scrub q28s

Kaputar, Mount N.P. (trees) S9e

Karodoc Swamp s1.7s, effect of salt intrusion s47s

karst country (limestone cave entrance) t6s, (rainforest around limestone pinnacle) t7s, mountain view t7s

Kata juta (Olgas) from Uluru (dawn, soft) CA1e, sunset s23.8s

Kenilworth State Forest C35e

Keppel Island, Bay CQ3e

Kerinci Enclave, Kerinci-Sablat Biosphere Reserve i68s, farmer in i56s

Kerinci-Sablat Biosphere Reserve - Rhododendron flowers, elephant in buffer, crater lake, volcano i69s, cloud forest interior i16s, rainforest (dark) I9e

kestrel, young Nankeen on cliff ledge, adult in flight over grassland s96s

Kickatinalong (Aussie yobbo) s43s

kids at beach silhouetted, Bundjalung NP DUPE c45e

Kilcoy landscape - dry (monitor site) C35e

Kilcoy/Esk Brisbane River C3e

kingfisher (kookaburra with fish) SW8e

kingfisher, azure C11e

kingfisher, red-backed S2e

kingfisher, sacred in coastal forest at dusk c77s

Kings Canyon CA1e, CA4e

Kingsborough/Thornborough ghost towns Q1e

Kinkuna NP cq10,23s, (beach) CQ11e

Kipperine Swamp (historic) C23e

kite, black-shouldered (& juvenile) S23e

kite, Brahminy, showing nictitating membrane i65s, pair perched atop mangroves c81s

kite, square tailed gliding DUPE nt4e

kite, whistling s26.21s

kittiwakes, nesting e57s

klotok (boat) I7e

knot (waders) roosting w16,17s

knots, egret, heron feeding on flat W3e

knotweed, Paroo River s17.15s

koala, (at night) C6e, (young sleeping) C6e, wild in inland woodland (not zoo quality) s94s, with ear tag c83s

Kochia sp.s18.3s

Kooba/Cuba Lagoon, Murrumbidgee R S12e, see also Cuba Lagoon

kookaburra (Laughing), s26.23s, CQ8e, C12e, in woodland s103s, with large fish s101s, SW8e, in rainforest Q3e, in woodland CQ8e, DUPE sw9e, young (short bill) C10e

Kooragang Is. (dead wetland with industry behind) c18,84,91s, bundwall (wader roost) w9s, polluted wetland with dead mangroves w13s, waders and bundwall w14s

Kosciusko alpine herbfield and tarn c3,12,20,21s, woodland aerial c14,78s, herbfield c11,78s, bog and snow melt aerial c78s, snowfields (peaks) c22s, ski-touring, tree dieback c30s

Kosciusko N.P. ST1e, ST6e, (everlastings) c37s, Ewartia c78s, sphagnum bog c13,20,78s, Murrumbidgee source c37s, Perisher Valley aerial c78s, (river) ST8e, alpine scene winter DUPE st18e

Kupang, street scene t1s, harbour t6s

Kuringai Chase N.P. (creek scenes) C16e, after burn C32e

kurrajong tree cut for sheep fodder in drought s71,109s

kurrajong, red (flowers of deciduous bush) n87s

Kurrimine (mangroves/sunrise, creek) Q19e

kyaking c86s

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Labour, human (workers carting salt, Java) i66s

lacewing, adult (backlit, nice) s102s

Lachlan floodplain wetland s74s

Lachlan Range & Lake Cowal s32.4s, Lake Ballyrogan/Brewster s63s

Lachlan River s37s, (red gum) s37.5s, Great Cumbung Swamp s37.9s, Lowbidgee s36s

Lachlan/Murrumbidgee Rivers confluence s32.13s

lagoon, coastal with sand bar blocking entrance aerial c83,87,91s, sandbank across entrance (L. Cathie) c79s, typical landform, barrier dune, sandbar across mouth aerial c87s

lagoon, freshwater tropical q28s, tropical (5x4) Q4e, Q10e, (dry) N2e, with magpie geese Q15e, q30s, with tree ducks q29s, same perched in trees q5,6s

Lake Altiboulka (Salisbury) S21e, duck flock in flight on s40s, d. silhouetted by sunset s64s, sunset S22e

lake bed cropping - ploughing impact s22.1s, scare-gun s4.19s, aerial s23s

Lake Bindagolly N.P. sw11e, waterbirds, rare wattle, woodland sw11,13e, (egrets hunting, ducks taking flight) s97s, pelicans s104s

Lake Broadwater SW1e

Lake Bullogal (wet/dry compo) s59s, (cormorants) s37.15s

Lake Cargeligo aerial s22.11s, s15s

Lake Cathie (sandpiper feeding) w16,18s, sandbank across entrance c79s

Lake Cowal (rufous/nankeen night heron) s40.15s, s19.6s, (nesting night heron) s28.22s, pelicans & lignum s34s, s18s, (birdwatching) s19,76s, pelicans in lignum s18s, flooded lignum s105s, (rain) s73s, flooded lignum s6.18s, & storm cloud s46s, sunset s18.18s, drying s35.24s, flying ducks s63s, (grebes) s3.16s, heron s13.13s, (spoonbills) s3.20s, hardhead brood s13.20s

Lake Cowal, scenic s32.4,9s, sunset s32.8s, margin with red gum & Myriophyllum s67s, duck feathers s10.7s, (spider web) s36.23s, scenic & pelicans s39s

Lake Dunn cq1s

Lake Emma, (Cape York Peninsula) Q10e

Lake Eyre salt surface (dry) CA4e

Lake Galilee CQ6e, (sunset) cq1s, freshly flooded with turbid water cq3s

Lake Jindabyne aerial c9s

Lake Kajarabie (Beardmore Dam) s93s

Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Is f16s

Lake Makoan (dead trees) (aerial) s38.19s

lake margin, inland, s51s s53s

Lake Mulwala and dead trees, aerial s107s

Lake Narran & waterbirds s64s

Lake Narran, see also Narran Lake

Lake Nearie see Nearie Lake

Lake Nugga Nugga CQ7e

Lake Numulla s99s

Lake Olepoloko (Paroo Overflow) (aerial) s62s, drying phase (Paroo wetlands) s54s

Lake Pambula w8,9s

Lake Peri (Paroo overflow) aboriginal flints s2,24s, flint stones DUPE s24e

Lake Salisbury (Altiboulka) S21e, duck flock in flight s40s, silhouetted by sunset s64s, waterbirds s40s, s84s, shore s36.15s, banded stilts s65s, sunset S22e

Lake Sentani, Irian i75s

Lake Tuross dune care w11s

Lake Waitchi (Paroo) (heron on nest) s106s, drying back s32.10s

Lake Wyara s36.3s, S15e, SW11e, aerial s2.3s, s38s, (avocets) (aerial) s35.1s, (pelican rookery) aerial s108s, old fence line, overview, halophytes on edge, zonation on edge, green algae in water s99s, aerial s38,107s, pelican rookery aerial s38s, waterbird flock on (aerial) s2s, banded stilt flock flying over (aerial) s35s, salt bed with derelict fence, aerial with L. Numulla in distance s109s

Lake Yamma Yamma aerial s85s

Lake Yantabangee, Paroo Overflow (wood duck) s1.17s (see also Paroo Overflow), aerial s31s, dotterel and eggs beside s40s, broad margin of s50,51s

lake, "window" f8,16s

lake, artificial (Burley Griffin) ST4e, (Jindabyne) aerial c9s, (Lake Ballyrogan/Brewster) s63s

Lake, Bells (inland salina) (aerial) s38s

Lake, Cobham S22e

lake, cropping, see lake bed cropping

lake, dystrophic coastal F3e, F4e, F5e

lake, ephemeral inland, s51s near-shore bed with Eleocharis & dead tree s50s, s51s s53s, playa S21e, sunset S22e

lake, high altitude crater lake, Kerinci-Sablat Biosphere Reserve i69s

lake, inland & waterbirds s64s, (sunset) s45s, s63s, s64s, (pelicans, Bindagolly) s104s, overflow (aerial) s53s, playa (aerial) s31s, salt with halophytes and salt encrustation on margin of s65s, scenic (old fence & sunset) s49s, s53s

lake, inland ephemeral salt (aerial) S12e, S15e

lake, perched dune f16s, F3e, F4e, F5e

lake, salt (surface) CA4e, S22e & aerial S15e

lake, scenic (L. Cowal) s79s

lake, volcanic, Atherton Tableland Q4e

Lakefield N.P. (lagoon) Q4e, (sea-eagle) Q3e, Lake Emma Q10e

Lamb Range rainforest, Atherton q24e

Lamington N.P. C2e

lancewood woodland cq24s

land care (contour ploughing) Burnett Downs aerial s107s, (soil conservation works) s108s, (erosion around roots, Balonne R, gully erosion, mulga) s100s, (sheep on pasture aerial) s107s, (topsoil lost from agricultural land) s98s, rehabilitation works s109s

land care - tree death and erosion c42e, dead trees and cattle c44e

land care demonstration site SW8e, (farming techniques) s76s, (spray grass) c57s, film crew interviewing landholder in bush, news cameraman, modern land manager on phone in bush, rural family cq25s

land care, traditional, with mature trees retained on steep slopes, Timor t8s

land clearing (bulldozer pushing inland woodland) sw12e

land degradation (Cecil Plains) SW2e, & soil conservation works s90s, (erosion) s19.18s, s22s, (aerial) s5s, stump s15s, (feral goats, pigs) s94s, erosion & tree loss s102s, gully erosion & cropping (aerial) s61s, tree loss s15.5s, s71s, s93s, overgrazing s60s, s88s, (woody weeds) S19e, river banks S5e

land fill (Scarborough) c28s, dead wetland Kooragang Is w13s, oystercatchers, Port of Brisbane w18s, refuse dump, leachate from c84,91s, and roosting waders DUPE c45e, coastal wetland, w2e, leachate from polluting wetland C38e

land management ( improved pasture, clearing & gully erosion) (aerial) s5s, s85s, clearing native woodland s21s

land mullet, family C35e, sheltering in log c69,81s, spotted young c81s, young DUPE c46e

land rights graffiti s103s, S23e

land slide, on steep rainforest river catchment, caused by mining i77,78s

land tenure (unincorporated area, western NSW) s52s

land use (aerial of green valley, Gippsland), (aerial of central Vic showing railway, irrigation canal, water storage, industry and cleared pasture) s107s

land use patterns (sandstone cliff and cleared lowlands) cq5s

land use, intensive agriculture, rice on floodplain Barito R, Kalimantan aerial i70s, intensive, coast, lowlands Scotland e54s

land use, intensive industrial at estuary, Japan aerial e56s

landform, aeolian (longitudinal dune, deflation basin) desert aerial s108s

landform, coastal, dynamic sand f16s, erosion/leaching processes, Gurig NP n92,93s, tropical low-energy mangrove aerial n91s, low energy coast, equatorial mangrove islands & channels i69s, coastal (wave on headland, beach) cq9s

landform, sandstone cq12, 15s, tor, cliffs cq23s

landforms, coastal (Zeta-form beach, dunes, ranges) c83s, high energy rocky (cove, cliffs, stack, wave-cut platform) aerial c91s, low energy (aerial) q27s

landforms, fluvial (meanders, oxbows aerial (high altitude)) s107s

landscape, cleared (aerial) s1.10s, semi-rural (aerial) s1.6s

landslide (Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

lantana with Ulyses butterfly on Q12e

lapwing, banded nest & eggs cq23s

lapwing, masked (chick) s38.12s,s55s, (eggs) s36.10s

lapwing, see also plover

lark, magpie (peewee) s49s

larvae, sawfly (swarming) ST11e

laterite cliff DUPE nt4e

laterite sea cliff (Redcliffe) c61,79s, Cobourg Pen., NT n92,93s

lateritic soil profile C36e

Laura town (Quinken Hotel) Q8e, road to, creek and horseman Q7e

leachate from landfill dump c84,91s, polluting wetland C38e, polluted (landfill) C26e

leached soil profile C36e

leaching, natural resulting in laterite sea cliff n92,93s, clay patterns in rock n92s

leaf litter, in mangrove wetland n91s, floating in paperbark swamp n88s, with skeleton of decayed leaf, rainforest i74s, fall of scorched leaves after fire c62,80s, gecko in s29.7s

leaf, attacked by insects, rainforest i74s

leaf, floating in water q28s, mangrove on sand q28s

leaf, gum on fern frond, L4e

leaves, juvenile c44e, spiny to protect plant s101s

leech C7e

leg flagged godwit w3,17s

lemma, grass s24.17s

Lemna (duckweed) q28s

lens hood, good example of cutoff q21e

leopardwood tree s78s, trees, Currawinya N.P. s100s

Lepironia sedge c43s

Leptospermum C8e

lerp on leaves S16e

lerp, superb parrot feeding on s71s

levee, river (Murray aerial) s44s

Lialis burtonis n88s

liana I1e

lichen & fungi (log) s18.10s

lichen (bright yellow crustose) c26s, (on old jinker) C3e, encrusted cypress trunk s103s, sw13e, crustose on rock L1,12s, British Soldiers (Cladonia), fruticose L3s, epiphytic (cypress trunk) SW9e, ground SW8e

lichen, moss and fungi together on log f16s

lichen, yellow DUPE c45e, yellow in landscape, Montagu Is c6s

Licuala ramsayi palm forest (fan palm) Q23e

life cycle, desert frogs' s36.11s

lifting condensation level, Mt Coree c78s, sunset c79s

light leak (good example of photo fault) q20e

lighthouse c6s, (dupe) C41e, and gannet rookery e57s, and landscape, Montagu Is c6s, viewed from boat c30s, Cape Cleveland N.P. q27s, Q22e, Curtis Is. CQ3e

Lightning Ridge S1e

lights, street reflection in water C39e

lignin skeleton of rainforest leaf after decomposition i74s

lignum floodout, dry S20e

lignum swamp (aerial) S7e, with billy buttons s10.11s, pelicans s18s, s34s, (fox) s2.24s, Bulloo Overflow s14.2s, Lake Cowal s38.20s, dry s1.19s, (aerial) s8.9s, dry (aerial with emus) s44s, flooded (aerial) s23s, full s24.14s, (aerial) s14.2s, flooded (spoonbill feeding) s34s, with young feral pigs s45s

lignum swamp, see also lignum wetland)

lignum wetland & feral pigs s45s, & pelicans s45s, & figure s77s, (dry) (aerial) s51s, (dry, flooded, with figure) s45s, flooded (aerial) s56s, with Chara algae s51s

lignum wetland, L. Bindagolly sw11e

lignum, & Chara algae s74s, & emus s79s, (flooded) & pelicans (aerial) s48s, (nesting night heron) s28.22s, flower s36.13s, s55s, s65s

lignum, in inland river S14e

lignum, spiny s24.14s, cq1s

lignum, with leaves, spider web s46s, clearing floodplain for cotton s108s, silhouetted at dawn, flooded s105s, flooded (L. Cowal) s6.18s

lignum,. flowering s11.10s

lilies, field of Crinum on Thomson R floodplain, Lochern NP s100s

lilies, water C14e

lily covered lagoon Q4e

lily Crinum with feeding hawk moth s95s, blossom s96s, Darling with hawk moth s9s, dried seed pods s18e

lily pily (new epicormic growth) n87s

lily trotter Q15e

lily, Darling S3e, S18e

lily, flax s11.10s, s11.12s, flower ST12e

lily, fringe, covering wetland cq26s

lily, fringe, (bush) SW2e, SW3e

lily, vanilla flower c80s

lily, water in deep dune wetland c15s, in paperbark lagoon n88s

lilytrotter among lilies q7,29s

Limeburners Creek N.R. C8e, coastal sandplain wallum, C13e

limestone cave, and rainforest, Irian i75s, entrance, Timor t6s, pinnacle in rainforest t7s, mountain view t7s

limestone, coral rock showing coral structure i74s

Limnodynastes interioris S13e, s57s

Limnodynastes ornatus among mulga fern s95s

Limnodynastes terrareginae head on portrait s95s

Lion's Den Pub, bar girl Q20e

Litchfield N.P. (magnetic termitaria) n87s

Litoria alboguttata at night s95s

Litoria aurea C28e

Litoria caerulea s9.3s

Litoria chloris C28e

Litoria fallax C28e, DUPE c46e, with tadpole tail stump c81s

Litoria latopalmata Q9e, calling s95s

Litoria nasuta C28e

Litoria peroni (distinctive armpit colour) s40.12s, s41s, C28e

litter (garbage) C26e, c91s, and pollution, estuarine foreshore c42e, on beach f12s

litter, forest floor leaf, L5e, L6e

litter, risk to wildlife s21.13s, (can) s3.6s

littoral rainforest C13e

littoral trees - tuckeroo & Casuarina C40e

littoral vegetation (casuarina/tuckeroo, Macleay Arm) c79s

Liverpool Plains, roadside corridor with native vegetation S10e

living fossils (tree ferns) L1e

Livistona humilis, fronds on fire n87s, DUPE N4e

Livistona mariae CA1e

Livistona palm grove, riparian cq26s

lizard caught in beer can s21.13s, sleeping (bearded dragon) s30s

lizard, agamid juvenile Q21e

lizard, blotched blue-tongue L15s, ST11e

lizard, bog eye/jew CA7e, S8e, s12.1s, s30.7s

lizard, eastern blue tongue s95s

lizard, frilled female Q13e

lizard, nobbi s102s

lizard, shingle-back/stumpy-tail s12.10s, in threat posture s40s, see also lizard, stumpy tail, below

lizard, skink ST11e, L3e

lizard, snake- (Burton's) n88s

lizard, stumpy-tail/shingle-back s95s, CA7e , S8e

lizard, Ta Ta (Two-lined Dragon) n88s, waving DUPE nt5e

lizard, water dragon, C29e, ST11e

lizard, young in stump looking out s46s

lobster, freshwater dried on floodplain s74s

local government worker lopping trees in green space c86s

Loch Linnhe e55s

Lochern N.P. (mitchell grass downs) sw10e, (hawk moth on lily) s95s, field of lilies s100s, lily blossom s96s, mitchell grass downs, saltbush s100s

locusts, plague S3e

lodge, wilderness n86s

log dump, in forest, L5e, with dozer L10s, NE Forest (NSW) ST17e, river red gum S5e

log jam in billabong s105s, Moonie R SW7e

logging & woodchipping s18.17s, river red gum (Darlington Point) s66s, (river red gum sawmill) s105s, large red gum logs from mature forest, stack of logs at mill s109s, red gum log being sawn at mill s39s, logging cycle (large mature red gum logs in sawmill) s66s, river red gum s2.22s, s39.12s, (truck) s6.3s

logging (camp and timbergetters, Gunung Waktu Dama, rainforest logs beside river, and being transported in raft, sawmill, charcoal plant, Kalimantan) i72s, i73s

logging (forest tree with question mark painted on trunk) c78s, ferrying plantation pine logs from N. Stradbroke Island c85s, (palm civet caught by loggers, Kalimantan) i72s, (reduce greed sign) L13s, road L13s

logging - clearfelling (aerial) L12e

logging concession (view of rainforest interior), Yapen Island, Irian i74s

logging, in rainforest reserve, mangrove aftermath of international company, with axe i75s, patterns of roading, Sumatra aerial i68s

logging, Northeast NSW forests st17e

logging, rainforest i31s, (loader with log, milling log, pile of logs, reject lumber, dozer pushing rainforest) i73s, (rafting logs down river, Kalimantan) i73s, sawmill i36s

logging, red gum at saw mill DUPE s24e

logging, threatened tropical rainforest (Indonesia) i1e

logging, timber truck f11s

logrunner, spine-tailed ST16e

London pub e56s

Long Meadow, Bourke s46s

Long Plain, Kosciusko N.P. c37s, ST2e

long-horned grasshopper SW1e

Lontar palms t6s

Lophognathus sp. n88s

Lophostemon confertus/satinay association F5e

lopping trees, city park c86,90s

lorikeet, rainbow (softish) q30s, on fruiting Casuarina C34e, on palm flowers c82s, feeding on palm DUPE c46e

lorikeet, varied on Melville Is bloodwood flowers n82s

lorikeets, rainbow at feeding table Q3e, Q16e

losman, Semau Is Timor t6s

Lost City, Kings Canyon CA1e

lotus bird among lilies q7,29s, and lilies Q15e, nest & eggs Q16e

Lowbidgee floodplain s37s, wetlands (Clear Lake) s63s, flooded black box near Redbank Weir s59s, flooded red gum s36s

lowland rainforest (cleared Irian aerial) I12e, (Iluka) C13e, Daintree cleared Q7e

lowland stream (Coochin Creek) C37e

lowland tropical rainforest I6e, external view I9e

lumber (river red gum sawmill) s105s

lumber, rainforest at mill i73s

lunette dune s4.13s, beside inland lake S22e, s17s, around inland lake (aerial) s72s

Lycoperdales fungus s106s

Lycosidae n88s, Q30s

lyrebird, Albert's (display) C9e, ST15e, (habitat) C9e

lyrebird, nest (superb) L6e

Lysiana subfalcata s24.6s

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