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Macaques, long tailed (crab-eating) i71,72s

MacDonnell Range gorge & waterhole CA2e

MacIntyre River S11e, S23e, floodplain woodland (dawn) s93,105s

Mackenzie, Lake (Fraser Is) F4e

Mackinlaya macrosciadia (plant with pom poms) Q5e

Macleay Arm, (M. River NSW) c79s, waterbirds feeding near mangroves c89s, tuckeroo & Casuarina trees C40e

Macleay River estuary C39e, floodplain C13e, aerial C27e, valley ST17e, upper with rocks c44e,

Macquarie Marshes S14e

Macropus dorsalis s71s

Macropus fuliginosus s15.16s, C6e

Macropus giganteus s18.5s, portrait s94s

Macropus parryi CQ8e

Macropus rufa s11.4s,s29.13s, (old) s7.1s, see also Megaleia rufa

Macrozamia douglasii f16s

Magnetic Is. (boulders on shore) q28s

magpie geese, concentration on remnant billabong, dry season n90s, on tropical lagoon q30s, in 3's q30s, head and shoulders q29s

magpie goose, nest & eggs s1.18s

magpie in snow ST2e

magpie lark C37e

magpie, black-backed, (young) C10e, washing in sprinkler C34e

mahogany, swamp foliage c78,91s

mail truck, Tibooburra S4e

mailbox, outback q31s

Malacca, Straits of aerial i69s

male brooding (waterbug) C7e

mallee clearing (aerial) s22.2s, S5e, corridor (aerial) s22.7s, s49s, for pine plantation (aerial) s93s, cleared for marginal wheat aerial s109s, broadacre (aerial) s83s

mallee woodland s14s, Mildura s2.12s, & mallee tree s17.7s

Mallow Sida blossom s96s

mammal face (possum) ST8e

mammal nest SW1e

mammal pests (dingo/rabbit fence) S13e

mammal, aquatic (water rat) s59s

mane of maned duck c39s

mangrove, & ibis C18e, & roots F3e, (grey) forest interior c43e

mangrove boardwalk (Boondall Wetlands reserve) c86,90s

mangrove clearing (Irian) I13e

mangrove creek C41e, aerial DUPE nt5e, and barramundi fisherman DUPE nt4e, Kurrimine Q19e

mangrove dead (tidal regime altered by works) c85,91s

mangrove destruction, Port Hinchinbrook q26,31s

mangrove dieback from altered tide regime C38e, C41e

mangrove estuary aerial (Maroochy) DUPE c45e

mangrove foreshore, Deception Bay 6x9 c44e

mangrove forest floor and detritus DUPE nt5e

mangrove forest wetland (Hayes Inlet) C41e

mangrove forest, Clarence R C15e, Hinchinbrook Channel Q22e

mangrove hypocotyls accumulated on beach Q12e

mangrove islands, Riau province, Sumatra aerial i69s, southern Moreton Bay aerial c43e, c83s

mangrove leaf litter on sand q28s

mangrove loss, estuary foreshore degradation c42e, Port Hinchinbrook Q19e

mangrove plantings i14s

mangrove regrowth, Javan fish ponds i66s

mangrove remnant, Scarborough C30e

mangrove roots, dead, exposed by erosion f15s

mangrove seeds C38e

mangrove shore with seagrass C18e

mangrove tall forest fringing Hunter R c18s

mangrove tree & sand flat (Carmila) Q4e, Q11e

mangrove wetland at sunrise, aerial of islands/deltaic, seagrass at low tide c43e

mangrove, aerial q27s

mangrove, aftermath of commercial logging i75s

mangrove, dead (erosion, Baffle Ck q28s

mangrove, deciduous, stilt-rooted, grey, zonation, leaf litter and knee roots on floor, creek and wetland aerial n91s, m. palm (nypa) n80s

mangrove, grey, C18e, C30e, Q4e, aerial roots radiating from tree q28s

mangrove, large leaved n91s

mangrove, mature roots, Moreton Bay Marine Park (35mm, see also med. format) c77,91s

mangrove, Rhizophora f1,15,16s, regrowth f16s

mangrove, stilt rooted on rock n92s, and sunset Q19e

mangroves (Hayes Inlet) c73,90s, dead c73s, dead with industry behind c18,84,91s

mangroves on Cairns foreshore q28s

mangroves, aerial (Haughton R) q24e

mangroves, dead in landfilled, polluted wetland w13s, road built through w11s

mangroves, dendritic patterns on tidal flats aerial c7s (see also nqXe), spoonbills and egret feeding in c88s, flying fox pair roosting in foliage c82s

mangroves, fringe with seagrass, tidal flats w8,9s

mangroves, grey silhouetted 6x9 c44e,

mangroves, mature, C18e, mature forest (Hayes Inlet) c79s, hypocotyls on mudflat c90s, mature trees lining bay shore c77,91s, mature on foreshore c43e

mangroves, silt-rooted q23e

mangroves, sunset C41e

mangroves, upper tidal, Java i66s

mangroves, waders flying past w18s

manna (lerp on leaves) S16e

mannikins, chestnut breasted C41e, cuddling up to roost c82s

Manning River estuary, pelicans swimming in harbour c81s, (Old Bar) c17s, sandflats w8s,9

Manokwari, Irian Jaya i76,77s, (beach) I10e, I13e

map of Australian wetlands (after Frith) s10.16s

map, River Murray regulation (after M.R.C.) s46s

margin of inland lake, s51s s53s, Lake Bulloo with green growth (aerial) s85s

mariculture (Irian prawn farm) I13e, (oysters) C16e, fish/prawn farm, Java i66s, fish fry i69s

marina pollution Q22e,s, q31s

marine life - antifouling a boat CQ1e

marine park management (artificial reef of hulks, Tangalooma, Moreton Bay MP) aerial c38s, (engine exhaust on marina water, Townsville) q22,31s, mangrove clearing, Port Hinchinbrook q26s, (pollutants, habitat loss, sediment control) c85,90s, bait harvesting c86,90,91s, dogs disturbing birds c86s

marine park management, see national park management

marine park wilderness sunrise (Cobourg) n93s

market, night, Kupang t6s

markets, floating in Benjarmasin i71s

marmot, alpine e58s

Maroochy River mouth aerial DUPE c45e

Maroulyan Harbour Q21e

Marsilea drummondii (carpet) s8.17s, on drying inland wetland (close) s39s, drying s39.5s, floating s39.11s

marsupial face (possum) ST8e

marsupial mouse in hollow s94s

marsupium (pouch) C6e, CQ8e, S6e, s71s

martin, fairy nests s25.10s, s55s, s62s, s89s, in old ceiling s80s, under bank s81s

martin, tree (flocking) SW8e

martins, tree, migrating flock s101s

Mary River, Qld C33e, with rock bar c33e

Masthead Island (Great Barrier Reef MP) CQ3e

Matan River, Kalimantan i70,71s

mating grebes on nest cq24s

mating Soldier beetles ST12e

mature river red gum s1.1s, tree s44s, with falcon's nest s92s, Lowbidgee s36s

mature river, inland (Murrumbidgee) with snags s74s

mature tree SW1e, tree trunk with moss, lichen L1e, (5x4) L8e

Maude Weir s46s

May River, PNG aerial showing meanders i74s

McPherson Range C3e, C9e

meadow, alpine (Kosciusko) ST1e, ST2e, ST6e, DUPE st18e, with marmot e58s

meadow, Sporobolus salt, Clarence c89s

meander, Darling River s5.3s

meander, river (billabong) s39.17s, with prior meanders (aerial) s44s, on creek (billabongs) (aerial) s56s, aerial c7s

meandering creek through sandy coastal lowlands, Great Sandy Region aerial c83s

meanders & oxbow lagoons s21.5s, (high altitude aerial) s107s,, deranged drainage basin, desert aerial s108s, meanders, floodouts, prior streams, levees on flooded inland river (aerial) s83s

meanders (tidal estuary)(Haughton R) q24e

meanders of May River, Sepik, PNG aerial i74s

megachiroptera C5e

Megaleia rufa (red kangaroo) s94,104s, s11.4s, s29.13s, (old) s7.1s, dozing q3e

megapode (scrub turkey) Q17e

Melaleuca bark peeling C14e

Melaleuca bracteata s99s

Melaleuca forest and wallum c36e

Melaleuca forest C14e, Q4e, Q10e, fire tolerance C1e, clearance for golf course C13e, smouldering after fire c62,80s, with fern understorey c39e, c44e

Melaleuca fringe, in tropical lagoon (dry) N2e

Melaleuca leucadendra forest n86s, single specimen n94s, leucadendra/viridiflora swampforest n87s

Melaleuca lined creek, dry bed, (Nth Qld) Q11e

Melaleuca quinquenervia C15e, wetland c44e

Melaleuca stand with flowering heath C39e, reedbed F5e, trees & flowers F4e, F5e

Melaleuca trees on dune f16s

Melaleuca viridiflora (dry) N2e

Melaleuca wetland C13e, C14e, Q4e, Q10e, F5e

melanism (skink on black rocks) Q13e

Melanitis leda (mating) c23s

melon, paddy (plant) CA3e

Melonthinae L14s

memorial (crash site) C2e, WWI cq11s, see also monument

Menindee Lakes (water storage) s6.7s

mesa CA1e, S11e, S21e, sandstone CQ3e, CQ7e

Messerschmidia argentea CQ3e

metamorphic porphyry rock (in forest), L5e

metamorphosis (wood moth's wings expanding) c25s

Metroxylon sago palm aerial of canopy, PNG i74s, riverside i75s

micro-climate (provision of by spray grass) c57s

microchiroptera C6e, roost CQ6e

microclimate (termitarium) n87,90s

midges, in air Paroo R. DUPE s24e, non-biting (chironomid) s8.6s, s20.14s, swarm s49s, swarming over inland river s64s

migrant passerine (monarch-flycatcher) c82s

migration, bird (birds high against sunset) C36e, (sandpipers on inland canegrass wetland) s55s, s60s, shorebirds/waders (flock) s13.4s, (tree martins) SW8e, (shearwaters stranded on beach) c82s

migration, butterfly C7e

migratory waders W1e, W2e, W3e

Mildura orchards (aerial) s3.12s, s15s

milfoil L1s

Millewa State Forest (Murray River) s92s, S12e

Milparinka S1e

mimi style stick figures, aboriginal rock art n89s, (Wattagoona) S3e

mimicry (lyrebird) C9e, ST15e,

mimicry, spider preying on green tree ant n88s

mine (aerial) s21.3s

mine shaft, pioneer's S1e

mine waste (main street and slag pile) S10e

mine workers, i12e, machinery, housing, local villagers and machinery (Ok Tedi) i77,78s

mine, heavy metal, open cut (Ok Tedi) i77,78s

mine, pioneer abandoned (arsenic) ST14e

mine-head gantry, (historic) Q1e

miner's hut (Lightning Ridge) S1e

miner's pioneer dwelling, ruins of (Cobar) S1e

miner, noisy chick DUPE s24e

mineralisation (copper) Ok Tedi I12e

mines, opal S1e, S4e, S10e

minimum till (topsoil loss from agric. land) s98s

mining (Mt Isa skyline) Q7e, (Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

mining accident, historic Q1e

mining history Nth Qld, historic towns Q1e

mining town (Broken Hill) S10e, (aerial) s6.20s, (suburbs in the desert) (aerial) s52s

mining, Chinese gold digger, sluicing for alluvial gold i72s

mining, impact (runoff) i34,72s, sediment in Ok Tedi River aerial, overburden being pushed into river catchment i77,78s

mining, mineral sand, impact on landscape (mineral sand, N. Stradbroke) aerial c7s

mining, opal s11.17s

mining, open cut (Ok Tedi) I12e

mining, spoil dumping (Ok Tedi) I12e

mining, tin Q8e

mirage, on hot bitumen highway, Hay plain s108s, heat on road S1e

Mirrool Creek, Lachlan River/Booligal s19.4s

Mission Beach q27s, & swimming enclosure Q22e, mangroves Q19e, mangroves and sunrise q23e

mist, (morning) wetland s1.14s, (rainforest) C3e, Q6e, I12e, forest (sun through canopy) L1e, L10e, L11e, in alpine valley ST2e, mountain in forest L2,4,10s, valley ST10e

mistletoe bird, mistletoe seed on branch, deposited by s101s

mistletoe killing tree SW6e

mistletoe seed sticking to branch s101s

mistletoe, harlequin (flower) s24.6s

mistletoe, paperbark flower n94s

misty forest (tall) L11e

misty river scene (Paroo R.) s47s, s51s

misty sunset through rainforest Q6e

mitchell grass downs (galah flock in flight) s102s, (wildflowers), (kestrel) s96s, dry open, and sandstone range s93s, dry with rain approaching s99s, (Lochern NP, Mt Felix) sw10e

mite, red s8.18s, s84s

mobile sandhill, desert (ground view) S10e

Mon Repos Beach (turtles) CQ4e, CQ5e

monarch c82s, see flycatcher

Monaro Plains grassland ST1e, aerial c78s

monitor, gould's/sand CQ9e, CA7e, s6.17s, s40s, (running) s30.20s, climbing tree s95,103s, investigating termite mound s95s, peering semi-hidden through grass s102s, (large specimen) c23s, on desert sandhill, checking out termite mound sw10e

monitor, lace f1,16s, CQ9e, c23s, (inland form) S8e, (banded) s30.23s, in threat posture (dark) s58s, close on trunk c23s, mating on ground c81s, with tongue out C29e, mating DUPE C46e

monitor, pygmy mulga (stumpy tail) CA7e

monitor, spotted tree n88s

monkey (burl on tree) n88s, on mature river red gum tree s44s

monkey, proboscis, habitat i70s

monkeys, fed on temple island, Kalimantan i71s

monoecious plant (male cones of cypress) s96s

monospecific stand (coachwood trees) ST16e

monotreme (echidna burrow) S6e

monsoon (flooded forest) I1e

monsoon clouds, Java i66s

monsoon scrub, Magnetic Is. q28s

monsoon storm clouds building, end of dry n87s

Montagu Is. N.R. driftwood and boulders c79s, from boat c30s, seals c5s, landscape and lighthouse c6s, shoreline sunset c8e, with ecotourist c29s, seals DUPE c45e

monument, Endeavour River (Cook's landing) Q1e, Q14e, First Settlement (Recliffe, Qld) c87s, c44e, Fort Bourke S1e, Japanese WWII, Irian i77s, war veteran's cq11s

Moogerah Dam C17e

Moolawalka, see Mullawoolka Basin, Paroo Overflow

moon rise over wilderness coast n91s

moon, rings around ST12e

moon, s73s, & bimble/poplar box fringe s50s, & dead tree s8.8s, & reflections (wetland) s50s, full & cloud s86s, & dead trees, water storage s92s, through forest canopy L1e

Moonee Beach estuary W1e, C4e

Moonie River SW6e, SW7e

moonlit landscape s14.8s

moonrise SW3e, (Boggy Ck) s14.8s, Moreton Bay C36e

moorhen dusky c33s, s26.6s, C20e, flock with coot c43s

Mootwingee N.R., "closed" sign s88s

Mootwingee rock art S3e, landscape S10e

moraine, glacial, Lairig Grue Pass e55s

Morelia spilotes Q13e

Moreton Bay (Spitfire Banks) (aerial) C27e

Moreton Bay artificial reef C41e

Moreton Bay bait harvesters c42e

Moreton Bay mangroves, mangrove islands aerial c43e

Moreton Bay Marine Park (Hayes Inlet) C23e, Jumpinpin (aerial) C27e, (mangroves) c73,77,91s, (fisherman and dinghy silhouetted) c45s, fishermen netting from dinghy c61s, laterite cliffs c79s, (terns on rocky reef) c65,87,90s, foreshore scene with Endeavour replica at anchor c87s, darter on harbour rocks c90s, (Redcliffe Pt Reef) C31e, (stints on tidal flat, godwits feeding, flying with knots) w18s, sewage outfall c73s, tidal flats w10s

Moreton Bay Marine Park, Coochin Ck c79s, tidal flats c80s, with waders c80s, with people c90s, trawlers out in bay c86s, ibis on flats at sunset c91s

Moreton Bay Marine Park, foreshore destruction c84,85s, bait harvesting c86,90,91s, f. degradation c91s

Moreton Bay, mangrove islands, Sth end aerial c83s

Moreton Bay, moonrise C36e

Moreton Bay/ Glasshouse Mts C39e

Moreton Bay/Brisbane R. foreshore degradation c42e

morning glory, beach Q22e

Mornington Peninsula aerial c91s, C41e, DUPE c41e, DUPE c45e

mortality (dead gannet near rookery) e57s, waterbird on inland lake (dead pelican) s57s, wildlife (kangaroo bones in shrub steppe) s73s

Morton N.P. (NSW) ST8e

mosquito control C37e, in tidal wetland (spraying) c85s

moss (old jinker) C3e

moss and fungi (forest) L3e, Q14e

moss forest (Bunya Mts) C8e, (Kerinci) I9e

moss, alpine ST2e

moss, between rocks (Carnarvon Ck) Q5e, on tree trunk L1e

moth, camouflaged on lichen covered bark C41e

moth, Geometrid on lichen-covered tree trunk c80s, DUPE c45e

moth, hawk on Darling lily S18e

moth, hawk s9.6s, at Crinum lily flower s9,95s

moth, Murray River ghost s25.24s

moth, stem galling Epiblema biocontrol for Parthenium cq24s

moth, wood, wings expanding c25s

mother of millions (weed) SW6e

motor sport (trike) Q2e

motor-touring, Provence e56s

motoring (aerial of freeway) s45s, inland highway s87s, (h'way with trucks) (aerial) s91s, (emu on road) s25.9s, rolled car & contents s83s, rural/outback track & gate s42s, off road s80s, (bogged) s84s, repairs s1.4s, (rain cloud over 4WD track), (refuelling car at servo) c73s, 4WD stuck in washout CQ7e, misuse of car (need for 4WD) Q2e, stock hazard on road Q2e

motoring outback s1.4,2.6s, CA3e, cq13s, broken caravan S1e, improvised sign Q14e, (flat battery) s88s, flat tyre, trailer trouble s42s, (grader on track) s62s, boundary gate & sign s47s, outback (impact of wheels on muddy road) s59s, (aerial) s2.18s, (bogged) s7.18s, outback (touring/photography s62s, (rolled car) s3.1s, (sign posts) s16.10s, road (bitumen end) s5.12s

motoring, rainforest track Wet Tropics Q2e, Q11e

motoring, recreational (alpine, impact on streams) c28s

mould, slime s85s

moult, duck wing primaries s48s, s61s

mound building scrub turkey Q17e

mound spring CA4e, S12e, S15e, S21e, sw11e, artesian (Lake Peri) s43s, s53s, s36.20s, and canegrass swamp s99s, in L.Peri (Paroo Overflow) s44s

Mount Coree (Brindabella Range) c9,78s, ST3e

Mount Isa Q7e, Q11e, (aerial of mine)s21.4s

Mount Ka Ka Mundi CQ9e

Mount Kaputar N.P. (trees) S9e

Mount Kosciusko ST1e, ST6e

Mount Morgan dam CQ7e

Mount Oxley (Bourke) S11e

Mount Sonder CA1e

mountain light S9e

mountain stream, Blackbutt C39e

mountains, desert CA1e, (aerial) CQ9e, S7e, (Yancannia Range) (aerial) s85s

mountains, rainforest (Star Mtns, PNG) i77s

mountains, snow-capped (Tidbinbilla), ST4e, ST5e, rainforest covered (Daintree) Q7e

Mourilyan Harbour (port) aerial q21e

Mt Byron, D'Aguilar Ra. C3e

Mt Felix and mitchell grass downs s93s

Mt Lindsay (light) ST9e

Mt. Isa, pollution q31s

Mt. Tinbeerwah c35e

mud skipper/hopper (fish) q30s

mud, at edge of inland lake (waterbird habitat) s54s, patterns in drying s45s, cracking (drying) s47s, lignum swamp s63s, on floodplain s18.1s, cracking skin, (drying claypan with canegrass) s54s, s55s, wet with herbs (waterbird habitat) s47s

mud, patterns in drying mud S15e, S17e

muddy floodwaters S20e

mudflat, inland lake s54s, intertidal with ibis C18e, C39e, tidal C30e

mudlark beside waterhole s49s

mudskipper showing arm DUPE cq12e

mudstone, Murgenella formation, Arnhem land n92s

Muehlenbeckia (aerial) S7e

Muehlenbeckia cunninghamii s1.19s, s6.18s, s38.20s, with leaves s46s

Muehlenbeckia horridus s24.14s, cq1s

mulbu (dusky rat) n93s

mulch, garden (pile with egret) c77s, machine c90s

mulga fern SW2e

mulga grass s106s

mulga lands (aerial) s76s, & bore drain (aerial) s76s

mulga savannah shrubland aerial s108s

mulga shrubland s77s, (flowering trees) s96,100s, with white sunray flowers s66s

mulga trees s4.1s, tree and daisies s23s

mulga woodland, gully erosion in s100s

mulga/bimble box woodland sw10e

Mullawoolka Basin (Paroo Overflow) s9.16s, (aerial) s51s, (ground level, figure) s41.7s, sunset s14.3s, dawn s105s, aerial s53,62,107s, fresh and adjacent salina aerial s20s, stormcloud and waterbirds s9s, pelicans taking off s13s

Mullins Swamp, S.A. (ibis rookery) C25e

multiple forest use C36e, (bees) C2e

Murarrie wetlands C22e, egret silhouetted c42s

Murgenella formation mudstone, Arnhem Land n92s

Murray Falls Q6e

Murray River Nth Qld, rock pool q28s

Murray River red gum floodplain forest S12e

Murray River, cliffs & main channel s44s, floodplain forest s92s, map of s46s, floodplain (aerial) s2.1s, s41s, flood (aerial) s17.9s, floodwaters & houseboat S23e

Murray-Darling system, fauna (Murray turtle) s29.9s,. headwater streams - Qld s93s

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area S11e

Murrumbidgee River (young), Uriarra ST4e, mature (Darlington Point) S23e, flood (picnic table) s17.18s, forestry s39.12s

Murrumbidgee River floodplain (Kooba Lagoon) S12e, Coonancoocabil S14e

Murrumbidgee River forestry S5e

Murrumbidgee River, source (Kosciusko NP) c37s, ST2e

Murrumbidgee River, tree lined meander and beach, river red gum forest, Yanco weir s105s, floodplain wetland scenic (sunset) s109s, floodplain forest logging/woodchipping s66s, river scene s24.10s, s74s, wetland s1.16s, s1.14s, s1.15s

Murrumbidgil Swamp (Booligal) s37.12s, s76s

muttonbird, chick CQ8e, birds stranded on beach c82s

Myall Lakes NP (dingo) c14s

Myall River, Tea Gardens (scene with fishermen on jetty) c71s

myall trees s11s

Myanba Creek (waterfalls) L3e, L4e, L11e, L13s

Myriocephalus stuartii S10e

Myriophyllum L1s

Myriophyllum verrucosum s35.24s bed, Lake Cowal s67s

myrtle, fringe (Calytrix) SW5e

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Nalbaugh N.P. (view from) (5x4) L7e, L8e, L11e, L12e, vista L9s, L11s

Namadgi Nature Reserve (vista) ST3e, ST4e, ST5e, (Mt Coree) c9,78s, Nursery Swamp c78s, (forest) ST3,4e, ST5e

Namandjolg spirit figure, Kakadu n89s

nankeen night heron (group) s19.6s

nardoo & black box s32.5s, & teal chicks s39.9s, nardoo carpet s8.17s, nardoo drying s39.5s, floating s39.9s, in flooded black box depression s41s, nardoo, drying ephemeral wetland (close) s39s, green carpet (and brown) on depression s106s, in flooded black box depression S15e, S20e

Narooma, Wagonga Inlet aerial c84s

Narrabeen Lakes, seagrass meadow c45,89s, waterbirds and urban catchment c46s

Narran Lake & waterbirds s35.4s, s64s, (spoonbill) s27.3s, (dotterel) s6.14s, avocets s13.22s, ibis s13.1s, (young ibis) s29.22s

Narran Lake Nature Reserve s2.24s, s28.24s, (ibis, lignum & rain) s42s, (red-kneed dotterel beside lake) s105s, spoonbill feeding in s34s, glossy ibis (yearling) s29s, waterbird assemblage s35s

Nasutitermes triodiae cathedral mound n87,90s

Nathan Gorge cq26s

Nathan Road Wetlands C19e, (Waders roosting) W1e

national estate forest L3e, L4e, (5x4) L8e, L10e, L12e

national park management (1080 poison baits) s77s, (grader) s62s, (pig trapping) s88s, clearing and burning adjacent to Warrumbungle NP) s108s, (firewood sign) s98s, controlled burn s104s, tree cut for fodder near NP s109s, (pig trap) s14.13s, (restricted entry sign) s50s, fencing s60s, s88s, (4wd in Brindabella's) c28s, (sewage outfall) c73s

national park management (buffer, Kerinci) i44s, elephant in Kerinci Enclave i69s, farmer in K. Enclave i56s, (Imperata grass bald in rainforest, Tanjung Puting NP) i70s, outlawed fishing villagers, illegal fishing village Way Kambas, (rangers building hide), (Kerinci Enclave with town of Sungai Penuh in biosphere reserve) i68s, fish catch i69s, (poached logs from reserve, rainforest, Irian) i75s, ranger on patrol, Kalimantan i71s, rattan in lowland rainforest, Kerinci i56s

national park management (burning forest, Gurig) n87s, (impact of banteng on sandy plain) n91s, feral buffalo in Gurig NP n93s, (trade-off road/Chikiba lagoon) w11s, former camp ground at Ayer's Rock CA2e, huts in Kosciusko NP ST2e, snow resort in Kosciusko NP ST2e, tourists climbing Ayer's Rock CA2e

national park use - exploring gorge on raft CA2e, exploring lake in rubber raft Q10e

National Park, Sturt s2.13s, Willandra s17.16s

native companions Q16e (see also brolga)

native hen, black-tailed s28.23, 24s, (& fox) s14.18s

native hen, see also hen, black-tailed native

naturalised plant (century plant) S5e, (climbing (Brazilian) nightshade) C39e

Nature Reserve, Narran Lake s2.24s,s28.24s, Nearie Lake s4.13s, Nocoleche s2.2s

nature strip, Canberra S11e

Nearie Lake (dry) s64s, grebe flock s75s, nature reserve s4.13s, s4.23s, hoary-headed grebe concentration s4s

neck articulation (kingfisher) S2e, in emu s54s, stretching (duck drinking, swan looking) s34s

nectar feeding hover fly C7e

nectivory (woodswallow) s54s, s52s, lorikeet on palm flowers c82s

Negara River, Kalimantan aerial i70s

Nenas, highland village, Timor t8s

Neobatrachus frog in flooded canegrass S15e, S22e

Neobatrachus sp s8.10s, sudelli s41.2s

Nephila spider with grasshopper SW8e

Nephrurus asper CA7e

Nephrurus levis s12.16s, s29.1s, S8e DUPE s23e

Neptunia gracilis cq25s

nest & eggs, banded plover CQ6e, on ground cq23s

nest & eggs, black-fronted plover (dotterel) s60s, brolga s57s, masked plover/lapwing s43s, s58s, pied/black-winged stilt s58s, s63s, cormorant/ darter s58s, white-browed woodswallow s77s, & chicks, straw-necked ibis C25e, jacana Q16e, little tern n88s, pied stilt w17s, stilt's c35s

nest & nestling (woodswallow), (chat) s10.15s, darter (anhinga) s50s, darter s109s, egret C22e, tawny grassbird with, C12e, willy wagtail C10e

nest & young, osprey C41e

nest (mound) scrub turkey's Q17e

nest box s78s, artificial (possum) ST8e

nest in buildings (pardalote under iron roof) s25s

nest, black fronted dotterel s34.1s, fairy martin 25.10s, grey teal s27.16s, green tree ants Q12e, jabiru C21e, mammal SW1e, olive-backed oriole C10e, pied stilt W2e, superb lyrebird L6e, tailor-bird C12e, wedge-tailed eagle on telegraph pole CA5e, wedge-tailed eagle's S17e, white-winged triller, C10e, wood duck's in hollow DUPE st18e

nesting (frogmouths) s17s, s53s, s55s

nesting burrow, echidna S6e

nesting heron, pied n90s

nesting, colonial (pelicans) s36.3s

nesting, opportunistic s25.15s

nestling (pacific heron) s34.19s, woodswallow s33.19s, plover s55s, (great cormorant) s34.16s, (ibis) (Willbriggie) s35.2s

nestlings, silver-eye c82s

nests and young darter C24e

nests, martins' mud s55s, s62s, s89s

netters and waders W1e

Neuroptera s102s

New Endeavour C36e

New England Tableland (vista) ST9e, ST10e, vine covered church st14e

New South Wales south coast aerial c83s

Newport - wetland destruction C38e

nictitating membrane, Brahminy kite i65s

nidicolous chicks in nest (silver-eye) c82s

nidifugous plover chick s38.12s

night-heron, rufous (nankeen) group s40s

Nightcap Range, NSW (cascade) C3e

nightjar, owlet s55s

nightjar, white-throated chick with egg tooth, nest and egg in woodland, adult decoy display cq24s

nightshade (potato bush) s8.4,7s

nightshade, climbing (Brazilian) c39e

Nimadgee, see Namadgi

nimbus cloud SW1e

Ninghi Creek (Pumicestone Passage) C4e

Nobby's Inlet (Cape Upstart) Q19e

Nocoleche N.R. (kangaroo) s3.18s, s11.4s, s29.13s, (leaping) s18.5s, old kangaroo s7.1s, (Aerial Swamp) s8.17s, (chat nest) s10.15s, (emu) s3.14s, (green tree frog) s9.3s , (sand goanna) s6.17s

Nocoleche N.R. claypan s2.2s, flood s7.7s, lignum swamp s1s, carpet of flowers s24.11s, storm & rainbows8.19s, wildflowers s15.15s, sign s73s, aerial s82s, signs s73s, boundary fence contrast 60s, vegetation s3.7s, kangaroos, depression before & after water, white sunrays, daisies beside depression, shrubland s106s

Nocoleche N.R. rangeland/woodland S10e, S19e, S20e, wetland S14e, S16e, S20e, shearers quarters s16.11s, (home-stead) s7.4s, shearing shed s32.21s, sign s32.19s

nocturnal feeding by waterbirds (pink-eared ducks) s64s, ibis & spoonbill s78s

nocturnal gecko s29.1s

nocturnal mammal - antechinus out during day C38e

nomadism (freckled duck on L. Wyara) s49s, (grebe winter flock) s75s, (group of black-tailed native hen) s28.24s, s67s, (gulls on inland pool after rain s52s, (pink-eared duck solo) s26.2s, (red-kneed dotterel flock) s79s, s83s, waterbirds on receding billabong s65s, flock of little black cormorants C36e

nomadism waterbirds' s2.3s, s64s, s35.1s, (stilts) s28.8s, s65s, grey teal (trapped for banding) s46s, (gull on playa) S22e

Normanton Q7e

Normanton Railway Station Q7e

North Pine Dam C17e

north Qld wader survey W4e

Northeast forest logging NSW (question mark on tree) c78s

Northeast Forests (NSW) ST16e, ST17e

Notaden bennettii s20.6s, s48s, s63,106s

Notostrachan (shield shrimp) s9.8s, (hand held) s24.1s

noxious weed (pest pear) s21.11s

Nudgee Beach (Ramsar interpretive sign) c86,90s

Nudgee Creek C37e

Nudgee mangroves and algae (nutrient enrichment(6x4.5 dupe) W4m

Nugga Nugga, Lake CQ7e

Niugini, see Papua New Guinea

Nullica State Forest, L5e, L9e

Nundah Creek w1s

Nursery Swamp (Namadgi N.R.)s89s, c78s

nutrient cycle (lignin skeleton of decayed rainforest leaf) i74s, broken by clearing rainforest, causing Imperata grass bald i70s

nutrient cycle, wetland (herbfield & figure) s43s, stranded fish s50s, s36s, s63s

nutrient cycling in ephemeral lake CQ6e

nutrient cycling, forest (fungi) Q5e

nutrient deficiency s24.16s

nutrient deficient soil (wallum with sundew) C14e

nutrient enriched runoff water and algal bloom c42e

nutrient enrichment (Nudgee mangroves) (6x4.5 dupe) W4m, from sewage Hayes Inlet, from stormwater outfall C38e

nutrients (leaf litter, mangroves) n91s, (palm/rainforest growing on sand) f5,16s

Nymadgee, see Namadgi

Nymphaea C14e

Nymphaea violacea c15s, (Gurig NP) n88s

Nypa palm fringing Matan River, Kalimantan i71s, rare stand, Cobourg Peninsula, NT n80s

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Oak, desert (Allocasuarina) CA1e, S10e

oak, desert woodland (Allocasuarina decaisneana) CA3e

oak, river lining mountain steam, Guy Fawkes ST10e

oak, silky ST16e

oasis, (desert mound spring) CA4e, S15e, (sub-artesian bore) s73s

occupational health and safety (tree lopper with PPE) c86s

ochre paint (stencils) CQ2e

odour (flies attracted to fungi) s23s

Oecophylla smaragdina eaten by mimicking spider n88s

oil well in desert s77s, s85s, isolated in Strzelecki Desert aerial s6.19,107s

Ok Tedi mine (PNG) I8e, I12e

Ok Tedi River aerial, mine, overburden i77,78s

Old Bar (Manning R) estuary c17s, sandbank at mouth c87s

old growth, Dipterocarp forest (buttress and girl) i65s, forest floor (roots, rock moss, fern) (5x4) L7e, Fraser Is satinay f14,16s, red gum logs at mill s109s, trees, Paroo R. s93s, trees (wood duck's nest in hollow) c37s, tropical forest I1e

old house on Hay Plain s91s

Olepoloko, Lake (Paroo Overflow) (aerial) s62s

Olgas from Uluru (dawn, soft) CA1e, sunset s23.8s

omnivory (woodswallow eating nectar) s54s, s52s

Oodnadatta, pub, railway station CA2e, main street, Track sign CA3e

opal gouging S4e

opal mines, Grawin s11.17s

open cut mining (Ok Tedi) I12e

open eucalypt forest (Conondale Ra) C35e

open forest, inland SW3e

open space (airport buffer) Q10e

opportunism (galah, currawong at tap) s72s, (superb parrot at tap) s71s, hawk in trap s8.21s, (magpies using garden sprinkler) c82s

Opuntia S5e, biocontrol cq24s

orang utan i43s, (habitat) I1e, I7e, i70s, young eating mango, feeding in canopy, adult female, with tripod i72s

orchard, peach s101s

orchards (fruit-growing) aerial s3.12s, s15s, s75s

orchid, bearded C8e

orchid, black s96s

orchid, greenhood L12e

orchid, ground (wax) SW7e, SW8e

orchid, ground among granite rocks ST12e

orchid, tree SW3e

organic acids F5e

organic staining of water F5e, black swamp water with leaves n88s

oriole, olive-backed C10e

Ormiston Pound/Gorge CA1e, CA2e

Ornithoptera wing detail, poached specimens i75s

osprey (nest on ground) CQ8e, family perched on nesting tree c81s, on mangrove branch (far) w19s, nest, pair & young C41e, perched in wind-trained tuckeroo c58s

Otway Range C4e, C16e

outback campfire s21.9s

outback communication s2.15s

outback distances s16.10s, (road) s2.18s

outback heritage (Tibooburra) s17.19s

outback history s18.12s, s21.24s, shearer's quarters s16.11s

outback homestead, isolated (aerial) s107s

outback mailbox, Barkly Tableland q31s

outback motoring cq13s, (4wd damaged in rollover) s106s, o. road & vehicle s74s, road with grader cq13s, landcruiser cq13s

outback sandhill and spinifex sw10e

outback scene (corellas & dead mulga) s36s, corellas & windmill s2.13s

outback shearers' quarters (aerial) s47s, in fog s62s

outback town (aerial) S7e, (William Creek & pig) CA2e, Tibooburra (aerial) s62s, Wanaaring (aerial) s3.4s, main street (Oodnadatta) CA3e

outback transport (ultralight) S22e, dirt strip with plane and 4wds s109s

outback travel (Birdsville pub) s21.22s

outlier, escarpment (Barramundi Gorge) N1e

outrigger longboats, Irian i76s

outward bound type activity (crossing rope bridge in rain) e55s

overburden, mine being pushed into river catchment i77,78s

overflow lake (aerial) s53s, (scenic) s9.16s, sunset s14.3s, Paroo River s1.17s, ducks on s40s,

overgrazed semi-arid rangeland q31s

overgrazing, contrast at fence s60s, s88s

overhang used for rock art, Kakadu n89s

Owenia acidula s100s

owl, grass, and portrait of face c92s

oxbow lagoon (aerial) cq22s, s39.17s, Lachlan River (aerial) s44s, (prior streams) (aerial) s56s

oxbows (high altitude aerial s107s

oxidation (rusted beach buggy) q31s

oxidation of iron/aluminium, sea cliffs, Gurig NP n92s

Oxley Wild Rivers gorge ST9e

Oxley, Mount (Bourke) S11e

oyster farm C16e

oyster lease (mangrove shore) w8s

oyster racks w13s

oystercatcher, pied close up W3e, wading deep C21e

oystercatcher, pied, w3e, feeding w16s, group roosting w17s, displaying w17s, roosting flock W2e, feeding, roosting DUPE c45e

oystercatcher, sooty, w2s, roosting pair w17s, with terns on rock W3e

oystercatchers and surf f16s, on sandbank, Trepang Ck, Arnhem Land n91s, nest on beach foredune c70s, adult feeding water's edge c82s

oysters (natural) Evans R C16e

ozone (girl sunbaking) c44e, Bondi DUPE c45e

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Paddy melon plant CA3e

paddy, rice (dry sawah) i66s

pademelon c92s

pademelon, red-necked SW2e, ST16e

palea, grass s24.17s

Pallarenda aerial q27s

palm flowers with lorikeet feeding c82s

palm forest, fan (Licuala ramsayi) Q23e

palm fronds Q6e

palm grove, & creek, Fraser Is. F7e, The Palms NP SW2e, Piccabeen (Bangalow) f5,16s

Palm Tree Creek floodplain wetland (Dawson) cq26s

Palm Valley (Central Aust) CA4e

palm, against cliff (Carnarvon NP) CQ7e,

palm, cabbage CQ7e, Central Australian cabbage against sun CA1e

palm, Nypa (mangrove) i71s, rare stand, Gurig NP n80s

palm, sago (aerial of canopy) i74s, riverside i75s

palm, walking stick in equatorial rainforest i74s

palms, fan (Licuala) q23e

palms, fan/sand (Livistona humilis), fronds on fire, regrowth after fire n87s, DUPE N4e

palms, relict CA4e

Paluma Range (Crystal Creek) Q6e

Pambula Lake estuary w8,9s

Pandanus spiralis savannah grassland n87,90s

Pandanus, fringing Sekonya River, Kalimantan i70s

Pandanus, silhouetted cq10s, on headland overlooking beach cq23s

panicle, grass s24.17s, s74s

panting darter C40e, emu Q18e

paperbark forest C14e, Q10e, with fern C39e, with duckweed Q4e, smouldering after fire c62,80s, encroachment by sand C15e

paperbark stand, wallum (Bribie) C39e

paperbark swamp - flowers C8e, C14e

paperbark swamp forest n87s, burning C1e

paperbark trees f16s

paperbark wetland C13e, C14e, Q4e, Q10e

paperbark wetland fauna -snake C29e

paperbark, broad-leaved C15e

Papilio aegeus c3s

Papua New Guinea i74-78, (Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e, (Moresby aerial) I12e

parasite (leech) C7e, (tick on python) Q13e

parasite, ecto- (bandicoot lesions) C6e

parasites, inspecting for (macaques) i72s

parasitic mistletoe Decaisnina specialist on paperbark Melaleuca (flower) n94s

parasitism, plant (mistletoe) s24.6s, (mistletoe) SW6e

pardalote, black-headed CQ8e

pardalote, striated s25.15s

parental care (child and father at camel ride) s98s

parks, council maintenance c42e

Parliament House, Canberra (aerial) ST4e

Paroo floodplain wetland s44s

Paroo Overflow s20.4s, sunset s14.3s, wood duck s1.17s, (aerial) s53s, (Olepoloko, Lake) (aerial) s62s, (Mullawoolka Basin) s41.7s, (aerial) s37.18s, s5.19s, s9.16s, (with pelicans) s2.23s

Paroo Overflow lake, dawn s105s, heron on nest s106s, aerial s107s, Yantabangee aerial s31s, broad margin of Y. s50,51s, Mullawoolka Basin aerial s53,62s, and adjacent salina aerial s20s, aboriginal flints s2,24s, L. Olepoloko s54s, L. Waitchi drying s32s, storm cloud and waterbirds s9s, pelican flock wheeling over (aerial) s38s

Paroo Overflow, mound spring s36.20s, Peri Lake & pelicans (aerial)s35.8s, Yantabangee Lake s14.18s,(with wood duck) s1.17s, (dotterel) s28.4s, (native hen) s28.23s

Paroo River - flood s7.5s, flooded s7.7s, (midges) s8.6s , floodout (flowers) s24.11s, floodwaters (scenic) s8.2s, minor channel s40.17s

Paroo River floodplain wetland S14e, S16e, S17e, S20e, sw11e

Paroo River s51s, (aerial) s51s, channel (aerial) s48s, misty scene s47s, s51s, floodplain lake s83s, waterhole s93s, channel S16,17,19e, channel with waterbirds and Coolibah trees s58s

Paroo River stock bridge s16.7s

parrot, king ST17e

parrot, mulga CA6e

parrot, Port Lincoln CA6e

parrot, red-winged (crimson-wing), northern subsp. n88s

parrot, superb (& at tap) s71s, male (softish) s108s

Parthenium hysterophorus weed overrunning farm, biocontrol agents cq24s

Pasir Putih beach, Irian i77s

Paspalum paspalodes cq1s

passerine (songbird) - lyrebird (Albert's) singing C9e, ST15e, robin, wren colourful male singing s109s

pastoral history (steam engine, Currawinya NP) s98s

pastoral industry S4e, (shorn sheep being mustered) s105s, (sheep and pasture, central west slopes, NSW) s108s, (sheep around turkey nest tank, aerial) s107s, (sheep on pasture aerial) s107s, (road trains) CQ11e, cq4s

pasture degradation (Parthenium) cq24s, (Senecio weed infestation) c84s, (weeds, tree loss) S10e, overgrazing s60s, s88s, marginal rangeland in drought n82,85s, degraded and feral goat s57s

pasture rehabilitation works s109s

pasture weed (ruby dock) s23s, see also weeds

pasture, Gippsland (aerial) c83s, improved (contrast with natural) (aerial) s85s, mature trees retained on steep slopes (traditional landcare) Timor, cleared pasture for ponies t8s

Patersonia (iris) bloom, wallum s93s

patrol boat, Kalimantan I10e

patterns in drying mud S15e, S17e

Patterson's curse (aerial) s76s, edge of airstrip s88s, field of s16.14s

pea, native flowering C36e

pea, Sturt's Desert CA2e, CA3e

peach orchard, pruning s101s

pear, prickly s21.11s, S5e

peat bog (alpine) ST6e, (close) ST7e, Cairngorm Mts e55s

peat forest I1e, I7e

peat stained acidic waterfall e55s

peat, smouldering paperbark swampforest after fire c62,80s

pediplain, desert (aerial) s5.2s

peeling bark SW1e

peewee C37e, beside waterhole s49s

pelican, Australian (close) s34.13s, flight (scenic) s28.20s, feeding, swallowing, preening C20e

pelican rookery on inland lake aerial s38s, showing creche, aerial s108s, inland lake (aerial) s63s,s36.3s, s38s

pelican roosting on street light C36e, yawning C40e, dead beside lake s57s, group on black box depression s44s, s58s, s67s, & lignum wetland s45s, & swans, Lake Ballyrogan/Brewster s67s, head & shoulders q29s, standing on beach c1s, flying with cormorants, on dam with cormorants, roosting on jetty in line, swimming in harbour/estuary c81s, in sunset c89s

pelicans & cormorants, little black, joint flock C24e, C36e

pelicans (aerial) s35.8s, group ( Lake Cowal) s18s, s34s, soaring s59s, flight of s13.10s, s45s, s67s, flock in flight s2.23s, (aerial) s38s, over inland lake (aerial) s85s, on black box depression s58s, taking off, shore of inland lake (Bindagolly) s104s, roosting in line on jetty C40e, at seashore C20e, feeding (silhouette) C36e

penguin, fairy at burrow entrance c4s, rookery habitat shot c6s

Pentland Hills, Edinburgh vista e56s

Peppercorn Hill, Kosciusko c37s, ST2e

peppermint, Queensland (E. exserta) sw13e

perched dune lakes F3e, F4e, F5e

perching tree ducks q5,6s

Peri Lake (Paroo Overflow) s24.1s, s35.8s, s50s, (mound spring) s43s, surrounds s62s

Perisher Valley (Kosciusko N.P.) ST1e, ST2e, aerial c78s, snow scene DUPE st18e

permanent wetland S2e, (moorhen/lilies) s26.6s

pest (feral goats, pigs) s94s

pest control (dingo/rabbit fence) S13e, cotton crop SW6e

pest pear and caterpillar (biocontrol) cq24s

pest wildlife management (pigs in lignum) s45s

pest, plant (pest pear) s21.11s

pesticide, drum dump sw13e, spraying of saltmarsh C37e, spraying mosquitos in tidal wetland c85s

pet care (dog cemetery, Edinburgh Castle) e54s

pet meat (horses at abattoir) S22e

Petalostigma pubescens cq25s

petroglyph, Mootwingee S3e

Peziza fungi L10s

phasmid C7e

Pheasant's Peak, Coolangubra L10s, L1,6e

pheasant coucal C10e

Phillip Is, Victoria, surf beach, Bass Strait & farmland aerial c84s

photo faults I10e, ST17e, (flocking on film) s78s, (grain) s69s, (lens reflection) s73s, (fly) s92s, (mirror lens donuts) s75s, (light leak, film flatness) Q20e, (water affect), L4e, double exp. L5e, long exposure C5e, wide angle S23e

photochemical smog, Sydney (aerial) c2s

photography (improvised support, use of mini tripod) e55s, (orang using tripod) i72s, rangers building hide for white winged wood duck photography i68s, hide construction C9e, ST15e, thorny devil CA2e, view from hide, S12e, animal ST17e, group c22s, wildlife (to be cropped) c78s, ghost shadow c44e, nature (wetland) n86s, outback s62s, travel CA2e, S9e, wilderness ST10e, S9e

photosynthesis, chlorophyll fading in deciduous leaves n91s

photosynthetic stems (leafless caustic vine) s100s

Phragmites australis grassland (reedbed) c79s, stand s43s

Phylidrum flower C8e

physiology - wood/maned duck ready to lay s85s, duck (wing moult) s48s, s61s

piccabeen palms f5,16s, SW2e, F7e

picnic race meet (Karumba) Q8e

pig trapping s88s, Nocoleche NR s14.13s

pig, feral s94s, (boar running through deep mud) s59s, feral pigs in lignum s45s, s76s, (trap) s14.13s, young in lignum swamp s45s

pig, feral control (1080 baits) s77s

pigeon, bleeding heart i33s

pigeon, brown with wild tobacco Q16e

pigeon, crested C37e, s4.2s, (3 roosting together) s33.22s

pigeon, spinifex & display CA5e, CA6e

pigeon, spinifex, closeup of facial pattern s109s, closeups s97s

pigface, flowers on Hay Plain chenopod shrubland s53s

Pile Valley (Fraser Is) F5e, f14,16s, f6,7e

Pilliga Scrub S10e, waterhole (heron) s27.1s

Pimelea alpina c21s

pine (exotic) timber harvest C36e

pine plantation L1e, ST16e, aerial DUPE c46e, mallee cleared for aerial s93s

Pine Rivers Wetlands C18e, C38e, c43e, fishermen at dusk c43e, plovers at sunset c39e, sewage outfall, stormwater pipe and kids (sunset) c84s, (Hayes Inlet/ Saltwater Ck) C23e, C39e, C41e

Pinus sylvestris e54,55s

pioneer, cabin, historic, telegraph station, Alice Springs CA2e, cartwheel s18.12s, hotel (One Tree) s21.20s, stock bridge (Paroo R.) s16.7s, recent s21.24s, grave, alone in empty landscape s98s, relic (steam engine, Paroo River) s98s, cottage C3e

pioneer vegetation (in spout) SW8e, (plant in rock crevice), L5e, dune (Ipomoea pes-caprae) Q22e, bladey grass on mobile dune f16s

pioneer, graves, Montague Is c30s, relic (traction engine, Currawinya NP) sw12e, steam engine (mining) ST14e, wagon C3e, bark hut ST14e, stove ST14e

pipe band, lone piper, Edinburgh tattoo e54s

pipit, Richard's C36e

Piptoporus fungi L10s

plague locusts S3e

Plain, Hay s18.3s, s21.20s

plain, saltbush s18.3s, s21.20s, s24.4s

plain, treeless (nest on telegraph pole) s89s

Planchonia careya, & flower, n86s

plant adaptation SW2e

plant behaviour (desert oak woodland, grow taproot to survive) CA3e, leaf mimicry (mistletoe) s24.6s

plant carnivory s24.16s

plant colonisation (sedge in desert spring) CA4e, S15e

plant defence (stinging tree) Q5e, against grazing s72s

plant distribution (cypress, eucalypt trees on cliff face) cq12,23s, s6.7s, s17.12s, (yapunyah) s5.20s

plant distribution, localised (Fraser Is satinay) f16s, f6,7e

plant germination s7.12s

plant growth (green canegrass) s44s, flooding tolerance s6.7s (see also plant habit, below)

plant habit s2.12s, creeping s46s, tumble-down (tree habit) s57s, s8s, weeping myall s11s, see also yapunyah

plant pest s1.12s,s14.7s, s16.14s

plant stress (growing on rock) S10e

plant, annuals s7.12s

plant, creeping (Hibbertia) c43e

plant, endangered s1.7s

plant, ephemerals (see desert flowers)

plant, introduced s1.12s,s40.1s, see also weeds

plant, leafless (caustic vine) s100s

plant, poisonous (to livestock)- crownbeard cq23s

plant, rare isolated population (nypa palm, Gurig NP) n80s, (Acacia ammophila) SW11,13e

plant/insect interaction (gall insect) L3e

plantation pine, (ferrying logs from N Stradbroke Is) c85s, on former native forest aerial c63s, killed by fire c44e, clearfelled native forest for L9,13,15s, on treeless moor, Scotland e54,55s

plantation, exotic pine (aerial) s45s, s93s

plantation, mangrove i14s

plantation, timber (exotic) L12e

plants, aquatic floating L1s

playa (aerial) S7e, ground (Salisbury) S21e, sunset S22e

playa lake (Lake Salisbury) (stilts) s28.8s, s65s, (Mullawoolka Basin) s41.7s, aerial s37.18s, L. Wyara s2.3s, playa lake, terminal (L. Salisbury, Bulloo R.), duck flock flying on s40s, silhouetted by sunset s64s

playing, corellas in "game" c82s

ploughing impact (lake bed cropping) s22.1s, aerial s23s

plover, banded, in decoy display CQ6e, nest & eggs cq23s, CQ6e

plover, black fronted (dotterel) s28.4,5s, s40.21s, s58s, nest s34.1s, nest & eggs s60s, with camouflaged eggs s40s, with eggs (close/soft) s13s

plover, masked (spur-winged, lapwing) Q2e, nest & eggs s43s, s58s, (nest & eggs beside black box depression s47s, chick s55s, (eggs hatching, chick) s73s, eggs s36s, chick s38s, flock on Cairns foreshore q28s, on tidal flat c82s

plover, Mongolian/lesser roosting with stints w16s

plover, red-kneed (dotterel) C23e

plover, see also dotterel

plover, silhouetted on sandbank c39e

plover, spur-winged (masked) C21e, in flight with spur visible c77s, on mudflat W3e

plover, spur-winged see also masked)

plug, volcanic (Belougery Spire) S9e, (Crater Bluff, Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s70s, s72s

plum, billy-goat new growth n87s

plumage - crest (corella) s33.14s, bowerbird crest s16.4s, breeding (ibis) s29.23s, cryptic (frogmouth, plover chick) s55s, cryptic (juvenile night heron) s56s

plumage, breeding (godwit) w3s, w16,17s, lesser plover w16s

plumage, brilliant splendid wren's s96s, robin's s109s

plumage, immature s29.24s, (stilt) s13.6s, immature pattern s28.22s

plumage, juvenile (zebra finch) CA6e, leaden flycatcher SW3e

plumage, male/female (chat) s16.2s, (zebra finch) s55s

plumes, bird (plumed tree ducks in water) Q18e

pneumatophores, mangrove F3e, (stilt, knee, droppers) n91s, droppers silhouetted n94s, stilt and pencil f16s, radiating from tree q28s

poaching of rainforest logs in Gunung Meja Reserve, Irian, of birdwing butterflies, Irian i75s

Podaxis pistillaris fungus s106s

poikilotherm (snake lying in capeweed) s40.1s, see also ectothermic

poison sign "1080" s32.19s

poisonous plant (berries), climbing nightshade c39e

pole logs, stack of red gum at sawmill s66s

pollination (hawk moth on Darling lily) S18e, s95s, (male cones of cypress) s96s, moth/lily s9.6s, hover fly, rainforest C7e

polluted wetland, Kooragang Is, waders near stormwater drain (in flight) w13,18s

pollution (chemical use on farms - tractor spraying) s98s; burning garbage s104s, chemical roadspill sign s6.1s, (landfill) C26e, (waders in flight above stormwater drain) w13,18s, estuary w11s, organic (waders in Hayes inlet) w7,18s, leachate from landfill C38e, atmospheric (stack) q31s, traffic on freeway c42e, marine (soot on water) q22,31s, boat Q22e, coastal estuarine foreshore c42e, dead wetland and industry, Kooragang Is c18,84,91s, boat harbour and industry c18s, engine soot in marina q22,31s

pollution, estuarine & future C41e

pollution, irrigation sink S11e

pollution, marine (sewage outfall under construction (aerial)) c27s, anti-fouling cq1e

pollution, nutrient/organic, leachate from landfill dump c84,91s

pollution, organic algae from stormwater runoff on beach, sewerage farm aerial c27s, outfall warning sign c77s, outfall (Hayes Inlet) c73s, degraded foreshore with litter c91s

pollution- chemical drum dump sw12,13e

Polygonum SW1e, S17e, Paroo River s17.15s

Polyporus fungi L10s

Pomaderris leaf with beetle L14s

pony, Timor, ridden by boy in village t6s, grazing on mountain pasture t8s

pool, forest stream L3e

poplar box leaf s19.20s

poplar box woodland s3.7s

poplar box/mulga woodland sw10e

popplebonk, head on portrait s95s

population dynamics (artificially high monkey pop on temple island, Kalimantan) i71s, (concentration of magpie geese, dry season) n90s, (Rattus colletti in wet/dry tropics) n93s, (kangaroo exclosure) S6e

population dynamics with land use (wood ducks camped on farm dam) c40s, (kangaroo at tank) s29.18s

population expansion (suburban sprawl) C26e

porphyry metamorphic rock (in forest), L5e

porphyry, weathered ST17e

Port Campbell N.P. C4e

Port Essington (ruins, Vic Settlement), sailing n86s, shores of n92,93s

Port Hinchinbrook (cleared mangroves) q26,31s, Q19e

Port Kembla aerial (to be cropped) c87s

Port Moresby (aerial) I12e

Port of Brisbane, reclamation works C41e, (container cranes in sunset), (cranes and roosting oystercatchers) c85s, (large group of roosting oystercatchers) w17,18s, landfill w2e, wetland interpretive area, barrier drain c42e, works (bulldozer) W2e, waders feeding W2e

Port Stephens boulder beach with algae c26s

port, cargo export aerial q21e

possum in artificial hollow c12,24s

possum, brush-tailed s3.22s, (in nest box) ST8e, and young cq25s, feeding by human cq25s, at picnic table CQ8e, in red gum hollow S6e, peering from hollow s105s

possum, common ringtail in eucalypt foliage c82s

possum, green ringtail (distant) Q12e

possum, mountain L2s

possum, Queensland (red) brush-tailed (Conway NP) Q12e

possum, young riding on parent's back CQ8e

postboxes, rural CQ7e

posture, cryptic s55s, (juvenile night heron) s56s, threat (stumpy-tail lizard) s40s

Potamogeton tricarinatus & other species s46s

potato bush flower s8.4s, whole plant s8.7s

potato/tomato-bush (Solanum) CA3e

pothole (ephemeral wetlands in desert) (aerial) s40.19s, in wheat field s85s

pothole wetlands on Monaro Plains c78s

pothole, weathered in sandstone CQ10e

pouch, marsupial (wallaby) CQ8e, C6e

power lines with galah flock s80s, sunset s2.15s

power station (Muswellbrook area) s56s, Tarong SW14e (aerial) s81s, coal fired (Singleton Muswellbrook) C27e

pratincole, oriental (bunch tied together by bird hunters) i66,67s, portrait i14s, in the hand i45s

prawn farm, Java, and excavation of i66s, (Irian) I13e

prawns, unloading trawler c42e

precipitation (fog droplets on web) s54s, desert dew on grass tussock s66s, close s65s

precipitation of salt on sticks, Lake Eyre CA4e

precocial plover chick s38.12s, s55s, teal chicks s39.9s

predation (Carpet python with full belly) Q13e, bee-eater with bee C10e, (kingfisher & skink) S2e, (kooka with fish) SW8e, (skink eating flying ants) Q13e, Q20e, skink eating march fly L3e, spider with grasshopper SW8e

predation, avocets/ black falcon (grab shot) s76s, ant attacking bee s46s, fox chasing waterbird s54s, gecko eating spider s104s, sparrowhawk & duck in trap) s84s, (fox & waterbirds) s29s

predation, human (emu and python in modern aboriginal art) S23e, see also duckhunting

predator avoidance (finches roosting in bush) c82s, (honeyeaters roosting on end of twig) q31s, DUPE q24e, land mullets in log DUPE c46e

predator, huntsman spider with beetle cq24s, aerial insect (woodswallow group perched) s54s

preening, anhinga s103s, tattler q29s, communal SW2e, (pelican) C20e, (white ibis) S2e, crested tern in roosting flock c82s,/scratching figbird Q20e, bush curlew Q21e

prehensile tail of possum cq25s

prickly pair S5e, and caterpillar cq24s, Moonie s1.12s

primary forest floor (roots, rock moss, fern) (5x4) L7e

primary hardwood forest, brown barrel, L5e, (5x4) L8e, L9e, L10e, L11e, 6x7 L12e, satinay/brush box F5e

primary tropical forest I1e

Princes Hwy C4e, C16e

prior channels, Lachlan River(aerial) s44s

prior streams (billabongs) (aerial) s56s, meanders, floodouts, levees on flooded inland river (aerial) s83s

pristine tropical beach with kids swimming i77s

proboscis, hawk moth's s95s

produce, tropical I13e

propagation ,vegetative (pest pear) s21.11s

Proserpine Plain wetland Q4e, Q10e, q30s, with magpie geese Q15e, freshwater lagoon q28s, lotus bird & lilies q7s

protected species (Freckled Duck) s105s

protective clothing worn by firefighters s101s

Pseudonaja sp.s10.14s

psyllids (lerp) S16e

Pt. Abbot, aerial q27s

Ptilotus flowers (foxtails/pussytails) CA3e, S3s, S20e

pub, country cq4s, English e56s, Oodnadatta CA2e

public meeting (rally for aboriginal reconciliation) s98s

public transport (waiting for train, Sandgate) c44e

pudding stone S10e

puffball fungi s2.19s

pugging of wetland (buffalo) n87s

Pumicestone Passage (moored boat) C4e, (waders) w10s, c79s, wader interpretive sign c86s, sunset c43e, waders feeding w2e

Pumicestone Passage (Moreton Bay) M.P. (Coochin Creek) C37e, intertidal flats C36e

punty bush & Eremophila s15.18s

punty bush S19e, with daisies S10e

pupil, eye (vertical of golden-tailed gecko s104s

pussytail flowers Ptilotus CA3e, S20e

python with parasitic tick Q13e

python, carpet with full belly (Eungella) Q13e, eye glazed (moulting) C29e

Quarrion, see cockatiel

quicksand, scrub bull caught in CQ2e, CQ7e

quinine tree Petalostigma cq25s

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Rabbit fence S13e

Raby Bay canal development c85,90s, w12s

Raby Bay foreshore during works W2e

railway line & siding SW8e

railway relics, historic outback s90s

railway siding, tiny outback s90s

railway station c44e, Dingo cq14s, Oodnadatta CA2e

rain (dry grassland with rain approaching) s99s

rain cloud & Lake Cowal s46s

rain clouds (forest vista) L9e

rain shadow, dry landscape Cape Cleveland NP amid wet tropics q23e

rain, monsoon downpour on rainforest river, Borneo i70s

rainbow rings around moon ST12e

rainbow at end of road S1e, s105s, in woodland s102s, s81s, & river red gums16.21s, desert storm s8.19s, in arid shrubland s84s

Rainbow Beach with rainbow f6,16s

rainbow birds Q16e

rainbow lorikeet (softish) q30s

rainbow over Blackdown Tableland cq23s, DUPE cq12e, over boat, estuary c88s

raindrops on foliage SW9e, on grass SW8e

rainforest and beach, Irian i75s

rainforest canopy, East Sepik aerial i74s

rainforest covered mountain, Daintree area Q7e

rainforest creek (cascade) C3e, (Yapen Is) I6e

rainforest destruction for mining i77,78s

rainforest dragon, Boyd's Q13e

rainforest fruits (cluster fig) Q5e, on trunk Q23e, (Cordyline berries, cluster figs) i74s

rainforest fruits/berries I13e

rainforest fungi ST12e, Q5e, Q14e

rainforest herbs (ground veg) C8e

rainforest in gully with dry ridges (Cape Cleveland NP) Q21e

rainforest interior, equatorial, also waterfall, Yapen Island i74,78s

rainforest lake, Atherton Tableland Q4e

rainforest lowland cleared, highland remaining (Daintree) Q14e, swamp forest I1e

rainforest overview (Booloumba Gorge) C35e

rainforest products (rattan in swamp forest) i56s

rainforest river (looking down) Q11e, riverside I1e

rainforest stream (Babinda, Murray Falls) Q6e, (floating leaf) q28s

rainforest track with 4WD Q2e

rainforest trees, tall (vehicle for scale) Q7e

rainforest waterfall (Millaa Millaa) Q6e

rainforest, Atherton Tableland Q20e

rainforest, cleared (lowland, Daintree R.) Q7e, North Qld (aerial) Q19e, (cleared for rice, Borneo) I7e, (The Head) C26e, (mining) I12e

rainforest, clearing and fragmentation, Kalimantan aerial i70s, PNG aerial i75s, clearing by dozer, Kalimantan, wildlife ranger standing on dozer in cleared rainforest, pile of logs i73s

rainforest, clearing by hand (Irian) I13e

rainforest, disturbed (vine smothering) Q20e

rainforest, equatorial lowland, buds, berries, buttressed tree, rattan i56,70s, stream through from Cyclops Mts i78s, and stream, Taman Nagara NP i78s

rainforest, Fraser Is growing on sand, littoral, lowland f16s

rainforest, gorge ST9e, canopy Q20e

rainforest, high-altitude, Lamb Range q24e

rainforest, littoral (Iluka) C13e

rainforest, lowland equatorial, Yapen Is, Irian, Tanjung Puting NP, Kalimantan i1e, see also equatorial lowland, above

rainforest, mealy bugs in, riparian in flood i68s

rainforest, misty Q6e, with vines, emergent hoop pine C39e

rainforest, montane with limestone pinnacle t7s

rainforest, mountain vista (Star Mtns) i77s

rainforest, poaching of logs from reserve, fragmented by grass balds (aerial), clearing with axe i75s

rainforest, subtropical C3e, (Springbrook) c92s, bangalow/piccabeen c83s, interpretive sign and boardwalk c90s, (D'Aguilar Range) C36e

rainforest, threatened tropical (Indonesian) i1e

rainforest, vista above Wewak, PNG i74s, logs cut in reserve i75s

rainstorm over Port of Brisbane W1e

Ramaria fungi L10s

ramin trees, and cleared for rice i70s

Ramsar mangrove wetlands (Cobourg P.) n91s

Ramsar wetland, Cobourg Peninsula n86s, n87s, Coral Bay dawn, Cobourg Peninsula n93,94s, L. Wyara sw11e, mangroves, Moreton Bay C43e, c73,91s, Moreton Bay interpretive sign c86,90s, Moreton Bay tidal flats w10s, Lake Wyara s99s, aerial with L. Numulla in distance s109s, pelican rookery aerial s38s, waterbirds on aerial s2s, flock of banded stilt over aerial s35s, Moreton Bay, stints on tidal flat, godwits same, flying flock w18s

rangeland degradation (woody weeds) S19e

rangeland management (fenceline between good and poor) cq24s, (Kurrajong cut for fodder, dead tree in cleared field (grainy)) s71s, clearing native woodland s21s, (overgrazing) s60s, s88s, (woody weeds) s15.18s, bluebush/saltbush s18.3s, research s16.14s, tree cut for fodder in drought s109s

rangeland management, see also landcare, pasture degradation, soil conservation, tree loss

rangeland native vegetation s23s, mulga grass tussock s66s, close s65s

rangeland, inland with flowers S10e, S19e

rangeland, marginal in drought n82,90s

rangeland, mountain (burning off) c84s

rangeland, semi-arid in drought q31s

ranger, national park, on patrol, Kalimantan i71s

Rannoch Moor, heath and mountain stream e54s

rapids, river ST3e

raptor (wedge-tailed eagle, pair in tree) s50s, flight (buzzard) s26.20s, (young goshawk on meat) C11e, brown falcon CA5e

rare plant (red stringybark) c83s, (swamp stringybark) c91s, Acacia ammophila SW11,13e

rare species (white winged wood duck) I1e, coachwood (pure stand) ST16e, grass owl, bridled nail-tail wallaby c92s

Rat Island, Cape Cleveland NP q28s

Rat's Castle ST9e

rat, dusky (native) n93s

rat, water (native aquatic rodent) c78s, swimming at surface s59s

rattan and buttressed tree, equatorial rainforest, Borneo i1e

rattan I7e, I10e, growing in lowland rainforest i56,70s

Rattus colletti n93s

raven, Australian (in trap) s25.11s, s25.12s, nest on telegraph pole s89s

real estate sales, coastal forest (Newcastle) C26e

reclamation of tidal wetland W2e, for fish farm, Java i66s, fish fry closeup i69s, estuarine wetland C41e

recreation - abseiling C35e

recreation - beachgoing C40e, c89,90s

recreation - birdwatching ST13e, S23e

recreation - bushwalking, tent in high country s89s, bushwalking (Kakadu) N4e, C2e, ST10e, ST13e

recreation - camping ST10e, ST13e, S4e, tenting, inland lake beach s53s, camping/hunting s65s,

recreation - canoeing (Lake Tinaroo) Q7e, paddling boat in wetland s46s, paddling boat on lake (Lakefield NP) Q10e, rafting Central Aust gorge CA2e

recreation - estuarine wetland C38e

recreation - foreshore c86,90s

recreation - four-wheel drive touring ST10e, ST14e

recreation - gem fossicking ST13e

recreation - kayaking on inland wetland s51s

recreation - landscape photography ST10e, S9e

recreation - nature study CA2e

recreation - outback travel CA3e

recreation - painting CA2e

recreation - sailing CQ1e, c30s

recreation - snorkelling CQ2e

recreation - snow-skiing (downhill) ST2e

recreation - state forest camping F7e

recreation - surfing C4e

recreation - travel (at cairn Central Mt Stuart) CA2e

recreation - travel photography CA2e, S9e

recreation - visiting state forest C36e

recreation - water skiing C2e, Q8e

recreation - wildlife photography ST17e

recruitment of trees under old one CQ7e

recycling, bins c42e, bottles c42e, refuse (garden mulch with egret) c77s, machine c90s, concrete c42e

Red Rock lagoon, Yuragir NP C13e

Redbank Weir, Lowbidgee s37s, flooded black box near s59s, red gum s36s

Redcliffe laterite sea cliff (high tide) c61s, (low tide) c79s

Redcliffe N.P. C18e

Redcliffe Point Reef C31e, birds C37e, terns roosting c65,90s, Moreton Is in background c87s, terns roosting on w17s

Redcliffe wallum vegetation, (historic) C18e

reed, common, stand & dinghy, Great Cumbung Swamp s43s

reedbed, coastal (Nathan Rd) C19e, Fraser Is. F5e, Phragmites c79s

reef, artificial (hulks) C41e, (ship hulks, Tangalooma) aerial c38s

reef, beehive ironstone C31e, fringing (aerial) I13e, ironstone C30e, rocky (terns roosting) c65,87,90s, rocky platform (Camp Island) Q21e, rocky used as tern roost, sooty oystercatchers w17s

reflections, specular (mirror lens donuts) s75s

reflector, road, indicating wildlife habitat c44e

reforestation with plantation pine e54,55s, Scotland, regeneration in deer exclosure e54s

refraction (rainbow at end of road) s105s, (rainbow) s102s, refraction (rainbow in waterfall) ST9e

refuge, drought (freckled duck on L. Wyara) s49s, drought (permanent water storage) s76s, aerial (Lake Cargeligo) s22.11s, s15s

refuge, roadside verge for flora in agricultural land sw13e

refuse disposal C26e, (burning, landfill) s104s

refuse disposal problems (leachate from landfill site) c84,91s

regression of limbs, snake-lizard in leaf litter n88s

regrowth, from seed tree CQ7e, in deer exclosure, Scotland e54s, black wattle sw13e, lack of causing tree loss on crop/grazing land s71s, s93s, mangrove on dynamic sandy shore f16s, rainforest 8yrs after slash & burn i71s

relict vegetation (grass trees in desert) CA1e, (palms in Finke River) CA1e, CA4e

remnant vegetation (brigalow) SW5e, S11e, aerial (Gippsland) (scenic) aerial s107s, remnant veg. s22.7s, s22.8s, (brigalow) s19s, s23s, roadside vegetation (brigalow) s49s, natural (grass trees in desert) CA1e, natural (palms in desert river) CA1e

reproduction (gannet chick and (smaller) adult e57s, evening brown butterflies mating c23s

reproduction, plant (vine flower & fruit) C39e

reproductive organ, duck's s42s

reptile temperature regulation (croc mouth open) I12e

rescue helicopter, Scottish Highlands e56s

rescue, SES cliff rescue s98s

research, (air survey approaching wetland) s86s, (duckhunter survey) s43s, agricultural s16.14s, (duck trapping) c44s, koala with ear tag c83s, (leg-flagged godwit) w3,17s, (orange tape on glider tree) L3e, counting turtle eggs CQ4e, kangaroo exclosure S6e, measuring turtle eggs CQ2e, turtle hatchlings CQ5e, biologists i66s, i67s, bird banding i67s, bird (telescope) q31s, forest bird survey ST13e, bird survey (sunset silhouette) S23e, insect survey of forest canopy ST13e, L12e, wader survey w4e, q19e, wader/shorebird survey Q19e, wildlife (bat in net) C6e, wildlife (outback) s4s, hollow nesting wildlife s47s, bird survey at camp s53s, see also wildlife research

residential development (Canberra aerial) c10s

resistant ironstone and laterite, sea cliff n92,93s

resort, coastal (SW Rocks) C27e, snow-skiing ST2e, tourism (Redcliffe) C36e, C37e

resource development (power station & dam) C27e

resource use (river red gum) s39.12s, oil well s6.19s, mining s6.20s, water s15.10s

resurrection fern and frog after rain s95s

resurrection plant SW2e

retiarius spider C37e

revegetation by mangroves, Javan fish pond i66s

revegetation, foredune C2e

Rhizophora mangroves f1,15,16s, n91s, regrowth f16s, and sunrise q23e, silhouetted n94s

Rhizophora stylosa F3e

Rhododendron, in high altitude rainforest, Kerinci-Sablat Biosphere Reserve i69s

ribbon bark (ribbon gum) L3e

rice farming (flood irrigated paddy) s79s

Rice Flower, alpine c21,78s

rice paddies on floodplain, Japan e56s, paddy (aerial) s76s, s79s, flood irrigation, wet season, Kalimantan aerial i70s

Richea continentis c20s, flowers ST6e

Richmond Range, NSW (rainforest scene) C3e

Richmond River (Chikiba Lagoon wader roost, road through mangroves) w11s, Swan Bay C13e, aerial cane farms C27e

riffle, Emu Creek coastal mountain stream c39e

riflebird, female foraging Q16e

ring of Triodia spinifex hummock grass CA1e

ringbarking (dead trees) ST17e, (thinning) F7e

ringtail, green (possum) Q12e

riparian forest (river red gum) sw10e, sw11e, equatorial lowland peat swampforest, Kalimantan i70s

riparian habitat loss (willows, cleared and silted river) c10s

riparian red gum, cooper creek sw13e

riparian river oak beside stream ST10e

riparian trees - tuckeroo & Casuarina C40e

riparian trees, Barcoo R s100s, dying on Condamine R. s104s

riparian vegetation (rainforest) I1e, I7e, (river red gums on dry desert creek aerial) s108s, inland s48s, desert riverbed (aerial) s65s, (Murrumbidgee River) s24.10s, fringing inland river (Flinders) (aerial) s64s, (sago palms) i75s, coastal ST8e, bare grazed S5e

riparian village, Kalimantan i71s

riparian woodland, coolibah cq26s

riparian, estuarine mangrove forest c18s

river - riverside dwellings, flood, Jambi, Sumatra i68,69s

river & snags (Murrumbidgee) s74s

river (young) among mountain ridges (aerial) s86s

river bank stabilisation with old tyres (Bellinger) w11s, c58s

river banks, overgrazed (Darling) S5e

river bed, dry CA1e

river billabong (Lachlan) (aerial) s39.17s

river catchment deforestation, land slip i77s

river channel, inland (aerial) s48s, s51s, (close aerial) s63s, main (Paroo R.) s44s, Murrumbidgee (Hay area) s45s

river community, Banjarmasin, Kalimantan I10e

river extraction of irrigation water, impact (dying red gums) s104s

river floodout with trees & reflections s85s

river floodplain forest logging, woodchipping s66s, management (boards in red gum wetland s44s, flooded inland, with meanders, floodouts, prior streams, levees (aerial) s83s

river health (indigenous reliance on) I12e

river mouth (tidal flats & mangroves) CQ9e, Q5e, Q11e

river mouth training walls, Wagonga Inlet aerial, Tweed mouth aerial, Manning R (Harrington) c84s

River Murray, see Murray River

river produce (fish) I12e, (Sepik boy with fish catch) i76s

river rapids ST3e

river red gum SW1e, & rainbows16.21s, & tawny frogmouths26.22s, (bardi grub adult) s25.24s, (cormorant rookery)s37.15s, (possum in fork) s3.22s, (fringing billabong) SW6e, fringe s24.10s, (scenic) s8.2s, receding billabong with waterbirds s65s, in Paroo River S14e

river red gum logging S5e, s2.22s, (truck) s6.3s, woodchipping of s18.17s, dead (flooded) s20.11s, boards in red gum wetland s44s

river red gum swamp & duck s37.16s, Lowbidgee s36s, wetland scenic (sunset) s109s

river red gum, flooded (Lachlan River) s37.5s, (Lowbidgee) s36s, s37s, (Lake Cowal) s32.9s

river regulation, cq26s, (Balonne weir) sw11e, (barrage at entrance, Barrenbox) s49s, (map of River Murray) s46s, aerial of large dam s23s, (dead trees used by nesting cormorants), Yanco weir s105s, (flooded valley, Dartmouth Dam) aerial, L. Mulwala and dead trees, aerial s107s, natural reach of Cooper Creek s93s, Balonne R (Beardmore Dam) s93s, (Murrumbidgee red gum lagoon) s41s, (Redbank Weir) s44s, boards in red gum wetland s44s, Maude Weir s46s

river regulation (barrage) Bourke S5e, dam (Burrendong aerial) S5e, (barrage) SW8e, (damming arid watercourses) S7e, (L Jindabyne aerial) c9s, billabong in red gum forest, S14e, effect on billabongs S12e, S14e

river sand extraction ST17e

river sedimentation (Ok Tedi) I8e

river transport (Kalimantan) I7e, I10e, PNG I12e

river trawling (Fullerton Cove) w11s

river valley, Macleay R ST17e

River, Black (NQ) aerial Q21e

River, Bloomfield Q2e, Q6e

River, Boyne CQ7e

river, braided (aerial) CQ9e, S7e

River, Burdekin mouth wetland Q23e

River, Castlereagh S23e

river, coastal, C13e, (Mary) C33e, (misty) ST8e

river, cutting into rock ST9e

River, Darling (wetland and ibis) S2e, banks S5e, floodplain (flooded/dry compo) s39s

river, dry inland (Flinders R.) (aerial) s64s

River, Endeavour scene (sunset, boats, upstream) Q4e, Q11e, Q14e

river, equatorial in flood (Way Kanan) i68s

River, Finke CA1e, CA4e

river, forest wilderness L2e, L5e

river, Gulf of Carpentaria (Flinders) (aerial) s64s

River, Hamilton (braided)(aerial) s81s

river, high country ST8e

river, high flow/flood (Cooper) sw11e

river, inland & human habitation (aerial) s48s, (misty & flooded) s23s, (misty scene) s47s, s51s, (Paroo R) s50s, s51s, (spoonbills & pink-eared ducks beside) s58s, inland mature (Murrumbidgee) with snags s74s, with overhanging black box s48s, with spoonbills beside s54s, s55s, s63s

River, Lachlan s37s, Mirrool Creek s19.4s

river, large on vast floodplain, Kalimantan aerial i70s

River, MacIntyre S11e, S23e

river, mature (Murrumbidgee at Darlington Point) S23e

River, Murrumbidgee main channel s45s

river, PNG in lowland (Fly) i75s

river, rock pool (grayling habitat) L3e

River, Salvator CQ7e

river, silted up (Ok Tedi) aerial, overburden pushed into, i77s, (Bega) c10s

river, western slopes NSW SW2e

river, wild (Wog Wog) L9e, L10e, valley L12e

river, young (Murrumbidgee at Uriarra) ST4e

riverbed, desert (aerial) s65s

riverside vegetation (rainforest) I1e, I7e

road (freeway junction, Sydney) aerial c84s

road conditions in bush (stock, gravel, distance, dust) Q2e

road sign, in snow st14e, warning sign and reflector for wildlife c44e, shot up C1e

road trains (cattle) cq4s, CQ12e

road, with rainbow at end s105s, hot outback with mirage, Hay plain s108s, outback & vehicle s74s, (to Bourke aerial) s2.18s, Barkly Highway n90s, busy city at night (Singapore) i65s

road, constructed through mangroves w11s, country & bridge SW6e, country (looking along) SW2e, logging L10,13s, mountain in Timor t7s, outback with grader, landcruiser cq13s, rainbow at end of S1e, snow-cleared (Perisher Valley) ST1e, snow-covered Scotland ST1e, washed out CQ7e

roading in equatorial rainforest, PNG aerial i74s

roadkills (echidna alive on road) C6e, (also others)

roadside erosion/tree loss s15s, s81s, weeds s76s, verge plant refuge, Darling Downs s103s

roadside vegetation SW1e, SW5e, from above S10e, verge herbs and flowers sw13e

road signs, outback distances s80s, kangaroos next 110km s80s

robin, pale-yellow C11e

robin, red-capped male singing s109s

robin, yellow (eastern)SW3e, (birdbath) SW3e, showing yellow rump DUPE c46e, (fledgling) SW2e, at artificial bird bath s103s, on nest C11e

Robinson Gorge NP CQ7e

rock art (hand stencil) cq19,23s

rock outcrop, Lake Peri s62s

rock pool, with boulders q28s

rock wall and land fill, coastal c28,90s, darter on harbour wall c90s, construction W2e

rock wall foreshores C38e

rock wallaby, black-footed CA7e

rock wallaby, purple-necked q31s

rock, coral (beach rock) CQ3e, crocodile-shaped Q23e, metamorphic (Mt. Coree) ST3e, resistant volcanic/igneous s68s, s69s, s72s, trees growing on CA1e, waterworn, Macleay R c44e

rockscape, Wattagoona S3e

rocky shore with seals loafing c5s, in sunset (Montagu Is) c8s, aerial c91s

rodent, native scavenging in campers pot Q12e

rodeo C2e

rookery, cormorant (Lake Bullogal) s37.15s, ibis s7.19s, fledgling ibis s56s, s64s, pelican on inland ephemeral lake (aerial) s38s, s63s, pelican aerial s108s, pelican on inland lake aerial s38s, egret C21e, C22e, ibis (SE South Australia) C25e

roost disturbance (dogs) W3e

roost (wader), Dohles Rocks W3e, Port of Brisbane W2e

roost, wader, lost to development w12s, artificial Chikiba Lagoon w13s, Kooragang bund wall, Stockton pre landscaping w14s

roosting honeyeaters (end of twig) DUPE q24e, honeyeaters at night q31s, passerine (shrike-tit) C10e, pelicans in line C40e, plover silhouetted on sandbank c39e, teal s105s

roosting waders, W3e, w16s, & popular jetty w1e, and landfill DUPE c45e, black-tailed godwit with bar-tailed w17s, Nathan Rd W1e, Woody Pt W1e

roosting waterbirds, high tide C23e

roosting, on ground by spinifex pigeon at night s97s

root, cypress (abstract) SW5e

roots in stream st10e

roots, mangrove aerial F3e, n91s, aerial (stilt & pencil together) f16s, radiating from tree q28s, silt roots f1,15s

roots, ancient in cold blue light L15s, dead (beach erosion) f15s, eroded beside Balonne R s100s

roots, mangrove mature c43e, Melaleuca N2e, old tree against rock (5x4) L7e, L5e, tree over rocks (Broadwater SF) Q19e

rosella, northern, and eating grass seeds n88s

rosewood & sunrays s2.14s, shrubland s106s

rosewood shrubland S10e, S20e

Ross Creek, mouth of (port and marina) q21e

Ross River mouth strand and tidal flats q22e, floodplain wetland Q18e

Rothiemurchus Forest (Caledonian forest remnant) e54,55s

Round Hill Nature Reserve s91s

Royal N.P. after burn C23,32e, (regeneration after fire) c60,61s, (understorey detail) c61s

rubber tree tapped, latex dripping from cut i71s

rubbing pad, tree's c49s, C8e

rubbish bins for recycling c42e

rubbish burning at dump s104s, see also refuse, garbage

rubbish dump and leachate c91s

Rumex vescicarius s14.11s

runoff from desert rain s32.6s

runoff, clear water from mountain peak, Scotland e54,55s

runoff, eutrophied on beach c42e

runoff, river water meets seawater aerial i71s, on coast i76s

rural land use (aerial) C27e

rural scene C35e, D'Aguilar Range/Somerset Dam, Qld c83s, eastern seaboard c35e

rush, common c79s

rusted out beach buggy q31s, c7s

rusting tanks, WWII, on Irianese beach village i77s

rusty gum SW1,2e

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