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Safety (PPE) equipment (tree lopper) c86s

sago palm (Sepik R) I12e

sailboard c59s

sailing boat CQ1e

sailing ship C36e, and boat, Sydney Harbour c30s

sailing, Brisbane Water N.P. DUPE c45e, Coral Bay DUPE nt4e, Port Essington n86s, recreational (Sydney H) DUPE c45e, with shipping c30s

sails CQ1e

salina (aerial) s82s, dry (bed) s3.8s, filled s2.3s, dry bed with tracks s48s, salt-tolerant plant fringe s46s, shore of s36.15s, (L.Wyara) sw11e

salina (salt lake), and Mullawoolka Basin (fresh) aerial s20s, and old fence, L. Wyara s99,109s, salina aerial s107s, floor of s., dry s109s, salty dry surface with roo tracks s108s, Lake Salisbury (Altiboulka) s36.19s, Paroo Overflow s20.4s, Strzelecki Desert s38s

salina, drying surface with driftwood S15e, Lake Eyre CA4e, NW NSW (aerial) S12e, S15e, ground (Salisbury) S21e, Cobham S22e

salination of wetland s1.7s, natural s36.15s, salination ponds (irrigation) s16.17s

saline bore water dammed for stock s109s

saline plant environment & halophyte s46s

saline water into freshw wetland, effect c44e

salinity (coastal wetland sea intrusion) C13e

salinity regime, wetland's altered c13e, halophyte colonising dead Casuarina c44e

salinity, changeable in ephemeral wetland (turbid fresh in L. Galilee) cq3s

Salisbury (Altiboulka), Lake S21e, sunset S22e, in fog s32.18s, shallow s28.8s, (stilts) s65s, (old fence & sunset) s49s, s54s, (sunset) s45s, s63s,, s64s at sunset, with waterbirds s40s, s84s

sally, white ST1e

salt (evaporation mark) C8e

salt barren landscape (South Aust) CA4e

salt encrustation and halophytes, margin of inland salt lake s65s

salt flat, aerial q27s, tidal (Cape Upstart NP) Q19e

salt flats, coastal Abbot Pt aerial q21e

salt intrusion in wetland s21.2s, (effect of irrigation) s47s, coastal wetland (Nathan Rd) C41e

salt lake (pelicans, Bindagolly) s104s, inland, with halophytes and salt encrustation on margin of s65s, (L. Eyre) surface & figure s49s, Wyara s2.3s, sw11e, surface CA4e, S15e, inland ephemeral (aerial) S12e, S15e

Salt Lake, The s109s, S15e

salt marsh c68,70s, sedge tussock in c18s, vehicle impact on c85s

salt meadow C19e

salt pan with derelict fence s109s, dry (kangaroo tracks & driftwood) s48s

salt pan, tidal, viewed through mangrove, with dead mangrove n91s

salt production i24s, Java i66s

salt tolerant plants & salt encrustation S15e, S21e

saltation (sand transport by wind) F4e, mobile dune f16s, C15e, C17e

saltbush, low shrubland, Lochern NP s100s, saltbush plain s24.4s, chat nest s10.15s , Nearie Lake s17.2,

saltbush, old man s17.2

saltbush, ruby s17.2

saltflats, mouth of Fitzroy River (aerial) CQ9e, Q5e

saltmarsh (whimbrel roosting) w10s, samphire and stunted mangrove c43e

saltwater baths c36,37e

saltwater intrusion in coastal freshw wetland c44e

salvation jane, field of s16.14s, see also Patterson's curse

Salvator Rosa N.P. CQ7e, sandstone cliff CQ3e

Salvinia infestation C39e

sampan and Nypa palm i71s

samphire and mangrove, supralittoral c43e, and salt encrustation, margin of inland salt lake s65s, germinating on inland saltflat s87s,

samphire flat wetland C18e, C19e, Pumicestone Passage C36e, beside saline inland lake S15e, S21e

sand bar at estuary mouth Q21e, with roosting birds at river mouth (Old Bar, Manning) c87s

sand blow f16s, mobile F4e, F6e

sand dune, coastal mobile F4e, F6e, C15,17e, L. Tuross & dune care sign w11s

sand dune, lunette ( inland lake) (aerial) s72s

sand dunes (desert) aerial CQ9e, S7e

sand extraction, river ST17e

sand flats, tidal (Manning R) w8s,9

sand mining, effect on vegetation (mobile dune) C15e, N. Stradbroke Is aerial c7s

sand plain lake F3e, F4e, F5e

sand plain, coastal (flowers) C8e

sand plover in flight W3e, roosting (breeding plumage) W2e, roosting among flotsam W3e, see also plover, lesser/Mongolian

sand, coral CQ3e

sandbanks, and artificial reef C41e, mouth Manning R w9s

sandflat, tidal q7,27s

sandflats Nth Qld w3e

Sandgate C30e

sandhill, desert and spinifex, same with goanna, with ghost gums sw10e, mobile desert (ground view) S10e

sandpiper, curlew, roosting W1e, wading deeply W2e, washing W2e

sandpiper, marsh, in canegrass swamp s60s

sandpiper, sharp-tailed s84s, (NQ) W1e, feeding w4,16,18s, curlew w6s, flock in flight w18s, in canegrass swamp s55s, (Narran Lake) s64s

sandpiper, wood, in canegrass swamp s55s

sandpipers, terek, roosting on rocks w16s

sandplain vegetation (Kinkuna) CQ11e, Limeburners Ck C13e, see also wallum

sandplain, agriculture (sugar) on (aerial) C27e

sandstone building (Sydney Town Hall) c68s

sandstone cliff, Carnarvon NP CQ3e, Salvator Rosa NP CQ3e

sandstone cliffs/mountains (aerial) s91s, landscape, Mt Felix & Commissioners Range s93s, valley & ridges (aerial) s88s

sandstone coastline C4e

sandstone landscape CQ9e, CQ10e, q12,15,23s, cave cq16s, (waterfall & cliff) ST8e, arid CA1e, weathered strata, Kakadu n89s, strata eroded into overhang on sea cliff, Cobourg Pen. n92s

sandstone, organic cemented C4e

sandstone, patterned SW4e

sandy creek bed S11e

sap (cypress trunk) SW6e

sap, spittle bug foam from c80s

Sarcostemma caustic vine s100s

satellite dishes on rooftops, Kupang t1s

satinay, Fraser Island f16s, f6,7e, F5e, brush box association F5e

savannah grass/shrubland & eagle's nest S17e

savannah grassland SW1e, SW6e, S10e, (Monaro) ST1e, desert S10e, Pandanus n87,90s, tropical q27s

savannah shrubland, semi arid s106s

savannah woodland (emus) s33.16s, Cape York Peninsula Q11e, semi-arid CA3e

sawah (dry fallow rice paddy) i23s, Java i66s

sawdust, red gum s66s

sawfly larvae (swarming) ST11e

sawlogs ST17e, river red gum (Murrumbidgee R.) s66s

sawmill, Darlington Point S5e, rainforest logs, Kalimantan i73s, river red gum s39.12s, s105s, red gum log being sawn s39s

sawmilling red gum DUPE s24e

scald, erosion s91s

scales, lizard's temporal, shingle-back's s95s

scar in bark on tree s4s

Scarborough foreshore, pre-development C18e, foreshore scene C18e, with Glasshouse Mts C39e

Scarborough mangrove remnant C30e

Scarborough Reef C30e

Scarborough Spit (with terns) W2e, with black cormorants C20e, seabirds in flight C36e

scare-gun, anabranch s4.19s

scavenger (whistling kite) s26.21s, kite & dead duck s86s, ant attacking bee s46s, (young goshawk on meat bait) c82s, C11e

scavengers, meat ants on cricket s101s, with beetle s95s

scavenging cave cricket sw13e, native water rat (on fish) c78s

schooner, old CQ1e

sclerophyll forest, dry C35e

sclerophyll forest, wet (eucalypt) ST3e, ST5e

Scotland, snow-covered road ST1e

Scots Pine forest e54,55s

scratching, godwit W3e, /preening figbird Q20e, bush curlew Q21e

scree slope (talus) e56s, slope ST10e

scrub, monsoon with kapok flowers q28s

scrub, softwood, emergent bottle tree cq23s

scrubwren ST16e, nest SW2e

scrubwren, white-browed C11e

scrubwren, yellow throated SW2e

sea cucumber n91s

sea eagle and wildlife trainer DUPE nt4e

sea loch (L. Linnhe) e55s

sea weed, Enteromorpha c26s

Sea, Bismark coast, aerial i76s

Sea, Mediterranean e58s

sea, sparkling, with distant island (Goold Is.) q24e

sea-cucumber (Ben holding) CQ1e

seabird, beach wash identification C21e

seabirds, Scarborough Spit C36e, see also terns

seafood (beche-de-mer in water) n91s

seafood, unloading trawler c42e

seagrass and mangrove, at low tide (Wooli R) w9s, shore (5x4) C18e

seagrass and sediment W2e

seagrass bed at low tide c43e

seagrass closeup with whelks (5x4) C18e

seagrass meadow in coastal lagoon c45,89s

seagrass smothered by sediment c85s, dug up by commercial worm diggers c91s

seagrass with hermit crab in mud whelk c10s

seagull, aggression C41e

seals, Australian fur c5s, DUPE c45e

seasonal migration (lesser plover, godwit in breeding plumage) w16s

season, Dry, (smokey sunset in Arnhem Land) n91s, Dry (concentration of magpie geese) n90s, drought Barkly Tableland n82,90s, deciduous mangroves n91s, (flowering shrub layer), deciduous leaves, salmon gum woodland n86s, kurrajong flowers, palm fronds on fire, undergrowth burning n87s, DUPE N4e, (grass) n94s, (tropical melaleuca wetland) N2e

season, dry, Indonesia (sawah), monsoon clouds i66s

season, spring (melting snow on wattle bloom) c78s

season, Wet (boggy road, Kalimantan) i26,69s, loading motorbike onto boat i71s, (flooded swampforest, rain downpour, Kalimantan) i70s

season, Wet (new sprout on billy goat plum), palm frond regrowth, sprouting leaves, lily pily, strychnine bush n87s, water lilies n88s, sprouting tree and stormclouds, n86s, paperbark swamp n87s, new cycad growth n87s

season, wet (sediment rich river water meets sea kilometres off coast) aerial i71s, in Way Kambas (flooded boats and river) i68s, (tropical Melaleuca wetland) Q4e, flooded swamp forest I1e

season, wet, early (grass sprouting from ashes) n88s

season, winter (roo tracks in snow) c24s

seasonal fire, cycad growing tip after N4e

sea-star, red horned DUPE nt4e

secondary growth, rainforest I12e

sedge and desert sand beside inland lake s53s

sedge tussocks, sparse on lake margin (Yantabangee, Paroo overflow) s50s

sedge wetland (Bulloo Overflow), flooded (aerial) s56s, dew on s54s

sedge, curly and coastal scrub F6e, and wet heath, paperbark C13e

sedge, Lepironia c43s

sedge, tussock c18s

sedgeland s78s

sediment escape from foreshore construction site (smothering seagrass) c85s

sediment laden waters on coast, PNG aerial i76s, coastal river water at sea, aerial i71s, on coast i76s

sediment rich runoff from gold sluicing i72s

sediment, Bega River full of c10s, on foreshore beside construction site w12s, river s79s, silted Ok Tedi River aerial, deforested catchment i77,78s

sedimentary (conglomerate) rock S10e

sedimentary geology C4e

sedimentary strata N1e, Central Aust CA1e

sedimentation (4wd in snowmelt) DUPE st18e, (sandbanks in estuary) C41e, of seagrass W2e, river (Ok Tedi ) I8e, I12e

seed dispersal s14.7s, (mangrove) C38e, wind C8e

seed eating bird (finch) SW1e, finch, plum-headed) SW8e

seed pods, Darling lily S18e

seed predation (red-tailed black cockatoo on Melville Is bloodwood) n88s

seed tree, regrowth from CQ7e

seedlings (river red gum), flood heights marked by lines of s60s, after flood s46s, s63s

seiche exposing mud, inland lake s54s, in/out comparison s74s, wind effect on water level S21e

seine netting, commercial c61,86s

Selwyn Range and Triodia/ghost gum savannah n93s

Semau Island, Timor t6s

semi-arid coastal landscape/vegetation, Cape Cleveland Q21e, Q23e

semi-arid rangelands (Nocoleche) S10e, S19e, S20e

semi-arid stream, flowing S10e

semi-arid vegetation CA1e

semi-arid vista CA1e

Senecio pasture infestation c84s

senescing tree SW8e

senses - goanna with tongue out C29e

sensitive plant, native Neptunia gracilis cq25s

Sepik native boat boy poling dugout canoe, in hyacinth, with fish catch i76s

Sepik River PNG I12e, sago palms beside i75s, dugout canoe, hyacinth, i76s

Sepik, East province, rainforest vista i74s

SES cliff rescue s98s

sessile flowers SW1e

settlers cottage C3e

Seven Spirit Bay wilderness lodge N4e

sewage (attracting waders in Hayes Inlet) w7,18s, (Nudgee mangroves)(6x4.5 dupe) W4m, eutrophication of estuary C38e, outfall & feeding waders (Hayes Inlet) W3e, outfall in estuarine wetland C38e, outfall onto beach c28s, Hayes Inlet, Moreton Bay c73s, ocean (construction, aerial) c27s, treatment works (aerial, Gippsland) c27s, warning sign at outfall c77s, works, Griffith s76s, outfall, nutrient input to coastal ecosystems (waders and outfall) c84s

sewerage farm aerial DUPE nt4e

sewerage ocean outfall construction aerial DUPE c45e

sexual dimorphism (male & fem triller) C10e, see also ducks

shack, old abandoned ST14e

shade, stone curlews resting in q26,29s, use by wildlife (euro under rock) s94s

shanties in Timor highland village t8s

shanty town, opal mining s11.17s

shanty, fruit picker's, Murrumbidgee River s86s, miner's S1e

she-oak, swamp (mature beside Macleay Arm) c79s, killed by tidal intrusion, pushing c90s, see also oak

shearers quarters, outback (aerial) s47s, Nocoleche s16.11s

shearing shed, Toopuntal s7.21s, Willandra s17.17s, Nocoleche s32.21s

shearwater chick at burrow entrance CQ8e

shearwaters stranded on beach c82s

sheep fodder, tree limbs cut in drought s109s

sheep s29.12s, sheep, shorn, being mustered s105s

Sheep Station Creek (valley view) L11e, L9s

sheep, with emus S23e, black-faced, Scotland e56s

shelduck, Australian s18.16s, s26.1s

shelduck, Radjah q29s

shell bank, Deception Bay C18e

shells, on beach c1,89s, natural flotsam on beach n91s

shelter, animal (frog in hollow) ST11e

shield shrimp (ephemeral wetland, Nocoleche) s9.8s, (hand held) s24.1s

shingle-back (lizard) CA7e, S8e, s12.10s , threat display s30s, (mating, & person) s30.18s

ship, Numangguri (Perintis, Indonesian inter-island) i76s

shipping and recreational boats c30s

shipwreck, Fraser Is aerial DUPE c45e

Shoalhaven River, catchment of ST8e, upper ST8e

Shoalwater Bay CQ1e

shooting (Maude) s21.12s

shore, granite boulders on, Magnetic Is. q28s

shore, rocky (granite) C. Cleveland NP q27s

shorebird habitat (soft mud at edge of inland lake) s54s, see also estuarine wetland, tidal flats

shorebirds, inland resident (banded stilts) s44s, s58s, Palaearctic, on inland wetland s55s, s60s, inland wetland (banded stilts) S21e

shorebirds, migratory W1e, W2e, W3e, wXs

shorebirds, see also waders

Shorncliffe flats with waders W2e

Shortland Wetland Centre C16e

shoveler, Australasian s13.16,17s, (aerial) s2.3s, (three swimming) s67s, pair (distant) s43s

shrike-thrush, grey C11e

shrike-tit, crested C10e

shrimp, shield (ephemeral wetland) s9.8s, in hand s24s

shrimp/crayfish/lobster, dried on floodplain s74s

shrub steppe, chenopod (bleached bones in, Hay Plain) s63s, s73s

shrubland (acacia) SW6e

shrubland savannah, mulga, aerial s108s, semi arid s106s

shrubland, arid, s4.1s, semi-arid s15.18s, arid with foxtails Ptilotus CA3e

shrubland, chenopod/saltbush s18.3s, s24.4s, s36.19s, (& black box) s23.1s, chenopod pigface flowers in, Hay Plain s53s

shrubland, dry open in mitchell grass downs, semi-arid Cassia, Acacia (mulga) s96,100s

shrubland, mulga s77s, with white sunray flowers s66s, tree and daisies s23s

shrubland, semi-arid with rosewood S10e, S20e

shrubland, wildflowers and semi-arid gidgee sw10e

sign, humorous, C40e, S1,4e"angle parking" at Birdsville s85s, (kangaroos next 110km) s80s, (no shooting) in wetland s50s, humorous (Corner Country, empty) s49s, amusing C18e, (policeman's gravestone) Q1e

sign, improvised (Cooktown, car bonnet) Q14e

sign, "reduce greed" (logging) L13s

signalling, white stripe on dragon lizard n88s

silhouetted stilts & sunset on water s75s

silky oak ST16e

siltation & erosion, of cleared & cropped land (aerial) s61s, (L Tuross sand blow, sign) w11s, estuary beside construction site w12s

siltation, river (Ok Tedi ) I8e, I12e

silted river (Ok Tedi) aerial i77s

silver-eye nestlings c82s

silviculture, (distorted tree in stand of straight trees) c79s, managed scribbly gum forest C35e, multi-stemmed tree s24e

Simpson Desert, Bedourie s2.16s

Singapore (rainforest) I1e

Singapore zoo, Singapore urban i65s

singing, male red-capped robin, splendid wren s109s

Sirenia (GBRMPA boat) W4m

skeleton of lignin from decomposition of rainforest leaf i74s

ski resort, summer winter compo ST13e

ski run, Perisher Valley Kosciusko ST2e

ski-touring c30s, DUPE st18e

skink eating flying ants Q13e, Q20e, eating march fly L3e

skink, black rock (Black Rock Mountains) q13,24e

skink, black rock c1s

skink, challenge's C29e

skink, copper-tail ST11e

skink, Cunningham's ST11e

skink, fence/tree S8e

skink, in garden, and close-up of head and shoulders cq24s

skink, in kingfisher's bill S2e

skink, Sphenomorphus rock skink L2s

skink, striped (Ctenotus) cq24s, S8e

skink, striped/five fingered s19.15s, s30.3s, s40.11s

skink, water ST11e, L3e

skink, yakka at hollow entrance s95,102s

slash & burn agriculture i13e, (effect of on rainforest after 8 yrs) i71s, small clearing in unbroken rainforest canopy (aerial) i74s, clearing with axe i75s

sleep, bearded dragon s30s, human CQ1e, kangaroo Q3e

sleeping (koala during day) C6e

slopes, central western, NSW s108s

slow release, water into catchment through peat) ST6e, (close) ST7e

slugs, mating ST12e

slump block, resistant ironstone on sea cliff n92,93s

smell (flies on fungi) s23s

smog, aerial (Sydney) DUPE c46e, over Sydney suburbs (aerial) C26e, Sydney, and urban sprawl (aerial) c2s, on busy freeway c90s

smoke stacks, Mt. Isa q31s

smoke, firefighting in c12s, from sugar cane burning Q22e, Q23e, toxic (burning garbage) s104s

Smokey Cape (South West Rocks NSW) c83s

smokey sunset, Arnhem Land n91s

snags in mature river (Murrumbidgee) s74s

Snake Gully race meet, Gulf Country Q8e

snake handling by naturalist i66s

snake lizard, Burton's n88s

snake, black-bellied swamp C29e

snake, brown s10.14s, s40.2s, (dead specimen) s89s

snake, carpet (Eungella) Q13e

snake, tiger s40.1s

snake, underbelly of s89s

snakebird (anhinga) female s28.19s, snakebirds, preening, drying feathers s103s

snipe in mist net w13s

snorkelling (Great Barrier Reef) CQ2e

snow covering road sign st14e

snow gum ST1e, ST2e, ST4e, S9e

snow melt ST2e, c11,78s, (river) ST8e, and from glacier e56,58s

snow on wattle bloom c78s, kangaroo tracks in c24s

snow, bird in (magpie) ST2e

snow, close-up, ST4e, old (melting), ST4e

snow-covered road, Scotland ST1e

snowbank on road, Perisher Valley ST1e

snowfield, Australian Alps, aerial c22s, ski-touring in c30s

snowline, Australian Alps ST1e

Snowy Mountains, Kosciusko N.P. (summer/winter) ST1e, ST6e, Thredbo River ST8e

Snowy Mts Hydro Scheme (L Jindabyne aerial) c9s

Snowy Mts woodland in snow aerial c14s, snow-covered peaks aerial c22s, ski-touring c30s, spring melt aerial c78s

Snowy River (catchment) ST6e

soaring pelicans s59s

social equality (rally for aboriginal reconciliation) s98s, homeless on beach, Surfer's Paradise c92s

social security (dole queue) c14,91s

softwood scrub, emergent bottle tree cq23s

soil conservation works s90,108s, plantings near gully erosion s109s, spray grass c57s

soil loss, topsoil from agricultural land s98s

soil profile, leached, reduced C36e

soil types, Murray River floodplain (aerial) s41s

Solanum flowering vineC39e

Solanum seaforthianum c39e

Solanum sp s8.4s, s8.7s

Solanum stelligerum s101s

solar panels at telecommunication facility s98,102s

solar power (hazy sunset over mountains, solar panels) s102s, (wind in sails) CQ1e

solar powered telecommunication receiver ST13e, ice cream cart c52s

Somerset Dam, SW1e, & Mt Byron C3e, (skiers) C2e, (whiskered terns) C24e, rural scene c35e, dead trees in water, sunset c39e, cormorants at c44e, scene C35e, sunset C39e, dead trees C17e, pelicans and cormorants in large fish-hunting flock c81s

Sonder, Mount CA1e

songbird (lyrebird) C9e, ST15e

songbirds, colourful male robin, wren singing s109s

sorghum crop SW6e

Sorghum intrans (native grass) sprout in ashes n88s

source, Murrumbidgee R ST2e

south coast, NSW aerial c83s

south east forest, pine and clearfelling aerial c63s, aerial ST17e

South East Forests, see also Coolangubra

South East Forests, L1-12e, vistas L11,17s, Bondi State Forest, Sheep Station Ck L9s

South West Rocks, NSW (aerial) C27e

Southern Ocean C4e

Southwood N.P. S11e

Sowerbaea juncea c80s

space, personal (terns roosting) w18s

spade-foot frog s8.10s

sparrowhawk in trap s8.21s

speciation (blotched blue-tongue) ST11e, (mountain possum) L2s, eastern blue tongue lizard (compare to blotched) s95s, Indonesian grey teal in habitat i56s

speed zone for wildlife on busy road (sign and reflector) c44e

sphagnum bog c13,20,78s, aerial c78s, alpine ST6e, (close) ST7e

Sphagnum cristata c13,20,78s

sphagnum moss (close) ST7e

Sphenomorphus skink ST11e, L3e, tigrinus Q20e

spider (with grasshopper) SW8e

spider web C7e, SW8e, (dew) s36.23s, in sedge s54s

spider webs in reeds F6e

spider, funnel web (not Sydney) at entrance of funnel s95s

spider, huntsman with beetle cq24s

spider, mimicking green tree ant n88s

spider, net casting C37e

spider, orb-weaving C7e

spider, red backed cq24s

spider, St Andrew's cross C7e

spider, wolf, C7e, against ground n88s

spiny plant s72s

spinifex (inland Triodia) CA1e

spinifex (Triodia) grassland in seed sw10e

spinifex, inland, see also Triodia

spinifex, Triodia, on coast q27s

Spitfire Banks (Moreton Bay) (aerial) C27e

spitfire grubs (sawfly larvae) ST11e

spittle bug foam c80s

Split Rock (Hat Head) C4e

spoonbill, fledglings in nest s82s, group in tree s3.20s, scratching s33.6s, nocturnal foraging s78s, breeding crest erect (silhouetted group shot) s105s

spoonbill, royal, s27.3s, s42s, (close) C23e, in reedbed C19e, nest & fledglings s82s

spoonbill, yellow-billed s27.5s, s58s, (flight) s27.4s, (feeding) s64s, beside inland river s54s, s55s, s63s, feeding in lignum swamp s34s, on branch s27s, on branch C24e

spoonbills & pink-eared duck beside inland river s58s

spoonbills, royal feeding in mangroves c89s

spores, desiccation-resistance s2.19s

Sporobolus salt meadow, Clarence estuary floodplain c89s

spotted gum/belah/ Triodia association SW7e

spray grass land stabilisation c57s

spraying mosquitos in tidal wetland c85s

spring fed creek (Fraser Is) F7e

spring, artesian CA4e, S12e, S15e, S21e, (natural boggomoss) cq26s, Lake Peri s43s, mound and canegrass swamp s99s

spring, freshwater (Salvator Rosa N.P.) CQ7e

spring, mound CA4e, S12e, S15e, S21e

springtail swarm on the move SW8e

St Abb's Head sea cliffs, Scotland e54,56s

St Vincent Gulf (sunrise) C3e

stack, coastal aerial c91s

stack, sea C4e

staghorn fern C8e

stamen, grass s24.17s

staple food tree, sago palm (aerial of canopy) i74s, riverside i75s

staple food/material (sago, PNG) I12e

Star Mountains, PNG i77s, (Ok Tedi PNG) I8e, I12e

star tracks CQ4e, (abstract) SW8e, Stony Creek cq23s

starfish DUPE nt4e

starfruit (Damasonum) s72s

statue, Chinese New Year i65s

steam engine st13e, traction ST14e

stem galling moth, gall and larvae cq24s

stencil art, hand cq19,23s

stencils, aboriginal hand (Carnarvon) CQ2e

steppe, chenopod shrub (bleached bones in, Hay Plain) s63s, s73s

steppe, desert & Sturt NP sign s49s, shrub s18.3s

sternum, measuring duck's (culmen & tarsus) s47s

stick insect C7e

stigma, grass s24.17s

stilt, silhouetted in inland lake s44s, tight group silhouetted s18s, in sunset on water s50,75s, nest and eggs c35s

stilt, banded s28.6s, s65s, (silhouette) s20.5s, s28.7s, (close) s64s, s67s, wading s44s, s58s, group wading/feeding S21e, feeding on inland salina s109s, large flock over L.Wyara (aerial) s35s

stilt, black-winged/pied s12s, s33s, (group) C23e, s28.8s, (young) s13.6s, nest & eggs c35s, s58s, s63s, silhouette s44s, juvenile s80s, nest and eggs in water w17s, displaying w3s, nest W2e

stilt, pied, see stilt, black-winged, above

stilt, white-headed, see stilt, black-winged)

stilts, roosting, flock in flight C23e, silhouetted C20e, W1e

stilts, banded wading/feeding S21e

stilts, pied (white-headed/black-winged) C23e

stinging tree, with warning sign Q5e

stint, red-necked feeding W2e

stints, red necked roosting with lesser plover w16s, feeding on flat w18s

stochastic ecological process (coastal erosion from cyclone) n93s

stock (sheep) s29.12s

stock transport CQ11e, (road trains) cq4s

stock water in desert (aerial) s109s

stock, concentration around watering point DUPE s23e

stockman droving cattle s21.7s, tending cattle s103s

stockmen with cattle at river S4e

Stockton Beach protection works DUPE c45e

Stockton wader roost (pre works) w14s

Stockyard Creek (Coolangubra) 5x4 L9e

stone curlew, bush, with young q29s, young squatting q26s

stonefield, eroded with mulga, Currawinya NP s100s

Stony Creek Gorge, Blackdown Tableland N.P. CQ4e, CQ10e, cq12,23s, creek cq2,23s

stony desert s2.7s, s40s, S21e

stook, swamphen's s26.13s

stork, black-necked in estuary c24s

storks, painted i65s

storm damage (tree loss on cleared land) s93s, to native woodland s99s

storm, desert s4.2s, s7.8s

storm, rain (aerial) s5.7s

stormcloud SW1e, SW8e, SW9e

stormwater outfall, algae from C38e

stormwater runoff on beach, eutrophied c42e

stormwater, contamination of leachate c84,91s

stove, traditional wood burning ST14e

Stradbroke Island, Nth., sand mining c7s, pine harvest C36e

strand vegetation (beach morning glory/goatsfoot vine on dune) q22e, (Casuarina) Deepwater N.P. CQ11e, (Hibbertia bloom) c43e, (Messerschmidia on cay) CQ3e, (pigface flowers) c77s, (tuckeroo and osprey) c58s, (silhouetted pandan) cq10s, view from headland cq23s, view of beach from cq10s, (White Bush Apple) n88s, Carmargue e58s, pioneer (Ipomoea pes-caprae) Q22e, Way Kambas i68s

strata, folded anticline in sea cliffs e56s, sedimentary e58s, mineral bearing Q11e, sedimentary (arid) CA1e

stratiform and cumuliform clouds together s103s

stream, alpine summer/winter comparison ST1e, forest L1e, L2e, L12e, mountain, Blackbutt C39e, Kosciusko ST1e

streamside vegetation L3e

street scene, isolated town of Sungai Penuh, Sumatra i68s

stress, environmental (kangaroo in drought) s7.1s

stress, plant (rocky ground) S10e

stretching wings (male superb parrot) s108s, (teal roosting) s105s, tern C37e

stringybark, Darwin n86s, red (rare and endangered) c83s, planchon c83s, swamp (rare) c91s

Strychnine bush n87s

Strychnos lucida n87s

Strzelecki Desert CQ9e, S7e, (aerial) s37.20s, salinas s38s, oil well s6.19s, oil well in (aerial) s107s, Fort Grey Basin isolated wetland, longitudinal dunes aerial s108s

Stuart, Central Mount CA1e, CA2e

stumpy-tail lizard s12.10s, stumpytail lizard CA7e, S8e

Sturt National Park S11e, S21e, s2.13s, & kangaroos s65s, (sign & desert steppe)

subtropical bangalow palm forest F7e, ecotourist in c83,90s

suburb with green space around (Sydney) aerial c89s

suburbs, development aerial c10s, dense houses in new (Brisbane) c90s, Sydney aerial st17e, western Sydney (aerial) C26e

succession, plant from salt increase s47s

succulent plant (pigface) s53s

sugar cane (Burdekin delta) aerial q27s, aerial q24e

sugar-cane fields (aerial) Q22e, C27e

Sumatra i68,69s, rainforest I6e

summer, alpine ST1e, ST6e

Summit area, Kosciusko ST1e, ST6e

sunbaking c44e, Bondi DUPE c45e, c86s

sunbird, on grevillea flower Q17e, nest Q16e

sundew s85s, SW8e, C8e, C14e

Sundown N.P. (Rat's Castle) ST9e

Sungai Matan, Nypa palm, Gunung Palung i71s

Sungai Penuh, Kerinci Enclave, Sumatra i68s

sunray, white s11.9s, in woodland s3.7s, sunrays & rosewood s2.14s, against sand s89s, white on brick red outback soil s106s, white (flowers) S3e

sunrise (St. Vincent Gulf) C3e, Cook Island C4e, Pacific Ocean C1e, wilderness coast n93s

sunset, & mangrove (Kurrimine) Q19e, and magpie geese Q15e, background - estuary Q11e, with intertidal flat & wader W1e, & waterbirds (movement) s13.9s, dead tree s37.1s, on water & silhouetted stilts s75s, over ridges, Bunya Mountains s102s, ephemeral wetland s5.19s, s18.20s, s32.14s, Lake Cowal s18.18s

sunset, Bunya Mts SW2e, coastal wetland C17e, Deception Bay C39e, estuarine w1s, estuary c18s, cloud line c79s, farmland SW3e, inland SW1e, Lake Nugga Nugga CQ7e, inland woodland, Weranga SW6e, SW7e, SW8e

supralittoral mangrove and samphire c43e, tussock sedge c18s

supralittoral wetland C18e, C19e, C23e

supratidal flats, Pumicestone Passage NP C36e

supratidal wetland at top of tide C30e

surf ski c86s

surf, with oystercatchers f16s

surfing c29s, C4e, DUPE c45e

survey peg at proposed dam site cq26s

survey, wader (shorebird) Q19e

sustainable harvesting, questionable (commercial bait harvesting) c42e, c90,91s

sustainable land use/care (topsoil loss from ag. land) s98s

swallowing (pelican) C20e

swamp forest, cleared for prawn farm I13e, Melaleuca Q4e, Q10e, tropical I1e, I7e, wallum with fern C39e, paperbark after fire c62,80s

swamp wallaby SW1e

swamphen, purple c14,48,91s, s26.13,18s, (on stook) C19e

swan, black s27.7s, in Swan Bay C13e, Billabong Sanctuary Q18e, on lagoon q18e, (neck) s34.12s, (flight) s13.11s, (cygnet in reeds) s65s, nest & eggs s82s, (group in waves) s63s,swans & freckled duck on Lake Wyara (aerial) s31s, incubing DUPE st18e

swans, black flock on Somerset Dam C17e, taking off C24e

swarm (butterflies) C7e, midges s49,64s

swidden agriculture, effect on rainforest after 8yrs i71s, small clearing in rainforest, PNG aerial i74s, clearing with axe i75s

swimming (water rat) s59s

Sydney Harbour (sailing ship and boats) c30s, sailing on c30s

Sydney sandstone vegetation C16e

Sydney smog aerial DUPE c46e

Sydney suburbs and Parramatta River (city in background) (aerial) C27e, urban sprawl and smog aerial c2s

symbiotic relationship between fungi & algae (bright yellow lichen) c26s

Syncarpia hillii f16s, F5e

Syzygium eucalyptoides epicormic sprouts n87s, ssp bleeseri (bush apple) flower n88s

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Tableland, Atherton cleared landscape Q7e

tableland, forested ridges & gullies (aerial) s88s

Tachyglossus aculeatus s3.21s, s11.21s

tactile feeding (spoonbill) s42s

taction engine, historic derelict Q1e

Tadorna tadornoides s26.1s

tadpole-shrimp (shield shrimp) s9.8s

tadpoles in drying pool s36.11s

tail, distinctive, of thick-tailed gecko (tail and hind limbs only) s103s

tailings dam collapsed (Ok Tedi) i77,78s

tailor-bird with grasshopper, nest C12e

Talbot, Lake s82s, drained s81s

Talegalla Weir, Mary River C33e

tall ship (Endeavour replica) c87s

talus slope (scree) e56s

Taman Negara NP, huge buttressed trunk (with human) i65s, clear rainforest stream i78s

tambak (fish/prawn farms, Java) i66s, closeup of fry i69s

Tangalooma wrecks C41e

Tangalooma, Moreton Is. (ship hulks forming reef) aerial c38s

Tanjung Puting N.P., Kalimantan I1e, I7e, i70s

tank, stock watering s23.14s

tannic acid staining (of water) F5e

Tantawanglo Creek, Tant. State Forest L2e

Tantawanglo State Forest L15s, see also South East Forests Lxe entries

tapir, head i33s

taproot, desert oak woodland in desert CA3e

Tara, main street s102s, SW8e, at night SW8e

tarn, glacial c3,12,20,21s

Tarong power station (aerial) s81s (others also)

tarsus, measuring duck's (culmen & sternum) s47s

tattler, feeding, roosting with terns & on rocks, preening w2,18s, eating crab w6s, roosting w3e, with turnstone and tern W3e

tattler, grey-tailed (single bird), and preening q29s, feeding W2e

tattler, wandering habitat C31e

tattlers on pipe (Clontarf) W2e, grey-tailed roosting (Brighton) W2e, roosting (lined up on rock) c19,48s, with terek sandpiper c8s

tattoo, military, Edinburgh e54s

tea tree wetland F5e

tea tree, broad-leaved C15e

teal, chestnut (& black duck) s27.9s

teal, chestnut pair C37e

teal, grey & chestnut in estuarine wetland C23e

teal, grey s3.19s,s27.13s, nest s27.16s, (dabbling) s13.5s, (flock in flight) s10.8s, & brood s77s, dabbling s77s, s91s, grey head (eye colour) s87s, grey and chestnut roosting s105s, grey close up of head showing red iris, comb on bill s108s, grey flock with freckled s97s, in hessian bag (research) s42s, s61s, silhouetted in reflections, Somerset Dam c83s

teal, Indonesian grey (gibberifrons) i15s, in estuarine habitat i56s

teatree, arid country black t.t. on sand dune s99s

technology, appropriate (bicycles) i24s, i69s, (wind-powered pump in fish farm, Java) i66s, farmer with ox cart, Sumatra i56s, (solar radio) ST13e

technology, communication (satellite dishes on Kupang rooftops) t1s

technology, mix of old & new in street scene, Sungai Penuh, Sumatra i68s, traditional outrigger canoes with "jonsons" i76s

telecommunication, remote area ST13e

telecommunications (satellite dishes on Kupang rooftops) t1s, solar panel at remote installation s98,102s, tower with galah flock s98s

telegraph station, Alice Springs - historic pioneer cabin, CA2e

Telukmelano, tidal village West Kalimantan i71s

temperature difference (valley mist) ST10e, mountain top cloud S9e

temperature differential (vapour trail) s21.18s

temperature regulation (emu panting, doves roosting together) Q18e, (kangaroo with wet arms) Q12e

temple, intricate designs in (Narita-san, Japan) e56s

temporary (of wetlands), see ephemeral

termitarium, cathedral n87,90s, with ecotourist n90s, magnetic n87s, burl on tree n88s

termite's earthen core of hollowed log DUPE nt5e

termite alates eaten by skink Q13e, Q20e

termite attack (hollow log) C8e, tree with burl n88s

termite mounds, & ecotourist DUPE nt4e, Cape York Peninsula Q11e, cathedral & magnetic DUPE nt4e

termites among leaf litter n88s

termites, effect on trees in semi-arid woodland s95s

tern in flight (pink) C20e

tern, crested, roosting on rock W3e

tern, little C36e, nest and eggs n88s, with crested roosting on rock w17s

tern, noddy CQ8e

tern, whiskered (marsh) inland fresh wetland C24e

terns, (flying, roosting) W2e, and surf beach C4e, and waders roosting w3e, in flight, Scarborough Spit C36e

terns, black-naped Q22e, q31s in flight Q21e

terns, crested (flock) C4e, and little together C36e, on surf beach C21e

terns, roosting on harbour pylons C36e, on moored boat C36e, on rock reef c65,87,90s, crested on beach, one preening c82s, on rocky reef w17s

territorial song, male red-capped robin, splendid wren s109s

Territory Wildlife Park (sea-eagle & trainer) N4e

territory, eagle s70s, fox marking with faeces (bottle) s79s

tertiary plateau (Commissioners Rg. s93s

Tettigoniidae q4s

thalli, lichen (bright yellow crustose) c26s

thatched roofed huts, beehive huts, Nenas village, Timor t8s

thaw, alpine ST2e

The Palms N.P. SW2e

The Salt Lake, inland salina s109s

thermals, (pelicans soaring) s59s, soaring flock of ibis s45s, s60s, martin flock waiting for in trees s101s

thermo-regulation, cuckoo shrikes panting s97s, (snake lying in capeweed) s40.1s, (croc sunning) n88s, croc with mouth open I12e, land mullet sunning c69,81s

thicknee, bush Q3e, Q18e, with young Q21e, q29s, DUPE q21e

thistle (weeds) S10e

Thomisidae, spider mimicking tree ants n88s

Thomson River (sunset) s93s, floodplain (field of lilies) s100s, floodplain (mitchell grass) sw10e

thornbill, brown ST16e

Thornborough/Kingsborough ghost towns Q1e

Thornlands roost (Moreton Bay) W2e

thorny plant s72s

threat display (shingle-back lizard) s30s

Thredbo River (Kosciusko N.P.) ST8e

Thrushton N.P. (butterflies on woodland flowers) s95s, (kangaroos at waterhole, in bimble box woodland) s94,104s, (woodland) sw10e

thundercloud, storm CQ11e

thunderhead, monsoon at end of dry season n87s

thunderstorm, desert s39.7s, inland (aerial) s85s

Thurecht jetty C18e

Tibooburra aerial s1.5s, s62s, national park office s17.19s

Tibooburra gold mine, historic S1e, mail truck S4e, aerial S7e

tick, parasitic on python Q13e

tidal flat, (Cairns) q2,28s, Carmila q7s, (stints on) w18s, bait worm harvesting C41e, Deception Bay foreshore C38e, Nth Qld Q21e, waders feeding on incoming tide C39e, sunset w1s

tidal flats (aerial) CQ9e, Q5e, Pumicestone Passage C36e, (Brighton, Hayes Inlet, Moreton Bay Marine Park, Manning River, Hunter River), and feeding godwits, at sunset c80s, with people c90s, bait harvesters c91s, ibis on at sunset c91s

tidal flats and feeding waders, Hayes inlet w3e

tidal flats, deltaic aerial (Fitzroy) c7s (see also nqXe)

tidal flats, Moreton Bay (west, Brighton), tide encroaching (Hayes Inlet) w10s

tidal flats/shore, Nth Qld (various) Q22e

tidal intrusion into wetland (dead casuarina) c90s

tidal mudflat with tide flooding t6s, tropical and mangroves, aerial roots, Timor t6s

tidal range (amplitude), great, (Carmila sand flats low tide, Broad Sound) q7s

tidal regime of mangrove altered (dead mangroves) c85,91s, coastal lagoon entrance blocked by sand, see lagoon

tidal saltmarsh, Pumicestone Passage, Macleay Arm c79s

tidal sand flat, Carmila Q4e, Trinity Inlet q27s, Carmila q7s

tidal wetland & estuary, tropical (aerial) Q21e

tidal wetland, flats (NSW) w8,9s, high (spring) tide C30e, Macleay River C39e, vehicle impact on c85s, bait collecting impact c91s

tidal wetlands, Cleveland Bay aerial q21e

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve s27.9s, group of photographers c22s

Tidbinbilla Range, snow-capped, ST4e, ST5e

tide - high/low compo in estuary (Carmila) Q10e

Tiliqua scincoides (blue tongue lizard) s95s

timber cutter ST17e

timber cutters' board notches in tree trunk C3e

timber getting railway bridge, Taree C3e

timber getting, red gum (Murrumbidgee R.) s66s, S5e

timber harvest - Nth. Stradbroke Island pine C36e

timber harvesting (clearfelling/pine) L12e

timber jinker, old C3e

timber production (plantation pine aerial) c63s

timber truck f11s

timber, rainforest at mill i73s

timber, use of in stock yard C3e

time zones (Greenwich meridian) e56s

Timorese families t8s

Tinaroo Dam Q7e, Q8e

toad, cane q24e

toad, crucifix (burrowing frog) s20.6s, in mud puddle s48s, beside fungi s63s, in tyre track s82s, group s106s, DUPE s24e

toadlet, common (hand held) showing red thigh s45s

toado (fish) in mangrove wetland c23s

toads, cane, in water tank C33e, concentration c56s

tobacco, wild with brown pigeon Q16e

toll gate (Gateway Bridge) c42e

Tombullen water storage s28.16s

Tonduran Spire, Warrumbungle NP s69s, s70s, S9e

Tongo Lake s78s

tongue used in threat display (lizard) s30s

tongue, shingle-back in threat display CA7e

tongue, specialised (sunbird) Q16e

Toondah Harbour roost site W2e

Toopuntal shearing shed s7.21s, gate s37.4s, s75s

Toorbul foreshore W2e, intertidal flats, Pumicestone Passage C36e

tor, granite CA1e, Currawinya NP s93s

tor, sandstone (sculptured rock) CQ10e, cq23s

torpid possum c12,24s

tors, granite (Girraween) ST9e

tortoise, freshwater (held in hand) s19.12s, underside of (held in hand) s19.12s, in gold fish pond i65s

tortoise, snake/long-necked C29e

tour boat, Yellow Waters n90s

tourism (photographing Edinburgh from castle) e54s

tourism, heritage (Victoria Settlement), fishing (barra), sailing n86s

tourism, see also ecotourism, recreation

tourist, motor, Provence e56s

Towamba River L2e, L3e, L5e, (5x4) L7e

town planning (housing estate with green space, Sydney) aerial c89s, tightly packed houses (Brisbane) c90s

town, outback (aerial) S7e, s1.5s, s65s, country, main street (Tara) s102s, (William Creek) CA2e

town, tropical coastal aerial (Wewak) i76s

Townsville Common Q10e, aerial q27s

Townsville Q22e, Castle Hill q22e

Townsville wetland, tropical floodplain, (ibis & ducks) Q18e

Townsville, Port of, aerial q21e

toxic pollutants (refuse landfill leachate) c84,91s

toxic smoke (burning garbage) s104s

Trachydosaurus rugosusCA7e, S8e, (shingle back lizard) s12.10,95s

trachyte dyke, plug, Warrumbungle NP s68s, s69s, s70s, s72s

tracks, animal (emu, kangaroo on claypan) S15e

tracks, kangaroo's in snow c24s, in mud s72s, wood duck s17.21s

traction engine st13e, old ST14e

tractor working (spraying fertiliser) s98s

trade shifts (new Japanese and old English 4WDs) s89s s90s

trade, inter-island, Irian i76s, boats at anchor i77s

trade, riverside Banjarmasin, Kalimantan I10e

traditional outrigger longboats, Irian, with outboards i76s, coastal craft at anchor, Manokwari

traditional village huts, Timor t8s

traffic flow, freeway, toll gate c42,44e, past wildlife habitat (sign, reflectors) c44e

traffic flow/snarl on busy city freeway/toll bridge c44e

traffic jam C2e, (bogged semi), Irian i76s

traffic management (aerial) C27e

traffic on freeway c77,90s

tramway, up to lighthouse CQ3e

transition zone between Asia and Australia - eucalypt forest in Timor t7s, see also Wallacea

transmigration settlers, Kalimantan i71s

transmigration, patterns of settlement in rainforest, Sumatra aerial i68s, rainforest cleared and settler's hut i69s, Irian i75s

transpiration, reduced by leafless desert vine s100s

transport, (cattle road trains) cq4s, landcruiser on outback road cq13s, coal train wagons cq14s

transport (freeway junction, Sydney aerial) c84s, (railway/freeway)aerial C27e

transport (refuelling at roadside petrol stall, Java) i56,67s, taking pineapples to market (bicycle), Sumatra i69s, farmer with ox cart, Sumatra i56s

transport, ferry, island c28s, Sydney commuter c86s, inter-island (Irian) I13e

transport, Irian, coastal shipping, passengers on dock, inter-island aeroplane, roadwork (traffic jam), jonsons (outrigger canoes) i76s, craft at anchor, Manokwari i77s

transport, jet plane and sunset i65s

transport, landcruiser in Gurig NP n86s, mail truck S4e

transport, modern and traditional in isolated Sungai Penuh, Sumatra i68s

transport, outback S1e, (ultralight) S22e, outback airstrip with plane and 4wds s109s, outback s21.3s

transport, pastoral (stock truck) S1e, CQ11e

transport, remote area (plane on beach) CQ2e

transport, river (Kalimantan) I7e, I10e, PNG I12e

transport, timber truck f11s

transport, traffic flow at night, Singapore i65s

transport, village boy on Timor pony t6s

transport, wet season difficulties, Kalimantan i26,69,71s, Irian (bogged semi) i76s

transverse dunes (desert) CQ9e, S7e

trawler, bay C37e, estuary, river (Fullerton Cove) w11s

trawler, prawn C1e, skipper at helm in wheelhouse c30s, trawlers at sea (distant), Moreton Bay c86s, unloading seafood catch c42e

tree death (flooding by storage) C17e

tree ducks, plumed DUPE q24e, plumed q29s, perching in trees q5,6s

tree ferns L1s, understorey (5x4) L7e

tree frog, dwarf q30s

tree growth (between fence rails) C8e

tree growth habit - tumbledown S15e, S23e

tree hollow with plant SW8e

tree limbs fused (river red gum) s106s

tree lopping c37e, city park c86,90s

tree loss (Cecil Plains) SW2e, (bottle tree left in cleared scrub) cq23s, (bulldozer pushing woodland), cleared landscape and cattle Darling Downs sw12e, (dead tree in cleared field) s71s, (Kurrajong cut for fodder) s71s, (dead trees, Lake Mulwala aerial) s107s, (fallen mature tree in sheep grazing land) s93s, (sheep on pasture aerial) s107s, loss through erosion (Cecil Plains) s102s, dieback on roadside verge s103s, on sheep pasture (no regen.) s109s, & replanting s108s

tree loss (retention on traditional Timorese pasture) t8s

tree loss (ski-tourer and dead trees in snow) c30s, pulled, salt-intruded wetland c90s, L. Innes c13e, coastal forest being pushed for suburban residential c26e, dead tree and rural scene c35e, in dam, sunset c39e

tree loss, destructive roadside firefighting technique sw13e, dieback and erosion c42e, grazing stopping regeneration c44e, on farmland ST9e, dieback and weeds S10e

tree loss, weeds (pasture degradation) S10e

tree loss/erosion, roadside s15s, s81s, on cleared land s71s, s93s

tree preservation, farmland SW3e

tree root along creek bank, L4e

tree roots, over rocks (Broadwater SF) Q19e, old growth L5e

tree snake, climbing q30s

tree, bottle, cq25s, emergent & left after scrub pulling cq23s,

tree, coastal tuckeroo with osprey c58s

tree, dying SW8e

tree, fallen mature on cleared pasture s109s

tree, flowering (silky oak) ST16e

tree, Fraser Is satinay f16s, f6,7e

tree, giant dead, Somerset dam C35e

tree, mature, SW8e, trunk with moss, lichen L1e, (5x4) L8e

tree, multi-stemmed habit s24e

tree, old SW1e

tree, paperbark f16s

tree, Scots pine e54,55s

tree, stinging, with warning sign Q5e

tree-lopping (council) C37e

treeferns L1e

treeless plain, eagles nesting on power poles CA5e

treeline, Snowy Mts aerial c14,22s, ski-touring above c30s

trees, dead (grazing land) ST17e

trees, ramin i70s

trepang n91s, (beachcomber holding) CQ1e

Trepang Creek mangrove wetlands n91s, NT, barra fishing in n86s

Trichosurus vulpecula s3.22s, ssp johnstonii Q12e

Trictera sp.s25.24s

Trida railway siding s90s

Triglochin on dried mud s83s,in billabong s83s

triller, white-winged C10e

Trinity Inlet, & mangroves q28s, intertidal flat W4m, & waterbirds Q4e, sandflat q27s

Triodia spinifex, coastal q27s

Triodia hummock grassland with ghost gums, Selwyn Ra. n93s, on sandstone, Kakadu n89s, hummock grass (ring) CA1e, in seed sw10e

Triops australiensis s24s

Tropic of Capricorn sign cq13s

tropical beach (wild - Irian) I13e

tropical forest PNG I12e

tropical freshwater lagoon q28s, lilies & lotus bird q7s

tropical rainforest I1e, lowland (Licuala fan palm) Q23e

truck, old wreck (Willandra) s80s, stock S1e

trucks (stock road trains) cq4s

trunks, tree (rusty gum) SW1e

tsunami, northern PNG coast before tsunami aerial i76s, beachside village aerial i78s

tubercle, metatarsal (burrowing frog) S23e

tuckeroo tree C40e, trees beside Macleay Arm c79s, tree, wind trained with osprey c58s

Tuggerah Lake scene (backlit pelicans) c13,34s

tumble-down tree habit S23e

tunnel, in rock (home of bats) CQ6e

turbidity, river (Ok Tedi) I8e

turkey bush (Calytrix) n86s

turkey nest tank/dam with sheep aerial s107s, outback s23.14s

turkey, scrub/brush Q17e, on mound c92s

turkey-bush (flowering Eremophila) S20e

turnstone w2,17s, in flight W3e, roosting with tattler and tern W3e

turnstones, ruddy roosting C36e, and whimbrel W3e

Tuross estuary w8s, scenics c88s

turpentine bush & Cassia s15.18s

turpentine bush S19e, S20e

turtle biology - egg development CQ2e

turtle digging nesting hole CQ4e, eggs from nest CQ4e

turtle hatchlings CQ5e

turtle, loggerhead nesting CQ4e

turtle, Murray s29.9s

tussock grass, semi-arid (mulga grass) tussock s66s, close s65s

tussock grassland, dry (mitchell grass) sw10e

tussock sedge c18s

tussock sedgeland, dew on s54s

tussocks, sedge, s53,55s, margin of L. Yantabangee s50s

Tweed estuary (NSW) aerial c84s

Tweed River, UK w15s

Twelve Apostles (stacks) C4e

Tympanocryptus lineata on mitchell grass, Lochern N.P. s95,104s

tympanum, frog's C28e

Typha & swamphen s26.13s, (Willandra Billabong) s37.2s, beds, Lake Ballyrogan/ Brewster s63s, Great Cumbung Swamp s37.9s

Typha, Azolla & Eleocharis s52s

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U-shaped glacial valley e55s

Uca (fiddler crab) c80s

ultralight aircraft S22e

Uluru, tourists climbing CA2e, face & tourist plane s22.23s, former camp ground at CA2e

understorey, coastal forest c61s, tree fern in brown barrel forest (5x4) L7e

undeveloped economies (Ok Tedi PNG) I12e

unemployment (dole queue) c14,91s

unincorporated area, western NSW s52s

updraught (wedge-tailed eagle soaring) s70s

Uperoleia rugosa (hand held) showing red thigh s45s

uplift (coral limestone 400m asl, Gunung Meja, Irian) i74s

urban catchment c90s, and waterbirds in wetland c46s

urban development, high density c90s, aerial c78s

urban encroachment on wetland (Georges R aerial) w11s

urban expansion (estate development, Canberra aerial) c10s, Brisbane c90s, forest being cleared for c26e

urban landscape (aerial) C27e, in desert (mining town) (aerial) s52s, dense, in flood, and main business centre, Jambi, Sumatra i69s

urban runoff, algae from C38e

urban sprawl & freeway junction, Sydney aerial c84s, new housing development aerial c84s, and smog, Sydney aerial c2s, tightly packed new houses (Brisbane) c90s, western Sydney (aerial) C26e

urban waterway (Mossman) c86s

UV radiation (girl sunbaking) c44e, Bondi c45e

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Valley, forested flooded by dam (aerial) s107s, incised river in mountains (aerial) c78s

Vallisneria spiralis in billabong (check) s83s

vandalism (Maude) s21.12s, of road sign C1e

vapour trail, aircraft s21.18s

Varanus gilleni (lost tail) CA7e

Varanus gouldii CQ9e, CA7e, s6.17s,s30.20s, large specimen c23s

Varanus timorensis n88s

Varanus tristis (head in can) s3.6s

Varanus varius s30.23s, C29e

variation, geographic (blotched blue-tongue) ST11e, (lace monitor, inland form) S8e

variation, inland form of lace monitor s30.23s, individual (frog spots) s25.16s, sex/age (kangaroo family) s52s

variation, natural (pine trees, one distorted) c79s, subspecific (red possum) Q12e

vegetation cover loss causing sheet erosion sw13e

vegetation patterns with relief Q21e

vegetation, arid s14.4s, (bare) s2.6,7s, (grass tussocks) s2.10s

vegetation, effect of grazing S6e

vegetation, floodplain s1.13s

vegetation, riparian s1.1s, s7.5s

vegetative propagation (pest pear) s21.11s

vehicle, impact on saltmarsh c85s, tracks on beach C1e

venation of leaf (lignin skeleton) i74s

venomous spider (red back) cq24s

ventilation, smoke through thatch in traditional Atoni beehive hut t8s

Verbesina encelioides cq23s

Verbena (Mayne's pest s101s

vermin- proof fence (Qld/NSW) S13e

vessels, coastal trading (Indonesian) t6s

Victoria Settlement n82,86s

Victoria, central plains s1.6s

Victorian coastal wetlands (aerial) s82s

viewing platform, Apsley Gorge st13e

village and mountains, Timor t7s

village people in street of Nenas, highlands, Timor t8s

village, built in tidal mangrove swamp, Kalimantan i71s, coastal (Yapen Is, Irian) I13e, fishing, Eyemouth Scotland e54s, illegal fishing in Way Kambas NP, Sumatra i68s, smokey coastal, Irian i75s, traditional dwellings, Timor t8s

villagers, fishing village, Sumatra i68s

vine covering building ST14e

vine, flowering and fruiting C39e, noxious (smothering) SW6e, C39e, Q20e, old growth I1e

vines, covering church st14e

Vogelkop (town of Manokwari) i76,77s

volcanic dyke (Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s69s, s72s

volcanic landscape (dykes, plugs) S9e, landscape (Grand High Tops, Warrumbungle NP) sw10e,Warrumbungle NP s68s, s69s, s70s

volcanic plug (Crater Bluff, Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s70s, s72s, trachyte, Belougery Split Rock, Warrumbungle NP s108s

volcano (Gunung Kerinci, sunset, smoking cone) i20,22,69s

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Wader's footprints on sand q28s

wader (shorebird), resident s28.9s, banded stilt s65s, pied stilt s33s, (avocet wading, foraging) s64s, (banded stilts) s44s, inland (banded stilts) s58,65s

wader disturbance w12s, dog chasing waders silhouetted w13s, jetty and waders, sunset w13s, Kooragang bund wall w14s, osprey w19s

wader feeding (godwit, sandpiper) w4,18s

wader habitat (inland lake mudflat) s54s, (inland wetland mud & herbs) s47s

wader habitat, estuarine, Scotland e58s

wader habitat/coastal development Q23e

wader roost Deception Bay lagoon C38e

wader roost, artificial rock wall c8,19,48s

wader survey Q19e, W4m, w19s

wader tracks in sand w1s

wader, banding (flyway research) i67s

wader, breeding plumage, godwit w3,17s, lesser plover w16s

wader, migratory (Palaearctic) (sharp-tailed sandpiper, Narran Lake) s64s, on inland canegrass swamp s55,60s, flock feeding on inland lake mudflat s80s

waders and industry w11s, bund wall w41s

waders feeding near sewage outfall c84s, displaced by foreshore development c85s, DUPE c46e, disturbed by dogs n86,90s, foreshore, interpretive sign, Pumicestone Passage c86s, roosting near jetty c64s, feeding Pumicestone Passage w2e

waders in flight (stints, curlew-sandpipers), (godwits, knot, oystercatcher) DUPE c45e, against sunset w1s, artificial shore Woody Pt W3e

waders roosting Clontarf (historic) C20e, roosting near popular jetty (Woody Pt) w1e, roosting w2,7,16,18s, (Woody Pt), near jetty w5s, feeding w7s, in flight w16,18s

waders, flock in flight s13.4s, inland (banded stilts) S21e, migratory feeding at waters edge C39e, mixed flock feeding W2e

wading bird in water (avocet) s77s (see also waders, spoonbills, ibis)

Wagonga Inlet, Narooma, Sth coast NSW aerial c84s

wagtail, willie, nest & nestlings C10e, willy family on ladder s75s

Waitchi, Lake drying back s32.10s

wake, boat's Q22e

wallaby, agile on regrowth after burn DUPE nt5e

wallaby, black-footed rock CA7e

wallaby, black-striped c83s, s71s, s93s, DUPE c46e

wallaby, bridled nail tail cq25s, c92s

wallaby, pretty-faced CQ8e

wallaby, purple-necked rock q31s

wallaby, red-necked C6e

wallaby, rock former brush-tailed habitat (Rat's Castle) ST9e

wallaby, rock habitat scene (yellow footed, Welford NP) s93s

wallaby, swamp SW1e, in grassy woodland s103s, browsing on cypress foliage s94s

wallaby, whiptail (pretty-face) c92s, CQ8e

Wallacea biogeographic region, eucalypt forest in Timor t7s

wallaroo S6e, seeking shade under rock s94s

wallum (scribbly gum/banksia & dry heath) F6e, (Sowerbaea flower) c80s

wallum creek F3e

wallum frog fauna C28e

wallum heath, flowering C8e

wallum wetland, paperbark stand (Bribie) C36e, C39e, Melaleuca forest edge and sedge c44e, wildflower wetland c36e

wallum wildflowers C35e, (grass tree flowers) C8e, Christmas Bells C8e, flowering pea (Bribie) C36e, C39e, (Patersonia) s93s

wallum, clearing of C13e, coastal sandplain Limeburners Ck NR C13e, Hat Head C15e, dwarf (wet heath) f9s, emu in C12e, fern understorey of Melaleuca forest c39e, c44e, flowerhead of heath banksia DUPE c41e, Redcliffe (historic) C18e

Wamberal (central coast NSW) aerial c91s

Wambo Creek SW8e

Wanaaring (aerial) s65s

wanderer, lesser (butterfly) q30s

war, "futility" of (rusting tanks beside New Guinea village) i77s

Waratah Creek L1e, L2e, L12e

warbler, fantail- C12e

warbler, speckled SW8e, fledgling s103s, SW8e, with stick insect SW8e

warning markings, Danaus butterfly, Q30s

Warrego River, summer flow s93s

Warrumbungle N.P. S6,9e, s68s, s69s, s70s, s72s, Belougery Split Rock s108s, (high-altitude cypress forest), Grand High Tops view sw10e, white gum s24e

Warrumbungle Range s69s

warts on frog (banjo) s57s

washing, birds (magpie under sprinkler) C34e, (red-browed finches) C11e

Washpool N.P. ST16e, ST17e, coachwood stand st17e, creek st16e, panorama st16e

wasp, mud daubing (cacoons) ST11e

wasp, spider hunting SW8e, cacoons ST11e

waste disposal (Ok Tedi) I8e, I12e

waste recycling (garden mulch) c77,90s

water bug with eggs C7e

water conservation (sheep around turkey nest tank, isolated bore, aerials) s107s

water couch SW1e

water dew (on web) s36.23s

water for sale (White Cliffs) S4e

water lilies C14e, lagoon with magpie geese q30s, lotus bird q7s

water pollution, engine soot in marina q22,31s

water primrose & Azolla s35.22s

water quality (4wd in muddy snowmelt) c28s, (sewerage farm aerial) c27s, high density urban catchment c90s, leachate at dump c84,91s, (undisturbed forest catchment) L3e, L4e, L9e, L11e, destroyed by upstream mine (PNG) i77,78s, pristine waterfall, streams (Irian, Taman Nagara) i78s, scrub bull caught in river CQ2e, CQ7e, warning sign on beach, urban stormwater runoff c92s

water rat feeding on fish c78s, swimming at surface s59s

water resource (barrage at entrance, Barrenbox) s49s

water resources (water for sale) S4e

water storage (dead trees in tropical lagoon) Q5e, (Somerset Dam) C17e, billabong in red gum forest, S14e, level fluctuation C17e, multiple use C17e, Q8e

water storage dam s21.6s, aerial s23s, (Menindee) s6.7s, Lake Cargeligo aerial s22.11s, s15s

water storage, & waterbirds (cormorant nest) s28.15s, (dry tank) s88s, (ground tank in arid land) (aerial) s83s, (Redbank Weir) s44s, Gogeldrie Weir s41s,wildlife use s76s, c40s, dead trees & moon s92s, effect of fluctuating level on wetlands s81s, inland rivers (aerial) S7e

water table, (sub-artesian bore) s73s, rising s1.7s, impact from irrigation s21.2s, rise in level & salinity s47s, depletion from drought/irrigation pumping (dieback of river trees) s104s

water table, see also lake, perched & Woolgoolbvar

water, artesian s36.20s

water, artificial (feral goats drinking) S6e

water-skiers, Somerset Dam C2e, Tinaroo D. Q8e

waterbird (spoonbill wading) s34s, stilt silhouetted s44s

waterbird breeding, inland wetland (young ibis) s56s, s64s

waterbird habitat (soft mud at edge of inland lake) s54s

waterbird movement s2.3s, (trapped teal) s46s

waterbird nomadism (gull on playa) S22e, (heron & waterhole) CA4e

waterbirds (egrets, gulls) Lake Bindagolly sw13e

waterbirds at dusk s85s, at sunset s78s, (movement) s13.9s, in flight (aerial) s86s, in inland lake s52s, s56s, s64s, flying at sunset s64s, on inland salina (aerial) s10s, ducks flying s40s, Lake Salisbury s40s, s84s, concentrated on billabong s65s, in urban wetland (Narrabeen) c46s, in mangroves, Macleay Arm c89s, on floodout S2e, on inland playa lake (sunset) S22e

waterbirds, captive (tied together) rails, moorhens, plover, with hunter i66,67s

waterbirds, mixed flock on inland lake aerial s2s, group silhouetted s105s, mixed flock aerial, L Wyara (grey) s107s, perched in tree at mixed species rookery (egret, night-heron, ibis) s67s

watercourse, arid (dry) CA1e, semi-arid S11e, desert (aerial) CQ9e, S7e, desert CA1e, dry arid (Flinders R.)(aerial) s64s

waterfall (Millaa Millaa Falls, Atherton Tableland) Q6e, (New England Tableland) ST9e, Booloumba, Conondale Range C35e, equatorial rainforest, Yapen Is Irian i74,78s, Morton N.P. ST8e, Myanba Ck, Coolangubra L13s, L3e, L4e, L11e, peat stained (Cairngorm Mts) e55s, Stockyard Ck, Coolangubra L9e

waterfowl, see ducks, teal

waterhole, Barramundi Creek (Kakadu) N3e, Yellow Waters N1e

waterhole, birds at CA5e, desert (aerial) s74s, s75s, arid (with heron) s13.24s, inland s25.10s, Nocoleche N.R. s35.18s, semi-desert (aerial) s65s, desert with heron CA4e, in arid creek S12e

watertable, rise in level (salination) s16.17s

waterway, urban, built up c86s

waterworn rocks (Babinda) Q6e

Wattagoona art site S3e

wattle blooming, general view sw13e

wattle blossom s71s, s72s, SW7e

wattle, Blackdown CQ10e

wattle, catkin L12s

wattle, skin on face of plover chick s55s

wave (with surfers) DUPE c45e

wave action on cliffs, coastal erosion n92s n93s

wave breaking on rock C40e

wave spreading up beach, cq23s, sunset (tropical wilderness) n93s, on rocky headland cq9s

wave-cut platform C41e, aerial DUPE c45e, Gurig N.P. N1e, on rocky coast aerial c91s, Arnhem Land n92s

waves with surfers (looking down on) c29s

waves, foam whipped up by f16s

Way Kambas N.P., i6,9e, rangers building hide in wetland, littoral and riparian forest, fishing villagers, mealy bugs, strand vegetation i68s, fish fry i69s

Way Kanan River in flood, wet season i68s

weather, cloud pattern s103s

weathering wood (cart) s18.12s

weathering, arid sandstone landscape CA1e

weathering, chemical SW4e, (plant in crevice), L5e

weathering, curious rock shape (sandstone) CQ10e

weathering, differential (Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP) s68s, s69s, s72s, resistant capping s5.10s, of sandstone strata (overhangs on sea cliffs, Cobourg Pen.) n92,93s

weathering, frost shatter ST1e, exfoliation (tors) CA1e

weathering, jointed ST9e

weathering, pothole in granite (with frog) ST11e

weathering, resistant outliers (sandstone) CQ3e, CQ7e

weathering, sandstone Q5e, S13e, granite CA1e

weathering, see also erosion cq23s

weathering, water worn, river stones Q19e, rocks ST17e, rocks in stream Q6e

web, spider SW8e, spider's in sedge s54s

Weddin Range/Weddin Mountains N.P. (aerial) s19s

weebill SW1e, (birdbath) SW3e

weed biocontrol (pest pear and caterpillar, Parthenium and Zygogramma beetle, stem galling moth) cq24s

weed colonisation s16s, (abandoned woolshed, Nocoleche N.R.) s62s, infestation (Patterson's Curse aerial) s76s

weed infestation (hyacinth) I12e, (prickly pear) S5e, molasses grass, Atherton Tableland Q3e, fireweed C40e, Parthenium cq24s, Salvinia in wetland C39e

weed pest s16.14s

weed, crownbeard cq6,23s

weed, fire (Senecio) infesting pasture c84s

weed, groundsel C8e, & tree loss on cleared land S10e

weed, Mayne's pest flowers s101s

weed, mother of millions SW6e

weed, naturalised (wild hops) s23s

weed, noxious (pest pear) s21.11s

weed, Parthenium overrunning farm, biocontrol agents cq24s

weed, pest creeper taking over rainforest q20e

weed, vine SW6e, C39e, Q20e

weed, water hyacinth on Sepik R i76s

weed, wild hops s14.11s, wild oats s14.7s

weed, willow trees beside silted Bega R c10s

weed, woody (Dodonaea bush in fruit/seed) s90s, grazing/fire management s15.18s

weeds, flowering on roadside s76s, tree loss (pasture degradation) S10e, woody in rangeland S19e, flowering S20e

weeping habit (myall) s11s, see also yapunyah

weevil, Eupholus i74,78s

weir structure, Redbank s44s, Maude s46s

weir, Jack Taylor (Balonne R) sw11e

Welford N.P. (sandhill) sw10e, breakaway yellow-footed rock wallaby habitat s93s

Weranga scarps SW1e

West Hill Island N.P. Q4e, Q11e

western plains clearing s23.17s, native woodland s21s

western slopes Cowra, NSW (aerial) s21.5s

western suburbs, Sydney (housing development aerial) c84s

wet sclerophyll forest (eucalypt) ST3e, ST5e

wet season n86s, (Sepik R) I12e, tropical Melaleuca wetland Q4e

Wet Tropics (Babinda Creek, Millaa Millaa) Q6e, (Broadwater SF, Kurrimine) Q19e, Licuala S.F. Q23e, (Daintree Area) Q2e, Q14e, Babinda Q6e, World Heritage area q28s, fan palm forest, mangroves and sunrise q23e

wet/dry tropics foliage burning in seasonal fires (Ironwood close-up) s96s, difficulty of agriculture (Vic Settlement) n82,86s, woollybutt/stringybark forest, plants n86s

wetland abstract s47s, s78s, (feather & herb) s53s, (flying cormorants & tree) s45s, (rising ducks, dusk) s58s, twig covered in down s60s

wetland abuse (filled with rubbish) C26e

wetland being filled in by dozer c77,85s, pushed and salt intruded c90s, c44e

wetland boating s44s, s50s

wetland complex, inland (Paroo River Overflow aerial) s53s

wetland conversion (canal development)aerial c3s, Raby Bay c90s, DUPE c46e, to fish farm ponds, Java i66s

wetland cycle, inland (nardoo) s39s, grebe on nest, canegrass s35s, shield shrimp (in hand) s24s, cracking drying clay s18s, L. Olepoloko drying s54s, midges swarming s64s, dead fish DUPE s24e, fish kill and egrets s2s, lily seed pods dried s18e

wetland degradation C26e

wetland destruction, Newport C38e, Kooragang Is w13s, Port of Brisbane w18s

wetland development - interpretive area c42e

wetland drainage (digging drains) C38e

wetland drying with dead fish (Murrumbidgee) s50s, s92s, drying (small stranded fish) s36s, s63s

wetland ecology (crucifix toads) s48s, s63s, chironomid swarm s49s, s64s, stranded fish s50s, close s36s, s63s

wetland exploitation, bait worm harvesting C41e

wetland filling C26e

wetland herbfield, dry, with figure s43s

wetland management (buffalo on tidal flat) t6s, (chironomids) s8.6s, (dead trees used by nesting cormorants) s105s, (dead trees, L. Mulwala) aerial, potholes in rapeseed crop aerial s107s, dead trees s9.10s, (aerial) s38.19, dead tree & cormorants s19.5s, desalination s1.7s, inland damming (aerial) s5.6s, environmental flow s64s, non-target species (hunters & ibis colony) s61s, fluctuating water level s81s

wetland management (dead trees in tropical lagoon) Q5e, (dead wetland and industry) c18,84,91s, sewage outfall c73s, degraded coastal w. c90,91s, c44e, salt intruded L. Innes c13e

wetland management (planners on mudflat) w12s, artificial wader roost, rock wall w13,14s, estuarine w11s

wetland management, pugged by buffalo n87s, (sea intrusion) (L. Cathie) C13e, (water hyacinth on Sepik R) i76s, buffalo pugging i56s, bait worm harvesting C41e

wetland management - salinity regime C41e, tidal regime C41e, water level s1.15s, s6.7s, s20.11s, s37.1s, river regulation (dam aerial) s23s, boards in red gum wetland s44s, water storage C17e, see also weir & dam

wetland production, see fishery, fishing, sago, crocodile, wildlife farming

wetland protection - runoff control c42e

wetland reclamation (Dux Creek) W2e, (rock wall and fill) c28,90s, dead mangroves (Port of Brisbane), cranes and roosting oystercatchers c85s, Java i14s

wetland salinity increase s47s

wetland soil drying/cracking s47s, s63s

wetland wildlife (water rat) c78s

wetland, acidic, coastal F5e, dystrophic (Scotland), peat bog in glacial valley e55s

wetland, artificial, s6.7s, (canal development) C35e, (Lake Burly Griffin) ST4e, (town park) C30e, (irrigation) s1.16s, (rice paddy) s22.11s

wetland, Asian with night heron and egret i65s

wetland, barrier C13e, C15e

wetland, Burdekin Delta sunrise q23e, Burdekin River mouth Q23e

wetland, canegrass (wet/dry compo) s51s, and artesian mound spring s99s

wetland, claypan/canegrass swamp S15e, S19e, sunset S21e

wetland, coastal, (Hat Head) C15e, (paperbark) C13e, C14e, floodplain Q4e, Q10e, barrier dune c43s, dune swale c15s, w. for sale, mangrove hydrology regime altered (dead) c85,90,91s, dead with industry in background c18,84,91s, salinity regime altered c13e

wetland, coastal floodplain (Hunter R) C16e

wetland, delta mangroves, Straits of Malacca, Sumatra aerial i69s

wetland, deltaic (Carmargue and flamingoes) e58s, (Fitzroy mouth)aerial c7s (see also nqXe), ephemeral inland (ducklings hiding in nardoo) c78s

wetland, dystrophic F5e, acidic stained water n88s

wetland, Eleocharis & Azolla s46s

wetland, ephemeral, (desert potholes) (aerial) s40.19s, (dotterel nest) s40.21s, (frog in flooded) s45s, (Mullawoolka Basin) s41.7s, (banded stilts) s44s, pelicans among black box trees s44,58s, dotterel and eggs beside s40s, hoary-headed grebe on nest s35s, spoonbill s34s, shield shrimp in hand s24s, frog calling after rain s95s, depression before and after water, daisies beside s106s, drying (closeup of clay cracking) s18s

wetland, ephemeral - see also ephemeral wetland

wetland, ephemeral ecology (duck nest) s27.16s, (reed swamp) s43s

wetland, ephemeral flooded (Lake Galilee) CQ6e, Nocoleche S15e, S20e, Salisbury S21e, S22e

wetland, ephemeral inland with lignum S7e, nardoo S20e, daisies S14e

wetland, estuarine, C18e, bait collecting on flat c91s, conversion to industry, Japan, aerial e56s, degradation c42e, Findhorn Bay, Scotland e56s, hermit crab in whelk shell on seagrass c10s, leachate from landfill dump c84,91s, Macleay R 6x9,35mm C39e, mangrove interior, foreshore, at sunrise, with fisherman at sunset, seagrass at low tide c43e, Melaleuca forest c39e, plovers at sunset c39e,

wetland, estuarine scene (egret & branch) C21e, sewage outfall into, stormwater outfall and kids, algae near outfall, c84,91s, tidal flats c80s, , wetland, estuarine and fisherman at dusk c43e, with seagrass C18e, with ducks, spoonbills C23e, fisherman with cast net, Kalimantan i71s, mangrove with gibberifrons grey teal i56s, fish fry i69s, stints on tidal flat, godwits and knots flying past mangroves w18s

wetland, estuary & tidal, tropical (aerial) Q21e, (mangroves, Hayes Inlet) c73s, Deception Bay mature mangroves c77,91s, scenic (Old Bar) c17,88s, Tuross, Manning, c88s, rainbow over boat c88s, ibis on flats at sunset c91s, scene (Wooli) DUPE c45e

wetland, flooded spiny lignum cq1s, saline ephemeral with recent turbid water cq3s

wetland, floodplain (riverine) (fringe-lily covered) cq26s, (ibis & herons) S2e, Moonie R SW6e, daisies S14e, field of lilies, Thomson R. s100s, gecko on cracked dry floodplain, Paroo R., hunting s95s, Murrumbidgee R. billabong in sunset s109s, at sunset s83s, billabong/red gum (scenic) s83s, receding with waterbirds s65s, Lowbidgee red gum s36s

wetland, floodplain billabong (dry) S14e, full SW1e, (Kooba) S12e, Coonancoocabil S14e

wetland, fluctuating water level s81s

wetland, freshwater, (dusky moorhen) c33s, freshw reedbed (Phragmites) c79s, freshwater dune swale c43s, salt intruded c90s, c44e, c13e, killed by saltw intrusion c44e, freshwater coastal (Murarrie) C22e

wetland, high country meadow (Nursery Swamp) s89s

wetland, hypersaline S15e

wetland, inland, & waterbirds (sunset) s45s, s63s, s64s, (misty scene) s57s, (Paroo Overflow ) (aerial) s10s, s62s, (sunset) s57s, dry s40s, s41s, ephemeral & fringing bimble/poplar box s42s, (depression & rainbow) s42s, lake and lignum sprig (dawn), flooded lignum, silhouetted waterbirds s105s, inland waterhole, claypan s93s, L. Bindagolly egrets hunting s97s, pelicans s104s, saline lakes (aerial) s38s

wetland, irrigation sink S11e

wetland, isolated desert (Fort Grey Basin, Strzelecki Desert) s108s

wetland, landfill and waders DUPE c45e

wetland, leachate from landfill polluting C38e

wetland, lignum, (aerial) s48s, & rain (Narran Lake) s42s, (dry, flooded, with figure) s45s, (yellow-head flowers on floor of) s44s, (Bindagolly) sw11e, lignum floodplain (dry) S20e

wetland, littoral tidal floodplain (Macleay Arm), mangrove forest (Hayes Inlet) c79s, Melaleuca (cormorants roosting on foliage) c2s, north coast NSW c43s

wetland, lowland river floodplain with dwellings beside river, Jambi Sumatra i68s

wetland, mangrove forest (Hayes Inlet) C41e, Carmila Q11e, see also wetland, estuarine, above

wetland, Melaleuca and sedge (wallum) c44e

wetland, Paroo River floodplain, Cooper Ck sw11e, see also wetland, floodplain, & inland above

wetland, perched dune lake f16s

wetland, permanent s82s, (moorhen/lilies) s26.6s, reedbed fauna (crake) s58s, (dead trees and ducks) s76s

wetland, primary peat swampforest, Kalimantan, flooded i70s

wetland, reclamation of estuarine C41e, see also wetland, estuarine, above

wetland, red gum s1.14,15s, s1.16s, (Murrumbidgil Swamp) s76s, fringed billabong s48s, Lowbidgee flooded s36s

wetland, reed bed f8,16s, "window lake" f8,16s, wet coastal heath f9s

wetland, salt marsh c68,70s, wallum sandy coastal lowlands aerial, Boronia flowers c83s, sedge with dingo peering through c90s

wetland, Scottish sea loch (Linnhe) e55s

wetland, seasonal (magpie geese concentration, dry season) n90s,seasonal paperbark (leaves floating in black water), lily flower and leaves n88s

wetland, sphagnum bog, alpine) ST6e, (close) ST7e

wetland, tea-tree Southeast South Aust.(ibis) C25e

wetland, temporary dune C17e

wetland, threatened (boggomoss) cq26s

wetland, tidal delta (aerial, Fitzroy) q2s, sand flat low tide Carmila q7s

wetland, tidal flats (NSW) w8,9s, see also tidal flats; wetland, estuarine

wetland, tidal used to produce salt, Java i66s

wetland, tropical, floodplain, Townsville (ibis & ducks) Q18e, freshwater with magpie geese Q15e, Melaleuca, dry season N2e, wet season Q4e, paperbark & lilies (5x4) Q4e, Q10e, seasonal paperbark swamp forest, northern n87s

wetland, village built in mangroves, Kalimantan i71s

wetland, weed infestation (Salvinia) C39e

wetland, wildflowers after flooding ephemeral inland w s108s, see also wetland, ephemeral; wallum

wetlands, frogs C28e

wetlands, "wildflower" (wallum) c36e, see also wallum

wetlands, coastal aerial c38s, estuarine (mangrove islands and channels) aerial c83s

wetlands, coastal plain (seasonal) W.Vic (aerial) s82s

wetlands, deltaic, (aerial) CQ9e, Q5e, deltaic estuarine (aerial) C27e, (Burdekin) aerial q24e, (Moreton Bay mangrove islands c43e

wetlands, fresh and salt inland basins adjacent (aerial) s20s

wetlands, pothole (ploughed in rapeseed crop), flooded lignum, Bulloo Overflow aerial s107s, pothole on Monaro native grassland plains c78s

wetlands, tidal mangrove, Arnhem Land, also mangrove creek and wetlands aerial, croc among m.. n91s

Wewak, town, harbour, coast aerials i76s

wharf scene, Jayapura I13e

whelk shell with hermit crab on seagrass c10s

whelks, mud in seagrass C18e

whimbrel, on rocky shore w3s, roosting on shelly beach w6s, w16s, roosting with gulls w2s, through vegetation w18s, roosting (saltmarsh) w10s, (Toorbul) W2e, on rock W3e, on shelly beach (yawning) c19s

whipper snipping c42e

whistle ducks, plumed (grass) on tropical lagoon, bore tank q29s, perched in trees q5,6s, DUPE q24e

whistler, rufous SW3e

White Cliffs opal mines S1e, church & diggings S10e

white-eye (silver-eye) nestlings c82s

white-eyed duck SW1e

Willbriggie swamp S11e, s7.19s, (ibis nesting) s93s, swamp s105s, (ibis) s35.2s (irrigation runoff) s56s, (ibis rookery) s64s, s92s

Wilcannia lily whole plant & flower (yellow) s9.11s

wild hops, fruiting s14.11s

wild oats s14.7s

wild rivers (Guy Fawkes/Aberfoyle) ST10e

Wild Rivers Region, ST10e, 4wd crossing Aberfoyle R st14e

wilderness coast, beach at sunset n92,93s, sunrise, beach sunset, n93s

wilderness coastline (Gurig) N1e, N2e, C. Upstart NP q23e

wilderness lodge (Harry Butler & guests) N4e

wilderness resort hidden in trees, Cobourg Peninsula n86s

wilderness scene (Brindabella range) ST4e, ST5e, (Guy Fawkes NP) ST10e,Warrumbungle NP s68s, s69s, Washpool ST16e, tropical (Broadwater SF) Q19e

wilderness vegetation n87s

wildflowers, alpine herbfield c11,78s, alpine meadow c37,78s, wallum Boronia c83s, arid (lilies) s3.5s, s7s, Calytrix sw13e, mountain (wattle, grevillea close) L12s

wildlife barrier (emus & fence) CA5e, (fence with entangled wallaroo's foot) s98s

wildlife care & rescue (bazza) C2e, (frogmouth up close) c49s c10s, sea-eagle & trainer N4e

wildlife care/encouragement (feeding ducks) s50s, (nest box) s78s, possum cq25s

wildlife care/risk (cormorant caught in net) s82s

wildlife corridors, aerial s107s

wildlife distribution (fragmented) s22.8s, (aerial of habitat island (Weddin Mts) s19s

wildlife ecotour guide with sea eagle DUPE nt4e

wildlife farming (young croc's head) DUPE i1e, crocodiles i76s

wildlife harvesting - kangaroo/wallaby prices Q3e

wildlife management (cormorant caught in fishing net) s82s, feral cat s4.8s, litter s3.6s, scare-gun s4.19s, wood ducks/farm dam c40s, (dingo portrait) c10,90s, (possum in nest box) c12,24s, (little tern nest on beach) n88s, (planners on mudflat) w12s, Chikiba Lagoon artificial wader roost w13s, rock wall, waders roosting near stormwater drain w13,18s, near popular jetty w13s, Kooragang bund wall w14s, (regrowth in deer exclosure, Scotland) e54s, (sustainable harvesting of birds - research) i66,67s, bird banding i67s, duck hunters and ibis colony, plucking DUPE s24e, traffic flow past sign and reflectors warning of wildlife c44e, (duck-hunter survey) s43s

wildlife pest (cane toad) q24e, (elephant in Kerinci Enclave) i69s, (feral bees) s95s, (feral goats, pigs) s94s, (galahs on telecommunications tower) s98s, (geese on sugar cane) Q15e, (impact of banteng on coastal plain) n91s, wetland pugged by buffalo n87s, buffalo in forest, Gurig NP, NT n93s, (regrowth in deer exclosure, Scotland) e54s, (terns roosting on moored boat) c36e

wildlife pest management (feral pigs in lignum) s45s, (rice paddy) s79s, scare-gun s4.19s, wood ducks on farm dam c40s

wildlife photography (crowd at wildlife park) DUPE ST18e

wildlife rehabilitation (young orangs in pen) i43s

wildlife rescue (goanna/beer can) s79s

wildlife research (bird survey, Java) i66s, i67s, mist netting i46,47s, bird banding i67s, (glider in bag) ST8e, (leg-flagged godwit) w3,17s, kayak survey s50s, observation hide in lignum wetland s47s, Booligal study sites s37.12s, measuring duck's skin fold (condition) s55s, measuring ducks (culmen, sternum, tarsus) s47s, sexing birds s42s, biologists at telescopes (bird survey) DUPE s24e, duck-hunter survey s43s

wildlife research - tree survey of nesting hollows s47s, duck nesting s32.22s, bird survey at camp s53s,waterbird counting s36.4s, plane and 4wds s109s, aerial survey S3.2s, air survey of waterbirds s60s, "working conditions" s47s, flight planning s47s, ultralight and flock of ducks s46s, (air survey approaching wetland) s86s

wildlife research, & photography (Lake Cowal) s20.17s, (wood duck chicks) s20.13s, (wood duck measurement)s17.20s, s47s, bird band on duck s42s, colour bands s47s, duck hunter surveys s61s, duck trapping/banding s50s, s61s, trapped grey teal for banding s46s, duck wing measurement s50s, tarsus etc s47s, (liberating colour-banded duck) s78s, (teal head/hessian bag) s42s, s61s,

wildlife research/survey, bird survey q13s, birder and telescope, Botany Bay, Moreton Bay), snipe in mist net w13s, wader study, boat with telescope, invertebrate sampling w15s, leg-flagged godwit w17s, QWSG members with telescope (wader survey) w19s, waders w4e, q19e

wildlife shelter (possum) ST8e

wildlife trade (caged parrot, Bogor bird markets) i66s, villager weaving mist net i67s, butterflies, Irian i75s, crocodile farm, PNG i76s

wildlife, concentration (magpie geese) n90s

wildlife, impact of fences (duck) DUPE st18e

wildlife, strange, thick-tailed gecko's original tail s103s

wildlife/human interaction (feeding possum) cq25s, (parrot feeding, Bunya Mts) c92s

Willandra Billabong scene s17.16s, (Typha) s37.2s

Willandra National Park s17.16s, shearing shed (outback galvo. architecture) s57s,

Willandra Station s17.17s

William Creek Hotel & pig CA2e

willow trees and silt, Bega R c10s, ibis colony in s35.3s, s64s, & cormorants (silhouetted) s48s

wind (seed dispersal) C8e

wind breaks of exotic pines on cleared pasture Gippsland aerial c46e

wind damage to native woodland s99s

wind effect on lake shore (compo) s74s, on water level, inland lake S21e

wind power (sailing ship & boats, Sydney harbour) c30s

wind trained Tuckeroo tree with osprey c58s

wind, effect on landform (mobile dune) f16s

Windemere Creek CQ6e

windfall SW5e

windmill, in old mine shaft S1e, pumping water into Javan fishfarm pond i66s, flooded s82s

Windorah rangeland in drought (aerial) s85s

window lake, Fraser Is f8,16s

windswept vegetation, Montagu Is and lighthouse c6s

wing drying (darter) SW8e

Wirrekimbe N.P. (frost) ST9e

Wog Wog River L1e, L2e, L8e, L9e, L10e

Wog Wog valley (vista of wilderness) L11e

wolf spider, abdomen covered by young, Q30s

wombat burrow C6e, L14s, (Nursery Swamp) s89s

wood burning stove ST14e

woodchipper, Darlington Point S5e

woodchipping & woodchips (river red gum) s18.17s, at sawmill s66s, (Kodachrome) s74s

Woodgate N.P., driftwood on beach CQ2e, CQ3e, CQ4e

woodland SW1e, gidgee S10e

woodland, alpine aerial c14,78s, alpine snow gum c78s

woodland, arid (gidgee) s100s, arid s3.7s, bimble/poplar box s35.19s, s59s, black box (flooded) s35.21s, black box (Nearie Lake) s64s, coolibah (flooded) s32.12s, coolibah (sunrise) s93s, mulga, tree and daisies s23s

woodland, being cleared by bulldozer sw12e

woodland, bimble box with kangaroo group s94s

woodland, birds (singing male red-capped robin, splendid wren) s109s

woodland, brigalow cq25s

woodland, clearing, MacIntyre floodplain (dozer) s98s

woodland, coolibah floodplain S11e, flooded S14e

woodland, cypress (close-up of lacewing) s102s, cypress with kangaroo at sunset

woodland, cypress/acacia/eucalypt and sandstone cliff, W. Qld, wildflowers and gidgee sw10e

woodland, dried flowers & grass in understorey s24s, s18s, inland with billy-buttons s53s, semi-arid & wildflowers s23s, dry low open w. with leopardwood trees s100s, gully erosion in mulga s100s, inland w. (butterflies on flowers) s95s, kookaburra perched in s103s

woodland, dry near Collinsville, Qld (aerial) s48s

woodland, flowering peppermint sw13e

woodland, inland SW8e, gidgee cleared sw12e, rusty gum SW1e, wildflowers (Calytrix) sw13e, with rusty gum SW13e

woodland, low open acacia, L. Bindagolly sw13e

woodland, mallee s17.7s

woodland, northern dry n86,87s

woodland, savannah cq24s, Cape York Peninsula Q11e

woodland, semi-arid sw10e, CA3e, SW7e

woodland, semi-cleared (aerial) s75s, clearing native s21s

woodland, smooth-barked apple sw2e

woodland, Warrumbungle N.P. s24e

woodswallow feeding on nectar s54s, s52s, nest (white-browed) s30.1s, nestling in hollow s54s, chick in nest s77s,

woodswallow, dusky on yapunyah flower s54s, s52s

woodswallow, white-breasted (group perched) s54s

woodswallow, white-browed (chick) s33.19s, nest & eggs s77s

woodswallows (with budgerigars) SW8e

woodwork, decorative in Japanese temple e56s

Woody Point (sunset) C30e, wader roost w5,7s, roost, sunset and jetty w13s, tight flock of waders w16s, roosting waders W1e, jetty and roosting waders c64s, wader roost and jetty with people w1e, waders in flight W3e

woody weed Eremophila/punty bush s15.18s

woody weed growing through old truck s88s

Wooli River estuary w9s

woollybutt/stringybark association, northern forests n86s

Wooloweyah Estuary, Clarence River (aerial) C27e

woolshed, abandoned (Nocoleche N.R.) s16.13s, s62s, interior s8.3s, s78s

Woongoolbvar Creek F7e, f5,8,16s, f7e

workers, mine, Ok Tedi i77,78s

World Heritage Area, (Great Sandy Region) F3-7e, C4e, C21e, (Hinchinbrook) Q7e, Wet Tropics Q19e, Q23e, (estuary & mountains) q28s, Great Sandy Region/Strait (mangrove) f1,15,16s, satinay trees, Woongoolbver Ck, rainforest, lake f5,16s, f6,7e, brush box/satinay tall forest f14s, f6,7e, Border Ranges rainforest (Springbrook) c92s

worm digger, foreshore w13s

worm digging c36e, commercial on tidal seagrass bed c90,91s

worm tubes DUPE nt4e

worm, bait C36e, harvesting, commercial C41e

worm, giant earth- c92s

wounds on bandicoot C6e

wren, singing male splendid s109s, in breeding plumage, singing, pair mating, juvenile male, female at nest s96s

WWII relic, tanks on beach, Japanese memorial, Irian village i77s, monument, veteran's cq11s

Wyaldan, Lake s73s

Wyara, Lake S15e, Lake s36.3s, inland lake (aerials) s82s

X-ray art style (modern aboriginal art painted on building) S23e, s103s

x-ray style rock art n89s

Xanthorrhoea, flowers C8e, in desert CA1e, in landscape cq15s

xerophytic sand dune vegetation, Carmargue e58s

Xyleutes moth (wings expanding) c25s

Xylocarpus n91s

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Yabby pumping c86s

yachting (live aboard) Bloomfield R Q6e

yakka skink at hollow entrance s95,102s

Yamma Yamma, Lake (aerial) s85s

Yancannia Range (desert mountains) (aerial) s85s

Yanco Weir structure s105s

Yantabangee Lake, (Paroo Overflow) s14.18s, aerial s31s, ephemeral inland, near-shore bed with Eleocharis & dead tree s50s, s51s, (native hen) s28.23s, (wood duck) s1.17s

Yapen Island (Irian), foreshore & village I13e, rainforest I6e, i74s

yapunyah tree, and lignum in Paroo R wetland sw11e, flowers S3e, s5.20s, dusky woodswallow on s54s, s52s, bark S14e

yapunyah tree s17.12s, flooded s7.7s, (weeping) s32.20s, with eroded roots beside creek s59s, & vehicle s90s, & raptor's nest s74s, with 4wd parked under for size s106s

yapunyah wetland S14e, S16e

yapunyah woodland s2.11s

Yarrabah Q19e, Q21e

Yathong Nature Reserve s91s

yawning, pelican C40e, whimbrel c19s, pelican roosting in line on jetty c81s

yellow heads in inland woodland S10e, S19e

yellow jacket tree cq4,14s, trees CQ6e

yellow robin SW1e

Yellow Waters billabong, Kakadu N1e, ecotourist photographing waterbirds from boat, tour boat and waterbirds n90s

yobbo, Aussie (Kickatinalong) s43s

Yos Sudarso Bay, Irian i75,76s, at dusk i77s

Yotefa Nature Reserve, Irian i75,77s

young curlew (bush) Q21e

Yowaka River (Lake Pambula, estuary) w8,9s

Yowaka River, catchment L8e, L9e, headwaters L1e, L2e, L9e

Yowaka State Forest L1e, L8e

Yuragir N.P., lagoon C13e, Red Rock Creek aerial C27e

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Zeta form beach (Hat Head NP) c44e, & barrier dune, swale wetland, coastal ranges (Hat Head NP) c83s

zonation of mangrove species n91s

zonation of vegetation around inland lake s52s

zonation, mangrove and seagrass at low tide c43e

zoo, tourists viewing nesting pelicans i65s

Zostera capricorni c45,89s, C18e

Zygogramma bicolorata beetle on Parthenium cq24s

Zygoptera (damselfly) SW1e

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