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Pelicans lift from windblown surf on inland salt lake
Pelicans lift from windblown surf before a summer storm, Lake Bindagolly, far inland Queensland, Australia. Over 1000km from the sea, the salt lake has similar sights, sounds, and smells. It & others echo the vast inland sea of inland Australia 6 million years ago, slowly retreating from 4 m.y.ago. Lake Bungunnia, a 33 lake in the Murray Darling Basin, only dried up 700-500 000 years ago. SW124.9s
The Breadknife, Warrumbungle National Park, Australia, a volcanic dyke of trachyte 
The Breadknife, Warrumbungle NP, Australia, a volcanic dyke of trachyte(acid, weather resistant rock) has resisted eons of weathering to stand proud of the landscape. Once the molten intrusion into a crack in a huge shield volcano, 13-17 million years old.6x9cm SI 25.4e
Volcanic plugs, Crater Bluff and distant Tonduran Spire, Warrumbungle NP 
Volcanic plugs, Crater Bluff and distant Tonduran Spire, stand proud of the eroded remnants of the ancient volcano which made them, viewed from the high, windswept Grand High Tops, Warrumbungle National Park, Australia. The weathering resistant acid volcanic trachyte rock produced by lava in the volcano’s vents remains after the softer basalt, pyroclastics (tuff etc) forming the shield are eroded away. S70.2s
Smoking cone of Gunung Kerinci (Indrapura), 3800m active volcano which dominates 1.5 million hectare Kerinci-Seblat National Pk Biosphere Reserve & highest peak in Sumatra, Indonesia. Volcano contributes to fertility of ecosystem, valley farms. I20.24s 
Warrumbungle NP 
The Breadknife, viewed from the Grand High Tops, Warrumbungle NP, Australia, a volcanic dyke of trachyte which has resisted eons of weathering to stand proud of the rest of the landscape. It was once the molten intrusion into a crack in a huge shield volcano, 13-17 million years old, now exposed by weathering of softer material.6x9cm SI 25.4,5e
The Granites tors, Currawinya NP 
Granite "tors", giant rounded boulders created by exfoliation, stand proud of the landscape at The Granites, Currawinya National Park, western Queensland, Australia. An outcropping of a large underground batholith (an igneous intrusion) in a mostly sedimentary sandstone landscape, the rounded shape of these tors reflects joint lines or cracks in the batholith which allowed weathering water to percolate around them.6x9cm SW24.4,6e
Mount Walsh 
Mount Walsh National Park, part of the volcanic landscape in the northern Burnett Downs of Queensland, provides an island of natural habitat in rich agricultural land. CQ32.18s
Sandhill country, Welford NP 
Windblown sand dunes support dry open (savannah) woodland of Ghost Gums Eucalyptus papuana and Western Bloodwoods E. terminalis amid dry hummock grassland of "spinifex" Triodia sp., in Welford (Barcoo) NP, outback Queensland, Australia. Welford National Park, contains some of Australia's most easterly windblown desert sand dunes, vegetation at their western extremity, and arid land fauna.6x9cm SW25.8e
Purling Brook, Springbrook NP 
Purling Brook, a mountain stream in subtropical rainforest with palms, vines, birdlife etc in Springbrook National Park, in the magnificent Border Ranges World Heritage Area of South-east Queensland, Australia, hinterland of the Gold Coast tourist strip. C94.4s
River floodplain, Borneo 
Wet season flood in Borneo, with intensive landuse by floodplain irrigation of rice and other crops in transmigration settlements across vast floodplain of Negara/Barito Rivers, South/Central Kalimantan Indonesia. I70.20s
Thomson, an inland river 
Quiet reach of the Thomson River in the Channel Country of SWest Queensland, Australia, upstream of confluence with Barcoo River, only place in the world where two rivers form one creek, the Cooper. River Red Gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis & Coolibah E. microtheca line the banks, freshwater fish & waterbirds breed in waterholes & swamps. S93s
surf beach 
Broad unspoiled surf beach at Rules Beach, Baffle Creek, central Queensland. A gap between Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef exposes a small section of the coast here to ocean swells, creating typical sandy surf beaches and the most northerly surfing resort on Australia's east coast, Agnes Water. CQ48.20s
Barramundi Gorge, Kakadu National Park 
Scenic waterfall in Barramundi Gorge, Kakadu National Park, Top End, Australia, has cool clear water even in the late Dry Season from the protected sandstone plateau catchment, above the Arnhem Land Escarpment wilderness. N5.20s
Arthur's Lookout, Blackdown Tableland 
Sandstone cliffs of Arthur's Bluff and the valley of Charlevue Ck from Charlevue Lookout on the escarpment of Blackdown Tableland National Park, Central Queensland, Australia, with grass tree Xanthorrhoea. CQ15.3s
Billabong or oxbow lagoon, Murrumbidgee River 
Billabong or oxbow lagoon, an old, cut off meander typical of fluvial landforms on river floodplains (Murrumbidgee River floodplain near Wagga, Australia). S39.17s
Abstract patterns of white Kaolin clay leached into mud-stone strata of Murgenella formation along plant root fissures, Port Essington, Gurig National Park, Arnhem Land, Australia. Such clay pigments were used for art and body painting by local indigenous Gurig people. N92.16s
Coburg Peninsula 
Arnhem Land coastline near Vashon Head, Cobourg Peinsula (Gurig N.P.) showing underlying ironstone, headlands and bays, prior shorelines and a wetland which has opened to the sea, changing it from Melaleuca to mangrove fringed (a common process of alternation in coastal lagoons here). N23.18s
Arnhem Land wilderness coast 
Wilderness beach in Coral Bay , Cobourg Pen., (Gurig Nat. Park), Top End, N T.. Unaltered and unpolluted environment allows coastal and ecological processes (eg dry season fires in distance) to continue naturally. N13.15s
Arnhem Land wilderness coastline 
Differential weathering of soft sedimentary sandstone results in wave cut platform and seacliffs of Port Essington, Cobourg Pen. (Gurig N P), Top End, N T.. Leaching of soluble minerals and oxidation of iron and aluminium rich sediments results in red cliffs and deposits of bauxite. N2.10s
Arnhem Land wilderness shore 
Wave cut platform and undercutting of seacliff caused by differential weathering (hard ironstone and softer sandstones) on wilderness coastline of Port Essington, Cobourg Pen., Gurig Nat. Park, Top End, N T.. N28.2s
Moonrise at Gurig National Park, Arnhem Land 
Moonrise over the tropical wilderness coast of Coral Bay ,Cobourg Pen. (Gurig N P), Arnhem Land, Top End, N T. Gurig NP is 2 200km2, first Ramsar Wetland, and is surrounded by Cobourg Marine Park. N91.24s
Spring fed Woongoolbver Creek on sandy Fraser Island 
Piccabeen Palm Archontophoenix cunninghamiana grove with treefern Cyathea sp. understory, Woongoolbver Creek, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia (a World Heritage Area). All sand, Fraser Island supports dense vegetation which recycles its own dead matter for nutrients, and is watered by a pure aquifer. F5-13s
Lake Mackenzie perched dune lake, Fraser Island 
Reeds and Paperbark Tea-trees Melaleuca quinquenervia grow on the sandy shore of Lake Mackenzie, a perched dune lake on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. Perched lakes lie on impermeable "coffee rock". F16.23s
Laterite sea cliff with seaweed, Arnhem Land 
Bauxite rich laterite seacliff at Coral Bay, Gurig National Park, Cobourg Peninsula, Arnhem Land, Australia. Leaching of more soluble minerals leaves aluminium oxides, resulting in red cliffs of 60% bauxite. Green algae coats shore rocks. N43.17s

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