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Emergency services in action at a car accident - ambulance officers tend and evacuate a casualty. CQ81.2s
Holiday crowds at a popular beach, Gold Coast, Australia.6x6cm C48.2e
Old farming methods have given way to mechanisation, different economies of scale and changing commodity prices, which have led to restructuring of agri-business and social implications for rural communities. CQ54.2s
So-called "canoe tree", showing the scar where aboriginal people have removed the bark of an old tree perhaps 200 years ago. Such trees, and many other cultural relics, are now valuable heritage items for indigenous groups and the wider community. CQ55.17s

Extension officers from government and industry negotiate with the landholder on a cattle propety in Australia. Primary producers are an independent breed who have a natural aversion to red tape and officials pressing policies on to them. With land management laws eg. tree-clearing, indigenous rights eg. land claims and economic pressures eg. low commodity prices, landholders have become understandably defensive. CQ55.10s 
Captain Cook's landing 
Re-enactment of Captain Cook's landing in Queensland at the 1770 Festival, symbolic of the start of the modern nation and the turning point for indigenous people. The event is now balanced with celebrations of aboriginal culture.6x4.5cm CQ26.5e
Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby 
Next generation of farmer led by the hand as he is introduced to rural culture and history at a field day. Uncertain futures have led to the break up of family farming dynasties, as younger generation look elsewhere for their futures. CQ45.8s
Young jillaroo or cowgirl Shannon Dobson learning her trade at a farm field day, Rosedale, central Queensland, Australia. A fickle world market, tariffs, subsidies and quotas, rising costs and land degradation will make the future viability of many traditional family farms difficult. CQ113.8s
young jillaroo 
Yesterday’s transport at a historic field day near Rosedale, Australia. Such Clydesdale draught horses were common forms of transport and haulage, which persisted in some outback areas well into the 20th century. CQ54.11s
organic vegetables 
Organic farm produce on display at an organic growers networking field day, where growers interested in producing chemical-free vegetables can learn from one another. There is a large and growing market for organically certified foods, as the public becomes increasingly concerned with the effects of agrochemicals and genetically modified foods. CQ72.7s
Timber worker shows off his skills at a country show in Australia. The timber industry has undergone often unwelcome change as it becomes sustainable and loses resources to other community needs, especially conservation. Families and whole communities have had to adjust to the changing times. CQ51.17s
Tank driver on manouvres 
Army personnel on manoeuvres (in Australia). Though a necessary part of world politics, military expenditure is a drain on economies of many nations, and the military forces can be abused by governments with weak democratic commitments. CQ42.1s
Tomorrow’s farmers finding fascination in yesterday’s farm machinery at a historic farming field day near Rosedale, Queensland, Australia. A fickle world market complicated by tariffs, subsidies and quotas, rising costs and land degradation make the future viability of many traditional family farms difficult to predict.6x6cm CQ25.7e
modern aboriginal art 
Modern aboriginal art on a wall in Australian country town's aboriginal community centre (Eidsvold, Queensland) expresses artistic creativity, modern adaptability and sense of community of the indigenous people. CQ33.21s
Spirit man, Kakadu NP 
Ancient aboriginal rock art of dangerous spirit Namandjolg in Kakadu National Park, Australia. There are over 5000 art sites and 10 recognised styles, and several thousand archeological sites dating to 20000 years BP or older, in Kakadu. N89.22s
Hand stencil, Blackdown Tableland 
Aboriginal hand stencil in a sandstone overhang in the Blackdown Tableland National Park wilderness, Central Queensland, Australia reach out from the ancient past to tell modern explorers "my spirit is still in this place". CQ19.15s
Fishing villagers inside Way Kambas NP, Sumatra 
Fisherfolk in Kuala Kambas village, Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. When the productive natural estuarine wetlands were declared national park, the villagers were moved to farmland, but returned to their traditional homes and industry, showing the need of multiple use reserve management incorporating the needs of local people. I68.1s
Timorese boat boy poles a klotok into deep water in Kupang Harbour where traditional trading vessels lie at anchor, en route to Semau Island, West Timor, Indonesia. Boats are the links in the Indonesian archipelago of over 13 500 islands, and traditional wooden sailing craft are heavily relied on. T6.6s
Boat market, Kalimantan 
Farmer selling produce in the floating river markets of Benjarmasin, on Sungai Negara, Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, brought downriver to market by sampan and sold directly from the boats, all without leaving the water. I71.12s
Trading boats in Jayapura Harbour, Irian Jaya 
Coastal shipping at Jayapura harbour, capital of Irian Jaya (Indonesian New Guinea), plying to coastal ports of call, important in social communication and commerce among the many coastal & island communities. I76.14s
Outrigger canoes or 'jonson' Irian Jaya 
Traditional outrigger longboats, with modern outboard power, called "johnsons", in Yos Sudarso (Humboldt) Bay, Jayapura, Irian Jaya (West New Gunea), important in communication and commerce among the many island & coastal communities. I76.20s
Manokwari harbour, Irian Jaya 
Waterfront of the town of Manokwari, around Doreri Bay, on Doberai Peninsula (Vogelkop) Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Site of first Christian Mission in New Guinea (1855), and collecting site of Alfred Russel Wallace. I77.9s
Old and modern mixing in Sungai Penuh, Kerinci Enclave in biosphere reserve, Sumatra 
Busy main street of Sungai Penuh, centre for the isolated "Kerinci Enclave", a farming valley surrounded by the rainforested mountains of the Kerinci-Seblat National Park Biosphere Reserve, combines the traditional and modern. I68.21s
Teluk Melano built on tidal wetland, Kalimantan 
Riverside life in Telukmelano, a town built among mangrove palms in the tidal estuary of Sempang River, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, part of vast seasonal wetlands and swampforests, coastal plains of Borneo. I71.20s

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