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Mature brigalow left standing 
Mature Brigalow Acacia harpophylla tree left in former Brigalow scrub, Darling Downs, Australia. Brigalow is a vegetation community now reduced to remnants over its formerly vast ramge in inland Queensland and northern New South Wales, Australia. S102.4
2000 year old antarctic beech forest 
Ancient stand of Antarctic Beech trees Nothofagus moorei over 2 000 years old, growing in montane rainforest above the cloud line on Springbrook Plateau, in Springbrook National Park, a World Heritage area in the Border Ranges, SE Queensland, Australia. This remnant of a prehistoric vegetation type indicates links to the ancient Gondwana Land supercontinent. C47.16e
Field of lilies 
Field of lilies Crinum: Amaryllidaceae on a creek flat in Gidyea Acacia cambagei woodland, Lochern National Park, Thomson River floodplain, outback Queensland, Australia. Lochern preserves plant communities of the Channel Country including coolibah woodland, bluebush shrubland, gidyea, mulga and other semi-arid woodlands, and Mitchell grass plains. In the dry climate, the lilies survive droughts by a deep bulb, sprouting and flowering after rains. S100.16s
unique Boggomoss wetland 
Forest Red Gum trees Eucalyptus tereticornis and a variety of sedges crowd a Boggomoss wetland on the floodplain of the Dawson River upstream of Nathan Gorge wilderness area, Central Queensland. Natural artesian springs, boggomosses are oases of moisture in a seasonally dry landscape which support rare wetland fauna, and plant associations with species hundreds of kilometres west of their normal range. CQ13e
Arid Cassia shrubland Dry low shrubland of Cassia and other species in the Mulga Lands biogeographic region of outback South West Queensland, Australia. S112.15s  Monkey vines in Lancewood open forest 
Trunks of mature Lancewood trees Acacia shirleyi with Monkey vines in Lancewood open forest. Such native inland forests have been extensively cleared in Queensland, Australia, but this forest is preserved in the Bush Heritage reserve, Goonderoo, central Queensland. CQ34.6s
Mitchell grass 
Sunlit Mitchell Grass Astrebla seedheads highlight summer growth after rain in the normally dry grasslands of the Mitchell Grass Downs biogeographic region, which covers fertile plains in outback Queensland & Northern Territory, supporting a rich fauna & pastoral industry. S99.24s
Tropical gallery rainforest beside Irian Jayan creek, Cyclops Mts. 
Clear mountain stream flows from undisturbed equatorial rainforest in Cyclops Mountains Nature Reserve, Irian Jaya, (Indonesian West New Guinea), part of reserve strategy developed to protect catchments in "last frontier" of resource development. I78.16s
Old growth Coolibah trees 
Old growth Coolibah Eucalyptus coolabah (microtheca) trees and grassy floor of riparian forest, Dawson River, immediately upstream of Nathan Gorge, Central Queensland, Australia. Such riparian habitats provide wildlife corridors for dispersal and migration in a landscape otherwise open and dry, but are threatened if dams are proposed.6x6cm CQ18.1e
Riparian Waterhousia forest, Baffle Creek 
Riparian gallery rainforest of Waterhousia floribunda beside Baffle Creek, central Queensland, Australia. Baffle Ck is last major coastal river system in Qld with intact gallery forest, floodplain wetlands & unregulated by dams, weirs, or barrages, allowing fish to migrate freely upstream to breed.6x9cm CQ27.7e
Mitchell Grass Downs 
Dry open tussock grassland in the "Mitchell Grass Downs" biogeographic region, outback Queensland, Australia. Mitchell grass Astrebla sp. dominates over vast plains, providing rich grazing for the pastoral industry, and a unique fauna yet to be studied in detail.6x9cm SW26.4e
Old growth woodland, inland Queensland 
Gnarled mature trunks of old growth Quinine trees Petalostigma pubescens in mature Lancewood Acacia shirleyi/Bimble Box Eucalyptus populnea association woodland, Goonderoo Bush Heritage reserve, Central Queensland, Australia, which preserves inland woodlands and their ethnobotanical heritage eg. these medicinal plants.6x6cm CQ14.1e
Colourful leaves of the Bleeding Heart 
Colourful leaves of the Bleeding Heart Omalanthus populifolius resting on an understory frond of Lacey Ground Fern Dennstaedtia davallioides, having fallen from the subtropical rainforest sub-canopy, Springbrook N.P., Spiringbrook Plateau, SE Qld, Australia. C95.1s
Brigalow woodland 
Brigalow Acacia harpophylla woodland near town of Brigalow named after it, Australia. Brigalow grew in a broad belt in the north-eastern inland, often in forests comparable in biomass to wet temperate forest, but was largely cleared.CQ23.6s
Tidal wetland: leaf litter on mangrove forest floor 
Mangrove swampforest floor (Gurig NP, Arnhem Land, Australia). Large-leaved Mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza grow behind seaward zone of Stilt-rooted Mangrove Rhizophora sp.. Hypocotyls, leaves collect and seedlings take root in the sheltered, humus-rich soil. N91.9s
Equatorial swamp forest, Tangung Puting, Kalimantan 
Flooded equatorial peat swamp forest, Sekonyer River, Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalim-antan, Indonesian Borneo, wet season. Acidic humus buildup (water pH of 5 to 3) stains the water black. Habitat of Proboscis Monkeys & Orang Utans. I70.5s
Tropical rainforest, Irian Jaya 
Buttressed trees and vines characteristic of equatorial lowland rainforest, most diverse of ecosystems, in Gunung Meja Nature Reserve, Manokwari, Irian Jaya (Indonesian New Guinea). Large areas of Irian are to be logged and cleared. I78.15s
Silvertop Ash forest, Tantawangalo 
Silvertop Ash Eucalyptus sieberi forest growing out of porphry near a rocky summit, Coolangubra forest wilderness, south-east forests of New South Wales, Australia - a forest threatened by woodchipping. L15.10s
Brush Box in tall wet sclerophyll forest, Fraser Island 
Straight trunks in tall closed forest of Fraser Island Satinay Syncarpia hillii and Brush Box Lophostemon confertus in Pile Valley, Fraser Island, Australia. Pile-like trees once used for wharf piles eg. London Docks, Suez Canal. F14.12s
Paperbark swamp, Arnhem Land 
Seasonal creek flows through paperbark swamp forest to the beach at Coral Bay, Gurig National Park, Arnhem Land, Australia after wet season rains. During the Dry the swamp will be isolated from the sea and may dry completely. N46-2s
Equatorial swamp forest, Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra 
Primary tropical lowland freshwater swamp forest, Way Kambas National Park, South Sumatra, Indonesia can have 55 tree spp/hectare, including comm-ercial timbers (eg. Shorea, Gonystylus), and are home to Sumatran Tiger and other endemic wildlife. I64.1s

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